Google Analytics Gets Some Ecommerce Updates

    September 20, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced some updates it’s making to Google Analytics tracking code and processing, specifically related to ecommerce.

“These changes will allow you to better filter, segment and categorize the revenue generating portion of your traffic,” says Google in a blog post.

Users will now be able to utilize custom variables, and Google is expanding filters for ecommerce to support page titles, hostnames, request URIs and internal search terms. Before, ecommerce data didn’t respect profile filters for “page-level” data, Google points out.

“Say you are tracking www.website.com and store.website.com,” the company explains. “In order to analyze store traffic separately you have created a duplicate profile with a filter that includes traffic to store.website.com only. Currently, ecommerce reports would include data across both store.website.com and website.com which is not working as expected. Following this change, ecommerce reports would respect the filter to only include data from store.website.com which we believe is the correct behavior.”

Google notes that if you have profile filters for page level data, the change will mean ecommerce data is only included for the subset of your traffic you’re filtering for.

The changes will roll out on Friday.

  • Bobby

    Thanks for the article. We use filters to track ecommerce revenue for hotels that live on one domain. With the changes, do you have any advise on how to update the filters to get them to work again? Our booking engine is on a separate domain, so we do use cross-domain tracking as well.