Google Adds +1s to Google Takeout

Google continues to add to data liberation list

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In late June, Google’s Data Liberation Front announced the launch of Google Takeout, which it called its “first revolutionary product.” Its function is to let you take your data out of more than one Google product at a time.

Today, the Data Liberation Front announced that you can now take out the sites that you’ve +1’ed. “We’ve still got plenty more data to liberate — including +1’s on stream posts and comments — but we just wanted to give you a quick update,” says Brian Fitzpatrick on the Data Liberation Front blog.

There’s now more data available on the Google Takeout menu: sites you’ve +1’ed, http://t.co/yFN7Rk6 (via @dataliberation) 27 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

This could be useful if you use Google+ as a kind of bookmarking tool, but stop using the service at some point. It might be useful to have that information if somewhere down the line you’re doing some research and are looking for a specific article, but otherwise can’t remember it.

Google has said that +1’s influence search rankings. It’s unclear what influence it would have if you removed your existing +1’s.

Frankly, I can’t imagine that a very large amount of people would even bother, but it is worth noting. I’m not even sure how much these buttons are getting clicked on a large scale any way. I do think they’ll get clicked more as Google+ gets more users, but even then, there might be some confusion as to just what the +1 button is for. I talked about this more here.

As far as data liberation goes, Google Takeout also lets you take out data from Buzz, Contacts and Circles, Picasa Web Albums, Profile, and Stream. They’ll add more in time. If you want your Buzz stuff, you might want to consider getting an archive of that soon.

Google Adds +1s to Google Takeout
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  • circled space

    This move of Google is only to attract users for their new social network. How else is Google going to compete with Face book – capitalize on Facebook’s weakness. Facebook + Microsoft alliance threatens Google’s dominance. They need to act quickly, otherwise, they will be left out… Facebook’s “likes” button made Google realized Facebook and Microsoft are not just after social networking.

    How about Google’s way of collecting search information and how their doubleclick stores users’ information? Are they transparent?

    Google’s Circles was 100% my idea even way back in 2008. Checkout http://www.circledspace.com . The only difference is I do not have money to even patent it.

    Even before Facebook introduced Likes’ and pages for businesses, I had the same idea way back in 2006.

    In 2006 Google search could only search a max of 32 words in the search phrase but my search algorithm could search for hundreds of words in the search phrase (may be this may be useful in the future for dna search or biometric search). It’s just I did not have time to develop a crawler. If I had the funding in 2006 for a full-blown search engine, that search could have evolve bigger by now.

    If I had the same funding as Groupon, I could implement my ideas on search and could be unseat Bing.com as 2nd place in the next 4 years and may rival Google in the next 6 years. Unfortunately, nobody wants to listen. Before ShopAlert of AT & T I had that same idea years ago.

    Google is no good guy in implementing privacy features in Google Circles — that’s their only way to get attention and grab users of social networking. Google wanted users to always log-in so people would click their copy-cat Google Plus 1. They realized that the future of search engine is to create a hybrid search logic based on combination of algorithms and user’s interaction as introduced by Facebook’s Likes. Hybrid search was my idea of search way back in 2006.

    I have a lot more ideas, if Microsoft and Facebook people could read this, do not wait any longer… who knows I may sell my search algorithm and more of my search engine ideas.

    Checkout… a poor guy’s website… http://www.circledspace.com .

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    Google has said that +1′s influence search rankings

  • http://www.pixeleden.co.uk/ Website Design Wiltshire

    I hope +1’s will effect rankings, it will add a sense of human approval to search results.

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