Google Instant in the Browser Means Google Results ALL the Time

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When Google launched Google Instant last week, the company said it would come to mobile and the browser (search boxes and the Chrome Omni box) within the next few months. WebProNews asked Google about how the feature would translate to the browser.

Specifically, we wondered if using the feature directly from the browser would automatically take over the entire page the user is currently on, with Google results. If the following clip from the German GoogleWatch Blog is any indication, than that is pretty much exactly what it will do.

The video comes from Google Instant in Chrome Labs in Chromium (the open source browser Chrome is based on). Google Instant has been activated in this capacity as pointed out by MG Siegler at TechCrunch. He says that "most features that come to Chromium, usually find their way to Chrome in relatively short order — though they have to then travel through the different levels of Chrome itself (dev then beta then stable)."

If this is indicative of how Google Instant will work from the browser in general, it’s going to be interesting to see the reactions. If a user wants to just go to a URL, they would theoretically be presented with Google results for that site before they even finish typing, and might be inclined to go through Google to get to the site. 

"It’s premature for us to get into details about future implementations," Google’s Jake Hubert told us when we asked how the feature would work.

Google Instant in Chrome Labs in Chromium is only available for Windows for now.

Google Instant in the Browser Means Google Results ALL the Time
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    I am not enjoying the auto fill feature from google it seems too eager …. It’s also clunky and sends me to pages without me wanting to go there.

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