Get Email Subscribers From Google Search Results

Google About To Get Much More Valuable To Email Marketers

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Email marketers might be very happy to know that Google is testing an AdWords format that will allow Google searchers to subscribe to their emails directly from search results pages.

Would you take advantage of this ad style from Google? Let us know in the comments.

It’s not set in stone yet. This may or may not become widely available to all advertisers, but I’d be surprised if it didn’t open up to a wider set. Here’s what the ads look like:

Google Email Ads

Notice the “privacy” link. If you click that, it says, “When you submit this form, your email address will be sent to the advertiser.”

The testing has been going on for a little while, but from the sound of it, it’s expanded a bit. Alexia Tsotsis at TechCrunch shared the following statement from a Google spokesperson:

“We’re currently running a small experiment of a new ad format that helps users sign up more easily for email subscriptions or other free newsletters. This new ad format contains a box within the ad that displays a user’s Google email address (if logged in). If a user chooses to click ‘Subscribe to newsletter’ then the email address is sent to the advertiser directly, which is clearly disclosed within the ad itself.”

Some email marketing firms like VerticalResponse, Constant Contact and AWeber are already using the ads.

While social networking continues to rise, email and search are still the most popular online activities, and these new ads take advantage of both. Look at this graph Pew put out a few months back. You can see how social media is growing, but look at how search and email are doing.

Social is not killing email, by any means.

But, interestingly enough, there is still a social element to these ads as well – the +1 button. Really, you’re getting the best of all three worlds (OK, maybe not the “best”. it would probably be better if they also had Facebook like buttons, retweet buttons, and StumbleUpon butons alongside the +1, but Google+ is growing like a weed, and the +1 has ramifications for organic search ranking).

These ads could be the best search-driven tool for driving email sign-ups ever available. We’re talking prime real estate on Google SERPs to drive an opt-in path directly to people’s inboxes.

This will no doubt be an incredibly popular ad format for Google, and I can’t imagine them not making it widely available.

Really, it should be a great thing for the entire email marketing industry. It may never even occur to people searching for various topics that there are even email newsletters related to what they’re looking for. They simply may never have thought to look for one. These ads will put them directly in front of users’ faces. This could very well lead to a lot more content being consumed by email at a time when many have suggested that social networks would all but kill the channel (clearly this is not happening).

Think about it. Let’s say you are a huge fan of the Detroit Lions (full disclosure: this applies to me). What if you were searching for Lions-related content on Google, only to discover that there is an amazing newsletter about the team that you had no idea existed. You might want to sign up for that.

Do you use email marketing? Would you purchase these ads on Google? Let us know.

Get Email Subscribers From Google Search Results
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  • https://menwithskin.myrandf.com/ Kevin Mitchell

    yes I would.

  • http://bit.ly/sGG2vd sitayeb

    ye plz itssims ery intersting espesal it is fomgogle .

  • http://www.kingswayvideoproductions.com marty snyder

    Yes I would.

  • http://www.hoard-not.com Marie Dina

    Being new at this,I can only think that it will enhance my ability to attract new clients. Good job as usual..

  • http://www.goodtogoclothing.co.uk Michelle Johnson

    I think it is a great idea and would use it to capture more email addresses from Visitors and Customers

  • http://www.night-driving-glasses.com kay

    thaks for your info.

  • Page

    Yes. I will give it a shoot.

  • http://www.BillBeardCostaRica.com Bill Beard

    It sounds interesting. I would give it a try

  • http://www.bonus-reward.biz/ lila blandin

    How can I make money with my social profil account?

  • http://www.giftsmill.com Sneha

    Interesting new feature I guess. Would certainly bring a lot of insight to smaller operators who just can’t compete financially with the “big boys” in the business.
    Internet is getting more and more interesting, would want it more intuitive though. However that should be genuine intuition and not some kind of a SEO that we have these days !
    For example search for Books Online and lots of results on first page are articles and other irrelevant links… that is what is a turn off.

    • http://www.giftsmill.com Sneha

      Interesting new feature I guess. Would certainly bring a lot of insight to smaller operators who just can’t compete financially with the “big boys” in the business.
      Internet is getting more and more interesting, would want it more intuitive though. However that should be genuine intuition and not some kind of a SEO that we have these days !
      For example search for Books Online and lots of results on first page are articles and other irrelevant links… that is what is a turn off.

    • http://marketsecrets.biz Caleb

      Yeah but just think if one of those results was a listing with a subscription form signing up users to an email series that markets for you on autopilot so you can gain long term customers for your online bookstore?!

      My point here is not to get all “turned off” by SEO tactics and to instead utilize them to build your business ;)

  • http://digsoftforall.wordpress.com Software And Digitals

    As I see it as somebody who does not use adwords or email marketing because I depend only on organic searches, this is another attempt to dominate the internet and to generate more revenue for Google. If an advertiser can get emails of organic searchers then that will boost their sales. Then more and more people will have to sign up for adwords to get a piece of that cake. This will make Google earn more from advertisements.

    Mind you, this is my personal opinion.

    • http://marketsecrets.biz Caleb

      As the chart clearly shows, email is the preferred method of consumer engagement so it is only wise to be involved in email marketing.

      I have been doing it now for about three months and although I hit a few bumps along the way in figuring out how to properly engage subscribers once they sign up, it has still proven to be a phenomenal method of acquiring readers and sales.

      Plus once they are on your list and a rapport is built they become your own personal source of targeted traffic freeing you up from relying so heavily on search engines ;)

      So if you are already getting good results from organic search I would highly suggest you redirect some of it if not all of that traffic to a squeeze page where you can start building a list.

      Strictly from a business perspective a confirmed list of subscribers is also considered a documented asset ;)

  • http://www.fmconsulting.net Jim Thomas

    Yes, this looks good

  • http://www.steelforge.com lewis weiss

    very interesting!!!!
    look forwad to getting involved if it develops into a google function

  • http://jesspetersonphotos.com Jess Peterson

    Would I sign up for email through a google search, probably not. I would want to make sure the site was legit and read the fine print before I did that. That being said, would I purchase an ad using those features, possibly. since I know I am more security conscious than most.

  • http://www.fazeromeusite.com Fazer o meu Site

    Yes, it can work well!

  • http://www.adovationz.co.nz/catalogww.htm Digmen1

    If you sign up you will then get bombarded with marketing emails on a subject you may no longer be intereted in.

    As a marketer I am finding that it is hard to get the email addresses of big companies. They are all hidden away or they use Form2Mail.

    Talk about double standards.
    They want our emails but won’t give theirs!

  • Stocking Stuffers

    As a new website owner, it would definitely be interesting to see if this could attract new clients. Im skeptical if it would be successful for google since most people are hesitant to subscribe giving up their emails.

  • http://learnit2earnitwithlynn.com Lynn Brown

    It will be interesting Chris to see how these ads will fair as so many folks get upset over privacy. But this is sure a great marketing technique that I can see businesses wanting to take advantage of. Thank you for sharing this information.

  • http://www.roblear.info Rob Lear

    Yes, definitely….

  • http://tidbitsforhealthyliving.com Rita

    Yes, I would be interested in learning more about the e-mail ad information.

  • http://marketsecrets.biz Caleb

    I saw an Aweber signup box in a search result a week ago and was so awestruck by it that I took a screen capture shot of it.

    This is definitely going to be revolutionary and for those marketers who haven’t started building an email list this will make it far easier for them to get started. Just think all they have to do is run a campaign and pull in a couple hundred subscribers a day.

    There have been many talks of email marketing opening rates being on the decline and although I just started doing strong email marketing for about two and a half months now -loving it btw- I believe it’s a balance of getting more numbers of subscribers and the type of rapport you build with those subscribers. Being able to put a signup form right within search results ups the ante on both.

    I am curious as to whether we would be able to use SEO strategies to rank a signup form listing so it will appear naturally instead of via paid advertising campaign??

    If so then SEM is about to make a major shift as well because as the chart shows email marketing is still the top method for engaging customers.

    The only other question left is when will it be available for the rest of us :?:

  • http://glennfurniture.com Glenn Madden

    Sounds like a great idea, adds some real content right on the search results page. It should work very well for the big name brand companies and for that matter any newsletter someone is searching for it would be convenient.

    I think the majority of Internet users are wise enough not to randomly sign up for a newletter they do not know.

  • http://www.trafficwave.net Brian Rooney

    We would be very interested in this solution to help build our email marketing lists.

  • http://www.darrenleno.com Darren Leno

    I think the idea that email is not being impacted by social media (SocMe) needs further qualification.
    Sure, everyone checks their email inbox. You can’t get away from it at work. But many of us no longer email our friends, opting instead to post messages through SocMe. Instead of asking the question “do you check your email” and then tallying it as an internet activity that almost everyone still engages in, a more interesting line of inquiry would reveal whether we are sending more or less email (we know spammers are sending more email, but what about the rest of us); and whether people prefer to receive a message through IM or Social Media (SocMe). Email has become unreliable and less useful as ISP’s restrict attachments and spam filters yield false-positives. Although we still have to check an inbox occasionally (to get our Verizon billing statement for example) it is no longer the preferred mode of messaging for many of us. We do it because we have to, not because email is still the killer app it once was.

    This is exactly the right feature at the wrong time (where it was 5 years ago). Watch this Google feature evolve from “Subscribe to newsletter” to “Follow on G+”

  • Kevin

    Yes, in a heartbeat.

  • http://mvvideos.com jorge jacobo

    I didn’t know about this subscripcions forms. We might have to give it a try.

  • http://www.travelinpaws.com dulsanea

    Yes, I am interested in learning more, so as to increase traffic and sales.

  • http://www.matsclock.com Mathews Clockman

    I have lost at least two or three of my email accounts when I tried to send out more than a hundred mails in one go a few years back on Yahoo, Mail and Google. So actually email scares me because my email accounts are years old and trusted by my friends and relatives more than anyone else.

    Thus this is a welcome move for me and I intend trying this out as it sounds quite risk free.

  • http://gametrender.net Duwain-Gametrender

    Absolutely. Any system that allows me to get my app related articles in front of more readers can only be a good thing.

  • http://www.mumbaihotelguru.com/ Joby S Uralath

    Dear All ,
    Wish U all a Happy New Year,
    This is a Great news and we would like to try out the same as well please guide Us out for the same ASAP
    Joby S Uralath
    +91 9820029590

  • http://www.travelbloggersguide.com/ James

    This could work for established/trusted brands but I think there would be a much lower conversions for smaller sites.

  • http://www.acreofafrica.com kobus

    I wonder if this will enable/work for promoting my 16 rooms at Acre Of Africa Guesthouse which need clients from all over the world but in a very small quantity format? How will this bring me client/guests from everywhere?

  • http://discountconnection.mydealscenter.com AceLuv

    It sounds like a good idea to build a list easily.

  • Danny Navon

    Yes i would like to use this

  • Lyle

    I would be very interested in the email advertising

  • http://seolab.me Marc

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the field was pre-populated with the visitors email address (if they’re already logged into gmail) ??

    Like the pre-filled FB forms at http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/registration/

  • http://eliteconnections.com sherri

    yes I’d like to get emails from people searching for dating sites, dating services and matchmakers in CA Is that possible? Sherri

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steven G

    Google has done a hell of a job screwing up organic search and it’s about time they just get it over with and kill everything organic on page 1 and tell the world, “We’re Google and it’s our search engine, so go fork yourself in the eye if you think it shouldn’t be this way, because we do”. I mean isn’t that essentially what Google has been telling us all for quite some time now?

  • Steve

    As they say in enthusiastic situations, Heck Yeah!!!

  • http://www.craigdates.com Bomar

    looks good …how long before it is available?

  • http://www.tiedyedshop.com Tie Dyed Shop

    Would jump all over the option.

  • http://www.MyAffiliateMarketingOnline.com Zack Lim

    This will definitely be great news to any marketers who are building their own list of subscribers.

    But I think the main key thing is to provide good content and resources to the subscribers so that they will be staying longer in the list.

    Hoping to see this format being implemented in Adwords.


  • http://www.ninetynineways.net Gerri

    I like this idea a LOT!!!

  • http://goldeagles.blogspot.com Gold eagles

    Thanks for the heads up, yes, offering the opt-in as part of the search results is something I would be willing to try.

  • http://www.managers.gb.com kim taylor

    yes i think there is an opportunity for this service

  • http://bestchandeliersandlighting.info Kaliyah Beaird

    Very neat article. Fantastic.

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