Google+ Is Devoid Of Life [Infographic]

    August 10, 2012
    Zach Walton
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There’s been a lot of debate lately over whether or not Google+ is actually doing anything for the search giant. Google was quick to point out during I/O that the social network now has over 250 million users with 70 million daily active users. A report from early August suggested that Google was slowing acquisitions and funding for Google+ because it wasn’t performing to their expectations. A recent study seems to confirm that report.

UK-based social media firm Umpf recently looked at Google+ engagement and found some surprising statistics. Let’s start with the good news first. Google+ really is in second place in terms of members, but not by much. Umpf says that Google+ only has 170 million users while LinkedIn has 161 million. Facebook is still the king with 955 million users.

The good news ends there. Umpf looked at the actual engagement on these social networks and Google+ does not look good. The study found that for every 100 million users, only 6 million Google+ users were likely to share a story. Compare that to the 197 million people like to share a story on Twitter and the 41 million likely to share on Facebook.

As for activity, folks on Twitter are 33 times more active than their Google+ counterparts. Facebook users are seven times more active and LinkedIn members are 2.5 times more active.

Umpf finally broke down the shares percentage that each social network enjoys for a variety of stories. Google+ performs well in business, but that’s still only 2.6 percent. Facebook and Twitter are much higher sharing 45.7 and 32.1 percent respectively. It doesn’t ge any better from there with health stories being shared by only a paltry 0.4 percent of Google+ users compared to 62.7 percent of Facebook users.

What does all of this prove? Google has a massive social network, but nobody is using it. Sure, you may use it, but the majority of the world doesn’t. We all got a Google+ account because we have a Gmail account or some other Google product. The only reason Google+ accounts are growing is because Google is integrating into their products. It’s great for numbers, but it does nothing for engagement.

That being said, Google+ is a fantastic product and it deservers better. I’m not sure what Google can do to increase engagement on the network. They might need to perform a massive overhaul that scraps everything and start over. They could also focus more on Hangouts, arguably the most popular component in Google+.

Facebook and Twitter are dominating everything. Google has stated that it’s not their intention to compete, but they’re going to be compared to the others regardless of their stance. When numbers like these comes out, it doesn’t look good for them. Here’s hoping they can turn Google+ around before it ends up like Wave, a great idea killed early by limited engagement.

Google Plus Is Devoid Of Life

  • Macski

    Sorry for being a bit thick here, but how can there be 197 million people out of every 100 million sharing a story on Twitter?

    • uzimakikid

      i was thinking the same thing, shoddy article writing, poor statistics..

    • jeff

      Is it a comparison stat? For every 6m active G+ users there are 197m facebutt etc. Just a guess

  • http://www.askw1z111.com/ Charlie

    Yeah, but Google+ has “only just begun”, y’know? The others have been around for some time, and Google+ figures show it has already surpassed LinkedIn and Twitter in number of users, though that doesn’t translate into positive “effectiveness” or other stats given here…yet. I say “give ’em time”…I know they’ve got some bugs and glitches to work out, but I’m confident they’ll eventually get it right, then I think we’ll see some real progress and these figures will change (in my humble opinion, that it).

    And, for those questioning the 197.3 out of 100M users…I think that’s saying only 197.3 people (like less than 200) out of 100M…not 197.3 million people. I’m just sayin’…

    • http://www.askw1z111.com/ Charlie

      Correction…”(in my humble opinion that IS)…sorry about the typo!

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    Google had this product called Wave and they lost the only chance they had at being the next big social network because they simply didn’t put enough resources or promotion into it. They were a step ahead of Facebook and didn’t seize the opportunity when they had it. Now they’re trying to make up for that with G+. Honestly, they’re a little too late now and spending millions on something that will fizzle and die like most of their ideas do. The employees will keep on trying to promote Google+ simply because their bonuses are tied to the success of it. I foresee a lot of employees not getting their bonuses and sick of not getting them month after month, quarter after quarter, and leaving Google because of it. Google needs to focus on search and nothing but search. They were great when they focused on search and got so side tracked so much with other projects that companies like DuckDuckGo that focus on nothing but search have created a search engine with better quality search results. The only reason Google is still widely used is their marketing budgets to keep people searching using Google. That will change eventually and no matter how much money they throw into their marketing, other search engine companies will continue to grab market share away from Google. So all the money they throw into marketing is just slowing down the market shifting towards other search engines, not stopping it.

  • James

    Google should buy pinterest and integrated it with G+ and also Youtube.

    • http://www.socialbakers.com/ Michal

      Google does not have to buy anything. They only have to create different social network. That is all.