Google Background Images Are Going Away, People Not Happy

    November 12, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has been shutting down services like crazy since Larry Page took the reins as CEO last year. Some are killed with little noise. Others are killed with a great deal of backlash. Remember Super Poke Pets?

People using background images on their Google homepages are about to experience a big loss, and some are going so far as to say they’ll be changing their homepages or even changing their primary search engines. Did you use background images on your Google homepage? How will you proceed? Let us know in the comments.

Google announced in September that users would soon no longer be able to upload pictures with Classic Plus, which had let them upload or select images to use as a background on Google.com. The company said at the time that this would begin on October 16, and that the service would be completely turned off in November.

Now, people using background images have been getting the following message, with an exact date:

Background images are going away on November 16, 2012

Thank you for using background images. As we build a more streamlined Google Search page for everyone, we’ll no longer be able to support customization with background images. So you will no longer be able to see your background pictures starting November 16, 2012.

Click Remove to stop using a background image now. Your current background image and Picasa web albums will still be available to you.

So, next week, these users will be faced with new choices to make. Do they still want to use Google as their homepage? Do they want to use another search engine altogether? It just so happens that Google’s competitors are making some other new homepage-oriented changes. Bing, for example, launched a new download feature for their daily homepage images (which were arguably already one of the best parts about Bing):

Download Bing home page image

This all comes at a time, mind you, that Bing is making significant moves to increase its share of the search market anyway. In the UK, Google has already fallen to its smallest market share in years.

Yahoo should be launching a newly designed version of its homepage pretty soon:

Yahoo Homepage Redesign
Image via All Things D

Earlier this week, Google users began taking to reddit to vent their frustrations. At one point, the top post in the Google subreddit was: “Google, for the first time ever, you disappoint me,” which was about the notification. This was followed by:

The Google search page is discontinuing support for background images. I use a black background, because I hate being assaulted by a bright screen. So, I’m gonna use this instead. …easier than a greasemonkey script. (ca.blackle.com)

Another reddit user commented, “As you may or may not know, Google is set to drop background personalization on the main search page for people with Google accounts. I can’t figure out why (although I would like to know), but I can say that the personalization was a bit more than having a cool/cute picture when I googled. While I like the Google branding, my eyes just can’t stand the bright white page. The personalization allowed me to put a very simple black picture, and thus saving my eyes. What are your opinions on the subject?”

Another user responded, suggesting Stylish (Chrome / Firefox which lets you install themes and skins for Google and Facebook.

Earlier this year, Google also upset a number of users when it announced that it would shut down iGoogle, its personalized homepage product.

Pissing off users by shutting down products is something that Google seems to be doing more and more of in recent years. Why is that? Well, we’ve heard Page’s spiel about corporate focus in the past. This past week, Google’s Matt Cutts took a shot at explaining it himself. While he was not talking about the Google homepage, specifically, his comments were interesting (though unofficial).

“In my experience, Google is pretty good about trying to explore the space. We want to try out new things. Unless you’re trying things out – like if you’re trying to ski, and you never fall – then you’re not really pushing yourself hard enough,” says Cutts. “So we do try out a bunch of different ideas. At the same time, some of those ideas are not going to work out.”

When you can see that a particular project is “not going to succeed,” he says, it might be time to put those resources (machines or engineers) into a different project. Sometimes, he says, something just doesn’t get enough traction over time.

“It can also be the case that maybe you build a product, and then the internal infrastructure that we use changes over time…evolves,” he says. “I like to joke that the half life of code at Google is about six months. If you wait six months and go back to a particular section of code, like half of it will have changed. So there’s a lot of stuff going on internally under the hood to make our systems better at Google, but if you happen to fork off, and you’re on a strange little evolutionary path, so to speak, and then after a while people are like, ‘Oh, that is three generations behind our current technology, and we don’t even know how to get back to where we were before,’ then sometimes it’s easier to think about shutting down that project or rewriting it with newer technology or folding that functionality into a different thing.”

“It’s not malice,” Cutts says.

I don’t know if the explanation will make users feel any better about not being able to use Google they way they want to anymore, but at least it’s something.

Interestingly, Google’s homepage doodles, as Google showed this past week, can provide for good opportunities for Google to promote its products like Google Shopping (product listing ads), Google Books and the Knowledge Graph.

Do you care about Google homepage background images? Are you satisfied with Matt’s explanation about why Google shuts down products? Share your thoughts in the comments.

lead image via eltictac (reddit)

  • TerryB

    I understand that Google are trying to make their service more streamlined yada yada yada… Why do they not have the option for people to remain on classic google and still have the choice for a custom background? If there’s one thing I hate it’s being limited… This will surely upset a lot of people!

  • Jeefo

    Maybe they’re changing what their Google.com homepage looks like so a background image won’t be necessary anymore.

  • smokes

    yeah.. bad news.. on the other hand, i suppose they will probably change their home page in the future.. so lets see how it will be

  • Mohy Eid

    lol, would it hurt keeping it? I do wanna get it streamlined.

  • bob

    bing, here I come!

  • Cec

    Why not then extend the background image to the google homepage or allow me to keep the classic look. I currently have a darker background image where it has the google toolbar on top, the google search, and then the two buttons.

    How more streamlined are they going to get? If I search from that page then my background image is not carried over to the search page. That is fairly to the point I would think.

    I wonder what is that they mean by streamline and how that is going to help their bottom line somehow (more adspace for instance for “trending” search topics somewhere on the page).

  • Mat

    This is a real shame. But would it possible for an add-on in google labs to fill this void?

  • Angelica

    Indeed this is one of the only things I really like about Bing… I am very disappointed that Google is discontinuing. I look forward to the streamlined Google but the image removal seems stupid.

    • Dan

      Totally agree. Dumb decision IMO. Add features, consumers like feature, Google removes feature. Lame

  • falling

    Aww, I’m one of the people who change their background images religiously. I will miss them.

  • Donald Hawes

    No doubt streamlining means room for advertising and heaping on loads of garbage we don’t necessarily need. And I bet that it pushes us into having superfluous accretions we don’t want on the screen, as has been experienced with other “helpful improvements”. Why are we trammelled into a cattle race of no choice? I and the rest of our family users like the individuality of our screen backgrounds. Yet another commercial dulling-down of our IT lives. Are your lab boys and girls getting restless or feeling that their existence is not vindicated?

  • Natalli


    First you go and buy out Motorola (which is one of the worst companies to buy)

    Then you release two Android O/S’s within one year and everyone is still trying to play “catch up”

    And now you’re taking away my homepage customization.


    Google you are starting to disappoint me damn it!

  • Ann

    I think they are just out and out lying. I don’t want to think that, but how much more streamlined can the page get? This makes no sense. The only thing that makes sense is taking away my background image to replace it with what they want me to see/read, i.e., something that helps the monitize the page. If that’s the case, I’d be happier if they just said so instead of trying to get me to swallow obvious crap about streamlining the page. I thought Google was different. I’m more disappointed about the lie than about losing my very cool personal photo background.

  • Foo

    from all the crappy new features they added, they remove the one i loved.
    they have an army of geniuses and can’t come up with solution to store one fcking background image for each user after their streamlined search page update, whatever that means, srsly?

  • http://Google Rob

    Google bought Youtube and any personalization we had prior went right out the damn window., just like theyre doing with our background images. Anything that makes it personally “yours” they seem to have a problem with. We the People dont mean shit to anyone anymore… Corporate Bullshit rears its ugly head once more ! “Hey Mr. Google.., F#ck You…

  • anactaka

    I am really disappointed that backgrounds are going away. I just found one I think is awesome and I love looking at it every time I go onto Google- in fact, sometimes I open a new tab (Google is my homepage) just to see it! I think they are making a big mistake if they are doing this for their customers. Listen to your customers, Google!

  • Drewdove

    This would be a perfect opportunity for Bing to offer background images and totally blow Google away. I wonder how long before the Google doodles get the boot as well.

  • Dylan Huska

    I love my background, I will start to use bing once the background goes away. I have a beautiful landscape with a lake, mountains and a blue sky it is amazing. This will kill google.

  • Dylan Huska

    while bing is terrible, I have to show Google my feelings and boycott it, until they realize that their customers LOVE the backgrounds.

  • Dave

    I find this plan to remove the background images very disapointing, I have always used google but may now look for other search engines.
    When users like something why change it or take it away. I suppose the streemlining means more of the annoying advertising instead.
    I would rather have my page personalised with my favourite images and looking how I like it, as far as I am concerned this is a backward step.

  • Jason

    I know this is off topic but that is a funny background picture. Is that a character from sesame street?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum


  • Mrs. T.

    Guess I’m going to change my homepage. It was the only thing that kept me using Google. So tell me more about bing?

  • Simon Carter

    Very annoyed, the person that made this decision should be sacked, and Google reminded, it’s not them that makes Google it’s us.. Because we choose to use it..

    Goodbye background images, and goodbye google…


  • Peter

    I love my Fuji + CherryBloom background,please don’t delete it , while google is my homepage!

  • Saint Boot

    Congratulations google, you just lost me, I wont be back to use your services again.

  • wade

    If Google doesn’t provide another way to dim the bright background, then I will try another web browser…………….

  • Morgan

    im really dissapointed with google over this. this was a stupid decision that doesnt even make sense. im sure they have the technology that will still enable background customerization. ill be looking for another search engine that can allows customerization.

    • Chris

      try YAHOO 7, I have,

  • http://www.perdu.com Nabil L.

    To all of you Backgrounds lovers, this machine (google) started white :)
    White is them signature. Tune your Desktop instead of your Browser. LOL

  • Janis

    Reallllllly disappointed, Google. There’s not much personalization in this electronic world…and I always enjoyed seeing my sea turtles. I thought Google was brilliant. Can’t you figure out how to engineer the capability for custom backgrounds? I’m going to look into Bing.

  • Chris

    What is Google up to,
    1st IGOOGLE is going in 2013,
    Now GOOGLE back ground pictures is going, what else google,
    you are a waiste of time, I am moving to YAHOO 7, like a lot of my friend’s have,
    Shame GOOGLE, shame,
    You are bloody useless,

  • GioM

    It sure is disappointing! It really surprises me that Lord Google will remove our beloved background images, just like that! This was a bad decision. I can only speak for myself, but I now that many Google users feels the same way. The greatest appointment is the realization (like a slap on the face) that we as customers don’t really have any say or control over any decision Google makes. What Google Gives, Google takes. I still am a strong supporter of Google, but this appointment news will take time to heal. I hope Google will offer an alternative, sooner or later.

  • http://google.com Fitrina Herardhine

    I love my background images. Why Google make such disappointing act like this? It doesnt matter if people want to use a background images or not, we can choose to use it or not. Why removing it? I am totally disappointed with this.

  • Nico

    This is the first member of the hangman drawn on the board. Don’t make the mistake of making him whole!

  • Domain Name

    Please just not remove it , keep it an option or a doodle or an add on or something similar . . . it was the best way to customize. Also it told which account i am logged in to in which browser in case of mulktiple accounts.
    Definitely removing the concept is a bad idea.

  • http://www.bing.com Dave The Rave

    Well, this is the last straw. Google have been disappointing me for a long time now. They removed the ability to play video’s on Google itself, then they changed the video link to “YouTube” with multiple clicks required to access a SEARCH ENGINE for video. It’s ironic that Microsoft see the fact that users want improvement to the search engine itself, and Google insist on giving you what they want, not what you want.

  • Elisabeth

    Time to start using other search engines. Sorry Google, I’ve reached my tipping point.

  • http://www.shinysearch.com ShinySearch

    You can goto shinysearch.com to create your Google homepage with your own background image. Also we have a lot of pre-made homepage styles you can use.

    • Matt

      cool. thanks.

  • http://www.jlembroiderydesigns.com Courtnay W

    Having the ability to customize my background made Google my primary search engine,Mostly because I’m a graphic designer and this is completely unfair for me and other creative artist to be able to upload our images on the homepage.Don’t get me wrong Google is one of the best search engines on the web if not the best but with a stupid decision like this for the company make they should quickly reconsider or me and 1,000,000,000 other creative artist will find someplace elsewhere to search.

  • Little Mouse

    Sad but Google just keep making it easier for Bing, Yahoo, and so on. I really Like Google!

  • Bob Hodge

    Let’s cut to the chase. What will you be replacing my image with? Where’re talking about a desk top image here, a freakin’ image!!! one I like looking at.

  • berta giffin

    your removing backgrounds, in the last sentance you state google & Picassa will still be available, are you planning on removing Picassa also, do i need to start downloading my albums and pics before you do??

  • Matt

    My guess is Google doesn’t want to pay copy write royalties for the images or they feel that they will impede upcoming ads on the homepage.
    I have nothing to back this up. Just a guess.

  • JesusChrist

    Why remove custom back grounds… well whatever this reason is, it must be so great, so important, so amazing, that it is more important than what the consumer wants. This equates to, a failure of a business. Now Google however, already has many users, most probably dont even customize their backgrounds, and thus making it OK to remove the feature, as it has no “traction”? or is it an action to aid future plans. Who knows, but the fact remains that the day, on 16th of Nov when background images are removed, there will be people who change search engines. This is referred to in business as a ‘Loss’. Lets hope they figure it out. Besides, there are a lot of other search engines that are just as fast and can customize images, and they are small. Its… almost shameful that a large corp would lose to search engines made in peoples basements in terms of customization.

  • Penny Potter

    How can my own picture be a waste of pixels? Oh, wait… didn’t he say they have to EARN their space??? Money money money. They sure are evil at Google.

  • Graham

    I changed to Bing the End

  • Wendy Scott

    I am continually amazed at how popular websites dump things people love. I guess I have gotten used to it on Facebook, sadly, but I guess I’d always held Google in higher esteem, and am surprised that they would remove something people clearly like, and without so much as an explanation as to why.

    But, as with anything computer, there’s always more than one way to “skin a cat,” as it were, so I checked out the Stylish skins (the link is posted in the original article), and found one that let me put one own image back up on Google. So do what you will, computer world, and so will I!

  • Fin Al

    Is there somebody in Google got paid by Micro$oft?!

    • Fin Al

      I suggest for everyone to save his customized Google homepage, and upload it to his hosting after making necessary changes. 😉

  • K

    Think this is the last straw for me. Have always been a huge Google fan… but ‘my’ products keep getting shut down
    First Google desktop,
    then iGoogle,
    and now backgrounds….

    Yes I have a gmail, yes my primary search is Google.. but the winds of change are blowing and as Google sees that products and ‘code’ evolve so do users. I suspect that many like me are comfortable having found things that just fit and work together. I will start looking for that ‘fit’ somewhere else. When I find it it will be goodbye to google from me.

  • Brandon Bachman

    Are people stupid? How often do people USE Google from the front page anymore? If you use Google from the address bar more times than not, then you don’t need it!

    Furthermore, if you want it so bad, you can find prototype ideas for background implementation using CSS — People using Chrome and Firefox are more than able to install Stylish and browse userstyles.org to get a background image and then some.

  • N

    Wow…!!!!! I like many other Google users have been using this search engine since its early years. I have gladly used google as my default browser. I was shocked when I read that of the 16th of Nov.I will no longer be able to use my personal pics for my home page. Wow again….!!!!Is this how you treat loyal users that have supported you since your early beginnings. I too will be swithing. You are not the only kid on the block. Its amaziing how when a buisness grows they sometimes forget what or who helped them get to where they got….

  • Rachel Charles

    I’ve changed to Bing, but can’t change the background image. Might change back to google if i never find out how.

  • shawn d.

    google makes the communist look like MrRogers.

  • Joe

    I’ve been very supportive of Google and the many positive things that they have produced in the past. One of those features that I took advantage of was the background image on the Google search page, which factored heavily in my decision to make the Google search page my home page. By removing this feature for no appreciable reason, Google has also effectively removed my desire to use them for a home page. I’ve changed my home page to a page on my website where I can proudly display an image of my choice as the background image. I hope that Google corrects this misstep, but in the meantime my home page will be something that is entirely under my control. Thanks but no thanks Google.

  • shauna

    I’m really dissapointed in the removal of the background images,seems kinda silly but i found it comforting,it’s like goin to a log cabin x-mas eve,lighting the fire,cozyin up with loved ones & wating to be served hot chocolate while big white fluffy snowflakes gracefully fall from the sky-but WAIT…its only a glass of ICE COLD WATER!!! what a cruel thing to do!!!!!

  • Al Dugan

    I will drop Google as my homepage, because I want to see my favourite family picture or vacation memory every time I boot up. I have no brand loyalty, if anything I dislike attachment to brands. That is why I am not part of the Apple cult. You give me what I want and flexibility and I will probably use your product.

  • Virgil Seaber III

    Here is a Solution to regain Google search page Background images in Chrome; Go to Google Chrome’s Extensions, scroll to the bottom and click on “Get More Extensions”. Search for and Install the “Background Image” extension. If you Right click on one of your Picasa Web Album images, then copy & then paste the URL into this “Background Image” Extension, it will work like a charm.

  • Anup

    Its really very irritating when commonly used services are shut down for no apparent reason.

  • http://google pamela isrow

    love having my photos on front page. will miss. may change sites. will wait to see what going on with goodle.

  • jane hutton

    I just began using Chrome instead of IE. And I have used Google as a
    search engine for many years. I really like the background images, thought it set Google apart. Now, not so much.

  • Guy

    it just a small part from big plan and GoGlE way to lose ALL trust and support of all webmasters and surfers.

  • http://photoonline.com.tw IamCorn

    It’s a pity for not support background images on Google homepage, but I never use it. XD

  • Whocares?

    Google who? Remember Alta Vista?

  • steve

    NOT HAPPY . . . it was a great relief to get rid of the glare of the white screen with a nice photo of my kids fishing on a lake.

  • http://www.smart-customs.com Scott

    I use it and thought it was great compared to Bing. That white Google background is far less desirable than my own picture to choose. Bring it back, please.

  • http://www.dragonwebpublishing.com Jonathan Jenkins

    Don’t know what the fuss is about!

  • valeriancafe

    I loved that tool, changed to dark themes easy on the eyes at 4:30 am very sad :(

  • A. Weiner

    Hmmmm… I didn’t know you could have background images, but I really don’t care either. I just search!

  • http://www.1pizzasecrets.com Frank

    Google is done with me.

  • Abigel

    I really love my background image. Make it stay……

  • http://theinternetisfun.blogspot.com/ Iam a fun guy

    that could be one of google mistakes for bing take over, mmmm facebook and google love to make they users unhappy

  • http://tripvendors.com todd

    can you spell Y-A-H-O-O !

    yahoo is working for me now. especially after Google has forcefully changed my language settings with no way to revert back to English, despite my Browser, My Google Account and anything else I can think of being reset to English (over 2 hours trying everything). Why did they do that? Because I live in Thailand and searched using Thai word, I must use Thai forever now.. they know what I want more than I do I guess.

  • http://www.oirs.ca Len

    Seriously!?!?! Wow, if this is an issue so huge users would change home pages or use another search engine (is there one with Google’s depth of indexed pages. No!) they really need to get a life. It’s a free service people! What do you want for nothing?

  • http://newbwwllc.wix.com/newbwwllc Vincenzo

    Not Happy

    I think really to change Search Engine

  • Hector

    I do understand his point in the explanation about how to share and reassign resources.

    However it lacks to explain how a simple background image is being remove because after the features launches, we kinda never saw an upgrade or improvement over the feature. Probably all the engineers that put the feature no longer work with it as he states, so the real question is, why remove a feature that don’t touch or interact with the end result.

    I believe his explanation don’t focus on the main issue that is the removal of the background feature that helps many people when:

    1. Work longer hours and the white screen hurts on the eye of the user.

    2. Make people feel good since a picture change an attitude or trigger happiness.

    I believe in exchanges, Google can give us some options instead or “we going to remove it”.

    Of course this is for the people that use Google search for more than wasting time searching for nonsense.

  • http://gaycontentwriter.com Conran

    If it helps to erode the death grip Google has on global business and internet traffic then I hope they remove more services and upset more and more people.

    I am sick and tired of the monopoly Google has, making arbitrary changes that might seem insignificant to them but can actually destroy a business and millions of people’s incomes over night.

    Google is far too big and far too powerful. One slight change in their private business can immediately plunge plenty of people into poverty. No private company should ever be as powerful as Google is.

    Bring it on Bing and others, it was time to open up the market and become more diverse about ten years ago!

    • http://usamadeproducts.biz Dave

      I agree that small changes inside Google can bring down a lot of businesses, but at the same time it will raise others up, just an unavoidable risk of having an internet business.

      How about when Google finally caves in and starts charging for inclusion?

  • http://www.ladwebdesign.com Linda

    I too am unhappy about the changes to the Google search page. Half the time I don’t understand the point of the artists’s rendering of the Google logo. I also thought the IGoogle page was a nice way of seeing what was happening in the world.

  • Joons

    I never use Google as my homepage but do use them as my default search engine.
    If you want your own back ground image setup your own page and make it your home page – it’s what I do as I have a number of sites & services I use constantly and bookmarks don’t cut it.
    Search is free – if you prefer Bing or Yahoo (which is Bing) or Duckduckgo go for it – many more things more important in this life!!

  • http://www.beverlyimages.biz Beverly Washington

    I had a couple of my images up. But rules are rules. I am either for
    or against.

  • http://arcadiusphotography.com/ Wedding Photographer

    I dont use any images with google – so dont care really .

  • Simon

    Time for new thinking at Google, before they kill all the geese that lay their golden Adwords eggs.

    • http://www.ncwebdiva.com chancer

      Pluse…The big dawgs at Google are making the same “corporate think” mistakes that lots of big businesses make (right before they start losing out to more savvy competitors)

      “Corporate think” says “We KNOW what our market wants…so we will give them what WE want to give’em. And they better take and like it!” No one asks, what the customers want.

      Like Henry Ford famously said his customers could have cars in any color as long as it was black! And within a few years, his competitor, General Motors was offering equally affordable cars in 4-5 different shades.

      Google got it big market share not only because of better, faster software but also because their competitors dropped the customer service ball.

      Remember the old MSN (Bing) was too easily manipulated and was overun with spammers site and Yahoo! had turned into greedy little extortionists – demanding money ($300) for “premium” indexing services.

      Dell whipped IBM in the personal PC market due not only to better marketing but also due to Big Blue’s over-priced machines & lousy customer service to smaller businesses.

      Better business folks than Larry Page have tried to suck the Fortune 500’s teats before and paid the price – lose the “little guys” and you lose your overall market share, eventually to folks with smarter, better customer service.

      So Larry, do ya hear those sounds of trumpets as Google’s walls come crumbling down?

  • http://usamadeproducts.biz Dave

    I think with Google profits in decline its probably wise to eliminate ‘non’ profitable costs.

    In reality how many people are going to quit using Google because of all the cut-backs, probable only a few.

  • http://shopwithruthe.com Ruthe

    I have enjoyed using the background images and will be one who misses them. Will there be an alternative?

  • http://richinwriters.com Steven

    I would use Bing or Yahoo search if the both didn’t SUCK. I’ve tried to use Bing but their search results are horrible, yahoo search sucks and yahoo looks like one huge advert. All them smaller search engines cater to their advertisers at the moment Google is doing the job.

  • Paddy O’Door

    I could see from a “corporate efficiency” standpoint why Google made this decision: they have billions of dollars in servers and infrastructure, and would rather put it to use with Cutts’ “new ideas” and cutting edge technology.

    We just had a National election about cutting costs vs. raising revenues (in the government fiscal issues side of the campaign). Maybe Google’s revenue is slowing down, so they’re just cutting costs to keep profits consistent?

    Most of the Nation seems to agree increasing income is preferred over slashing services. If there is truly a seismic shift in search traffic due to this change, I imagine the homepage custom images will return. If not – and there are just a loud vocal few – expect more of the same.

  • http://www.starrgates.com Caryn Starr-Gates

    Since I hardly ever use Google I did not even know about this option! I always use Yahoo or Ask, and occasionally saunter over to Google for a search (Firefox is my browser and it automatically brings up Yahoo).
    Is this really so important that people have concerns about it? Seems silly to me. But I don’t know why Google cares about it either.

  • https://twitter.com/MiddleAmericaMS MiddleAmericaMS

    I’m pissed off, so I ended my advertising on Google.

  • Steve Pollock

    I use a lot of free Google services and I am amazed how much value that they are providing me. I don’t want to say this too loudly, but I would be willing to pay for some. Picasa for example is a fantastic tool, so is gmail and Google docs.

    We should appreciate what they are giving us for free and not fret when they take away some minor frill.

  • http://www.ysapak.com fysisoft

    I was not using the images…so no loss for me

  • Virgil Seaber III

    Here is a Solution to regain Google search page Background images in Chrome; Go to Google Chrome’s Extensions, scroll to the bottom and click on “Get More Extensions”. Search for and Install the “Background Image” extension. If you Right click on one of your Picasa Web Album images, then copy & then paste the URL into this “Background Image” Extension, it will work like a charm.

  • William

    I’ll move my accounts I have with google. It is that simple…

  • http://animium.com free 3d models

    I am using Google occasionally nowadays, so I dont bother much, bing and its background images are fantastic.

  • http://www.philsstuff.co.uk phil

    Well thats one thing that dosen’t effect me as i never used it but i bet a lot of people wiil be very annoyed

  • http://topshelfcopy.com Doc Sheldon

    Like some of the comments you cited, I prefer to subdue the glaring white screen a little, so I used their background image feature ever since it was available.

    I’m not likely to throw the baby out with the bath water, though. Google is still the largest part of my search activity, and will likely remain so, at least for the foreseeable future.

  • Mimi

    I think this phasing-off of google background images is simply a way of preventing PERSONALISATION, in other words -curtailing people’s creativity, individuality and freedom. On 16th November, it’s bye bye google from me (it’s bad enough to have had it imposed to me at work).

  • http://hermitshut.com Bob

    How wonderful for Google. American Greed at its finest. Its all about the buck. The online stories of lives and businesses broken by Google is heart breaking.
    Good news!!!! What goes around comes around :) Welcome to the world of AOL Google.

  • Darren

    I’ll still use Gmail, but the second they take down my picture I’m moving to Bing.

  • matt streit

    I will sure miss the google background images it sure spruced up the look of google.

  • http://AUHInternet Marianne

    Bing is a far better search engine now days. With Google you still get pages of directories and other crap before you get to the real websites with the products or services you are looking for. Whereas with Bing, it still has a lot of directories etc. but you seem to get the actual websites first. I do believe that Google is not as efficient as it used to be a few years ago and am recommending my customers start using Bing as an alternative as it gives a quicker result.

  • Richard Powell

    I have used this feature for a long time – I will miss it.
    I will also miss iGoogle
    Funny – Bing is starting to look better again …………….

  • Tom Hotel

    I’ll still use Gmail, but the second they take down my picture I’m moving to Bing.

  • mick

    I think it will be time to explore other options as google is taking away my options. I do not like or want a white screen and I do not want or like google telling me what I must see. So, goodbye google.

  • http://www.consciouswealthinstitute.com Marguerita

    I find it fascinating how attached people become to unimportant details. I never even knew this existed and it wouldn’t make a difference to my life if I had. If people are mad about this, they should feel very blessed that they have nothing more serious going on in their life that they even have the head space to worry about it. Don’t sweat the little stuff people!


  • http://www.texdesignstudio.com Darryl Manco

    Such a mute subject to discuss. Besides, who has their homepage set to G search? Why are you not searching via the URL bar?

  • Carol

    In the grand scheme of things worrying about losing background images is really a minor thing compared to losing your home or life in Sandy. This issue should be a non issue.

  • http://Mabuzi.com Kevin

    So many services you join on what they are offering you and then they switch them off or change the goal posts once you join.

    Kinda like the Politicians and the voter contract you make with them when you make the cross, you think the promises they make is what you are oging to get.

    If I knew what FB would do with Pages and all the changes I dont think I would have even bothered.

  • Derek

    I love my background images. I hate the fact that Google always depreciates the simple products that keep people coming back to Google. Their loss. I am going to start using Bing instead.

  • http://www.resumeok.com Felix

    Can’t find any good reason for them to close this. I really loved that i can customize my own homepage. Maybe the images people were uploading were taking to much space, and to few were actually using them.

  • greg

    People really don’t like change do they. I never knew the option existed and am surprised google supported such a amazing waste of resources. Personally it is a search engines capability that I like versus the rest of the fluff and I feel better that Google Screws up a bit – anything to slow down its domination of too many markets and to keep other companies alive.

  • Jack

    Bye Google, its been nice.

  • Donovan Walker

    I can still remember the feeling I had when I first saw the google search page background. I LOVED it. Beautiful and peaceful. It made me happy. It does to this day.

    Maybe I’ll be less opposed to bing search after the 16th.. who knows?

  • Bill Hogenmiller

    I am going to Yahoo. Bye Bye Google

  • Anon

    Since google wants to explore their options, I will too. Goodbye Google, hello Bing.

  • J. H.

    They got rid of Picnik and now background images. I am on the list with others who have decided to discontinue using google as a search engine and/or home page. Being able to customize the google page was the main reason I used it. Now? I’m done.

  • http://openinghourz.com EuroEx

    I really dont care about that images, I care about search ….old saying: it is not important what color is the cat black or white, it is important that catches mice….

  • xelloss100

    I’ll certainly miss the background image, having a white page can be a little annoying to the eyes, but I’ll live… Is not a change that would make me change search engine, I’m not angry at all, maybe a little bumped.

    Still I’ll probably check bing out. Is not that I’m going to stop using google services altogether, but I think it may be time to consider another search engine. I’ve been increasingly hearing good things about it and maybe is time for a change.

  • Marks

    This is Shocking. and sad news. I don’t know what’s going in their minds.
    Its bad decision.

    Rather than conecntrating on this, Google should focus on its failed product called Orkut. Revival would be nice.

  • Common Sense

    I’ll probably discontinue use temporarily when they remove it. Just to make a point.

    Hopefully a lot of other people will, too.

  • Mark Johnson

    I agree, it’s not that important. Just F****** annoying!

  • http://seoenquirer.com SEOEnquirer

    Another bad decision by Google. It is those personal bits and pieces that first made us love Google and now they are tkaing them away!

  • http://bloggershost.com Leonard

    I have truly learned over the years to not get comfortable with any of the things I like most about Google. Just when you think you found something really cool and handy, Bang, they shut it down.

    So much has been going on with Google that I am a bit confused as to what they are actually trying to accomplish. The way it is going, it seems that they are trying everything they can think of to push searchers to the other services.

  • http://www.cobwebseo.com/ SEO Kolkata

    Actually i don’t bother about the background picture or color of Google home page. But i can say white background is unique and it is look sober and aristocratic. So i think not a great percent of Google user will mind anything after 16 November. Bing uses background image. But it does not look professional. Google looks smart and professional in it’s default WHITE Background.

  • B-rad

    I understand why they took down igoogle as our mobile apps take care of most of those features (also more and more people owning tablets). But taking down the background is a big mistake and will cause people to jump to another engine that offers it. Google really shot themselves in the foot with this one. BOOOOO Sir!!!!

  • elka

    Why are you taking it down. I love it I’m in a office with no windows and the only view i have is the homepage with my scenery. Look I don’t understand on why you doing this but isn’t your moto is custom your computer the why you like it. So why are you do it

  • Shinji

    I think it’s redunkulous to even think about removing the background, I enjoy looking at it everyday changing it with different things that I love. It EXPRESSES MY FEELINGS!! Don’t do this to us O^O

  • Ben Mackenzie

    I am honestly very disappointed. I’ve been using a background of a post office since it started letting you, and I just liked the white Google logo.

  • Melvin K

    Two things I could think that would make half sense.Is that they must have been threaten by companies for licensing issues or some sort of loophole that benefits some other company or they must want to add something technical to their systems and background images would slow the pages down with some sort of future bug in their program that in order for them to move forward they would have to eliminate background images,still none of that makes any sense but I can’t think of any other way.

  • Joseph Vernice

    I am most upset about losing my iGoogle home page. For years I have relied on this self-built portal to news, my stock, email, FYI, and other info at my fingertips every morning. Sure there are other services out there like Netvibes and the like, but they are cumbersome to manage and maintain. Google had this down to a science (and an art). I may have to start looking seriously at Yahoo. They also have a nice looking home page portal.

  • Terry Davis

    When the background immages go away I plan to switch my home page and search engine to another who has backround immages. Maybe Bing we will see.

  • Kelly AMR

    I haven’t been getting my custom image half the time anyway and when I finally get it back up they are taking it away. I still never get the image of my cats I had as my page and that made me angry.

  • dcart

    People want their backgrounds! What your not monetizing enough already?

  • http://www.myevensong.com Gary Moore

    I have found a fairly simple solution – I’m switching to Bing.

  • http://www.marcellasfeathers Marcella Goodwin

    If Google actually pulls down my background photos I will get rid of gmail, change my home page and my primary search engine immediately.

    I can see corporate cheap tricks and stark raving mediocrity anywhere. If I were Google I would reconsider. Let’s see, there must be an artistically inclined alternative to Google somewhere.

    You will miss me. And millions of others.

  • http://www.windows7slow.info Wilf staton

    Google is slowly sliding backwards. First hitting SEO. Goodness knows how much peoples revenue has dropped from ad-sense. I suppose although nobody has mentioned it Googles revenue from ad-sense must have also dropped. Certainly must have dropped from my site which dropped like a rocket in the rankings although I did not do backlink farms or duplicate content.

    I think this latest is just another nail in the coffin for Google as they are seeing their revenue drop and there even seems a bit of panicking.

    Google seems to have forgotten customer relations or they have decided to destroy all relations with their users. Yes their users. That us folks.

  • http://Google DC

    Don’t do it., I love using different background images., It very possible I will change to a different browser.

  • John Clark

    Same old story; new company fights to give it users what they want: Company gets huge and bloated and takes away what their customers like and enjoy. Google is getting to big for its own good.

  • Ralph Levy

    I feel like most others. Why the hell take something away if people enjoy using the product. Personally I will miss my background image. However there are other providers Like Bing for example. I use to work in IT you don’t want to piss of your clients or they will go away.

    Listen to your clients MR. CEO DONT DO IT YOUR WILL LOSE IN THE LONG RUN!!

  • Clarence

    This is the most anti-progressive approach Google could have done with their search engine. Why take a feature away from Google that has absolutely no affect on them continuing to improve their search engine.

    Now I will have to say farewell to my NWO home page soon. http://betastart.com/SW/google_customhome.png

  • Dan Gallagher

    Frankly, when iGoogle is no longer available I may have to switch to Bing. Unless, of course, Google offers something even better to replace it. The same goes for background images.

  • http://fx-mall.com FXMALL

    Before is more NICE

  • mary

    One a few things I enjoyed was the ability to choose a background picture for my homepage. Especially pictures of seasonal landscape. Now I get a white page with drawings all over the Google logo.

  • Helen

    I LIKE my background image! I’m really disappointed…

  • smith

    going to a different search engine.

    • gerritt

      changing e-mail and browser, google really sucks for this change.Alot of people are switching from google for the same reason, losing alot of customers with this move, not smart in alot of people’s view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.NicheWolf.com Dori From NicheWolf.com

    A Big company like Google should know that any decision they make must be customer oriented.Sometimes It seem that Google is over experimenting.

  • Courtne

    I’m not happy. It’s such a simple thing to be able to personalize my pc, but now we’re loosing that simple little pleasure and we’re even forced to use chrome, which I don’t care for either. Cant download it on a public pc or my gov. pc. Not happy about that. I can no longer personalize google at all because of chrome and now this. A simple little thing as being able to personalize my screen? Why? Google, you’re changing things for the worse. And how much money will this save you? How expensive is it for you to remove personaization other than that dreaded chrome? Get rid of this new guy who’s making these ridiculous changes and bring back the things that made google worthwile. I have no reason now to stay loyal to google. I will probably switch to using bing. On another note, the new windows 8 sucks too so I will probably get rid of windows and go to mac and use all their interphases. Google and Windows are gonna lose a lot for these unnecessary changes. They’ve both lost me and most people I know.

  • Kyle Venter

    It all has to do with money, plain and simple, everything has to do with the bottom line. By taking away start page ‘personalized background images, Google can whore itself out to various marketers and advertisers, so, now, we would have to go through other links to get our start page background. Not to mention the new win8 interface sucking so much balls that now the only best option for a start page with background is the ‘Awesome Tab Page’, which, only allows you to use a win 8 type interface but ‘lets’ you customize the buttons. Whoopy, Microsoft, you have no taste and all your marketing staff should be fired for lack of imagination. Google you are becoming a whore and I for one am not impressed at all, since when did you decide to place your users in a tightly controlled box? We have supported you and given our loyalty over all these years and trying times, and now, this is a slap in the face. But lets face it, what option do we have now that virtually our entire lives and synced with Google. Freakin pathetic, soon, the only thing separating you and apple will be your logos because your ethos certainly are becoming similar, “control, control and more…..control”, the new Gestapo has just arrived, watch this space.

  • mdmkcmo

    I’m not sure, I might switch to something that better suits me?

    I’m NOT happy Google!!! :(

  • TONY

    Not Happy the Google home page photo going its taken me ages to find the picture 18 months of chopping and changing and last month found the one I wanted not fantastic but its a row of Bond 3 wheelers e quipes
    love those cars but just don’t see them any more and as for finding a photo there are not many about none just the one on Google if anyone has seen any of these cars let me know, woulfd love to own one of these little 199cc single 2 stoke they were so basic the luxury was the one that had reverse instead of changing gear to backward the engine went backward instead, and you could turn them round on a 6pence, they made another lux one which was a 249 cc engine, fule tank heald just 4 gallons and you could get over a 100 miles on one gallon if you drove slow, not bad for a 1950s car.which was made of fiberglass and Aloy so no rust, very cheap to run, the best car after the Austin 7 mini 850 1959/60 FAB.

    keep our home page please.

  • http://fuckyougoogle.com Shane Oshea

    This is utter bullshit, there is no need to take away images, no need what-so-ever. Get your head out of your arses you money grabbing pieces of shit!

  • james

    i will be hunting for a new engine, maybe time to go to bing and windows 8

  • Kasey

    Not happy about losing my background on Google.. think i will look around for a search engine that has the ability.. I had gotten used to the Natl Geo pic.. to bad they are messing with things.

  • http://epicstartpage.com Paul Billows

    It was those little extra services that made Google something special. Background Images are not essential but fun, but what could they cut next?

  • Chris Keller

    You can just add a greasemonkey script to get it back for Google Chrome and Firefox. I think you can use grease monkey in all major browsers, some just take more work. The grease monkey script I found was in chinese but I was easily able to figure it out and now I have the background of my choice that won’t go away on the 16th!

    • Anon

      I’m currently using the same script myself, but it seems to remove the background every time I reopen up my web browser. I’m not sure if it has to do anything with my settings, but overall it’s a great script to use as an alternative. :)

  • Gale

    This sucks

  • kirkd

    i will change my search engine to one that supports using personal images as background.

  • Ashley

    It is very upsetting to be losing that feature, I really enjoy seeing images whenever I click on Google. I hope that Google knows how upset people are, it may be trivial, but a lot of people enjoy it. But, hey there is always Bing.

  • Lyn Thomas

    I never thought I would use anything other than Google but after google disregarded the wishes of its users why would I continue to show loyalty to a company that does not value its members. I think I may have to become a Bing user. The question Google has to ask it’s self is, is it worth losing it’s loyal users to try something that clearly is not wanted by its users for the sake of saying it can? The comments of Cutts leaves me wondering why some people get paid millions of dollars to mess things up!

  • Cheynne

    Their clearly not interested in their users so why should we be interested in them, going back to Firefox or maybe Bing.

  • http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/ Mozilla

    Time to go back to Firefox and Bing.

    • http://www.bing.com/ Bing

      Your right Mozilla!

  • J. H.

    Doesnt matter if some people think this is a small issue. After taking away picnik and now this, it’s actually not the only reason to stop using google and gmail. Have you ever tried to login to gmail to only be stopped by needing a code sent to your cell phone before you can access your acct? If you dont have your cell phone with you you’re toast. I think I’m going to go to facebook and some other accts and switch out my gmail addy for a yahoo one instead and just get rid of gmail as well. this way I wont care if google does away with anything else because I wont be using their services to care.

  • GrizBear

    It’s like anything else out there. You find something you like and mthen they discontinue it. I have no clue why the companies listen to some putz, that needs to justify his job and comes up with these lame brain ideas that makes sence to them, but not your users. And after everyone is screaming, they just ignore the masses and tootle along in an mindless bliss, but we have the market cornered. Please do not bother us anymore or we will shut down a few more things.
    Good customer service and fabulose marketing

  • Jerren

    Im going to be mildly sad for a while

  • B

    Background images really tied the room together. This Dude does not abide.

  • Tayla

    im not going to use google anymore, im going to use bing instead, these background images are amazing and the majority of google users will not be happy

  • Ariana

    It’s a shame that they are doing this. I thoroughly enjoyed my background image. It was a nice departure from the plain white screen. I hope that they reconsider this decision as this was one of the aspects keeping many persons (including myself) from using the bing engine.

  • Maria-Catharina Mura

    Since my background pic is being taken down and igoogle taken away I have gone to Bing/MyMSM. I do not like a lot of distractive media. I use my computer for educational purposes and what the content I put on my homepage. i want my own pictures like I used to be able to pick in themes, not looking at hundreds of photos with many nudes just to get descent pictures. I do like google docs & books, but not the webpage anymore. I like chrome, but do not care for lousy picture choices.

  • http://kawashilong.blogspot.com InJeel Omens El-Ji

    FOR A SEARCH ENGINE THAT PEOPLE GO TO EVERY DARN DAY, GOOGLE is being a real dick about this. What the heck does my background image have to do with you upgrading the rest of google? Is it really about money, are people getting fired, what is it? They need to give an international explanation instead of the little snippets I been hearing about. Now I only have a day to enjoy my longest and only background I’ve used since I realized I could do so. Are you happy to be destroying my experience on google?

  • Scott Alber

    I never really considered switching to Bing until Google decided to fix what was not broken. Actually I should say until Google decided to “break” what was not broken. It would seem that as big and rich as Google is that offering users the option of keeping their IGoogle and background image would not be that difficult. If Google wants to offer a “streamlined” Google that will work on multiple platforms fine, but let users decide if and when they want to use it. If it really is better then users will naturally migrate to it. Thanks for letting me rant a little I am now going see about making Bing my homepage.

  • Linda

    i had never even looked at the idea of Bing! The word even bothers me! Now Google has gotten on my nerves. What, we are to look at a blank screen? NO! I will be switch! Google has forgotten the people have the power to and they do make the decisions. Don’t make them angry! Don’t take away what they like! They will go somewhere else!

  • http://www.harshparmar.wordpress.com Harsh B

    We want Background images back… you cant do this… :'(

  • Stumpe

    I think this is a social experiment gone awry.
    -We never had backgrounds before and were happy with Google.
    -They gave us backgrounds and we were happy with Google.
    -They take backgrounds away again, going right back to a previous happy standard, and we’re pissed off.

    …. okay, but really I’m disappointed at the change.

  • LouinReno

    I think it stinks. I do not know how much support Google must offer for this feature, but will really miss it.

  • http://sanilworld.webs.com sanil jhaveri

    incited of removing the option totally Google can add a different link with same support so users can still use it by changing their homepage link

  • flyguy00

    I am very unhappy about the removal of the background.
    I am a shareholder, and I have to say the new CEO (as if he cares) has lost my vote.

  • Jacob

    Okay people, Google is probably the GREATEST search engine that the internet has come to know. Background images haven’t been around since the beginning, so what are you complaining about? I mean, what did you do before background images? Did you just decide to start using Google after they came out? Google has NEVER failed me and although I love having a background image now, I didn’t always have one and therefore am not going to make that a reason to stop using it. Google has always been there for me, so I’m not going to turn my back on them now.

  • margarita

    i will be changing my search engine. i loved the background image it made me feel like it was personal. truly disappointing that they are taking it away.

  • MissImagery

    I am disappointed to hear that background images are going away. I find them quite therapuetic, especially the images of beautiful scenary. I hope that Google decides to keep background images.

  • Toya

    I am sad to see the background images go away. It made using Google more entertaining. I ALWAYS hated that crazy do nothing white screen, therefore I used Yahoo until I found out about the background screen. Well, maybe I’ll try Bing. I just cant take that white screen Google…so mundane.

  • Austin

    deleting my account

  • Zam

    Great job driving your users away. Maybe google servers are too busy, they don’t want so many users. One way is to piss off some.

  • Zam

    Reply to Stumpe and Jacob “-We never had backgrounds before and were happy with Google.”

    Wrong concept. we had Windows 95 and 256 colours, and Nokia3210 black&white LCD mobile phone.

    Are you happy to delete your Win7/8 now and throw away your samsung/barry/apple/fruits smart phones?

    We evolve every day. Back to blank screen is not nice.

  • http://www.shellyberkowitz.pureromance.com Shelly

    Google, you are killing me. Why would you want to get rid of the very thing end-users enjoy…pretty photos?

  • http://Google Brianna

    I am so mad!!! I love my background image and want to keep it! It is just a image….let me keep it! God, why does google have to be stupid. I am really about to switch over to bing or yahoo.

    • http://google.com Rebecca

      I agree with you COMPLETELY!!!! I loved my Google images!!!!! :(

  • Chamika Goonetilaka

    Oh!!! This is heartbreaking. My Background image made me feel my internet experience personal, and made me think it’s my own search engine. Why do they have to take it away?

  • Jamila C

    yes I use background images on google…a little irritated…but what am I going to do? it bothers me that they get rid of applications instead of convincing more people to use them…

    not changing my primary search engine though. I love google.

  • Awilda

    Not happy… not happy at all! Little things give the largest boost in someones everyday ho hum – life! While I never noticed how lovely my wall was before… I definitely notice how drab & boring it is now. Why did they not make this optional? I realize not everyone liked it, but I say “Neigh” to those who are related to Scrooge. And now everyone will be messing around with scripting in order to maintain some color or photo. This is going to promote crashes & viral problems for others. JUST BRING IT BACK… oops I was shouting

  • Roberto

    I enjoyed the background image feature – I too have eyes sensitive to the glaring white default page. I’ll continue to use Google on my Android, but will switch to some other page than Google for my laptops – Bing maybe.

    • Roberto

      Vanilla Google – how imaginative.

  • Saria

    Without bg images I will not only change my HP, I will also cancel my gmail account and start looking for a new base search engine.

    I so loved my bg image that i tolerated google’s poorer search results.

  • LeeAnn

    WHY is it we CAN’T have our background images? What difference does it make to anyone which image I have whilst my Google home page is open? I keep my GOOGLE handy as I work.

    WHAT NOW? Are they gonna make me look at PAID ADVERTISEMENTS???? WELL I WON’T

    I don’t know what I’ll do next but I WILL NOT Have advertisements on my desk all day.

    Stupid lazy un-customer oriented service decision.

  • Thomas

    I will be changing my homepage for sure, background images was my favourite part of google.

  • Greg

    A glaring white screen does not make my eyes happy. The only reason I can see for getting rid of the backgrounds is to make room for ads. And that will be the end of Google for me.

  • sannie

    i want the BACKROUND PICS grrrr i want them bad it made google more personal and BETTER i think i might change to bing, maybe but anyway REALLY GOOGLE REALLY whoever decided to do this sucks!!

  • http://www.google.com Conza

    Well I’m looking for another homepage, I’ve used Google for atleast 5 years, but thanks to this, bu-bye! You suck Google, so much potential constantly wasted, really disappointing as a company.

  • Vanessa Mitchell

    WTF are you thinking…I love seeing my Volkswagen when I log in!!! All I have is a blank page now…you guy’s SUCK!!!

  • jack

    well i for one am extremely pissed that my background is gone

  • jk

    After having Google as my homepage for my whole life, I switched to Bing. I guess Google doesn’t want me to use their site anymore?_

  • Ivan

    GOOD BYE google!
    This is a big step back for you!
    I hope the person responsable for this will die soon…

  • Ron

    I am going to leave Google as my homepage. It was nice to come to my start page. But, now it is just a blank page. So I will go back to my ATT web page, Hey,its free and I can set it up my way. So Google continue to follow the dollar. And one day you will have lots of free time. Oh, it won’t be retirement either. So young people take away services and watch your customers leave you broke… By by

  • Julie

    Google is all for trying to force you to sign up to their way of doing things (having a google account linked to Youtube etc) but it seems they don’t want to give us any say in much. I loved my beautiful calming google background it was comforting and made googling a pleasure. Now it’s gone I will be switching to Bing, it seems to be becoming a better search engine than Google anyway.

  • http://google.com Rebecca

    I don’t think that taking away the Google images was a very good idea. I actually enjoyed the images because you could choose whatever you wanted and see it every time you got on your Google homepage… I am very upset… >:(

  • Lee-Anne

    I pardon my French fucking hate Google with a passion. Had lots of Sailor Moon pictures to put up on the Google search and now I can’t put up excuse my French again fucking any.Thanks a lot Google You’ve just lost yourself a great customer.I hope that everybody there will go to hell and burn death!

  • paula

    i loved to put my favorite band pictures on Google, it was like they were looking at me…
    I hate that they had to take away the background!

  • John Doe

    Loved my background images now I’m moving to Bing last straw google last straw.

  • Nick Rocci

    BRING BACK THE IMAGES!!! I am IRATE that they took that away! It made google personable to me! Why in the world would you take that away?! It is probably the most simplest thing to have, but they coolest thing! I had a beautiful picture that I took set as the background and now its gone…..what in God’s name is the reasoning behind this!
    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  • Arn Franzen

    Someone tell Larry this sucks. I used to like google but am now ready to go to bing and hot mail.

  • Olivia

    I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed that Google Backgrounds have disappeared. I don’t mean to be rude though and I apologize if I seem rude or offense. I have to admit I did see this coming because I was shown the warning for a while. But what I still don’t get is why? Why did you shut Google Backgrounds down? I’m sure you must have a logical reason but please do inform me of why you did this. I know many people are wanting an answer. Thank you.

  • john galla

    remember “new coke ?” classic coke had to come back and it did. we had to swallow the coke marketing fiasco..but not this one . i’m dropping google asap !!!!

  • Sharon

    I have changed my homepage to Yahoo because I can still have a background there. Some people might like a stark white blank homepage, but most people like to have a choice. I will no longer be using google as long as this new policy exists.

  • Linda

    I loved my background image. What kind of an idiot thought this was a good idea? Give us back our images!!!

    • Mar K

      Staring at a blank page is not going to give us stimulation. I want my background option back!

  • Monie

    i am VERRRRRY disappointed. I loved having backgrounds. Google really messed up.

  • gordon peddie

    Bad move Google – you say bye bye backgrounds – I say bye bye Google!! You enjoyed life at the top while you listened to your users, now you can experience a mass exodus of your loyal users now you have decided to TELL us what we should have/use!! Not a good move in my mind!!

  • Graham

    Bad move Google. I, like many others are planning to change search engine!

  • Maurice Martin

    I really don’t like it’s white background, never did, that’s why finding a cool quiet background always stimulated me to use Google, now that’s like the old simple Google it always was, without it’s background customization, I’d rather look for another search engine instead, I know this sounds exaggerated but trust me, I can’t stand it’s white background whenever I open Firefox…

    I have a dark room and I wanted to keep things dark, but now Google stands up and says “No!, You shall use our white background!”.

    Bad move from Google.

    • http://WriteInk.org Kay Merkel Boruff

      Maurice, you look like a fellow burner. I like things light. But Google-white-is-FUBAR.

  • Jay

    Their company.. their decision… my search and my internet use is my decision. … So… as much as I like google I’m really ticked off about the background being removed. But Google fails to realize is that it’s a BIG internet out there with lots of choices. I don’t want to look at a big white space on my computer all day at work… and no.. I’m not going to use your google approved theme. I’ve switched from chrome back to firefox… from google search to bing … and my home page is no longer the google search. the thing is.. even if they go back… now that I am trying other things I’m less likely to come back. I really don’t like how google is sun setting many of it’s products… what will be next? the Reader? gmail? google plus? .. ok that’s my rant. If you actually read this far then thanks!

    • http://WriteInk.org Kay Merkel Boruff

      Jay, I’m more than ticked off. Going with BING or FIREFOX or starting my on search engine FUBAR.

  • james

    I want my background back ,fu..k you google

  • ike

    I’m really disappointed with Google and so I simply changed my homepage.Now I’m using Bing.

    • http://WriteInk.org Kay Merkel Boruff

      Going with Bing or someone else too. FUBAR Squared.

  • Lynn

    I am not happy at all, I do not like plain white as the option, I had my own photo as my background and I thought I would be able to carry on using that, I guess I read the message I was getting wrong. I have tried in vain to add the photo back and nothing happens, I will now change who I use, and I have championed Google for years, as I have used them for years, what a way to piss people off. So another valued customer of theirs is now lost, ie ME. obviously not valued enough it would seem!

  • tvilleron

    I always thought google was the best. For me it was at the top of my browser list…. but I like options. Yesterday, google took one of my favorites away, google images were cool. I don’t know about most google users but I like stability. There was something inviting about a simple and personally pleasing image in a browser. google is still a great brand but I wonder what else might be sacrificed in the name of streamlining. So long pre 11/16/12 google and hello Bing with cool images.

    • http://WriteInk.org Kay Merkel Boruff

      tvilleron, my feelings. I’m going somewhere with you. FUBAR Google.

  • http://WriteInk.org Kay Merkel Boruff

    I guess you guys at Google got burned at Wall Street Burning Man. FUBAR if anyone there has military background. Come on, Google. At least put up some bloody images to your gazillion dollar organization. As the NPR brothers say: BOOOOOOOOOGUS BOOOOORING!

  • Lynn

    Since my last comment I have searched around and now I have gone back to igoogle they retire that on 1 Nov 2013 but at least I can add my background image back until I can find another search engine that allows me to add my own picture. How stupid google you are losing people over this, people like a background and if they want white they can choose that, instead you have chosen for all of us.

  • http://movingbackgrounds.net Gary Mason

    I’m really disappointed with Google and so I simply changed my homepage.Now I’m using Bing.

  • Syrus

    i’m absolutely disappointed! Will change soon to something that lets me have my background images back….it’s a punch in the eyes all that bright white!

  • carla

    I’ll use the site for mail only. And less of that. Google already has the most boring news page, this latest decision doesn’t make sense.

  • Brian

    I just found out about the backgrounds about two weeks ago and now they are gone. That sucks as I grew very fond of the one I was using. They just have to bring them back!

  • Starr

    I didn’t even know this was a thing (adding a personalized background image to the google search page), so really, I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything.

    I only became aware of this now defunct option because of the UPROAR. Good lordy people are ANGRY. I don’t know why Google would get rid of something that so many people seemed to love.

    In any event, I found a solution to this issue in the google forums. Go there and search “google background image.” Someone wrote a script so you can have your pretty picture back on your search page.

  • http://Google Jose

    Why doesn’t google ceo quit, like that we can bring google to what it was. Stupid move taking the backround images off. has nothing better to do. He will take google down, mark my words.

  • Jourek

    i will change ewerything that is from Google. Its all about money

  • Tricia Lyman

    I want to use a search engine that will let me use my own background image. If you know of an engine that will let me do that please reply….Thanks.

  • linda

    im done with google….the backgrounds were the best part of google. hate the boring white page and their are other choices out there.

  • Susan Cox

    I am changing my search engine, this is just stupid when we cannot even have a background. GOOGLE IS GONE WITH THE WIND!!!!!!

  • Sheila Keeling

    I always used a background image on the white Google page & have it as my home page. The glaring white now is very irritating & will probably force me to select something else as my home page. Bring back background images!!

  • Jack Shelby

    I have always used google as my search engine,but I guess I will find another because this is always what happens when a innovative idea(google)turns into just another huge profit-only corporate mega-business.Can’t have too many of those,can we folks?(sic!!)

  • april campbell


  • Fred Beondo

    I am very disappointed that background images have been disabled. I will continue to use google as my homepage but it’s plainness is BORING. I do not understand why disabling background images was necessary no matter how you explain it. It is a simple “bell” or “whistle”(take your pick) that does no harm to google’s functionality so far as my experience goes. In view of the general infatuation many tech gadget users have for “an app for this and an app for that”, background images are as innocuous as it gets.

  • https://www.facebook.com/lpgina.e.monteiro Gina Monteiro

    I am very upset and disappointed about not having my background on my Google homepage i can’t figure out how to restore it even though i read the notice on how to bring it back..the CEO needs to get his head out of his ass and go after sites that are detriments to the internet..start with these crappy virus infected web sites that make under aged kids go to instead of worrying about background images that are less offensive in nature..We all adults here that use the Internet for educational purposes and play games and music and chat with friends and family.

  • A Wilkinson

    I’m retired and I guess just a throw away of Google’s brave new world….. So goodbye to my grandchildren’a faces on my homepage…. Now that’s sad, grandchildren not welcome on Google’s ‘home’ page….

  • http://- Grisho


    It is like to give a kitten a piece of fish and then take it before it finishes eating it. FUCK the one who’s guilty for this!

  • Andrew Compton

    At a time when internet freedom is being scrutinized, Google’s genius CEO pulls this stunt!
    Yo Larry, sit in front of a 32″ LED monitor and launch the browser dumbass!!! It’s blindingly obvious that “Minimalist” white sucks, and I do mean blinding.
    So Larry, now what? You fill “our” white space with advertising banners, popups, sport, consumer gadgets, society glitz, news and a thousand useless links. A pseudo Yahoo? Is that your grand plan?
    Google shopping! Yeah, I’m in the market for a new browser……

  • http://googlebackground Rick Beekman

    It is absolute total bullshit that Google has gotten rid of the background images. I hope they go out of business! To say that it is in the interest of “streamlining” services is total horseshit. I was led to believe that I had the beautiful desert scene “saved”…well, I guess not..it is gone..as are all of them. It tell me that I need to have my photos saved in something called “Picasa Web Albums”…which I have never heard of till today, (Nov. 18th). and, of course, when I try to go to that, I can’t even sign up for it…I type in my name and e mail address that it says it needs to get started …for setting up an account..and then gets totally stuck, and I can get no further. The people that run Google can just go to Hell!!!!

  • http://googlebackground Rick Beekman

    I have nothing good to say about Google getting rid of the background images, this is a bunch of crap. I was led to believe that the image I had was “saved”, (a beautiful desert sc ene). It’s gone. Now I find a page that tells me that I should have had my images stored in “Picasa Web Albums” first. I’ve never heard of “Picasa Web Albums”. So, I try to go to the Picasa Web Albums page, and it tells me that I neec to sign up for it, (which is too late anyway). I type in my name and e mail address, like it requested, …”to get started”…and click on “next” to continue the process…all I get is a task bar…moving so slowly that a half hour later, when it has still barely moved, (and trying this several times…with a high speed internet connection…just give up. Screw Google! There is NO WAY they can justify getting rid of the background images…no matter what they say.

  • anonymous

    Is this another way Obummer wants to contr5ol our internet since he has already said he intends on monitoring Google?? They threaten you too or are you just a supporter cowtowing to the dictator?

  • St3v300

    Google is worthless.

    • St3v300

      So is Obumma

  • Larry Page

    How hard would it be to keep backgrounds for google?
    Can’t cost that much. Probably does cost lots but still cheap pricks.
    I do not like you Larry Page. Now when I open up google in the middle of the night my background is all white and hurts the sh*t out of my eyes.
    Think of my eyes Larry, think of all our eyes.

    Haters gona hate.

    • Vanessa in DC

      Well….It’s been fun Google…I guess I will be moving to Bing now.

  • the lu

    and my home page is officially bing now.

  • http://google Christoph Kunzle

    why would they do this its soo stupid they know people are gonna be unhappy and less people are gonna use this site, its like they want to go broke. Normal sites try to get better, google is tring to get worse-.-??????

  • reese

    cant believe Google…what the hell was the purpose, dum asses…im trying out Bing since that were every body is going…BY Google !!!

  • Quilll

    If anything changes on my Google home page I’m switching. Period. No ifs ands or buts about it. I’ve been loyal long enough while putting up with their whims and disgruntlements over the years, but not any more. There comes a time when a person must move on, this will be one of those times. I can see it happening, not that they’ll lose any sleep over it. Unfortunately, if ten million people all did the same thing together, left for another search engine, it would still amount to a drop in a bucket for them, they are sooooo big. So me leaving will bother them even less than an angry flea. It just provides me with some entitlement to making my own decisions in life.

  • umer

    You allocate resources to somewhere else???? as if google has lack of resources. Closing services to merge is one thing, but just closing things for no reason is just absurd.
    Examples: app inventor, picasa, and background image for homepage of google.

  • umer

    ever since this new ceo has taken over google is closing stuff one after another.

  • http://backroundimages Patrick Hopper

    I cant believe that google is so stupid that they would take away this feature. Well its been real “Google” tomorrow when I wake I will be a “Bing” customer with my same backround image!!!

  • Stephen Hawkins

    Background images weren’t a big deal to me, but they were kind of cool. When I heard that they were going the way of Joe Biden’s hopes of ever landing a job as a motivational speaker, I thought, “This is a bummer, but maybe the new streamlined search will be good.” Well, background images have disappeared, but the new streamlined search is nowhere to be found. Oh well, I guess I can do something with user styles. Something involving baby sloths.

  • vnloya

    why take this feature away

  • dgs

    Who needs a large wide screen with almost all bright white space almost blinding them and a tiny search box in the middle.
    It isn’t a little thing. You took away my unique great background picture.
    Yeah, the picture helped tone down the visual space … Google is trying go the way of Netflix and New Coke, bad decisions that doesn’t care about the users.
    Well, we let you know our displeasure and we just may move on to BING

  • Francis

    Well it’s just ugly now is’nt it so it yahoo to you

  • dgs

    I switched to bing …it’s beautiful a new pic daily


  • i

    Goodby Google

  • choco

    I really love google and my background image… that’s why when I saw that google background will go away.. I can’t help but be frustrated and disappointed at the same time.. I hope they will put it back

  • jay

    Not at all happy. Still cannot find any explanation for Googles’ decision to take away our background images. Am not even able to find the one I was using as promised by Google. Funny how the BIG conglomerates seem so easily to be able to give with one hand and take with the other.
    Hope someone out there can tell me how to get ANY picture onto my Google page??

  • Frank bowers

    bad move google. How to p*** off your supporters. Listen to us us out there, after all we put you where you are today. (at the moment)

  • Grace B Thomson

    I am looking for a new homepage. I will not use Google anymore as
    a default.

    • J. H.

      I have closed all my gmail accts today and have removed google from my bookmarks. I’m pretending google doesn’t even exist anymore.
      I’ve had enough from them and to think, it used to be my favorite. Wow.

    • http://googlechrome david mccreedy

      no background!! moving back to to Orange,Google now SUCKS!!!!!

  • Aja Youth

    I too will be changing my home page. I appreciated the back ground images on google, it was nice and something special…but now :-(…..There goes my Pleiades background image.. It was awesome.

  • Mark

    Sorry google, I’m off at least Bing looks more attractive! I wonder if Bing offer email services? and yes I am prepared to change my email address over this!

    Why have they changed? What was the problem??

  • http://google bob

    if google is getting rid of backgrounds,,,,,i will changing to BING!,,,GOOGLE YOU SUCK NOW!

  • george

    sucks. i loved the background images. i’m going to bing now.

  • Lamott

    Well see this is why i like Bing, it has a changing background with facts about the picture. Google never went out of it’s way to do that. I loved my background image. Only thing Google really had was its logo which it changed based on holiday and birthdays. SO I’m going back to bring. I already use it on my Windows Phone and iPod

  • Savannah

    I’m very frustrated with Google. I loved the background images, and I don’t see the purpose of them taking that away from us. I loved the fact that you were greeted with a nice image whenever you got onto the computer. I used to change it every week to a new picture, but now my Google page it a boring plain screen. No color, besides the word Google. I’m very disappointed. :(

  • http://macaroni.com Mackaroni Cheese

    I may change, google… you fucked it up, or just use the URL bar in chrome

  • Caroline

    I tried Fast Dial but the bookmarks wouldn’t load, so I guess it will be Bing for me. I’m happy to change my enail account too, I already have 4 anyway!
    When you want to make Google your homepage, they still tell you one reason to use them is you can “personalise your homepage”. Not anymore, Google, keep up with your own crap!!!
    Goodbye Google, hello Bing!

  • Caballo Loco

    I am so upset google!!!!!!! I love horses and that was my google background picture. I wish I could under line the word was. I hate white screens and so now I am saying this. BOO YOU GOOGLE YOU STINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The main thing with the background images was that people didnt know you had them. put back the background images!!!!!!! If you don’t i am so switching to bing and tell everyone I know to do the same Goodbye google and hello bing

  • Marty

    In reference to Google removing background images and other features that many of us have grown to like and become accustomed to, all I can add is that Matt Cutts explanation is typical for a geek puppet and the CEO has his head up his you know what. Point is, change is good only if it improves upon what’s already there. On the other hand, pissing off customers in implementing changes or should I say while experimenting with Google Chrome is analogous to Detroit auto makers many years ago, who unlike their Japanese competitors, essentially overlooked the desires and needs of their customers in designing automobiles. I for one like and have become accustomed to using background themes (as opposed to all white) in using Google Chrome and as such I am seriously considering making FireFox my default browser.

  • http://www.sdgwebdesign.com SDGSteve

    You guys are nuts, moving to an inferior search just because of a background image you probably look at for a few seconds a day? Put it on your desktop, I didn’t even know you could set a Google background image, who cares? It’s a tool, I don’t buy hammers based on whether I can change the colour of the grip.

  • Aky

    i don’t really understand how a simple background image (even if millions of people are using it) is going to have a huge impact on Google’s resources. ok so the background images will have to be stored somewhere at google, but i’d gladly give up a few MBs from Gmail or the new drive to have a simple background image.
    i currently use 2% of the available space in Gamil, i know that some pepole may need a lot more, but i highly doubt that the average person needs more over 10GB (and growing) of space.

  • http://Google Adrianne

    PLEASE bring back google backgrounds. i will be changing my search engine until its back. thank you.

  • http://google Anthony Costanza

    How about what customers want! I love my back round and you took it away. I will be looking for another search engine. Remember what happened to Coca Cola ? Why hurt your customers. Well, I will hurt you in the pocket then.

  • Don

    Like others, not happy with the lost of background images. I too am thinking of switching to a different search engine then Goggle. I feel the the “few” of us that like something better than bright white to log onto. In streamlining as they say, how can so few of us “effect” the overall performance as they say they what to achieve. It was the one thing that I felt made my computer mine in this Internet world. I hope some geek out there comes up with a script that we can install to change the backgrounds on our own. Please restore it, or I too am gone!!!!

  • http://googlehomepage Shawn

    I hate the new white homepage!! Please bring back my photos!

    • http://Google Beryl

      Want my Ryan Adams background image back! Am on meds and mornings are the worst. Your whiteness is just too much. Which stupid moron decided this? And what other search engine supports background images? This upsets me am gonna lay down…Help?

    • Jerry Johnson

      Google just pulled off a republican,under estimate your market.We have other choices and I will use them.Something as simple as a background couldnt cost as much as loosing the support of long time supporters.Welcome to the new we will abandon you if there is no reason behind your cause.I am now a Democrat and a Bing user

  • mac

    There are hopefully reasons that make sense once the users of Google know what they are. If it is a personal choice by the CEO then…….wow! Thanks for the personal dictatorship. What’s next? a reduction of font size? Smaller viewing screens? If you are going to take something personal away that you have offered people, you owe them a reasonable explanation. Not just because “I SAID SO!” That was never a good parenting technique, nor a consumer friendly means to win over the people you want to use your product. Perhaps you are looking for a public relations director?

  • steve

    Sorry but Google have got it wrong …I am going to another search engine now after umpteen years …something which has more than a boring white screen…

  • Pink

    On a business standpoint, they probably want to just tone down to relevant simplicities and wipe out all of the unnecessary stuff. Though I and many others would certainly would miss the backgrounds, even though I think we’re only the minority. I would assume majority of google users could care less though. Hence they pull the “toning down” trigger.

  • Annie

    I would like to have a back ground nice picture for back ground on google–This is a shame to have something so tacky as the one I have now –I would like to be able to put a nice pic on google or I am thinking about changing..

  • Shoddiest

    People just plain don’t appreciate having something that allows for personal expression shut down. MISTAKE.

  • Scott

    Google keeps talking about “evolving” their systems and feature set. Evolved systems do not lose functionality with used features. I quietly dealt with disappointment during the iGoogle Feature loss. I rely on the Background images to tell the difference between Google Accounts – school, personal, etc.

    In general, an idea I like to live by, “It is ALWAYS OK to gain superpowers, but it is NEVER OK to lose superpowers.”

  • Erik

    Count me as another who switched search engines after this. I just used a black background because the white is just terrible. So far most of them aren’t great, but I don’t want to have to use yet another FireFox extension. And if this is how they choose to treat their customers, I definitely won’t be using Chrome either. Not that I liked it that much to begin with, too dumbed down imo. Even if they bring it back, if this is how things are going to be, I can’t say I’m going to trust them moving forward. May not seem like a big deal, but it is. Lost another customer Google, great business decision.

    • Neil B

      It IS a big deal. Those of us who use Google all day everyday are not impressed.

  • Ron Fonoimoana

    I’ve already changed my home page and search engine to Bing. Big mistake Google.

  • Neil B

    I used to love my amazing background of an hawaiian sunset over water, now i have white to look at. L A M E! it is 2012, we are supposed to go forward, not backward.

  • http://www.gmail.com loved u google..m hurted

    i loved ur name too …..loved google doodles much..but u made a very wrong decision…plz cum back soon otherwise it will be too late…i still wantto say to any1 plz search on google…but now u hurted me alott…..bye bye…:”(

  • http://www.gmail.com plz come back…still

    none other search engine is good as you..plz cum back..i stil;l love u..love da backgroud images….dis is makin me sick..and who da hell man decided to make dis ridiculous decision…bing is not so gud..its lyk GOOGLE IS WHITEWASHED…

  • Gunide

    I’m pretty annoyed at the fact i cant put my background on. Just when I was about to upload a picture I had made, I realized I was unable to do so.

  • Tamaz

    I feel sick… why do they do this?! As I guess soon there will be a thousands of commercials all around on the Google homepage instead of my image :(

  • sabas

    i was using google as my default home page. since they went back to the old, classic, boring page, i use yahoo! now as my homepage.

  • Dave




  • Stephen L. Hanger

    What to Hell..Google was the best..it seems like someone inside Google it trying to destroy Google Maybe someone inside Google in making big money Betting Google Stock will fall.
    Google Chrome is Dog Shit. Now Google Back Ground is Gone. What-ta-Fuck ???

  • totochto

    I am among the VERY dissatisfied about this Google “improvement”. I have vision problems and the overly bright default Google page used to cause a lot of difficulty until I discovered background images. As soon as I can find another search engine with the image search capability that does not cause Google-blindness I plan to abandon Google for good. I refuse to keep my screen on super dim just for Google.

  • DeeAnn Gardner

    Now that the backgrounds have been pulled, it makes the site no better than any other. That feature made the Google/Chrome experience fun. Instead it’s as plain as anything. Absolutely not a good business decision.

  • Anjar S. Indonesia

    Wrong Decisions Wrong Moves, you said its because not many people click it or few people even look or try it..YOU DAMN WRONG GOOGLE!!! First time I used google i found its so simple with those white background screen and thats what makes them different and addicted..then when Bing comes out we find it quite cool with those changing background pics,eben though they aren’t good as you are when it comes on searching, then you come out with those ideas too(Background pics)…thats great coz now we know life isn’t about those 24/7 of boring simple white backgrounds. We love you google thats why we stick with you all the times…then with those ridiculous answer even though its not an official explanations, but now we know your stupid decisions, its dumb. Its back to its old fashioned background again..WHITE n BRIGHT..Damn now we know and relise that we have missed many good days and years its all because those white boring backgrounds. We stay with you its because you can deliver the right informations that we wanted..but the lack of personal background, damn you gonna lose many loyal fans there Google! People not only browsing around, we wanted to have the most personal things infront of our screen(pictures and screen shot that makes our days),not that fucking white boring stuff.
    I’m thinking of changing to Bing just wandering is it now as good as google when it comes on searching stuff we wanted to find on the internet..its your lost Google!

  • http://z9it.com fookraa

    i will stop using google, and will probably switch to yandex or bing !

  • sora

    Use this add on / plugin for chrome

  • janet

    Why did you stop the google backgrounds! I hate that you did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wiley T Mefford

    What are you thinking…??? Taking away the background images !!! Stupid!!! I don’t want to stare at a blank page…Keep the backgrounds. Maybe “BING” ain’t so bad after all!!!!!!!!

  • http://google Ramona Loza

    im sooooo sad about google backgrounds going away. I used to change mine every week to give my daughter a new fresh internet expierience. We both will miss the amazing images. I would really enjoy them back :) the white back drop is soo boring. I would hate to have to change search engines :(

    • L. Silas


  • L. Silas

    I Love the backgrounds……A blank screen is BORING !!!!!!!!!!!

    Give them back

  • kate

    Google says they are updating but they are just degrading!!!!

  • Mr. Fred

    I used to have an awesome photo of a New York Giants NFL helmet as my background, and now I cant have that as a personal setting? Bloddy flipping bollocks!! Its so boring and plain now :(

  • bob

    i would like it if they could elaborate on their idea of “streamlined”…

  • http://google James Connors

    I do not like bare naked google, I liked having photos on my google homaepage also google has had problems with videos and opening new tabs I have started using firfox

  • http://GoogleChrome Brian

    Very disappointed with the removal of google background themes.


    I really dont like that guys face…. Face it, what this douche wants is what goes, simple as that…..

  • kathie henderson

    After trying for over an hour to download my old homepage picture, and without any luck, I searced to find out why it happened. I so dislike Picassa. So, I am not going to Google much of anything anymore, and find another search engine. I enjoyed my picture of Howth lighthouse as my background and dislike the bright white page. So, goodbye, Google.

  • Matt

    Google is too white. They have a white fetish. It’s really really boring to look at. I too liked my background personalization.

  • Derrick G.

    After Nov 16 I have still been using Google as my home page, but i still think “WHHY GOOGLE?!” every time I get on the web… I will never forget the date a great sadness hit the earth… There is the dream that it will come back though!

  • Gail Morfis

    I hate not having my google page image. Everything google does dissappoints me. Bring back our ability to have an image or background on our google page.

  • http://google diane leo

    I loved the old background pages. the new format is downright ugly and unappealing. can’t you do something!!!!!

  • Kweh

    All I can say is, why?

  • Marissa

    UGHHHHHHHHHH I HATE GOOGLE NOW!!! I hate this stupid bright white background! I want my background images back!!! WHY DID YOU TAKE THEM AWAY!!! I WILL NOT BE USING THIS PAGE ANYMORE!

  • tiigdrswa

    I indulged them in their little obsession with blank boring white everything. I have now blocked everything on the search page except the input box and search button using Adblock’s element hider. I’ve been using Adblock to knock off everything on Google pages that I hate (which is mostly everything these days). If blank boring sterile is what they want, fine. Lets take that to the max.

  • Roy

    I’m done aswell with google search engine, hopping on the bing boot since it offers you more customizing i dont know why google is being so stupid but i dont care theres a lot of competition so yeah :)

  • Jack Ulrichs

    Google is exercdising more and more control. Not good. Forced to use a different browser (such as bing). Jack

  • sally hill

    I used a photo for my Google search background, but now have wasted hours trying to find where it went…

  • http://Google Jamie Thornton

    Who Evel Decioed to Take Away Google Themes They Should Lose Thear jod
    I Wist They Would Put Them Back on Google,

  • Kanne Earl

    Bite me I want to ability to customize google if not bye bye .

  • Wyn Francis

    Tis is madness. How much money is being saved.The google graphics always add a little interest to my day (ok, sad)
    the musical string guitar graphic was magic
    Who are these out of touch people?


    I have also wasted ton of time. Unable to find it :(

  • Steven

    Rather moaning that Google has taken away a precious feature (I never used it) why don’t you consider using a custom style-sheet to define personalisation for any particular page you want not just Google pages.

    Not a difficult task, a little CSS knowledge and inspect element features found in web browsers will be required.

    Opera for example allows you to specify custom style sheets for any given site. There are add-on’s that provide similar functionality for Firefox and I expect the same will be true for Chrome. IE? blah lets pretend it does not exist life is better that way.

  • BIB

    I’ll never be the same without my Google background! I hate how it’s so plain now – what a huge disappointment. D:

  • matt

    Im going to have to build my own google search home page so im not blinded by that stupid white screen! My choice is black. Google has been pissing me off as of late and ive been a big fan for years.

    a new ceo is in order!

  • Tom T

    I made my home page yahoo. Set it up with everything I had on Google
    and changed my search to Bing using IE 10. Love it.

  • http://Google Steve Ball

    Very, very disappointed with Google decision to eliminate background pictures. I may consider using another website search engine as well and I have been loyal to Google since it first came out.

    • Avery

      I know right!!!!!!

  • http://googlechrome funkybeads

    Want my pictures back instead of a blank page with google above search box, then when some dead person from absolutely years ago, who no has heard of pops up. When people are suffering from excess snow some little animated snow scene pops up. Why ? why do they think we are interested or do they they think they are doing us a favour. No they are they far too controlling – do not want to see their little scenes, give me back my web page

  • meem

    I was dissapointed 2, but i designed my own goole page with my backgrounds and also put a link where i can change the background at will, change my home page on my browser and am happy. Any1 can do it.

  • chantelle

    This sucks that the pictures from google

  • meisam

    google background is good and i love google background
    i don’t want the blank page that looks werid
    you know google bcakground is very cool than w white page
    please change it to the old way

  • http://www.mushroomart.co.uk Christine Thwaites

    I’m not sure if this is relevant to your thread but it concerns images being used as wallpaper by Bing. As an artist selling work online it is very disconcerting to find every single image taken from our websites and uploaded to a wallpaper site with no request ever having been made to us. Yes there is a note saying the copyright remains with the originator of the art, but it doesn’t feel ‘right’ from our side.

  • Wilma Lummiss

    I waited & waited ,hoping the background pictures would be back. Maybe another search engine is needed. In my opinion the pictures were a hell of a lot nicer than the stupid blank white page we now have to look at.

  • arvin

    i hated it when they dont aloow us to customize the background image in google. i want it back again.

  • simon

    I see google have now closed the option for a .com search if you are not in the usa – this is really poor as i used this option quite a bit. i may well move away from google

  • http://google Shanna

    Will be switching to BING because I love being able to put my pics on my homepage.

  • skip

    moving to yahoo

  • Amy Rippy

    Why you removed the available background wallpaper choices doesn’t make sense, and the feedback proves it.

  • Daniel Elliott

    I hated it when Google took away my iGoogle page. I had made it just what I needed. Then I got this blank nothing page from Google that I had to hunt for the hidden icons to do what I needed to do. Hide n seek anyone? Then Google started filling the white space of my home page with graphics. Most were just stupid some downright offensive (like the Rorshalk test ones) and the Oct 31 one. I wish I could put up my own graphics and prevent their google adds. I am seriously thinking of changing my home page to Bing or something else. Google as stopped listening to us folks and now is just using us.

  • R Warren

    Very annoyed, the person that made this decision should be sacked, and Google reminded, it’s not them that makes Google it’s us.. Because we choose to use it..

    Goodbye background images, and goodbye google…

  • http://Google Elke Herold

    Very upsetting that I can’t pesonalize my Google home page anymore!!! It’s so boring looking at a white screen all the time. Can’t they do something??

  • Lynda

    I personally like creating my homepage. CHANGE IT BACK!!

  • clip

    I have a brain injury and before choosing google I tries a couple other search tools and I found the earlier layout version of google prier to November very easy and neatly layed out with allot of options to easily add to the home paige and when I opened it up my stuff was right there ready to use with little or no navigating to find it but since sometime in November it all changed for the worse now google is no better than the others maybe worse i will have to explore the others to see bad bad google and with no back ground picture its boring too

  • Great photos

    Nice Google background images


  • Ootyrealestate Thirumalairaja

    ooty real estate