Google Algorithm Update Helps (Not Hurts) eHow

Other Demand Media Properties Negatively Affected

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Google’s recent algorithm update aimed at content farms appears to have affected Demand Media significantly, but not in the way you might have thought. According to a study from Sistrix – the Visibility Index – Demand’s eHow has actually gained rankings, while many of the company’s competitors dropped. 

"Well, there is no sign that Google tried to downrank ehow.com. Ehow.com even gained SISTRIX value (from 270 to 310) and Keywords (from 317,320 to 324,021) during the algorithm-change," says Sistrix’s Johannes Beus.

"Quite a statement from Google regarding the quality of Demand Medias’ content, isn’t it?" adds Beus.

Here’s the list of top losers, according to the firm:

# Domain Change SISTRIX (before) SISTRIX (after) # KWs (before) # KWs (after)
1 wisegeek.com -77% 121,58 28,22 74.024 21.940
2 ezinearticles.com -90% 65,08 6,65 184.508 54.277
3 suite101.com -94% 54,04 3,28 178.373 36.904
4 hubpages.com -87% 55,16 7,40 152.998 50.178
5 buzzle.com -85% 43,25 6,55 86.472 24.423
6 associatedcontent.com -93% 38,29 2,57 216.429 53.512
7 freedownloadscenter.com -90% 30,26 3,01 42.486 7.992
8 essortment.com -91% 25,73 2,32 27.501 7.459
9 fixya.com -80% 28,78 5,83 62.034 36.167
10 americantowns.com -91% 24,88 2,18 26.000 9.799
11 lovetoknow.com -83% 25,75 4,28 49.544 17.833
12 articlesbase.com -94% 19,96 1,16 82.274 31.365
13 howtodothings.com -84% 21,20 3,39 33.222 7.601
14 mahalo.com -84% 20,49 3,23 33.875 9.740
15 business.com -93% 17,24 1,13 21.556 4.813
16 doityourself.com -77% 20,89 4,90 23.256 6.870
17 merchantcircle.com -85% 18,43 2,67 93.347 34.681
18 thefind.com -83% 18,95 3,27 74.506 45.495
19 findarticles.com -90% 16,98 1,74 64.810 20.189
20 faqs.org -91% 16,52 1,46 33.648 11.142
21 tradekey.com -89% 16,83 1,79 37.364 16.268
22 answerbag.com -91% 12,93 1,11 67.314 26.054
23 trails.com -87% 12,05 1,62 38.346 8.511
24 examiner.com -79% 10,54 2,19 70.781 31.272
25 allbusiness.com -88% 8,86 1,08 16.457 6.034

One particularly noteworthy aspect of this is that Associated Content is among the losers. This is run by Yahoo, one of Google’s main competitors in search and advertising (which is of course combined with Micosoft’s now).

In fact, Associated Content was the top loser in terms of most keyword rankings lost, according to Sistrix data. Associated Content is followed by Suite101, EzineArticles, HubPages, Buzzle, MerchantCircle, Wisegeek, ArticleBase, FindArticles, AnswerBag, and Examiner in that department. Danny Sullivan has the full list

This list is pretty interesting. It even includes PRNewswire and Technorati, as well as AnswerBag, Trails and LiveStrong – 3 Demand Media properties.

On Quora, SEO consultant Jeffrey Russo, said, "I pulled in data for a set of 35 queries that were dominated by article directories in the weeks leading up to and immediately following the announcement of the update. While what I have isn’t a large enough sample size to draw any hard conclusions from, it generally mirrors what Sistrix found… Substantial drops for some well-known article directories like ezinearticles and Hubpages, and a general shuffling around of many smaller sites."

"One thing that surprised me was how well a few particular sites appear to have fared in this update," added Russo. "eHow, for instance, was a site I expected to see impacted negatively – but that wasn’t the case. On the set of queries I tracked, eHow saw a substantial increase in many places. It’s possible that this is simply because less authoritative directories that ranked above it were devalued; it’s also worth noting that many of my queries included "how to" phrases, which are eHow’s bread and butter. That being said, it’s pretty clear that eHow wasn’t hit by this particular update. Wikihow also saw a substantial improvement on my set of keyphrases."

Among the top gainers since the algorithm change, according to SEOClarity (via Sullivan): Amazon, followed by eHow, NexTag, Wikipedia, Walmart, Target, Etsy, Yahoo Answers, and Sears. 

Google Algorithm Update Helps (Not Hurts) eHow
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  • Guest

    Could Google really do anything bad to E-How without hurting their own pocket change?

  • Guest

    eHow is a steaming piece of cr@p. I just researched some tax information, and I read the eHow page on the subject. They made a HUGE omission, which a drive-by surfer had to fix, by posting the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY required infomation in a comment.

    Rely on eHow, and you will get screwed. That’s a fact, my friend. I saved the whole web page to my computer, to PROVE just how inept they are.

    By hey, they are splattered with Google ads, so they get a pass. That’s my take.
    This bodes very poorly for the future of search.

  • http://www.feelfree.co Guest

    Google wont do something that will affect their pocket of course, moreover I think the algorithm change kinda help feelfree.co coz my stats are sky rocketing..

  • Guest

    Does anyone remember this story?

    WHILE Tim Armstrong was an EMPLOYEE AT GOOGLE, he tried to set up his own company, for the express purpose of milking Google AdSense. Remember that? Huh? I do.
    I think that is why he had to leave – he got outed.

    This is no different. Other than being on a larger scale.
    The little guys are going to be squeezed out, because of the big guys’ greed.
    The same reason that our democracy is turning into a plutocracy.
    The screwing of America continues at a rapid pace.

  • Guest

    Disappointed to see Yahoo ‘Answers’ a gainer. I often see my original content copied and pasted (plagiarized) there.

  • http://pmi.edu medical assistant

    The entire list is based on data from a German company (sistex) that monitors around 25 million keywords. According to the google blog post the algo change was only rolled out in the US. My questions is did anyone ask sistex, which is an all German company, with no english version of their site or tools, is your data from google.com or google.de? And if they are using their index on Google.com or the US version, is it possible to use their tools as an US based SEO?

  • http://dollarstips.com/ Krishna

    It is surprising that e-How is not affected by the latest algorithm updates to tackle Content Farms, though Google specifically does not use this term, but terms such as ‘low-quality’ content, and ‘content that is not useful’ are used in the post on update. I have read many articles that state Google wants to reduce organic rankings of sites such as the ones of Demand Media, including e-How.

    But the latest news that I read says that big personal blogs too are affected badly, as they are treated as content farms and their Google organic rankings have come down drastically. See this blog post This Blog Gets Labeled as a

  • http://www.indiangiftguru.com/ lk@send gifts to india

    It is all very complicated says best gift website from India .Why not to have simple algo for all times so as not to brings the rating down .It means previous alogos were not right or present one are made for someone to gain.

  • http://www.schoolgrants.org Alex

    no idea about these updates, however google is surely making things harder for smaller players to achieve good rankings. Because even if you type HOW! ehow comes on top… its tough to beat them in any niche…

  • http://www.bmpharmacy.org Budget Medicines Review

    Thanks for google update.

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