Google Exploited Loophole To Track Safari Users’ Browsing Habits

    February 18, 2012
    Shaylin Clark
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Google has made plenty of news lately over concerns with how they handle user privacy. Now it looks like they may have been circumventing privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser – on computers and iOS devices alike – in order to track users’ web browsing habits for the purposes of advertising.

Is real privacy even possible on the internet anymore? What do you do to protect yourself from online snooping from advertisers and marketers? Let us know in the comments.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal Friday morning, Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer discovered that Google and other advertising companies were employing a workaround that allowed third party cookies to be installed by tricking Safari into thinking that the user had submitted a form which allowed the advertisers to set a tracking cooking on the user’s browser. According to the Journal’s researchers, this behavior occurred in Safari both on iOS devices, and on computers (presumably both Windows and Mac versions of Safari). Here’s the Journal’s explanation of how the exploit works:

Google's iFrame Tracking Workaround

Here are the full results of Jonathan Mayer’s investigation.

Google, however, insists that the Wall Street Journal is blowing the situation out of proportion. They say that the code in question was designed to allow certain features such as “Like” and “+1” buttons to function in Safari the way they do in other browsers (which allow third party cookies by default, unlike Safari). The workaround was only meant to apply to Google users who were signed in and allowed Google to show them personalized content. That the code allowed other advertisers to set their own cookies as well. Google says that once the Journal brought this to their attention, they disabled the code and began deleting the cookies.

In response to a request for comment, Google sent us the following statement from Rachel Whetstone, Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Policy:

The Journal mischaracterizes what happened and why. We used known Safari functionality to provide features that signed-in Google users had enabled. It’s important to stress that these advertising cookies do not collect personal information.

Unlike other major browsers, Apple’s Safari browser blocks third-party cookies by default. However, Safari enables many web features for its users that rely on third parties and third-party cookies, such as “Like” buttons. Last year, we began using this functionality to enable features for signed-in Google users on Safari who had opted to see personalized ads and other content–such as the ability to “+1” things that interest them.

To enable these features, we created a temporary communication link between Safari browsers and Google’s servers, so that we could ascertain whether Safari users were also signed into Google, and had opted for this type of personalization. But we designed this so that the information passing between the user’s Safari browser and Google’s servers was anonymous–effectively creating a barrier between their personal information and the web content they browse.

However, the Safari browser contained functionality that then enabled other Google advertising cookies to be set on the browser. We didn’t anticipate that this would happen, and we have now started removing these advertising cookies from Safari browsers. It’s important to stress that, just as on other browsers, these advertising cookies do not collect personal information.

A request for comment was also sent to Apple, but they have not yet responded. Business Insider, citing “an industry source who we believe understands Google’s perspective” suggests that Google’s intent was not malicious. Rather, they set out to solve a specific problem concerning their advertising business: Safari behaves differently than every other web browser, and that behavior impacts how Google’s ads work. The problem, this source suggests, is that the workaround was likely developed and implemented without thought toward how it would look from a public relations perspective.

Is it possible that Apple is partly to blame for making Safari function differently than other browsers? Should Apple bear any of the blame for the loophole that made Google’s workaround possible? Let us know in the comments.

In sum, it seems likely that Google is not actually out to spy on their users. Nevertheless, the situation is intensely problematic for Google. The company has already caught significant flack for planned updates to their privacy policy. Moreover, Google (as well as other internet giants like Facebook) has long been fighting an uphill PR battle to convince people that they are not engaged in Big Brother-esque monitoring of people’s internet habits.

The backlash against Google has been swift. In addition to the general public outcry, Consumer Watchdog has filed a complaint (PDF) with the Federal Trade Commission. Their letter calls Google’s actions unfair and deceptive, accuses Google of violating the 2011 consent order concerning Google Buzz, and calls on the FTC to “take immediate action against Google.” Consumer Watchdog has long had a beef with Google (e.g., a series of anti-Google videos that can be found here, here, and here). The consent order mentioned in Consumer Watchdog’s letter has also been the subject of a suit filed against the FTC by the Electronic Privacy Information Center. That suit seeks the to force the FTC to block the rollout of Google’s new unified privacy policy, which is currently scheduled for March 1.

Do you believe Google’s story? Could this be a relatively innocent workaround that got out of hand, or is there something more sinister? What should happen to Google after this? Does this make you less likely to trust Google’s new privacy policy? Let us know in the comments.

  • http://www.vesta-tech.net Manila Designer

    Privacy on the internet? I think it’s part google business strategy, FTC must monitor and get immediate action now.

  • P Joe

    Oh ya google wants to track everything, what else can we expect from the people who bought us communism, ww1, ww2. It is sad truth parents of one google founder migrated to America from Russia to escape communism……

    By the way, google just started “tracking” this site recently with the free google fonts added on all pages of this site.

    Webmasters don’t use free offsite hosted java scripts, fonts etc they are used for tracking.

  • Danny

    I was very involved using Google services for a long time. I WILL NO LONGER DO SO! Google snoops are now passing all information to the feds. If anyone is interested, there are some alternatives to google browser (Safari, Firefox) and to Google maps (http://maps.randmcnally.com), as well as to Google search engine (www.ixquick.net). If you care for a more private email service than gmail, try http://www.hushmail.com (with servers in Switzerland … away from fed snoops) and http://www.runbox.com (with servers, I believe, in Norway).

  • http://www.frostedproductions.com Frosted Productions

    Very interesting. Weird that Apple made Safari so different in the first place… maybe Google and Apple were in bed together on this, who knows. I do think that it is unfair what Google has done and I’m glad they have been called out on it.

  • webdude

    This is a safari bug not a google issue. Of course sites try to track users. Safari privacy settings did not block. What do you fix the software that is not doing what it says or the thousands of sites that exploit the browser flaw. If this would have been microsoft you would be calling it a browser security flaw (which it is). I’m tired of apple zombies.

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  • Ray

    Why is it so hard for people to understand that there will simply never be any guarantee of privacy when you divulge personal information on the Internet.

    Your info like name, email address, and consumer preferences, are the very grease that lubricates the e-commerce machine.

    Websites are in the business of list-building and the bigger their consumer(imptressions)list the more valuable that company becomes.

    So anyone who is so concerned about their personal information being captured should stay away from computers, drive to the mall to shop with cash, do their banking in person, and use snail-mail.

    Problem solved.

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  • chase

    Privacy has been a huge issue a long time running now.

    List collectors, etc. Personal info should be well hidden by default not the other way around.

    It should be an opt in with any site or browser.

    By default all browsing habits, location, name, sites and search info should be hidden or opt in as stated. with the exception of improving general web experience for all, such as screen rez, OS, general local like State it’s blatent invasion of privacy. No matter what or who is at fault.

    Protecting ones self… tough to do as there are so many exploits in this area, it can be done, but not by the average user and they know it.

    What do I do? Drive ‘ en crazy, lead them all over with erroneous info, exploit the exploit, use various anonymizers, switch proxies every 5 seconds, stack, reroute, have fun with ’em depending on how cloaked I want to be or how much fun I want to have with it at the time.

    For average every day use just the simple stuff if anything… Depends on the system I’m using too as to whether or not I can cloak enough to be worth even trying.

    Like now, I’m not cloaked our running stealth… Not concerned about it this second I guess, later today that’ll be a different story… 😉

  • AL

    Google is now a virtual monopoly and has far too much power which it misuses. It is about time it was broken up.

    • Barry

      Really? Google has helped all of us by driving down the cost of many Internet products and services and making Microsoft a bit more reasonable (a bit). And Google’s focus on search relevance has had a significantly positive effect on improving search while reducing the crap ads we used to get all the time. I don’t like everything Google does, but break them up?!? No way.

  • Chris

    Google didn’t ‘create’ the hole in Safari, it was BUILT IN (read INTENTIONALLY) for the users who needed their social networking fix. There’s Facebook, +1, Twitter, inShare, Google Analytics, and ChartBeat on this page (probably more, but who has time to check?), is the Journal covering that story too? Did this ‘scoop’ sell lots of newspapers? Let’s get to the real bottom line.
    If you want to control who gets information on your shopping habits, then go to the store as Ray suggested, and actually interact with another human being, which was, in case you have forgotten, how social networking used to be carried out. Throw out the iPhone, use the desktop box for a canoe anchor, or admit that privacy on the ‘Net isn’t a reality on this planet.

  • Trev

    Here’s how to remain private.
    1. Avoid all social networks. We don’t need them AT ALL. Noone needs to tell the world i.e. their “friends”, their friends’ friends, and more, about every move they make. Get a life !!
    2. Never provide real name or details: use aliases. Make yourself a couple of alter egos. Use fictitious names, addresses. Give your age as 75 (most advertisers aren’t interested any more !)
    3. Clear your computers browsing history and cache at least once a month.
    4. Don’t always use the same browser

  • http://www.teipat.gr George

    Probably it is not relevant but who knows , in recent months I noticed a message from Safari [while googling or opening google searched pages] asking to allow it to use arial font [which was active!! ] and the strange thing it is that it was asking to use it from the backup (time machine) disk !!!.
    Best regards and thanks

  • Mike

    I do not think there is a way to stay private when the government tells every isp they have to sniff every packet. How long before this info is sold for means of advertising? But as far as Google goes that’s simple. Do not use them. Do you actually find what you’re looking for anyways? Or do you find a bunch of parked / spam pages? I find better results on no-name search engines.
    And no I do not think it is at all Apples fault. There is a flaw in every product. Why should Apple make their product like every one else? Why can they not be different? If I find an exploit in Windows and use it, who committed the crime? Me or Microsoft? Even though using Windows itself is a crime.
    Anyways, privacy forget about it. It is a thing of the past. Even our good for nothing president says “Americans have no right to privacy when it comes to the internet or wireless communication”.

  • http://www.captaincyberzone.com Captain Cyberzone

    What ever happened to, “You can make money without doing evil”?
    It does appear that the Green $atan has found it’s way into the Google administration.

  • Barry

    I’m glad the watchdog groups and the few news houses that still do real reporting, are out there, but remember, newspapers are in business to sell newspapers and it is frustrating when they try to make a story inflamatory (FOX does this full time!). I’ve spent many years developing and delivering software products and I must say that Google’s claim is quite viable. Let’s be cautious and keep an eye out but let’s not go overboard.

  • http://bloketoys.co.uk Conran

    Do I “trust” Google?

    Do I “trust” any corporation on this Earth to act morally and ethically?

  • http://www.tipsinablog.com Daniel

    Interesting article.

    As others have mentioned in previous comments, if people wished for absolute privacy, staying offline(or avoiding the social hubs at least) would be a better option.

    Google already tracks our browser activity to tailor personalized search results.
    This occurs more so, if you are logged into a Google account

    I just noticed that piece of code “double click ID” in my own websites template, after doing some website performance analysis.
    The code does come from Google, though it is part and parcel of their advertising network(Adsense, Adwords) of which I have running on my site.

    As far as the ‘Safari Cookie” saga, I would agree that this was meant for people logged into their Google accounts.

  • http://more.thanmusic.com/ Dave Harris

    I use Firefox with NoScript. All of the tracking site scripts are blocked (e.g. Google’s “Google-Analytics”. In fact, as I type this, the following sites on this page are blocked:


    All of these scripts would allow the relevant site to collect information on where I’d been on the web and aggregate it. I have a multitude of other tracking & ad sites blocked and am never logged into the likes of Google unless I actually need to be… and am never logged into gmail as I wouldn’t use it if they paid me, nor yahoo mail or anything similar. I don’t trust any of them!

    All of my email is sent through my own mail server, using my own domains (something which has become much easier than you might think – for most small enterprises, you can run Postfix and webmail under Linux on an old laptop). This means it never touches my ISP’s servers (and in practice means they can’t intercept it because IP routing is done at the Internet Exchanges).

    There are a few other measures I take but on the whole I’ no longer bothered by privacy on the web – as long as you take control of what’s being monitored, you needn’t be. (OK, if a government decides to secretly start monitoring at the IXs, we’d have a problem but in the UK, at least, that’d be virtually impossible.)

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  • Hugo

    Apple created safari, with all of it’s bugs. Apples attitude to exploitation is “It doesn’t happen on our computers or with our software, and we’ll sue you if you say it does”.
    Why blame Google? They simply used a documented loophole for commercial advantage? Compare this to apples commercial practice of trying to take 30% of everything you spend on the web, whether they add value or not.
    You want privacy – use a decent browser. Say: google chrome!

  • http://www.evsroll.com EVsRoll

    If you assume any privacy at all, you will be surprised one day to find out how wrong you were. More and more people and devices = less and less privacy.

  • RDL

    I don’t trust google.
    I try to stay away from doing anything with google 99.99% of the time.

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  • Drape

    Who the heck uses Safari anyways? I have a couple of Macs, tried Safari a few times, it sucked, luckily there’s FireFox for Macs. On Windows computers I use FireFox and Internet Explorer.

  • ches

    I wear dark glasses and a moustache – that fools the nasty boys.

  • Pat

    The great policeman of the web snooping on us? Don’t do as I do but as I say. Bull5hit!

  • Pat

    The copyright behemoth which is being used to crush us all… surely my personal data and information is also copyright – to me. Therefore to steal and use it on every occasion without permission is in breach of that? If the rule of ‘don’t use the internet unless you want your personal data used and copied’ should surely apply to all content… if you don’t want people to ‘steal / borrow / use it’, then don’t post it on the net.

  • http://pulpkult.blogspot.com PaulWADE

    Perhaps the word “Privacy” should be examined differently when we speak of on-line activity. Whatever you do, where-ever you go on-line, it has been logged, recorded, or traced by at least one of the servers you pass through. Generally its your IP address, but of course the more sophisticated the organisation the more they can find.
    If you want to protect yourself, then be aware that everything you do, stays on the Web. Never give your phone number, credit card details and NEVER give NI numbers, Passport numbers, or anything “official”. Like this you are slightly more protected than the average twerp, who gives it all away.

  • http://pulpkult.blogspot.com PaulWADE

    I already made my point.
    You can read it at http://pulpkult.blogspot.com


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  • Big Aussie

    Looks like the technical level of expertise of the readers of WebProNews has dropped markedly over the past 12 months.

    Google is using a workaround for Safari to add tracking cookies for users of Safari. This does not mean they are able to see your name, address or anything else personally identifiable.

    A cookie (from any website) is simply a random string of characters which can be stored on your browsing device (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows PC etc) so that that website will be able to “log”:

    1. what website just sent you to them.
    2. Possibly what keyword you used inside a search engine
    3. Which search engine
    4. has this browser and device visited before

    Hardly personal data; but invaluable to a marketing team so they are able to know if their campaigns are working how they hoped.

    Reads more like a quiet week online; so lets beat up a story. Google and Apple — the story is nearly guaranteed to attract attention.

    Cookies in various guises have been around for more than 12 years online. By default Safari blocks 3rd Party cookies. Instead of trying to ask an Apple user to dig around in their Safari settings — Google found another way of identifying the visitor “anonymously”.

    Get it! Got it! Good…..

  • http://cheap-kettlebells.com Alex

    I do the only thing you can do to prevent Behavioral Advertising – I opt out here http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp

  • Rickey Morris

    No I don’t believe it was an accident, they just didn’t think they would be caught, or that others would learn of the workaround, and place their Cookies on as well. Anyone who thinks they weren’t tracking, and targeting you, must be someone I want to sell a House to.

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    who here really believes anything coming from either of these CEO’s mouths?

    they BOTH steal your information and sell it/use it in a million different ways

  • http://www.seolinkz.org/ seo linkz

    who here really believes anything coming from either of these CEO’s mouths?

    they BOTH steal your information and sell it/use it in a million different ways

  • http://www.mortgage-investments.com Norman

    I never stay logged in to any Google service unless I am using it. So I log into youtube to post a movie I took, then log out of it.
    Same with gmail, which I never use anyway.

    Does this work? Expert please answer 😉

    I have my own domain and can create multiple email addresses “on the fly” so I create a different one for everyone I deal with.

    Thus my email address for this service is:


    My email address for Delta Airlines is:


    If I get sent spam I know who sold my address and can delete it.

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