Google Adds Google Analytics Data To AdWords

    October 2, 2012
    Chris Crum
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You’ve long been able to connect your Google Analytics and AdWords account, but Google has now announced that it is making it possible to use Google Analytics data from right within AdWords. This includes bounce rate, pages per visit, and average visit duration.

Each of these can be enabled as columns from the Campaigns and Ad Groups tab.

“With more performance data available right where you’re managing your campaigns, you can make better informed decisions and improve your AdWords ROI,” says product manager Dan Friedman.

Selected Google Analytics data is available at the campaign, ad group, keyword and ad levels.

“By viewing these Google Analytics site engagement stats alongside your AdWords performance stats, you get a first-hand glimpse of what people do once they reach your Destination URL after clicking your ad,” Google says. “This post-click insight gives you another view of the effectiveness of your campaigns and ad groups, which can help you make decisions about budgets, bids, landing pages and ad copy.”

Obviously, you’ll need to take the steps required to get your Google Analytics data connected to your AdWords account. Luckily, Google provides step-by-step instructions here.

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