Google Declares That It Does Not Hate Albania

By: Chris Crum - June 19, 2013

Today’s Webmaster Help video from Google is an interesting one. It’s essentially Matt Cutts saying that Google does not hate Albania, after a user asks if this is the case.

More specifically, the question asked why Google doesn’t support Albania for some of its services, like advanced search, AdSense, Google News, etc.

The question of whether or not Google hates Albania generated a “pretty funny” discussion thread internally at Google, according to Cutts.

“I pinged a few people, and I sort of abridged the question to: ‘Does Google hate Albania?’ And so there were comments on the internal doc, like, ‘No! We don’t hate Albania, and the follow-up guy said, ‘No! We love Albania, period!'” recalls Cutts. “That said, there’s still some room for improvement. So, we did launch earlier in 2013, and in fact, I think we had a Google doodle for the 100th independence day late last year, in 2012, so we are working on it. We’re trying to get better support for Albania, but even though Google’s won a lot of prizes for having the most internationalized website in the world, there’s still a lot of work that we need to go through to be able to make sure that we provide support for language in all kinds of areas.”

“It’s not a deliberate slight. It’s not that we don’t like Albania. We like Albania a lot. It’s just, it takes time to be able to be able to support properties properly, and give those languages all the support that they deserve.”

Cutts says he’s going to use the question to push some guilt trips around Google, and push harder for Albanian support.

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  • Shpetim

    Yes, i believe that google doesn’t hate Albania. But I believe that google doesn’t care about small markets . In fakt Albanians are biggest nation in the Ballkan, but officially Albania as country is small market. So it’s all about the money.

    • saimir

      i agree

    • Ted

      Albanians are the biggest nation in the Balkans ! What !?!?
      Dream on Shpetim

      Albania Population: 3.216 million (2011) World Bank

      Balkans countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, BiH, Slovenia, Romania, Greek, and partly Turkey.

      Romania – 18,631,386 (2013)
      Croatia – 2011 census – 4,284,889
      Serbia – 7,186,862 – wo Kosovo (2012)
      Bulgaria – 7,364,570 (2011)…

      Albanians don’t spread lies here.

  • Joel Davis

    I have been going to Albania for almost 5 yrs, it is not a 3rd world country by any stretch They do have the highest opinion of the US than any other eastern or western European country. They love Americans, is very friendly to US business. My heart is to introduce the world to this country that is safer to be in than the any other country i have been in. They have a very educated young population that can translate for you in any language, and great phone centers working all of Europe. If you need an introduction to any Ministry official or even the Prime Minister just respond to my email and it can be set up very quickly, You might want to stay once you go since the coast is like Greece and a new apartment over looking it can be around $39k

    • JOHN

      Albania is a third-world country. There is drug-trafficking, human trafficking… Gangs, blood feuds, etc. It is not as safe as you think.

      • Armand

        John. I wonder where you live and how safe it is??

      • Arnan

        You just summed up the USA… and pretty much any modern country.

  • Frederik Qokaj

    If Google doesn’t hate Albania(Albanians), why it doesn’t recognize Kosovo as indipendent cauntry as it is !?

    • Ted

      Kosovo is not independent country. Google knows that :)

  • wmaster

    google hate small/medium webmasters from all countries, not just about albania

  • Matt

    Google hates everybody except paying customers. That’s why they destroyed their organic search results.