Google Latitude Bug Said to Be Fixed; Still Not Working for Some

    June 7, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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Following up on yesterday’s reported outage of Google Latitude, Google+ Community Manager Jade Wang posted an update in the Google Maps help forum about the Latitude problem:

We recently noticed a bug in Google Maps for Android 6.8 that affected Latitude. We are aware that service was disrupted for some users, and we apologize. We have been working on the situation and have implemented a fix.

To implement the fix, please upgrade to Google Maps for Android 6.8.1. Open the app and tap on the “Join Latitude” icon from the drop-down menu from the top toolbar to sign into Latitude.

Despite the solution, several Latitude users posted replies in the thread stating that the proposed fix did not in fact fix Latitude for them. Although Wang offered the later suggestion that Android users should try the old turn-off-and-turn-on reboot, users still reported that Latitude wasn’t working for them after following the advice.

Checking in the desktop version, I’m still met with the same “Unknown Location” location that I was seeing yesterday (evidenced in the lead image).

As far as a possible Android fix is concerned, one user, rgrhcs, posted in the forum with this suggestion:

Ok so after uninstalling Maps from my Android and then reinstalling the newest version 6.8.1 and rejoining Latitude it appears to have fixed the issue, but it will require all other people using it to the do same to allow for there location to also be updated and viewed.

That same user then appended, “Hopefully this helps you get Latitude back working like it’s current crappy self….”

So…. good luck, everybody?

We contacted Google for an update on what’s going on with Latitude and to comment on why the proposed update doesn’t appear to be working for all users, but as of writing this we’ve yet to hear anything. In the meantime, anybody out there that’s experienced this bug had any success with Google’s proposed fix? Anybody discovered a different solution? Or is Latitude still not working for a lot of folks? Let us know in the comments.

  • sbj-teddy

    Not working after reinstall …

    • sbj-teddy

      I use Android and I am in France.

  • nan

    I use Google Latitude on my desktop. (running Windows 7 and using Chrome) Latitude stopped working two days ago. All of my friends show up as “unknown location”. I myself also show up as “unknown location”.

  • njlacey

    I have the Latitude app for iPhone, and as of today 4:45 AZ time, it is still not working just as in the last few days. I don’t have the Android platform, so I can’t even try the proposed fix – hopefully someone at google is thinking about the iOS platform in all of this as well. I miss my Latitude!

  • khristine brown

    Updated. Reinstalled many times still not working 5pm california time….

  • http://Google langel05m

    After reinstall and reboot 4/5 are updating, but still 1 is not. (Android Razr Maxx) Same on my husbands and daughters cells.–Mason Ohio

  • shiryu

    Updated to 6.8.1 but still not working .France

  • Eunice Lee

    I’m from Malaysia, using HTC incredible S, the update does not fix the bug in my phone. Everyone including myself show unknown location. I can’t uninstall it since it’s an official application in my region. still waiting for an update :-(

  • Laurie

    June 12 Google Latitude still not working in iphone…

  • Toks

    Just found that it didn’t work because I haven’t used it in a few days. So it’s still faulty and doesn’t give bus routes…hope issue is resolved soon.

  • Markie

    Hasn’t work since June 6th. As of today when I log on, on desktop for my husband his say unknown location and when I log on under my account I’m on there. What do I need to do to fix the other phone? Any suggestions!

  • Laurie

    Make sure Siri and all location settings are turned on, or it won’t find your friends…

  • laplasz

    Not working even with 6.8.1 on Android 2.3.4

  • kdb

    Latitude has worked for the last month or more on my laptop. The android has worked on and off…mostly off… Come on Googlers lets get a fix!!

  • kdb

    Latitude has not worked for the last month or more on my laptop. The android has worked on and off…mostly off… Come on Googlers lets get a fix!!

    • Michelle

      i had my friend check into a random location and afterwards, they appeared on the map.

    • http://None Colin Anderson

      Latitude is not working for me either. Two of my family members disappeared from latitude and I am unable to get them back on my map – after removing them and reinviting them on multiple occasions. This is ridiculous and there is nowhere to go for help. HELP>>>>>>>>

  • Ilene

    Latitude not showing friends even after they have accepted via email. All have Google + accounts. When I click on find friends it only shows my info. None of the “fixes” worked. Lets get this fixed, what’s the point of this app if it doesn’t work properly.

    • michael

      Could not have said it better……. How long do we have to wait?

  • http://Latitude Sylvia Dietsch

    Not working can’t add friends on anything. Tried laptop, galaxy nexus and Nexus 7. HEY GOOGLE, WTF?