Google Glass May Be Available to Everyone in the US on April 15, for Just One Day

    April 10, 2014
    Josh Wolford
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It looks like Google is planning on letting the plebeians get their hands on Google Glass–but the buying window is going to be tight.

The Verge has obtained an internal document that outlines a proposed “Explorer Program Expansion,” set to kick off April 15 at 9am EST. At that time, Google would allow any U.S. resident to purchase a pair for a limited time.

“On April 15th at 6am PDT: Announce a limited time (about a day?) expansion of the Explorer Program where any US resident would be able to purchase Glass (through google.com/glass) and join the Explorer Program,” reads the leaked document.

Ok, so everyone means everyone in the U.S. Sorry rest of the world.

It also says that these new signees would get a free frame or shade with their purchase. Like always, the price for Glass during this limited promotion would be $1,500.

As of right now, Google Glass is only available to those that Google has selected for the Glass Explorer Program. While the company has been expanding it as of late, there’s still a waiting list to get in. Google says that the design of the Explorer Program is “for people who want to get involved early and help shape the future of Glass.”

This tax-day promotion wouldn’t open up Glass to everyone for any more than a day (or two?)–Google isn’t planning on releasing their wearable tech to the general public until later this year.

Google likely wants more users in the Glass Explorer Program to be able to test the product and give them feedback, and they likely wish to combat a rash of negative publicity surrounding Glass and its users by not only giving the general public some goodwill (by making it seem less exclusive and thus Glassholey), but also saturating the market with more product so that it becomes more of a common sight.

The road to acceptance is paved with normality.

Of course, this is just a proposal and Google could rule against it in the end. But if this holds, and you’ve been dying to get your hands on Google Glass, next Tuesday seems like your best bet.

Image via Robert Scoble, Google+

  • Bob Teal

    Line up to hand Google 1500 dollars. Im sure they will have no shortage of people that have money to waste on such a stupid investment. This year cell phones are 700 dollars next year 1000 dollars and the year after 1500 dollars so I you all make lots of money with all that student debt you have. LOL

  • eggsonthesmile

    I think some of us are in severe denial…denial that needs a quick resolution. Because, once again, the growling onion is back with a vengeance! GGGGRRRRooooaaarrrr! Yup, I cannot possibly be stopped, especially by the likes of Chris Crum who just does not know what he is up against. Because when I let fly a meticulous fart, nobody can stop me ever! But I must follow my own dignified rules: Smile warmly, even playfully. Proximity is key as well. And never, ever be too curt when you do what you must.