Google Analytics Gets New Apps Script Automation

By: Chris Crum - August 23, 2012

Google announced today that it has released a new Google Analytics feature, that enables data from GA to be put into any Apps Script-supported product more easily. That includes Google Docs, Sites and Spreadsheets.

“Many people have been asking for a simple way to put Google Analytics data into a Google Spreadsheet,” says Google engineer Nick Mihailovski. “Once the data is inside a Google Spreadsheet, users can easily manipulate Google Analytics data, create new visualizations, and build internal dashboards.”

Here, you can see what Google Analytics data accessed via Apps Script, and displayed in a Google Spreadsheet might look like:

Google Analytics in Spreadsheet

“We know that a popular use case of this integration will be to create dashboards that automatically update,” writes Mihailovski. “To make this easy to do, we’ve added a script to the Spreadsheets script gallery that handles all this work – no code required. The script is called Google Analytics Report Automation (Magic).”

He provides the following video demo of how to use the script to build a dashboard:

You can find the Google Analytics Apps Script documentation here. And here’s a tutorial for automated access to Google Analytics data in Google Spreadsheets.

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  • Tony Gilbert

    There is duplicated audio at around 12:00 in this video where it seems like you might have re-recorded the audio but the old audio was still there. Makes it tough to listen to – sounds like you’re having an argument with yourself!

    But otherwise, great script and great tutorial.

  • Stocklii webhosting

    Google analytics is undoubtedly one of the most useful and unavoidable tool in web mastering. That’s the reason why such scrip will be always welcomed to take much more understanding about all benefits available in Google analytics tools
    But as noticed above after 12mn of viewing this videos the following must be fixed since we got two voices.

  • Dell

    This is an incredibly helpful video and well thought out. Like the previous two post the audio goes south at 11:45 into the video which makes the rest hard to watch. Thank you for your expertise in explaining how to do it in simple terms.