Google Is Now The World’s Second Largest Tech Company

    October 1, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Everybody knows by now that Apple is the world’s largest tech company. As far as market value goes, it can’t be beat. Microsoft was at a distant second, but it has finally been usurped by Apple’s greatest nemesis – Google.

Bloomberg reports that Google’s stock value rose 0.7 percent this morning to a total market value of $249.2 billion. This small increase puts it ahead of Microsoft’s own impressive market value of $248.7 billion. Both companies are still trailing Apple by hundreds of billions of dollars. Barring any disasters, it will be awhile before anybody is able to catch up to Apple’s impressive $632.9 billion market value.

So, how did Google pass up Microsoft? Analysts speaking to Bloomberg seem to think it’s a sign of the times. The PC is slowly losing ground to the Web. Google bet on the Web early on and is benefiting greatly from it. Microsoft has been playing catch up in that area, and are trying to bolster the PC market with the launch of Windows 8 later this month.

Google is still investing heavily in Web-based technologies, but it’s all a vehicle for the company’s ad business. Bloomberg cites projections from EMarketer that says Google will be the number one outlet in the U.S. for display advertising. Combine that with Google’s hold on the mobile search market through Android, and you have an unstoppable advertising machine.

Apple fans and investors shouldn’t be worried too much. Google is rising, but very slowly. Apple is still incredibly profitable, and nothing short of an act of God can change that. Of course, potential investors may want to start looking into Google as the company’s value continues to rise. Google may be able to break $300 billion market value if it continues its upward climb on the back of mobile search.

  • Jay

    Apple is only the biggest cuz of marketing, not because of product value. If Google did the same dirty marketing that Apple did (IE lying to its customers about “revolutionary” products) then we would be seeing completely different numbers. The fact that Apple is even in the market still is amazing. But I wouldn’t expect that to last much longer. It will come to a point where the iphone will have to be given away for free in order to remain “competitive” to Google, especially at the pace they’re going. I wonder what their next biggest ripoff, I mean, innovation is.

    • Eric

      Actually, Jay, I completely disagree with you. I’m not an Apple fanboy either, if that’s what you think. The fact that Microsoft is even still in the market is astounding to me. Yeah, I know, they were the leading company once upon a time, but now, everyone is using a Mac, well most people are. And with phones, most people have a phone that’s meant for the iOS or Android operating system. Microsoft PCs are virus-magnets. Whereas the Mac, is almost virus-free. And I did say almost, I’m not going to act like the trojan that affected 600,000 Macs didn’t happen.

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    One should add that Google (P/E 22.44) is the most expensive of the three stocks if judged by earnings over the last twelve months, followed by Apple (P/E 15.55) and then Mircosoft (P/E 14.82).

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