Google Algorithm Changes For June: What’s On The List?

    July 30, 2012
    Chris Crum
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In what Google called an effort to be more transparent, the company began posting monthly lists of algorithm changes, highlighting some of the things it has done to improve the quality of search results and/or the user experience. There are typically a slew of changes that users can take a look at and use to at least get a feel for some of the kinds of tweaks Google is making on an ongoing basis.

For example, we usually see multiple changes to how Google deals with freshness of search results.

Google usually releases the list fairly early in the month, for the previous month’s changes. Once, they even released the list before the month was actually over. But here we are with one day left in July, and we have not yet seen a list for June’s changes, let alone July’s.

Google always posts the list to its Inside Search blog, but the last list on the blog looks at May’s changes. There were 39 of them.

Posts from Google’s Inside Search Blog since then:

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What happened to June. I tweeted at Google’s Matt Cutts about it last week, but received no reply. So here we are just waiting to see if Google releases a list. Perhaps at this point, Google will put out one giant list for June and July. Or maybe we’re not going to see these lists anymore.

That wouldn’t be very transparent though.

I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate that there were more adjustments made to how Google deals with freshness.

We do know that there were two Panda data refreshes during June.

  • http://www.way2earning.com Suresh

    Nice move by Google.

  • http://www.whatsoupmaker.co.uk phil

    So much for Google being transparent, it makes you wonder if they are trying to hide something or do they just like playing with us.

  • http://multimediamonsters.com/ Bill Gilmore

    Matt must be a pretty busy guy and prob receives about 100 tweets an hour, so I wouldn’t read too much into it. But hopefully there isn’t too big a June/July list. I’m pretty fresh to the SEO game and all the changes are confusing and disheartening. Although I can see how the latest updates are improving web content and probably making a lot of new jobs for journalists in the process.

  • http://www.shoutmeloud.com/ Harsh Agrawal

    Even I was thinking the same…Seems like according to Google there is no change or added signal..It’s just data refresh….Hopefully!

  • Nicholas

    One change that I have noticed in the last month or so is:

    Return useless Youtube videos at the top of search results on page 1 (sometimes up to 4 videos) and bury the helpful websites in the lower half of the results page.

    • pat

      Google needs to set up Google Youtube. Last Christmas season Google had all these stupid Youtube videos before my product under my keywords. 15 yrs. online and a video ranked higher than my Christmas site?! People are looking for products…not some drunk idiot dancing around with a Christmas stocking on his head!

  • http://www.good-health-now.com Judy

    If you want to know what Google will be blacklisting, just buy the latest advice from the web gurus on how to get listed high in Google. It works for me. Every time I follow a guru’s advice, my site drops because Google has started penalizing people for doing it. I’m on the verge of rejecting any advice that involves trying to get listed in search engines. I’m convinced Google has a special department just to buy these products and develop ways to make their tactics useless!

  • http://blogagil95.blogspot.com Blog Agil95

    nice post sob :)

  • http://www.dirtworks.net John Meshna

    Google search results aren’t getting better at all. More and more when I look for things I’m being forced down the funnel of what Google thinks I want or need to see. They’re making decisions for me and others based on prior searches. I much prefer a more random search as I find things I didn’t even know existed and I don’t like advertising being tailored to me according to past searches either. It gives me the creeps and it’s most often wrong since I sometimes like just looking for random things to educate myself. I’m one of those nurds who grew up reading the encyclopedia for fun. Google sucks and it’s getting worse. they’ve crushed my business and now they’re dumbing down the world with their simplistic ideas of what makes a good search.