Google Just Rocked Nearly 1% Of Search Queries With A Panda Refresh

    June 26, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced that it has pushed a new data refresh for the Panda update, which originally launched in February of last year. This is the second such refresh this month.

On June 12, Google tweeted that a refresh was rolling out, which affected less than 1% of queries in the U.S. and 1% worldwide. Now, they’ve tweeted again, saying:

On a somewhat related note, one webmaster claimed to have recovered from Google’s Penguin update over the weekend. A Google spokesperson tells us that there was no Penguin refresh that they’re aware of. When we saw WPMU recover from Penguin, it had happened as Google rolled out a refresh.

To learn more about the difference between an algorithm update and a data refresh, see what Google’s Matt Cutts has to say about it here.

Image: Pandara – The Heavy Metal Panda! (YouTube)

  • http://www.thefreegameszone.com Games Master

    I have a good site that was on page 1 of Google for about 5 years up until the Penguin update. The site is now on about page 20. Is this progress? The site is a good one, with some very good backlinks (eg, wikipedia, dmoz), which is probably why it was on page 1 for such a long time. The fact that it is now so far down the rankings that it gets no traffic at all seems very odd if Google are really trying to present the best set of results for a particular search term.

  • john

    it because wikipedia in top only for decorative purposes. and google pets looking for anything to tank your site if you not brand

  • http://www.memexweb.org Lisa Webb

    Sorry to say I find this curation method of blogging incredibly frustrating. I came here from a curated (obviously) link to read an article I was interested … not to be sent to another site to read the article … where I will possible be sent to still another … will I ever find the actual article?

  • MC

    For at least the 2nd straight month our sites have moved back to page 1 only to be dropped to page 10 or even worse after a “data refresh”. What possible explanation can there be? In order to supplement the drop in traffic we buy PPC for those terms. Through PPC, the CTR is high and the bounce rate low. Shouldn’t that be evidence enough that we should rank for those same terms and not be continually penalized for some unknown reason; the terms are very relevant and the site reputable. Why are we #1 on page 1 in bing & yahoo for those same terms?!?! This is completely ludicrous!

  • http://www.memphiswebprogramming.com Jim Atkins

    Google is like any other company wanting to be more relevant and by being so more profitable. Google is now a national icon. It is common place to have national news say “Google it”. Can you survive without a high ranking in Google? Or is it possible to be so relevant to your site’s niche that any Google ranking is just extra traffic? While Google is playing god with algorithms’ the internet is evolving into semantically connected universe driven by data and nurtured by social media. As this evolution takes place search will become secondary to community sponsored and industry guided clouds of data retrieval.

  • http://www.how2runfaster.com Steven

    I was on page 1 for the search term how to run faster for quite a long time and when I checked recently after all the fuss about the updates I was no longer there, and one of the sites was a blog started in February with absolutely nothing written on it. So much for content rich sites!

  • http://www.carhirereviewed.com Reviews

    Penguin and Panda are two different “animals”, so I find it hard to believe that somebody claims to have recovered from Google’s Penguin update over the weekend when in fact we’re talkingabout a Panda data refresh.

    Maybe the site was not affected by Penguin, but lost SERP’s because of seme other reason.

  • http://superiorwowguide.com Warcraft Dude

    It’s a shame if you ask me that google will rank sites like Wiki or Amazon higher just because they are well known. My main site of 54 quality content pages was dropped to #2 for it’s main keyword’s and replaced by a Amazon sales page with outdated self promoting info that most people doing this search would have little use for.