Google Expands Knowledge Graph Carousel

    September 6, 2012
    Chris Crum
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About a month ago, Google expanded the Knowledge Graph into all English-speaking countries, and introduced the Knowledge Graph Carousel placing more visual Knowledge Graph content directly underneath the search box:

Today, Google announced that it is taking the initial steps to expand the carousel throughout the world as well. Over the next couple days, Google says it will begin showing it for “factual lists” to English users on all Google domains globally.

“This works for a variety of locally interesting lists like [aamir khan movies], [cast of the it crowd] or [mountains of the alps] or more general queries like [saturn’s moons] or [dog breeds],” says product manager Kavi Goel. “The carousel makes it easy to explore the items in the list — it stays attached to the top of the search results page so you can flip through the items easily and dive in deeper if something catches your interest.”

The design of the Knowledge Graph Carousel (and the Knowledge Graph itself, for that matter) have made the Google search experience much more visual, lending to much more on the SERP. It’s definitely a move away from the classically simplistic Google SERPs of yesterday. Are these steps in the right direction for search?

  • http://www.akashtiwary.com Akash Tiwary

    I noticed the big box on the right side on Google Search today itself. It definitely gives the search page a different look and makes it better. Google is evolving and improving very fast. It is good that it keeps evolving with time.