Google+ Community Managers Can Now Easily Add Moderators

    December 18, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Earlier this month, Google launched a new Communities feature for Google+. It’s basically the Google+ answer to Facebook Groups. Google has now added a new feature that will let community managers easily add moderators.

Google’s Brian Glick explains in a Google+ post (hat tip: JoshOng):

Brian Glick

Adding moderators to large communities on Google+

Many of you who manage large communities have asked for a way to add more moderators. Today, we're excited to roll out a quick fix that makes this possible. 

Just look for "Promote author to moderator" in the drop-down menu on any community post. Clicking this option will, not surprisingly, make this person a moderator.

Happy holidays, everyone; stay tuned for more community improvements in the new year!


Since Google launched Communities, the company announced that Google+ (the social destination part) has over 135 million active users. Here’s Google’s Vic Gundotra talking about it. In addition to adding further Google+ integration with YouTube, Google has also since added a slew of new Google+ features.

  • Guy

    oh, i see and dream how i can use G+ or G-.
    that thing created only for google, webmasters using it only to get some rankings. But not for any other purpose.

  • lingarose

    But when i click the drop down thingy, the “Promote author to moderator” thingy isn’t seen… What do i do…. Pls do reply….