Google Drive Users Could Soon Have Access To Pictures Like These

    August 9, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google apparently has a deal with stock image bank ThinkStock, and is calling on users to select the ThinkStock images they like best, to expand the stock photo selection on Google Drive. These photos, will be able to be used by Google Drive users in documents and presentations, for free.

“When you’re creating a document or a presentation to share with others, the right picture can be worth a thousand words,” said Google in a Google+ post. “That’s why earlier this year we added a gallery of stock images to Google Drive to help you find that right picture more easily–and for free. (In Google presentations, documents or spreadsheets, go to Insert > Image, click Search, and select Stock images).”

Google is calling on users to go to ThinkStock, and find images they would like to nominate to be included for potential use in Google Drive. You can submit up to ten different images, by going to this form, and putting in the images’ ID numbers.

Assuming enough people nominate them, users could soon get access to shots like this:

ThinkStock sexy maid robot

Or this:

Thinkstock angry

This classic:

Thinkstock Angry

Or this one:

Mouse trap thinkstock

Or this:

Old lady on thinkstock

Of course ThinkStock also has more practical shots like this:

practical shots on thinkstock

And this:

Thinkstock practical shot

And this:

Thinkstock practical shots

To be fair, the image bank has plenty of less silly photos, but having browsed its database more than a handful of times, I can assure you there are tons more where these came from.

ThinkStock’s normal pricing is: 5 downloads for $99, 25 downloads for $229, 100 downloads for $799, and 250 downloads for $1,499.

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