Is Google Really As Evil As This Video Suggests?

Consumer Watchdog Turns Schmidt Into Evil Ice Cream Man

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Consumer Watchdog has created a new anti-Google video portraying Google CEO Eric Schmidt has some kind of evil ice cream man. The video is a commentary on what the group perceives to be Google’s lack of regard for consumer privacy. 

Google and Facebook are two of the biggest companies on the web, whatever you think about the privacy practices of either company, both have received a great deal of criticism in this area (though some think the concern about Facebook has been sensationalized by the media). Which do you trust more – Google or Facebook? Comment here.

Specifically, the video draws on an infamous quote from Schmidt in which he said that if you have something you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Here’s the video:



Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court writes on the organization’s InsideGoogle blog:


Do you want Google or any other online company looking over your shoulder and tracking your every move online just so it can increase its profits? Consumers have a right to privacy. They should control how their information is gathered and what it is used for.


This avatar-style animation video was created to draw attention to Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s lack of regard for our online privacy. 


Some have dismissed Consumer Watchdog as being "out there" or "crazy". Others have similar views about Google as the organization.  Update: As a reader pointed out, Silicon Alley Insider has discovered that Consumer Watchdog is doing a little tracking of its own. 

Google has actually updated its privacy policies. Though it has not actually changed any of its practices, it has made adjustments to make the policies easier to understand. 


This isn’t the first time Eric Schmidt has been portrayed as evil in animated form. Don’t forget about this recent net neutrality-related Taiwanese video:



Court says it is promoting the video 36 times per say on a jumbotron in Times Square. The main message of the video is to get people to tell congress that they want a "Do Not Track Me" list similar to the "Do Not Call" list.

Do you think there should be a "Do Not Track Me" list? Do you think Consumer Watchdog’s video went overboard? Share your thoughts.


Is Google Really As Evil As This Video Suggests?
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  • Marcos

    Yeah saw it on www.insidegoogle.com yesterday. Videos are hilarious. I’m glad we have these guys watching our backs. I think Schmidt has to go. He has shown he cares s…t about user privacy. If the government starts heavily regulating search and privacy, Google has nobody by themselves to blame. Support the “Do Not Track Me” list movement! G. needs to be stopped.

  • IceTheNet

    Funny vid’s but these are not proof that Google is evil. With anything good there is a bad side to it. Even church or God for that mater that is supposed to be good does things that are bad as innocent as it may be there are two sides to every coin. Survival in this world requires a bit of discretion on what you do in public. You don’t hand your wallet to strangers do you? There is line that you cross when you go online in knowing that what do here is seen by millions. If you copy of your credit card and put it online I bet it wouldn’t take but a few seconds before someone tried to make a purchase using your numbers.

  • Jason

    Great article written on business insider about how while complaining about google and tracking they use Google Analytics on their own website.


    • Chris Crum

      I think a lot of people probably complain about Google and still use Google products. The same goes for Facebook.

      • Chris Crum

        Ah…should’ve looked at the article before I commented. Now I see what you mean.

        • Bob

          Hey Chris. What’s up with this? Can you investigate further? Read this, especially the comments: http://www.armandmorin.com/major-google-issue-affects/

          I hope you report on this…

    • Guest

      Jason, the site is about protecting consumer privacy, not about the choice of software the site chooses to use for analytics or whether they care about the site’s privacy. Because they disagree with Google’s privacy policies doesn’t mean they don’t like their products or should not use them where appropriate! WEAK! Think before posting.

  • Guest

    Yeah, Google is really evil. So evil that Texas opened an antitrust investigation of Google. Google is in big trouble. Search for any product name and you will see either adwords at the top of the organic listings, which screams anti-trust, anti-competitive as they have a monopoly on search and they are making money off of Adwords. Please note that Adwords on the right is different. Putting Adwords at the top of the organic listings is a no no. But that’s not the stronger case. The case they have lost already is… Search for a physical product name on Google. You will see that the first listing (site where you can actually buy a product NOT informational sites) is “Google Base” (I think now is called “Google Merchant”. So they are placing their own Google Merchant store right before any other stores on the web. That’s what’s going to can Google. A 5 year old can win that suit.

    Texas opens antitrust investigation of Google – http://news.cnet.com/8301-30684_3-20015601-265.html

  • http://zuerst1.com webmaster

    Every page you load in your browser says something about Google in the bottom bar,seems they are into everything!

    • Guest

      Every major and most minor sites online use Google Analytics. Remember when Analytics went down last year and the Internet came to a standstill? That’s the power they have. They can, at any time, bring the web to a screaming halt simply by closing the Analytics servers.

      Now THAT’S scary.

  • NSA_Operative

    Really? Sensationalized by the media? Driving around in a truck, harvesting open WiFi data, and then saying fucking oops,…sorry, no mistake there. Google was started through NSA funding, proven fact. Google is a NSA operation to watch you. Don’t think for a minute the benevolent Mr. Google that wants to give you all these free fucking tools, is doing so for your benefit. They are doing so to monitor and track you at every opportunity. The free tools help do the job, understand that.

    As for Facebook, the scumbag that runs that show thinks we’re all a bunch of morons. To be honest, I would have to agree that anybody that creates a Facebook page and exposes their deepest inner thoughts through it for all the world to see, must be a moron. Even if you use the privacy settings, you must still be a moron since the company is an obvious public spying tool.

    So, which do I trust more? How about this, fuck them both with a splintered 2×4. They are both tools for the NWO. “Be a good little slave and watch everything I do, it’s for my protection.”

    Burn their servers.

    • Guest

      Fully agree.

  • http://antonwinkler.com Anton

    It is really difficult to say which one more to trust. Google has such a variety of programs and stuff you use to get more efficient with work on the internet. So I can imagine that they use lots of information from you without you knowing it.
    And I think the same is true for Facebook. If you leave your communication as private as possible and only get public the information you think doesn’t matter if anyone can see it than it’s fine. If you public everything on those sites than you have to be sure that more people as your friends will know it.

  • http://www.granitepolish.co.uk granite cleaner

    google need to come clean

  • Guest

    “Some have dismissed Consumer Watchdog as being “out there” or “crazy”.”

    It should always be a red flag whenever corporations/government (same thing) run around calling anyone with a theory (or flat out facts) against them “crazy”… that’s my first clue that I need to further investigate this “crazy” person or group, because they are usually dead-on with their facts!

  • http://bit.ly/bvMSUo cv wrapper

    evil google video http://bit.ly/bvMSUo

  • http://cyberwizardproductions.com crystalwizard

    Oh for crying out loud. Google is hardly the only one tracking your every ONLINE move. Anyone that thinks there is any real privacy on the Internet is dreaming. Every single bit of data that goes across the net goes through two CIA operated gateways.

    Clothing is being manufactured now with the ability to literally track you.

    If you have any kind of government issued identification card, you’re being tracked at least somewhat.

    A don’t track me list? Don’t make me laugh. Not only is such a list unwieldy, it’s impossible to police. I can think of at least 100 different ways without trying to maintain tracking without anyone being the wiser.

    • Guest

      Hey the UFO site I think is on UFO.COM. Think you posted on the wrong forum.

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    Any leading corporation such as big G should be leading by example not setting the rules for everyone to follow except them. When we go online and do any purchasing it’s supposed to be like walking into a store and dealing with the cashier. Seams more like now the cashier knows our blood types, life’s history before we even step up to the counter.

    The one thing that stands out the most to me about anyone in “power” .. they become bullies,extremely greedy, selfish .. mostly cause they had nothing as a child. Who knows what’s really going on, but it’s sad to see so many huge corporate companies in the black while our own government is in the red for life.

    Where did all the people go.. the humans, not the machines we’ve become.

    Deep thoughts..

    Follow me on Twitter!

  • Guest

    Everything is monitored to a certain extent, offline/online it doesn’t matter, I guess though if you have nothing to hide, monitoring can protect you, depends how you look on it??

  • http://www.worldtravelingartist.com/about Alexander

    I trust really no one on the web, but as doing business on web, we have to make best out of it. I can afford quiting Facebook for instance, without financial suffer, but quiting Google would really be fullish… unless there is a bigger and better player out there – which at this moment – is not the case.

  • http://www.forextm.com Forexio

    I think this is important to monitor Google as this is very interesting and can save our rights. Nobody will do this for us but only we can protect ourselvs. Why nobody will help? Simple. Google can by friends – is reach enough. Second – authorities sometimes needs long time to undarstund whats going on in internet and only practiosioners can tell him the true. But when specialist asks, Google can give silly answer and plays on time. Politicians are rather money-sticky and will not have good will. But my experiences is showing that Google decreases page ranking to promote their customers and give them higher positions in search results. This who pay for advertising have special google code inside a page

  • http://www.fcfpayment.com Yankeeman07

    I don’t trust either company, and with Google being in bed with the Obamanation, that is very scary.

    Just because these companies have the resources to track and store data, does not mean they should. Now Google is wanting companies to trust them with their private data, what protection do companie have against Big Brother if they want access to their documents, that Google will act as a guard against this invasion?

  • http://www.plutocrazy.com/blog/ PlutoCrazy

    Another crusade against windmills…

    We all have government issues IDs of some sort, unless you’re a home birthed hillbilly living in a cave sans utilities, and never been out of the woods in your life to be spotted by an orbiting spy cam.

    We are all tracked hundreds of times DAILY: Use a credit card, debit card, wire cash you’re tracked. Ever get a photo radar ticket, or were ticketed for going through a red light that caught you on a traffic cam? If so, you were photographed and tracked down to your door. Use a networked computer at work, then for sure you’re being tracked. Ever used an ATM? Both the transaction and your face are on file then. Been in a bank, government building or airport? Made a purchase, even in cash, at any camera equipped convenience stores or pharmacy? Fill up at a gas station and you were video taped doing so and paying, no matter what the means of payment was. Driven across a toll bridge ever? Entered a train or subway station? Walked or driven down any street past a security camera equipped residence, store front, commercial building, consulate or embassy and you are on camera… etc. etc. etc.

    So get real? Google is just one of thousands of companies, agencies and individuals tracking our movements, habits, indiscretions, and online activities. This is the 21st century and that’s how it is. If it bothers someone go to the Ozarks, hook up with Clem, rent a corner of his cave and they’ll be safe even from spy satellites.

    • http://wesavemoney4u.com Mike

      Sounds like a bad excuse for what’s really being said here. Personally I don’t care how many sources of keeping track of our lives are out there…one less source is better. What it really sounds like you’re saying is you have become so apathetic about being kept track of that you have given up entirely. Granted the sheer weight of the number of sources that watch us is enormous but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to stop ANY new source from spying on us. One reason electronic spying has become so prolific is because of people with views like yourself. People who have given up…people who feel powerless…willing to accept anything that invades personal liberty and privacy. One of the masses that have given in to Big Brother and says “go ahead, I can’t stop you anyway.” It is truly sad that we have become apathetic to that extent as a society.

  • http://www.dimensionbuildlv.com Remodeling

    Companies have been doing this for years, This is nothing new. Every time you go to the store and punch in your members card, it is not because you are a member of some special club, it’s to gather info. DMV use to sell info. years ago without your knowledge. Banks holds huge information on you. Where ever you use plastic, info. is generatsd.

  • http://www.chicocachas.info Guest

    google is evil. like microsoft bill gates before he wanted to become the owner of the world.now its google. but this big brother stuff, we all carry a mobile phone which tracks our every movement. whereever we go it is talking to the local cell and i’d imagine a record is kept of it.

  • http://www.wedlockheart.com John B

    A shopping mall landlord charges store owners not by the square foot, but by the customer that comes in the door of each shop. This is initially very successful. To bring in more customers to his mall, he tells the people of the surrounding town that he will pay a small sum of money for each customer they bring in. He sets up smart machinery at the mall doors that collects customer information and he pays the townspeople very quickly and automatically.

    The landlord keeps the difference as his rent. This works, and soon his is the only mall in the area. Other malls are attempted, but fail.

    The landlord wants more money. So he decides to pay the townspeople less per customer. There are many reasons, but the townspeople do not stop bringing in customers.

    The landlord sees that there have been no consequences and wants still more money. So he decides to pay the townspeople even less per customer, depending upon that customer’s income. He makes his machines even smarter and collects more information from farther and farther. Customers from the rich part of town are paid for at no more or less than they were before, people from the middle income are paid half of what they were, and people from the poor parts of town are not paid for at all. He tells the townspeople that he is controlling the quality of the customers that come into his mall, and that it is not fair to the shop owners to have to pay for customers who are less likely to purchase from the stores. He does not prove his conclusions to the townspeople who trust that he is benevolent, and tells them that he must keep his data secret from the other potential mall owners or store owners who might find ways around his rules.

    Meanwhile, there were poor customers that made purchases, rich customers who did not, and everywhere in between. But the landlord only paid the townspeople for the customers by his rules, and charged the store owners by his other rules.

    The landlord sees that there have been no consequences and wants more money. So the landlord then demands higher payment from the store owners too. He tells them that they must pay more because the customer is of better quality. The landlord keeps the now larger difference as his rent.

    The landlord sees that there have been no consequences and again wants even more money. So he decides to pay the townspeople even less per customer, depending upon how that customer arrives to the mall. He makes his machines smarter still and collects more information from ever more farther and farther. Customers who arrive in luxury cars are paid for at no more or less than they were before, customers who arrive in family cars are paid half of what they were, and customers who arrive in old cars or by bus are not paid for at all. He again tells the townspeople that he is controlling the quality of the customers that come into his mall, and that it is not fair to the store owners to have to pay for customers who cannot purchase from the stores.

    There are many reasons, but the townspeople do not stop bringing in customers.

    The landlord then demands more money per customer from the store owners. He again tells them that the customer is now of better quality, and store owners should expect to pay more on a regular basis from now on for each customer as his machines become smarter and smarter. The landlord keeps the even larger difference as his rent.

    Meanwhile, there were bus-riding customers that made purchases, luxury car driving customers who did not, and everywhere in between. But the landlord only paid the townspeople for the customers by his rules, and charged the store owners by his other rules.

    And on and on it goes. The landlord, who the townspeople believe is not evil, receive less and less pay per customer as time goes on. He adjusts what he pays the townspeople by what the customer wears, how many children they have, their gender, their age, their education and on and on. To know this, he sets up the largest information gathering system the world has ever seen throughout the town.

    The landlord is paying pennies on the dollar for a customer and becoming so wealthy and powerful no one could even know. The townspeople were now wearing rags from living off his pennies.

    The landlord sees that there has been no consequences and wants more money, but the townspeople are about as poor as they can get. So he decides to set up an auction so that only those stores that are willing to pay the most for a customer actually get that customer. The store owners are desperate, and start to bid against one another. The landlord knows what a customer spends, starts to charge the store owners more and more for the customer. Customers coming in the door are escorted directly to the highest bidder at the door.

    And on and on it goes. The landlord, who the store owners believe is not evil, starts to charge more and more per customer. He adjusts by what the customer wears, how many children they have, their gender, their age, their education and on and on. Soon the landlord is charging dollars on the penny for a customer and becoming so wealthy and powerful no one could even know. Only the richest of stores could afford his mall, and any stores outside the mall are starving.

    The landlord has become very powerful.

    The landlord sees that there have been no consequences and wants to make sure his mall will be safe from anyone else forever. To do this, the landlord will make the world outside to be like his mall.

    For example, the landlord controls the free roads in the town outside his mall. The landlord does not own the cars nor does he own the road itself, but he can control where the cars go by influencing the data the stop lights and turn lights receive from his machines. The landlord realizes that controlling where the traffic goes has the same end result as if he did own the road. The landlord now controls whether customers can get to these non-mall stores or not, but cannot charge anyone directly. So the landlord demands that these non-mall store owners do many bizarre, irrelevant and expensive things to appease him to receive free customers from the roads.

    An entire industry rises up selling secret knowledge on how to get free customers to the non-mall stores on the controlled roads. Thanks to the landlord, these free customers are no longer free as it either requires a great deal of money, or a great deal of time and work.

    Soon only those non-mall stores that can afford great effort are allowed to have any of the free traffic. As in the mall, store owners must commit great resources to receive customers. Stores that do not appease the landlord as he pleases or that do not move into the mall itself are left to starve.

    And on and on it goes. The landlord, who the non-mall stores believe is not evil, starves those who do not appease his ever-changing, arcane, secret and un-knowable sense of how things should be. The landlord tells these stores that it is their fault for starving as they did not properly appease him. These starving stores do not look upon the landlord in anger as they see him as their only source of hope for prosperity.

    Is this landlord evil? You bet. Google is nothing less than a monopolist playing God with our lives and fortunes, which is done in secret, and without competiton, accountability or consequence.

  • Guest

    Here is to hoping big brother can be held at bay for a few more years in the cyber world but my understading is that google and governement work together. If that’s the case, then nothing will come of efforts to quell the problem. Google sold out a while back but they are still a giant and necessary in some ways for webmasters.

  • Jason

    Google is evil I agree to that someone has to come along and create a rival search engine. The problem is they have no competition.

  • Augus.

    I do not recommend FAITH as a method to deal with others.- So to trust on Facebook, Google or any other entity where you use some service is like believing in Greek gods were honest (no honest and less real).

    ANYONE can even find more stupid is helping to destroy freedom to make a collective entity (THE STATE) the only one HORRID MONOPOLY OF EVERY THING ON EARTH.

    LOOK CAREFULLY TO THE PEOPLE behind the attacks against Google, Facebook, en the others (General electric – Microsoft – ITT – etc). They are the same who work to impose sharia law on americans, the same leftmind tagged persons who work to cut freedom to choose medical service and insurance providers to make people like slaves.

    What do you think would be the service and hon sty you would get from Facebook, Google or any other entity if they were nationalized. (by state owned). Would it be possible you to sue them? NO that action would make you to be seen as a traitor to country. If Facebook as a private property broke you can have more other choices (a lot of them) – If a by State Owned company broke, state will stop the failure by taking public money (your money) to hide wrong administration; Service will cost you far more and will be the worst.

    Do not believe? Juste look at UK, Germany, Zimbabwe or Venezuela. 20100905

  • http://ericschmidtgoogle.blogspot.com Eric Schmidt

    You dont like the things I do, but that’s your problem. You should opt out of my annoying-ness

  • The Truth

    This is absolutely true. Google has been busted so many times invading private digital data. Several countries have already started filing suit. Also, Google has research facilities on NSA proeprty. Google is basically NSA front and there gonna funnel everyone into this new “Internet 2″ and start charging like “Cable”. Which means that everyone that doesnt qualify to be on the “Internet 2″ will be on limited B.S. bandwidth. Net Neutrality is going out the door. Say Goodbye.

    check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv-G79DIY7k

    The Truth.

  • http://thecomputergal.com Nora McDougall-Collins

    As with politics, if we can just turn the representative of a company or politician into an icon of evil, we can easily manipulate people who are looking for an easy target. It’s much easier than discussing specifics, and ignorant people, who don’t want to really base an opinion on facts love it!

    Despotic regimes throughout history have used these tactics.

    • Guest

      The fact is that Google is an ad spammer. It has no intention of providing quality search results, so get used to it. Don’t use them, don’t promote them and definitely don’t be foolish to pay for Adwords… eventually they will dry up and go away.

      It could be tomorrow if everyone wakes up today!

  • http://morganservice.net Don Morgan

    Google may be worse than the video indicates. Just kidding but they do wield a lot of power and control.

  • http://ssuberalles.com Guest

    Hitler was right.

  • Guest

    In the nutshop a few times
    Spending 7yrs looking at everything
    And anylising

    Sorry folks just a personal experience
    Is for my protection, everyone is different I guess

  • Guest

    People started to not trust the government, so they stopped providing information to them. They didn’t like the government tracking what they spent, so they stopped using credit and debit cards. They stopped subscribing to magazines. They stopped filling out the long form census. They started working under the table and not paying taxes. The government was losing track of these people. They had no way to track them anymore…until Google.

    Google gives everything away for free; blogs, email, Google docs…everything. I read online from an ex Google employee (the post has since been taken down) that every time you click on or use a Google product, everything you do is saved on Google’s servers for 75 years. Other search engines and providers save this info for mere months.

    Google has unashamedly admitted that it will disclose any of your information to the government without a warrant, thus, the government knows everywhere you go online, everthing you post, every email you send, every document you write…everything.

    And you thought you were hiding.

    I stopped using anything Google for a very long time. I did everything through Yahoo. I had one Blogspot blog, but it had nothing harmful on it, and was hardly ever updated. Then Google tried to buy Yahoo, and then Yahoo got in bed with Microsoft, which is just as evil (if not more so) than Google.

    I had adsense. Every time I would reach payout, Google would suspend my account, and refuse to tell me why, and steal all my money. They actually paid me once, then stopped payment on the check and accused me of having porn on my blogs. I got that all straightened out but I’m just waiting for them to steal my adsense money one more time, then I’m going to sue their asses, along with about 1,000 other people they have been doing this to.

    I am about to stop using Google again, because of some strange things that have been showing up in my email and on my blogs. I don’t know where to go, because everyone is in bed with some sort of devil.

    Google IS evil, but so is the entire world. Every corporation is evil, and we are so dependent on them that we cannot get away from them.

    I’m going to try to find a way.

  • http://www.neutralexistence.com Adam

    If you don’t like what they do then don’t use their services. Its their search engine, their website, they have every right do do what they want with information collected from you when you are using their services. Its in their TOS. If you don’t like it quit using Google.

    What website doesn’t do some sort of tracking to help increase revenue? And why is that considered bad? So they track what your interested in and feed more relevant advertisements… ohhh noo they are the Devil!!!!

    seriously people get over it. At least its a service that you can stop using at any time.

    • Guest

      So Adam perhaps your suggesting that once users awaken to just how info can be used or privately sold then they should just move to someones elses search engine and services instead of Googles? So in turn Google looses market share and valued customers. Just get over it you say…. perhaps you feel this way but privacy still is a valued right in a society that has less and less. Get over it… well that’s something the CIA might say with justification and reason not Google.

      • Yamarules

        Oh the awakening… Don you see that since google has overgrown in the years, rivals are coming up with these petty issues and media is glorifying it! You wouldnt even know the meaning of what privacy means if you were not informed by the so called “media”.
        Prevention is better than cure, dont want? opt out…

        • Roy

          Hey, 3rd grade dropout, you can’t opt out. Google has their tentacles all over the web. There is this thing called Google Analytics that most websites use!!!!! Even if you quit using Google, you are being tracked!!!!!! Google needs to be stopped. Can somebody require 5th grade diplomas before posting please? Maybe we can develop some time of a captcha-question like “What’s gray, in your head and most people don’t use?” sort of a deal.

    • Roy

      Adam, this discussion is for people who finished high school or that use their brains. Your come back is no different than that from a blonde wife. There are these things called “laws” for a reason. The world doesn’t work the way you view it. Your “it’s their search engine; it’s their website” reply can’t be more stupid and amateurish because it can’t. You wouldn’t recognize a T-bone unless I shove your head far up a butcher’s ass. There are anti-trust laws for a reason. Your papi, Google has a monopoly on search which uses to abuse their power. Please stop commenting. Thank you!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/make-money-marketing-with-youtube-and-tube-toolbox Dominate YouTube

    I think most big corporations are evil in their own way, but that’s what happens when you get too big, there’s money to made and the more you pry the more you can control the consumer market.

  • Rich

    It’s a question of opting in or opting out. Similiar to new banking laws passed. Freedom of choice for the consumer, If someone want’s to keep a database let them do so with information willingly provided. There’s plenty of dirty tricks programmers can migrate to other than watching every’s consumer’s every move,

  • Donovan

    Facebook is Evil

    Google “Dont Be Evil”

    Google is trying not to be evil

  • Len

    … they start “cooperate” with the GOVERNMENT. Government-run companies (through regulation OR direct management, like GM) is the definition of Fascism.
    Congratulations boys and girls of this country formerly knows as USA – the capitalism is DEAD and Fascism is on the rise.

    • marc

      This is dangerous what you are doing. Your definition of fascism is based on nothing. If fascism is defined by state intervention, I cannot see the evil in fascism. So, would that mean that we should let fascism return?

  • http://www.seonorthamerica.com Tom Aikins

    I commented on another privacy issue article just recently and this is pretty much the same. Everybody wants the good things that technology offers but we must all be aware of the other side of the coin — and there always is one. You take the good with the bad or take nothing at all.

  • Guest

    Google IS evil!

  • Joe P

    Lots of people have mentioned big corporations are evil, this is constantly being written on the Internet. Nobody mentions viable solution how to stop the large corporations becoming evil.

    Simple solution

    Solution to change the company, corporations, trusts law so that only “individuals” can hold stock of companies, corporations and trusts. Easy to implement with today’s database technology. This will eliminate the current system in which the oligarchs hide behind complex corporate, trust stock holding.

    Large corporations will never be evil….. think…..

  • Kain

    Who do you trust more Google or Facebook is like asking whether you would prefer cancer or

    Both are G & Facebook have a terrible track record with privacy and should not be trusted with your private data.

    I don’t use Facebook for privacy reasons and block all Google cookies on my main browser, keeping a second browser for anything that requires a Google account.

  • Matt

    The Google help fora can sometimes be like a Kool Aid glugging cult. Anyone critical of Google has some (not all) volunteers making all kinds of threats against the hapless soul who thought that, perhaps, Google might be interested in their point of view. Or in helping them solve their problem. Which was probably caused by Google in any case.

    Google will have to sort out its problems before governments and lawmakers around the world decide to do it for them.

  • http://cheaphotelsandrooms.co.uk hotels uk

    “Do Not Track Me” list would be a great idea. Personally I don’t trust them both – Facebook and Google – both companies made their business model based on the information they can collect about their users. We have to remember what Google have done not so long ago – they have acquired DoblueClick – company accused of spying Internet users in order to show them the best targeted ads. Now check what is main Google income source. Guess what? It’s contextual ads. Think it for yourselves.

  • http://www.satinbow.co.uk Gordon

    A company called Phorm performed deep packet inspection on a few hundred thousand British Telecom customers as a test for their targeted add system.

    While this is obviously wire-tapping in its purest sense, the Westminster Police force decided not to prosecute as BT would not have known this was a crime…

    The EU Information commissioner found the UK at fault over this and requested a response from the British government, they are still waiting for a reply.

    My point to all this, is if a country like the UK can stomach downright illegal underhand actions, then why will they or the people give 30 seconds to think about an opt-in system like Google or Face-book?

    The average person neither understands nor cares about such things, perceiving those that do as techy nerds who need to get out more.

    Sad but true, people will only care when it affects them directly, and then its too late.

    I’ve included a link to the story about Phorm here as its going to be very prominent soon as the UK gets slapped about by the EU in public, probably brining the Google story to the top of the agenda in the states. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/10/29/eu_phorm/

  • Guest

    Google has done more good for American business than most companies in the past 10 years. They are one of the bright spots in business today.

    Consumer Watchdog is a group of political hacks just looking for big targets to make a name for themselves.

    • Roy

      And you are a brainless moron who wouldn’t recognize a t-bone unless somebody at CW shoves your head far up a butcher’s ass. But then again, you’ll say, FOUND IT, FOUND IT!!! That’s why organizations like CW are there. To protect the stupid from the wolves. You are the stupid, Google is the wolf.

      • Guest

        To Roy – the fact that you have had to resort to demeaning comments and personal insults indicates to me that you are really the one lacking integrity or intelligence. If you feel like having an adult discussion then try to stick to the facts instead of antagonizing others like a child. Also consider how many small companies depend on Google for Ad revenue, as well as promoting their own businesses. Many companies like CW can potentially exagerate the facts for their own personal gain. Fear-based propaganda is nothing new in the U.S.

  • http://business-website.webs.com/legitworkfromhome.htm Mohann

    After China, several countries are waking up to ‘threats’ from Google. Only the US will be left unable to do anything against Google. Long live Google’s freedom (at any cost) even if you are bared from your bedroom by the likes of Eric Schmidt.

  • http://www.denfribedemand.dk Holger

    I believe whereever there is smoke, there must be a fire.

    Maybe they are not evil at google, but something is most definetely wrong, since so many people are reacting to it this way.

    • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

      Lemmings will follow the pack across waters too wide for some of them to cross so some or even many drown but that doesn’t stop them from following none the less.

      How well do you swim? 😉

  • Guest

    I’d be interested to know exactly what personal information the anti-Google individuals believe is being tracked against their will?

    If Google simply tracks anonymous data such as IP Address for the purpose of understanding behavioral patterns online then I don’t think it’s a big deal. I doubt that by knowing the online activity of visitor “” would ever be traced back to me.

    If, on the other hand, Google automatically tracks “Joseph Peters” at “123 Street Name” in “City” without my knowledge then yes, I would have an issue with that.

    Another thing to bear in mind is how many small online publishers are out there who DEPEND on ad revenue to sustain themselves. Ad revenue is what keeps much of the web free, and not everyone runs something as large as Murdoch’s empire who can afford to charge for their content.

  • John DK

    Both google and facebook are sustained through unlimited circular money supply through corrupt fiat currency banking cartel.

    Solution is to nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank and too big to fail banks, evil corporations like google and facebook will fold up automatically.

  • http://hiswat.info Siva

    They have been an evil aspect.
    I am a proud Anti – Googler
    If they had established High speed internet service , they will control many things

  • Guest

    Are people seriously asking Congress to legislate a “Do Not Track Me” List? I’m still waiting for the Robo-callers to start paying attention to the “Do Not Call” list that I signed up for FIVE YEARS AGO (and renewed almost yearly since).

    Unless, of course, you think that asking Congress to waste more money on election-year boondoggles is a good idea. Hello? Anybody out there remember Health Care Reform? Remember anything more than 15 minutes ago?

    I think the American people need Google to track them because WE CAN’T DO IT OURSELVES!

  • http://cass-hacks.com Craig

    Where is the boundary between the rights of a user of the Internet and a someone providing goods or services via the Internet’s right to information collected from and during the access of their services?

    An argument could be made if Google were putting the information they collect to a malicious use but no one even seems to care about whether they do or not and instead its more like a general paranoia. If someone wants to be paranoid they only have to look to their ISP to see someone who sees EVERY bit and byte that goes into or comes out of one’s computer.

    That’s not to say that ISPs look at any of it but does that matter to the paranoid?

    Also, it is not like someone accessing Google’s services is having their information taken without their permission or knowledge because if the user doesn’t give it, they can’t take it.

    It seems the Internet age is being translated into the ‘someone must protect me from myself’ age.

    • chris

      Why get worked up about google and face book when all you cell phone contacts are in the servers o f Verizon and AT&T and others. Obviously this information is available to all law enforcement agencies and if the communication companies decide any other altruistic use of data. We are way beyond big brother

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