Google+ “It’s already good for rankings”

Chris Brogan & Guy Kawasaki discuss Google+

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Google+ hasn’t even been around 6 months yet, and it’s considered a major player in the social media realm. It regularly draws comparisons to both Facebook and Twitter. But, Google+ does have one thing going for it that currently Facebook and Twitter doesn’t: it’s good for rankings… in Google. Imagine that.

At the BlogWorld Expo in L.A., Alltops, Guy Kawasaki and Human Business Works President Chris Brogan had a very interesting discussion about all things Google+.

During the session, a question was raised “Is there now connections between google plus and search rankings?” Brogan stated that:

“Google doesn’t index all of Facebook right now. It’s a lost cause for SEO, they’re also no longer indexing Twitter. Google does index anything publicly for Google+

It should be noted that Facebook doesn’t allow it. Kawasaki chimed in that this is probably a direct result of the relationship between Facebook and Bing.

If you Google Chris Brogan’s name, you’ll see his Google+ stuff shooting up the rankings. The same holds true for anyone. When you post something publicly it’ll begin working for you, he states “It’s a Google thing”.

Brogan would go on to say:

“Google has such advantages, I don’t see how they can’t be a success with Google+ … I’m amazed that people are so skeptical, especially those in the tech press”.

It’ll be interesting to follow this and see if Google+ does reach the level that both Brogan and Kawasaki think it can.

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Google+ “It’s already good for rankings”
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  • http://www.dynamicweb-seo.dk Jens Peter Nielsen

    Google+ might be good for rankings but the claim that Facebook and Twitter is “a lost cause for SEO” is way off in my opinion.

    Do a search in Google like this: “site:facebook.com” (without the “”) and you will see more than 5 billion results indexed by Google from Facebook.

    Results from Facebook also show up in Google big time, also in top-10 results for prette generic search terms.

    “It should be noted that Facebook doesn’t allow it” (indexing of its pages) as said by Chris Grogan and he continues like this: “they’re also no longer indexing Twitter”. It may be right that indexing is stopped (would love to know his sources for this info!?!) but it is hard to dismiss the 1.2 billion pages indexed from twitter by Google and the fact that results show up in Google from Twitter as we speak.

    I am all in for Google+ as a great SEO-promoter but I find it a bit too hasty to dismiss Facebook and Twitter impact on SERPs in Google.

  • http://twitter.com/ItsHogg Jon

    They haven’t stopped indexing Twitter, they just lost access to the Twitter “Firehose” meaning they just have to crawl the pages like any other site.

  • http://www.ideaover10.com Ed Kundahl

    Don’t know where these people get their info from but if you listen to Google at any webmaster conference, they indeed do use twitter and facebook as signals for ranking. This is another case of someone doing a limited test and professing their results to the World their results are facts. The problem with our SEO community is it is filled with this nonsensical, uneducated, unscientific crap.

    • http://analytical-solution.com Carla Gentry

      Here here – try being a 15 year mkt analyst, I want to barf after every other tweet/post I read. If you post what you said in a tweet / blog let me know so I can share!

      Thank you for making me smile, @data_nerd

    • Peter

      Thanks for this comment – I couldn’t agree more!

  • http://newmovementmedia.com/ New Movement Media

    I have to say google + is gaining in popularity because of the increased rankings. I know as social media and internet marketer, the idea of having your time spent with social media having a direct impact with Google serps is impressive. Google Plus Article

  • anonymous

    Sounds like a conflict of interest.

  • http://marketsecrets.biz Caleb

    I already figured this one out and if any blogger was smart they would immediately wordpress/” rel=”nofollow”>set up automatic updates to their Google Plus with their blog posts 😉

  • Terry

    If Google is really going to give greater ranking weight for the number of +1’s, then this is good news. Like Facebook likes, they can easily be gamed to get improved rankings. And the circus continues…

  • http://www.greenwoodnursery.com Greenwood Nursery

    Although I have seen the Google plus on lots of pages recently, it didn’t cross my mind to add the plugin to my blog. Thanks for the reminder guys.

  • http://www.Mazzastick.com Justin

    Well that is good to know in regards to Google +1. Too bad though that FaceBook and Twitter is not indexed by Google.

  • http://penowo.blogspot.com mahir blogging

    i just put my google+ at my site ..
    so how to make it more powerfull at seo

    • http://oidre.blogspot.com/ Oidre

      If Google is really going to give greater ranking weight for the number of +1′s, then this is good news. Like Facebook likes, they can easily be gamed to get improved rankings. And the circus continues…

  • http://www.rudraayurveda.com/ Roy

    wow, thanks for this article. I never think about this but now i will.
    Thanks again

  • ankit

    I have both facebook share and google + on my site. From last month i get 200fb share and 5 g+ share. It seems people do more fb share so how google relate this in ranking. Fb still have more audience

  • http://www.truckmitsubishi.blogspot.com THAMRIN MITSUBISHI

    serve cash and credit purchases

  • Michal

    I googled Chris Brogan and only stuff that comes from G+ was his profile at position 8, after universal search items.

  • http://www.williamtoll.com William Toll

    Yup – it’s happening. From Google Alerts for content on Google+ to content ranking higher in the SERPs – interesting to see content on Google+ outrank Blogger content.

  • http://www.webmarketingtips4u.net TPJaveton

    Hey Jeremy,

    I grab this Chris Brogan quote from the article because I think it kinda sums up the reasons why Google+ is doing so well.

    “Google has such advantages, I don’t see how they can’t be a success with Google+ … I’m amazed that people are so skeptical, especially those in the tech press.”

    No other Web entity has the power that Google has; And when management delared that Google+ IS Google, it seemed to me then (and still do) that it was going to throw ALL the company’s resources behind it.
    In my mind it was almost a declaration of war against Google’s competitors/enemies; and they are many!

    I’m betting that Google has the tools, power and resources to make life pretty miserable for many of those competitors/enemies. Just look at how many companies were affected by the panda update a few months back. As I see it, there is NOTHING that they will allow to get in the way of Google+‘s success. After all, the company’s reputation rides on that success! Thanks for an excellent article.


  • Burt

    I Googled Chris Brogan and the definition for opportunist came up. Google really is good…

  • http://www.brain-waves-technology.com Brain Waves Technology®™

    Google+ Worker well for us, Google+ is going to be a must have for SEO!

  • http://www.lizmoneyweb.com/ Lizzie

    I am starting to love Google+ because of the +1 feature. :)

  • http://cxinteractive.com/ Brian

    At SMX East this year Google software engineer Tiffany Oberoi said that +1 is not a ranking factor although someone from Google emailed wired and that +1 is a ranking signal making things quite confusing. Of course social is integrated in search but the title of this article seems to suggest that Google+ helps rankings. Is this a direct quote from one of these presenters and did they say they tested this out? Just trying to clarify this issue as there’s all these mixed messages. Thanks.

  • http://elizabethfarms.com/ mary

    Is Google involved in making only proprietary products? I guess so! What would you do when producing the biggest, most money-making-est item on the internet? And making the comsumer to the majority of the work.

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