Google Latitude Appears to Have a Buggy Problem

    June 6, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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According to user reports in the Google Maps help forum, Google Latitude, the real-time location app that lets you tell people where you are in this great big world, is currently down.

The first report of the outage was posted roughly one day ago. Latitude appeared to only be down for users of the mobile app for Android but as of writing this the desktop app doesn’t seem to be working, either (see lead image). As far as the desktop version goes, if you try to share your location, you’ll find yourself with nothing other than a cornflower-blue abyss with the dubious “Unknown Location” as your locale. 31 posts have been made to the forum, all corroborating that Latitude is not functioning properly.

Over at Search Engine Roundtable, Barry Schwartz confirmed with Google Map’s community manager that there is a bug afflicting Google Latitude at the moment but that a fix is on the way.

We asked our Google Maps people for an update, but as of publishing this article we hadn’t heard back from them.

In the meantime, playing with that Unknown Location feature is peculiar. For some reason, it’s not just a big blue abyss you’re sent to but somewhere in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Hawaii and just east of the islands of Buariki, Bonriki, and Bairiki. What’s neat about this location is that this specific spot is almost exactly where the International Date Line is.

Fun factoid of the day: Google Latitude defaults you to the earliest beginning of the the day when it’s not working.

Update: As of 5:21PM this afternoon, Latitude still doesn’t appear to working; still no word from Google. Guess you’ll just have to let people know where you are the old-fashioned way: telling them directly.

  • khristine brown

    Thank you for info on latitude. Couldnt find anything from google. The fix does not work. Waiting for more info…thanks

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/drew-bowling Drew Bowling

      There’s an update today about this problem. Let us know if Google’s advice fixes things up for you.

  • sbj-teddy

    Got the same problem, and found nothing about this on the net … and I am I’m France, my friends too.

    • sbj-teddy

      It seems that my friends that are not on Google Plus are all localized in time.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/drew-bowling Drew Bowling

      Google provided an update although it doesn’t appear to be working for everybody. See if it works for you in today’s follow-up and let us know if it works for you.

  • kajorndej D.

    I also use Google latitude on iPhone 4s and iPad in Thailand
    Just an hour, I can not update my friend location due to network error.

    What I should do to

  • DennieD

    iphone 4 here and have problems updating movement of friends. Biggest issue for me is also the loss of my photo and my friends’ photos. We are all generic silhouettes at the moment with no way to update or fix.

  • Silversurfer

    As of 8-24-12 Google Latitude no longer working on any device I own-Android and iPhone. All of my friends have mysteriously disappeared and the app won’t update location. The problem appears to be wide spread and getting worse by the day. Google maps/latitude dev team dropped the ball and left millions of Latitude users hanging. Sucks.

    • http://www.chrisfield.com chris field

      wow what a long service outage! I wonder what the deal is. Of course, you don’t get far trying to “google” the problem :) It’s been awhile and my iPhone friends are jumping ship from this product. If it isn’t working soon, it’ll be DOA.

  • Edi

    In Holland, the problem is still going on. From the 4 people who I could see, no more.
    A friend with android can follow me, but me and other people with iPhone still can’t .
    September 3 2012.


  • Miguel Hilario

    In Portugal seems to be the same problem… All my friends disappeared, and I am not able to add them back again…