Google Changes How AdWords Rating Extensions Work

By: Chris Crum - September 4, 2012

Google has made a change to how the rating extensions for AdWords ads work. Google says the change will keep them fresher and more relevant.

Rating Extension

“Previously, we would show seller rating extensions only for advertisers that have at least 30 lifetime reviews and a 4-star average,” explains AdWords product manager Liza Ma. “Moving forward, we will only show seller rating extensions for advertisers that have at least 30 reviews over the last 12 months and a 4-star average.”

“Since customer opinions about a business can evolve over time, this change will help make seller rating extensions more useful and relevant for searchers,” adds Ma. “It should also benefit businesses that satisfy customers and garner positive reviews on an ongoing basis.”

According to Google, the extensions often lead to higher clickthrough rates.

Last week, Google announced some new local targeting options in 11 countries.

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  • Ross Dwight

    Unless one enjoys playing with foreign languages I am sure that I am not the only one that does not understand Google adword extensions, and the way they are treated. Most of the terminology is becoming foreign to us mere mortals who work with our hands for a living and are expected to keep up with technology, and terms that are developing at an ever increasing speed. I use Adwords but just don’t find the time to play with what appears to be a countless range of toys. Is there anyone out there that can explain some of these simply in understandable language format and not jargon that we can get our head around in a few minutes?

    I don’t mind displaying both my ignorance and frustration, but I have limited time available to play with toys or as your people would call them ‘tools’

  • Murat

    Well said Ross totally agree, once I log in I get lost in two minutes and I have to hire someone to deal with this :-)

  • Module Bazaar

    Oh that’s great! Google is getting better and better especially for Ecommerce related searches. Snippets really making great impact in search results and CTR..