Google Finally Integrates Google+ Into Blogger

By: Zach Walton - July 31, 2012

Google has been integrating Google+ into everything these days. Surprisingly, one part of the Google empire that has not yet felt the touch of Google+ has been Blogger. Despite my assumption that Google would integrate their social media platform into their blogging platform before anything else, that hasn’t been the case yet – until today.

Google announced that the Blogger platform now has a Google+ tab built into the dashboard. It’s all about growing your Blogger audience through the growing Google+ community. The two go hand-in-hand with some new features to make sharing your content with those in your circles easier than ever.

First up is the initial integration. Just like when YouTube first got Google+ integration, you’re going to have to link your blog with your Google+ profile. It’s easy enough – just go to the Google+ tab in your Blogger dashboard. The option to connect the two profiles should be readily apparent.

If you have a large Google+ following, you can notify those people when you publish a blog post on Blogger. It’s built right into the software so you don’t have to copy and paste links into Google+ anymore. It even has all the sharing options so you can refrain from sharing blog posts with people that you’ve shoved into the “Jerks” circle.

After you’ve shared your newest blog post about your cat with your followers, you can recommend to them that they share the same blog post. Followers can +1 and share your post straight from Google+.

To hook potential new fans, you can also add the Google+ gadget to your blog page. From the gadget, fans can add your profile to a circle and continue reading your content once they’ve left your blog.

If you’re the kind of the person that likes to root for the underdog by using Blogger and Google+ instead of WordPress and Facebook, you’ll be right at home with these new features. Considering that Google+ is still growing, Blogger might be able to ride on the coattails of success.

Zach Walton

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  • Matt

    Blogger has had G+ for servarl months now, it was just under settings with things like RSS feeds and comments. The only thing new is it gets its own Tab on the Dashboard now.

    Or maybe my blog has only had G+ features because I use “Blogger in Draft?” Who knows?

    • Macaholiq8

      Exactly, using Blogger draft allowed me to use this integration long ago.

  • Asad Mrida

    Yes now easy and add more :)

  • jamshed alam

    i,am a your best friend.

  • Komang Gede

    I love Blogger, a lot of features are integrated now and it seems like Blogger Google team updating a lot of cool stuffs especially for SEO purposes

  • Joel

    I love Blogger, but i hate that you can not change the name of the autor to publication. You are not there a solution?


  • Adriana Goñi Godoy

    I want to use the older version

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