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  • Yung Fredom

    They are SUCK!
    FUCK IT!

  • Kristen

    I messaged my congress reps about it a month or so back. Both gave me a “I’m pretending I read your message by sending you this copy-and-paste response” message back. Apparently, one of them is the cosponsor onf PIPA and neither think that this is a bad idea at all.
    They just don’t get it. -_-

  • Eric

    Yes, I signed the petitions and I did blackout 5 of my sites. My other domains are parked or I would have done them too. I left one site up just to tell other people how to blackout their blogspot blogs. Also, did anybody check out GoDaddy today? They were opposed to SOPA and PIPA all of a sudden! Must have been losing too many accounts.

    • Ed

      I really missed you Eric. As for GoDaddy, who really cares. I never liked the site.

  • Asif

    Let them go to hell .. suckz ..

  • Nick Stamoulis

    The blackout of popular sites and Google’s stance certainly raised a lot of awareness on the topic. It will be interesting to see what kind of effect it had and what will happen going forward.

  • larry

    I think sopa and pipi are so retarted they tried
    to shut down the internet,Seriously?!?
    think about it. here are some of the websites they tried to shutdown:
    they SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • larry


  • larry


  • Ed

    Sopa,Pipa, Wekipedia and Google blackout- I really lost a lot of sleep on this one. The Wikipedia 24 hr blackout was a ‘week’ stunt. NO!!! I did no contact my congressonal representative. Oh My! Ok, what is the alternative to PIPA and SOPA? What??? I’m listening.

  • NFinity

    MPAA falsely reported that google blacked out their entire site… Google only changed their logo, and added a link to current events. This is not a form of passive aggression. 4 people on google’s main staff were currently arrested due to blacking out their logo… They might as well have arrested google staff for putting their logo in braille for the anniversary of the braille language. And there is currently no intent to allow the staff members to have a court trial of any kind.

    More money is currently lost for movies over free HD Netflix than piracy. And who doesn’t enjoy public radio… 3D was the theaters’ last main attraction, now people can enjoy 3D at home on a 51 inch screen. MPAA needs to admit that Cinema is failing due to ‘at home comfort’ watching 3 new movies in one day on Netflix, and not piracy. (Why would we try to watch cheap, or even free illegal movies at 480i or less, when we have free legitimate HD movies, and every season of TV show on Netflix) When I go on youtube, I look at parodies, and I report any Annoying Orange videos not posted by realannoyingorange, except in the cases of the Fred crossover, and… Okay, for the record, I have better insight into what violates copyright than most people, I can use both sides of my brain at once…
    …which gave me a headache when I did math in my sleep; That’s the last time I bring algebra into a month’s worth of poke-battles.
    No person working in a lawfirm or government thinks the way I do: I used Algebra and Logic Math to become the first American to beat PBR “Master’s Battle Set 8″, without cheating or transferring a file with a Nintendo DS. Anyone could tell I have an unusual way of thinking… And the fact that I’m an artist makes me think someone like me came up with copyright law. I’ve studied basic copyright laws before 2005.

    One change to copyright law that should be made, is creating a broad definition of fair use for derivative non profit projects used to develop artistic & creative skill, and to promote the continuation of a popular series through fanworks.

    And in no case should unregistered derivatives be subject to infringement when no profit is made.

    The MPAA wants to point fingers whenever any used software is resold, it’s ridiculous. They don’t realize that they are going to eliminate the internet from everyone’s lives; ignorant that nobody ever visits the official websites for movies, modern advertisements do not work, 90s advertisements caught everyone’s attention creatively, and that leaking vague bits of info & rumors to fans is one of the best ways to promote any media related product.

    SOPA & PIPA will have the most loyal fans of movies and videogames arrested, or have many websites shut down when they haven’t even posted a single video or audio clip that violates copyright. Perhaps some teenage user did, but they were ignorant, and did not read the website’s copyright policy, their maximum sentence should be a lecture, a banned account, and their IP address blocked from creating another account.
    You might as well get a warrant to arrest a 3 year old who drew a picture of Bugs Bunny at their own home…

    Parents have stopped putting pictures on the refrigerator, and so the internet became our refrigerator.
    Artists only care about one thing: getting noticed.
    We make art for fun, we make art because people ask and we’re just so nice we make a special drawing for them, we make art whether we’re paid or not, what use is art that never sees the light of day; but if someone else says they made it themselves, or someone else sells copies of our art and we don’t get credit, artists will become furious!

    And the MPAA is in denial that copyright law was written for, inspired by, if not, written by artists. The Academe or whatever theatrical group in France, started the entire registering of playwrights, the earliest known forms of copyright were invented by artists.
    Even current copyright law is written in a way that is easy for artists to understand, and written in the combined language of art and law.

    However, these new laws are not easy for artists to understand, and ignore the origins of copyright, suppress creativity. Artists are technically the only citizens who need a deep understanding of copyright law. As long as a company’s Art Director and its artists can understand all copyright laws, the company does not need to fear any lawsuit. And copyrights are even registered to small businesses with no lawyers, or for recreational purposes by average civilians, copyright law has always been one of the easiest law concepts for a right brained thinker to understand, and this even changes that.

    Obama should not be elected again if either one passes, he has made some pretty big mistakes, but not vetoing this bill will make sure he doesn’t get any state’s citizen majority vote.

    These bills destroy current copyright law, violate international copyright treaties, and introduce a system that violates privacy, free speech, the right to due process, and many more ethical issues. The bills need more than minor changes, they need a veto. They target the company’s most valuable customers, a major series’ biggest fans, potential employees and business partners, instead of true online pirates.
    Dish Network could legally block everyone’s Netflix.
    Netflix in turn could even block Comcast’s entire cable service, “in good faith” that some kind of copyright was infringed… And court cases would be a madhouse, and entire website structures, not just single pages, will be blocked just for a simple conversation about Super Smash bros