Google Doodle Celebrates Martha Graham

Animated doodle showcases 5 pieces from the dance legend

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Google Doodle Celebrates Martha Graham
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Today is the birthday is Martha Graham, American dancer and choreographer who is thought of as one of the pioneering minds in the field. Born in Pittsburgh in 1894, she is often compared with Picasso, Einstein and Stravinsky because she “made such radical change through the power of her discoveries.”

The Google doodle today honors her with an animation that showcases 5 dance moves from her influential work. Google worked with the Martha Graham center of contemporary dance to create the doodle.

From right to left, which is the direction the animation moves, it serves as a history of Graham’s most famous contributions to dance.

The “e” is from Graham’s 1930 solo Lamentation. “The innovative costume, a tube of stretchy wool, accentuates the torque and pull of the movement, becoming a sculptural evocation of grief itself.”

The “l” is from 1932’s Satyric Festival Song. Another solo, “this figure represents the many masterpieces Graham created that grew out of her love of the unique space, rhythms, and culture of the American southwest.”

The “g” comes from the 1944 ballet Appalachian Spring. Her character of the bride here “evokes Graham’s deep American roots, her remarkable relationship with American art and music, and her genius at creating works that spoke of real human concerns.”

The two “o”s are displayed by a jump from 1947’s Night Journey. It is a twisting of classic Greek drama, as “the story of Oedipus unfolds through flashback and memory in the mind of his mother and wife, Jocasta.”

The big “G” is a high kick with a sweep from another one of Graham’s solos, Frontier. It “reminds us of her reverence for individualism and self-empowerment and of her unquenchable ‘appetite for the new.'”

Thanks to the Martha Graham center of contemporary dance for those descriptions of something I pitifully know nothing about.

Graham died in 1991 after creating 181 dances in her life. Head on over to Google to check out the doodle in motion.

Google Doodle Celebrates Martha Graham
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  • DC

    This was my favorite of all doodles

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

      this is quite a nice looking doodle, but I really loved those roger hargreaves doodles from the other day…maybe it’s just a nostalgia thing.

      • Kristen Cowin

        You would rather see a bunch of STUPID animations instead of this?!? I feel bad for your MOTHER!!! You sick boy.

        • Arty

          The wonderful thing about taste is that it’s totally subjective; what appeals to one person isn’t going to necessarily appeal to another. So in calling someone else’s preference STUPID, you are in essence diminishing your own.

  • netiaz


  • RK


  • http://www.officialboodiddly.us Boo

    This is very kool!!! Easily my favorite Google doodle! :D

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  • RV

    This is one of the best doodles ever.

  • Hailey

    i love orange puppies with no hair named fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gustavo

    happy birthday

  • Candace

    Cool! Beautiful and cool.

  • Catrina

    i like it alot very creative by the way

  • http://webpronews josie

    hey happy birthday:)

  • channy

    Verrry Niiice. Well done:)

  • http://yachoo marie

    wow i <3 u jessica hays

  • Erin

    I’ve hit the “refresh” button about 30 times now. I love this Google Doodle…. the best one i’ve EVER seen. And I’ve never heard of this lady before… now i want to find more out! Thanks for being Awesome Google!



  • Lane

    I got onto Google earlier, and it was stuck at the end “e.” After searching for it again, I saw the whole animation. Really awesome! I can’t wait ot see what’ll come next. (and if it can take the place of my new #1 favorite doodle ;) )

  • LW

    I LOVE the Martha Graham Google doodle…best one, ever!

    • Kristen Cowin

      Thank you! i thank you in my grandmother’s honor.

  • http://www.davidwilsonillustration..com David Wilson

    How about some recognition for Ryan Woodward for his great animation, this is fantastic.

    • Kristen Cowin

      Hahaha my friends name is Ryan Woodard, but, i think that he needs some appretiation too!!

  • Lisa Price

    WOW!!! This Google image is my most favorite!!! I Love the artistic expressions of dance in motion! Happy Birthday Martha Graham ;-)

  • Kristen Cowin

    Hey!! Shes my grandma and she was an amazing person!! I am EXACTLY like her in all that I do!! :)

    • Jose Garcia

      sure you are, and sure you do

  • Kee


  • http://facebook.com/webernov1993 Amanda

    that’s actually pretty kool dance moves.

  • http://thefoolishaesthete.blogspot.com The Foolish Aesthete

    Great to honor Martha Graham, who changed the landscape of dance. Also kudos to a fantastic animator, Woodward!

  • Jose Garcia

    I love the animation tho, pretty creative and love the little dance :)

  • Seth

    I think this animation is retarded

  • Seth

    I mean it looks like a retarded nun at the beginning just silly

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