Google EMD Update: It Will Be Back Repeatedly

    October 5, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Not that this will come as much of a surprise, but Google’s EMD update, which Matt Cutts announced a week ago, will be an ongoing, periodic update, much like our other algorithmic friends Panda and Penguin.

Danny Sullivan confirmed as much with Google. He writes, “Google confirmed for me this week that EMD is a periodic filter. It isn’t constantly running and looking for bad EMD domains to filter. It’s designed to be used from time-to-time to ensure that what was filtered out before should continue to be filtered. It also works to catch new things that may have been missed before.”

Like I noted here, Sullivan says the advice for EMD recovery is pretty much like that for Panda recovery. “After you’ve removed the poor quality content, it’s waiting time. You’ll only see a change the next time the EMD filter is run,” he says. “When will that be? Google’s not saying, but based on the history of Panda, it’s likely to be within the next three months, and eventually it might move to a monthly basis.”

Google, if you haven’t heard, actually did launch a new Panda update to roll out alongside the EMD update, so webmasters have had to deal with both updates at the same time, trying to figure out which one they’re actually being affected by. Luckily, the cure is probably the same for both. Quality.

By the way, Google has been making other changes to its algorithm related to the quality of pages. More on that here. There was also another recent domain-related algorithm tweak (in addition to the domain diversity update).

  • Justin

    soon google you not will have sites to rank.

  • http://www.lotto-results.co.za South Africa

    These updates (which one I don’t know) have severely damaged almost all of my websites. My blog which I hardly have any advertising on, no EMD and spend hours writing concise articles was hit the worse.

    Back to the drawing board and time to spend a bit more time with Bing

  • snay

    Google Pand and Penguin like my website. They shoot it to the top but EMD hate it and brings to the bottom. confused really. Anyway Google is unreliable business partner. I think I am going to move to somewhere else.

  • Mike

    Google is a bunch of idiots creating a monopoly to secure more Google Ad revenue, that’s all it is. Pretending they care about quality is just a front. Ban Google for all their worth, lets bring them to the ground. Start using Bing and other search engines and boycott Google to no end. Phuk Google.

  • http://www.computerhowtoguide.com/ Peter Lee

    Google is messing around with it’s search engine and the more they updated the more unrelevant results I see in search! Let us give Google our version of Panda and Penguin. Just don’t use them. Use Bing!

  • Mauser

    After a year and a half on page one my site overnight has slipped to page three which inevitably wiill damage my site and consequently my business. It’s shocking and devastating. We are only a small run family online business and this may destroy us. Google doesn’t realise that when they release these annoying updates the financial impact and time this has on small business on sites. Most people are not Ian position to afford huge SEO costs or have the time to address these issues because they just want to concentrate on their online business. Strange how these rules don’t seem to apply to Adwords sites. If they do genuinely care about quality then surely you would think they would be adopting this strategy to their Adword. Do they heck. Quality doesn’t seem to be an issue when they’re taking money out of your pocket for this purpose. I will ow be focusing my attentions on supporting my site through other search engines as Google seems hell bent on destroying people like my selves and looking after their big corporate friends who line their pockets with gold.

    They also keep happening on about original quality!!! Why the heck is this so important all the time I fail to understand. If you are trading online under a specialist niche like web design, plumber, builders etc how and why should you make your site original?

  • http://www.techhapa.com Isaac

    I hate Google, one of my six month old blog was hit by the recent update, it has over 400 articles that are all over 90% unique. Now it doesnt even appear on the secod page. I just wish that google will get a competitor soon. I hope Facebook will start a search engine and send Google to hell

  • http://wordswordsseowords.com/ Christopher Skyi

    Google has declared all out thermonuclear WAR on bad SEO (i.e., SEO that goes beyond helping the search engines understand a site and crosses the line into trying to influence rankings purely through “seo techniques”).

    Google has been very clear about what they expect from website owners and the SEO-ers they hire w/their published Google Webmaster quality guidelines (search for it). Google has also longed published a guide specifically for SEO, how to do it, called “Search Engine Optimization Starters Guide.” No business owner and no SEO-worker has any excuse not to be familiar with the guides.

    If you think you don’t have the time, as yourself if you have to time to deal with these hits from Google’s updates, and believe, Bing soon will start rolling them out. If you’re doing proper SEO, you won’t even notice these updates. Effective SEO requires a bit a strategy, feedback from Google Analytics (or something else), and simple hard work. Do that, and you’ll see a steady and uninterrupted increase in traffic.

    In every case I’ve seen, bad SEO as described above has been responsible for sites taking a heavy hit after these updates.

    Every small business owner should read “Are SEOs Destroying Small Businesses? A Penguin Story” by Marie Haynes on seomoz. Beware SEO “guaranteeing” specific rankings and other “too good to be true” promises.

  • http://www.howtocreateyourownblog.net/ Chris David

    Google is making it clear that you cannot run a business by depending solely on their search traffic. Already we are seeing less than 10 organic sites per page for some searches, and the shopping results are going to paid status.

    If your site is your business you must have a variety of organic traffic sources and yes,paid traffic too, as eventually Google will put the hurt on your site.

  • http://therandomtales.blogspot.com Luvnish

    Yes, we all QQ at every updates of Google, but at the end of the day, that is really what SEO is about I think: Bearing/adapting with the various whims of Search Engines.

  • http://therandomtales.blogspot.com Luvnish

    Yes, we all QQ about all about the various updates, but at the end of the day, isnt that what SEO is all about: Bearing/adapting with the various whims of Search Engines.

  • http://www.highposition.com Chris Ainsworth

    HP Group have just released (9th October 2012) some interesting research data delving into the impact of the EMD update over 5000 keywords – http://www.highposition.com/blog/googles-emd-update-the-numbers/. Well worth a read for all those looking for a deeper insight into the impact on SERPS.

  • RapedByGoogle

    Google Stock dropping 10% today. I am sooooo happy. I am a web developer and supporter of Google for over 15 years. I take Google’s recent updates as a personal attack. I am stepping off the Google train immediately!!! No more Google phone, docs, chrome, tablet, adwords, adsense, etc…. I am ditching everything Google. The new definition of Google: The founder of antitrust and financial terrorism. The government must act and declare martial law on Google today!!!