Google Fiber Expands to Kansas City, MO

Prompting other cities to change their names to Kansas City

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Google Fiber Expands to Kansas City, MO
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In 2010, Google kicked off a contest to find a city to test its experimental, ultra-high-speed fiber network.  The ambitious network will boast 1 gigabit per second fiber-to-the-home connectivity, a speed nearly 100 times faster than most Americans have currently.

After many applications to be the first city to host Google’s venture, in March of this year they selected Kansas City, Kansas as their first stop.

Today, Google announced on their new “Google Fiber Blog” that the second city that will be receiving the ultra-high-speed network is Kansas City. Wait – what? Oh, I meant Kansas City, Missouri.

That’s right, Google has decided to provide its services for all the residents of all Kansas Cities in the United States before moving on to other cities. I actually made that part up. This announcement makes sense considering the two cities are just a hop, skip and a jump across a river from each other.

From the fiber blog:

Google took on this project because we’re committed to moving the web forward. Just as the move from dial-up to broadband led to new and unpredictable innovations, we believe ultra high-speed bandwidth will push the web to even greater heights – and we couldn’t imagine a better place to start than the Kansas City region. With or without Google Fiber, this area is a hub for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with a diverse population that represents the rest of the country.

Going forward, we’ll continue to talk to other cities about the possibility of us bringing Google Fiber to their communities. For now, we can’t wait to see how the Kansas City region comes together to benefit from this kind of connectivity.

Speaking of the fiber blog, Google just introduced it yesterday, and today’s announcement is it’s first post (besides some back posts aggregated from other Google blogs). Maybe the creation of the fiber blog is a sign that more fiber announcements will be coming in the near future? Who knows? Depending on how their experiment goes in the Kansas City region, we might see Google developing super-high-speed networks in many American cities.

The networks are supposed to be up and running sometime in 2012.

Google Fiber Expands to Kansas City, MO
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  • chamu

    I think it is time to split Google. That will be really scary. They will hold the world ransom. They are as it is now.

    • Chris

      How, exactly?

      • Victor

        By letting you use the service only if you give up your privacy and being anti-competitive because they own the lines. Then everybody will have to bite because no company will be able to compete with Google’s fast speed.

        • Chris

          And how is that different from AT&T’s draconian rules for Internet service provision? Or is Google the only non-altruistic ISP?

  • Chris

    Typical… Right after I move away. FML…

  • Dustin

    Good. It’s more then Comcast or AT&T are doing.

  • http://www.bureau24.net Bureau 24

    Google provides free internet service in Mountain View, Ca. So, Google pushing this innovation I don’t think is so weird for the company. What I am concerned more about is the intrusive and anti-privacy initiatives Google supports under the guise of helping the net grow.

  • http://www.personligassistent.nu Sven from Personlig Assistent

    Cool project, never heard of it due. Great that they expand the project to all Kansas Cities. Soon everything is going to owned by Google, our internet, mail, cars (maybe far to that). Hope they get a little bit more concurence from others.

  • http://www.personligassistansstockholm.se Aron personlig assistans

    The latest news is that Google doesn´t have total control over their own data. USA secret service made intrusion in their computers.

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