Which Of These Dead Google Products Do You Miss Most?

    June 30, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google launches a whole lot of products and features. Just about every single day it announces something, and quite often it’s more than one thing. It’s not a huge surprise that Google kills some of these things from time to time. It’s a large company, but with the amount of things it releases, it would be nearly impossible to keep them all going.

Usually, when Google shuts something down it’s because it just doesn’t have much of a user base, although sometimes that user base is incredibly vocal once Google decides to kill it.

Do you miss any of the products Google has killed? Which ones? We want to hear from you.

As you probably know, Google announced earlier this year that it is killing Google Reader, and the day of its demise is very nigh. At least the many users of that product have a slew of alternatives to choose from, as seemingly other tech company on the web has rushed to scoop up disgruntled users. That very fact makes you wonder why Google is even getting rid of it in the first place. Obviously there is demand. Usually, Google is rushing to put out its own competing products. Something is odd about a mad competitive rush to replace a product Google didn’t deem worth keeping around.

To “celebrate” the end of Google Reader on July 1st, Wordstream has put out a new infographic looking at many of the the products Google has shut down in the past.

“With Google Reader on its death bed, and iGoogle approaching the end as well, we thought it was high time we revisited some of the many other Google products that we’ve said goodbye to over the years,” writes WordStream’s Elisa Gabbert. “Many of these products were great ideas that just never caught on with a larger audience; some had overlapping functionality with other products, forcing Google to focus development efforts on one over the other.”

Which product that Google has killed do you miss the most? Were you able to find a replacement? Let us know in the comments.

Google Graveyard: A List of Google Products That Were Discontinued [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Tell us which Google products you were sad to see go. Which were you happy that Google killed?

  • http://www.thaiestatenetwork.com Kristian Olsen

    I do not really miss any of them!
    Googles new products are simply amazing and I especially love the Chrome Browser 😉

    • John

      Chrome is based on Chromium, which google modified to spy on you. If you like Chrome, then it is better to change to Chromium, Even beter SRWare Iron (which is specifically enhanced to help privacy), and possibly Comodo Dragon (I have my doubts about Dragon), all of which are based on Chromium. But steer well clear of Chrome it is part of the google agenda.

  • hansmex

    iGoogle…. my one-stop start-page for everything

  • Ed

    I’m sad they’re discontinuing Google Calendar Sync.

  • http://www.darthcontinent.com Darth Continent

    Aardvark. It was nice to be able to take a break and see what random questions I might be able to answer from random people.

  • wmaster

    I miss google organic search.

    • Bill

      Good one….

      Old Google results before the manual manipulations and Penguin

    • Fred


  • http://www.neshkov.com/ Atanas

    Google Page Creator and Google Dictionary was useful.

  • http://www.bizwaremagic.com Titus Hoskins – Bizwaremagic

    Makes you really wonder how long Google+ will last… the only one I would truly miss now is real time website monitoring in Google Analytics.
    But I sadly miss the pre-panda/penguin google rankings – they were the best!

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      I don’t think Plus is going anywhere. It’s being integrated into everything.

  • http://www.maxrealestateexposure.com Bill Gassett

    The only one I miss just a little bit is the Google Reader. I am a huge fan of Google Plus and use it daily!

  • John

    I miss the Google Instant Previews, which gave searchers a sneak peek of a website by hovering over a magnifying glass icon, has been removed due to low usage. As much as I hate most things google, this feature was useful. And anyway, most of my surfing is via VPN. Thanks to Obama’s fascist policies violating my privacy.

  • http://allthingsparchmentcraft.blogspot.com Vickie D.

    They haven’t “axed” it yet, but PICASA is the one program that always has done very well standing on it’s own independent feet…..until Google decided they would make the ‘decision’ (for it’s users) to connect it to G+. I have used Picasa since it’s beginning, but being ‘forced’ to be a part of G+, totally destroyed my loyalty…..along with many, many others in the creative artist world. Somebody please tell Google to cut the cord between PICASA and G+…..or start allowing the users of PICASA to choose where they want what they post on PICASA to be shared!!!!! UGH. :(

    • Richard Powell

      I totally agree – Picasa used to be a good functional place for storing images and I pay for my space. Changing it to link to G+ has destroyed my comfort zone and my ability to decide what happens with my pics.
      I am seriously thinking of removing my albums and cancelling the subscription that I pay for.

  • David Kinlay

    Why oh why would they get rid of Reader, makes little sense

  • Francis Omoruto

    Free apps.
    I do wish they would kill Plus …

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum


  • http://iGoogle Sandy Hughes

    My friends and I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated having everything we need at an instant click convenience from our iGoogle pages ever since its inception. WHY do we have to search out another product to do the same thing when this one is working perfectly? Does it really hurt Google to allow us to keep our fav tools? It is SO CONVENIENT and time-saving, I can’t understand why it has to go!!! :(

  • http://webmarketingtips4u.com/web-business-essentials/ TPJaveton

    I will definitely miss iGoogle when it ceases to exist this coming December. All my modules are set up and formatted just right putting everything I need at my fingertips. I know my wife will miss the Daily Bible Verse module and I will certainly miss the Local Weather, Dictionary and Sports Stats and Scores modules. Oh well, I suppose “change is inevitable” and I’ll have to find a way to cope with this loss. Thanks for letting me lament here.


  • http://cgbarbeau.blogspot.com/ Caroline Gerardo

    I will miss “Reader”, along with Listen, and Wave … The problem with free apps is they have to earn revenue from something.

  • Daffy


    I will miss it when it departs in Nov 2013

    I have found a decent replacement in http://protopage.com

    It uses widgets which is easy, but I have had to create a few newsfeeds to do a similar / same thing. As well, I have created quite a few tabs — from Calendar, to my website links & login pages, and world Weather/ Time, and Notes — which actually have made it more useful than igoogle.

  • http://pamneely.com Pam Neely

    You included it under Google Labs, but did not specifically say Google Website Optimizer. I LOVED Google Website Optimizer – I used it extensively across dozens of sites. It ROCKED! It was more effective than some testing platforms that cost thousands of dollars to implement.

    The Content Experiments that have “replaced” Website Optimizer are barely OK

    – No more multivariate testing (which also means you can’t test one element of a site across all the pages of the site)

    – Experiments have very limited time spans, which means sites with lower traffic can’t run statistically valid tests

    I grieve the loss of Website Optimizer. I really do. But I’m sure the folks at Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer and other platforms were delirious with the news that Optimizer was being “sunsetted”.

    And I agree with another commenter – I do kinda wish they would kill Google Plus. Come to think of it, Google’s tendency to kill products makes me even more leery of really investing in Google Plus.

    Grrr. So miss my dear Optimizer. Gotta go think of bluebirds and fluffy puppies or I’ll stay angry all day.

  • Alain

    I suggest to Google to heavily ad a product and discontinue support for products they want to kill instead of killing them…

  • Ryan Kempf

    I google for sure

  • http://www.adovationz.co.nz Digby Geen

    I’d like them to get rid of Google Shopping

  • http://www.roycobden.com/ Roy Cobden

    I miss Wonderwheel…

    • http://KeithJamesDesigns.com Keith James

      I’m with you Roy. Wonderwheel was very useful. Since it wasn’t on the list, I’m going to go with iGoogle.

  • Jeff

    How about the “Homes for Sale” engine in Google Search? Their excuse for dropping this highly valuable and seemingly highly profitable feature is a bit rediculious. At this time when career mobility and economic growth is limited, the ability to do comprehensive personal home searches is highly valuable.

    No… Not specifically a Google product? OK, then I vote GoogleHealth since Microsoft’s HealthVault sucks.

  • http://lizardwebs.net Eric

    I second the “Wonderwheel” thing. That was a GREAT source of what Google felt belonged where in the internet search world – great for SEO topic/keyword hunting!

    And ditto with Pam on the investing time into Google Plus. I’ll probably get the final Google Plus page built for my clients, get all sorts of people friended up, and get everything tweaked JUST so… “Oh, yeah, we decided to drop that. Thanks! It was fun. Look for our new product coming soon in beta for the next 5 years…”

  • http://english-4u.net/online Ivan

    Google reader was very interesting!

  • http://english-4u.net/online Ivan

    Google reader was very interesting!

  • http://ezseonews.com Andy

    Google Reader for me, though I made the switch to Feedly and actually prefer that now.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      Me too.

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    I will miss a few of those services. You spend time getting used to them and then they are cut so that is lost valuable time you dont get back.

    Im with the punters above “Homes for Sale” engine in Google Search was one the best things ever, I assume the lost revenue form advertsising canned it but that was a one the best Google products ever.

  • http://dotnetinterviewcracker.blogspot.com Chandan

    I miss IGoogle the most.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      I find little need for a “homepage” these days. It was nice when it came out though.

  • http://jobindia.tk tarun

    I miss google’s igoogle and sms channel lot because it would be very useful for my site.

  • Greg

    Igoogle for sure. Not sure why it needs to die, how much upkeep can there possibly be?

  • http://vagabondtravel.ca Len

    First and foremost I miss iGoogle. Secondly Google Pagemaker. I can see Google Pagemaker being put to death, but iGoogle? What did it take to maintain that?

    Not on your list is Google Ad Network (GAN). That shutting down cost me a lot of time and effort taking down banners, text links and entire websites.

    The other day I shot down as website development proposal and took the higher bid. When asked by the loser why I chose another proposal I said, “Because you were going to using GoogleFonts and that was unacceptable.” He was young, so I explained that Google has a habit of shutting down tools and I was not going to have my website look like crap if all of a sudden there is not more GoogleFonts.

  • http://www.seo-freelance.co.uk Drew

    I liked Google labs but what I really dislike nowadays is how they now run Google Products, poor sertvice and totally unaccountable!

  • Debbie

    iGoogle :'(