Google Buzz Gets Even More Integrated with Email

Buzz Now Lets You Comment Via Email

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Over the last month or so, most of the discussion around social media has been mostly related to Twitter and Facebook, as both recently had their developer conferences and introduced some new things to get people talking. We haven’t heard a whole lot of discussion around Google Buzz. When we have, it’s still mostly been about privacy.

Google hasn’t had its developer conference for the year yet though. That’s coming up in a couple weeks (WebProNews will be there covering it by the way). While there has been much anticipation about Android and even Google Wave news from the show, I would not be surprised to see some new Buzz-related things introduced.

Google Buzz Lets you comment from emailToday Google introduced a new feature for Buzz that lets you comment via email. "One of the things people like best about Google Buzz is the ability to have conversations in the comments," says Google Software Engineer Henry Wong. "But until now, if you were reading a post in an email client (like the native mail app on your phone or Outlook), you couldn’t easily join in on the conversation — you could only email the original poster. Today, we rolled out a new Google Buzz feature for you to try out: comment via email. Now, you can comment on the post simply by replying to the email message."

Google is also now letting Buzz users view entire photo albums in Buzz, as opposed to just the limited amount of pics from Flickr/Picasa that were previously able to be viewed.

Google says it is "chipping away at the feature requests" its receiving, so that leads me to believe that more features are on the way. We’ll see if any of them can spark the public interest.

Google Buzz Gets Even More Integrated with Email
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  • connoreedi

    Google Buzz is not as popular as facebook and orkut are. Perhaps they must add some special features to it to make more popular.

  • http://groupemail.gteksoft.com jason

    Google has to implement something innovative and extraordinary if Buzz has to overtake TWEET or facebook

  • http://www.rajneesh.me/ Rajneesh

    Google buzz being a google product and google controlling web quite comfortably will make google buzz quite easily popular.

  • Naveen Thomas

    As most look out, Google looks in. The thing with a concept like this is if it does take flight, it should do remarkably well. However, looking at how Facebook (and every other social network) operates is an important part of any future venture.

    The move is on ‘social’. And while too much ‘social’ can seriously saturate the social networking concept, providing an alternate, more hub like experience is not something we’ve not already seen.

    The availability of multiple tools during a “time for convergence” shows us that user experiences may not retain a one-for-all type of option. It works yes, when it’s handy.

    So what I’m really getting at here is, we already have a host of messenger clients, so do we really need a “Google-only fan club”. And yes, hotmail did it best with MSN messenger…

    Google needs to look out the box. At the box the other 2 boxes are in really.
    That’s the only way I see Google soaring. Otherwise, it’s only going to be a market share race.

  • http://DataCenterOffice.com Jeffrey Danial

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