Google Activity That May Have an Impact on Rankings

Algorithm Changes, Experiments, and Acquisitions

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There are currently some interesting happenings with Google search that webmasters may want to pay attention to. The company, which is always busy, has been making moves, which may greatly affect its flagship product – search. This is all in addition to everything the company is doing in social media, mobile, gaming, advertising and everything else (which all may have their own separate impacts on search).

Have you noticed recent changes in your ranking? Tell us about it.

Algorithm Change

Google makes changes to its algorithm all the time, but when a change comes with an announcement, you know people are going to talk. On Friday, Google announced a tweak designed to surface multiple pages from a single site for relevant queries.

"For queries that indicate a strong user interest in a particular domain, like [exhibitions at amnh], we’ll now show more results from the relevant site," says Google software engineer Samarth Keshava. "Prior to today’s change, only two results from www.amnh.org would have appeared for this query. Now, we determine that the user is likely interested in the Museum of Natural History’s website, so seven results from the amnh.org domain appear. Since the user is looking for exhibitions at the museum, it’s far more likely that they’ll find what they’re looking for, faster. The last few results for this query are from other sites, preserving some diversity in the results."

Google Tweaks Algorithm

Not all webmasters have been thrilled with this. "Brace yourselves! Another Mayday disaster coming," one person commented on our story about it.

What do you think of this algorithm change? Comment here.


Just as the company frequently changes its algorithm, it also frequently experiments with different features, showing them to small sets of users before either turning them into full-fledged features or throwing them away. The jury’s still out on this one, but a new experiment has been spotted, which alters search results as you type your query.

Think of this like autosuggest taking over the entire SERP. The video demonstrates:

Again, this is only an experiment at this stage, and it may never make its way to the mainstream Google experience, but people are already expressing a great deal of concern about it (particularly with regards to queries that begin with words that could yield undesired NSFW results).

My guess is that Google would have ways around that issue, but it remains to be seen if users/webmaters will have to deal with it. If the feature does come to fruition, this is something SEOs are going to have to consider, as it could have a big impact on the habits of searchers. You may, for example, want to optimize more for the earlier words in a longer key phrase, in addition to the key phrase itself. But, we’ll see.

Should Google change search results as you type? Comment here.

Google Crawling Sites From Numerous IPs

Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable points to some discussion from SEOs in Webmasterworld, who have found for the first time that Googlebot is now crawling from several different IP addresses at the same time. One webmaster said, ". their fast activity notified me so I took a peek to see who was scraping the site… I’ve never seen Google spider so fast and from so many IP addresses, they were all valid Google ip’s but there was like 10-20 of them running at once."


Google acquires Like.com

The other day, it was officially announced that Like.com has been acquired by Google. Like.com is a shopping search company offering visual search technology and an automated cross-matching system for clothing and other merchandise.

At this point, it’s unclear what Google has planned for this technology, but it could very well affect search results for shopping queries, which means it could affect small business visibility for better or for worse. Shopping search is going to be an area of Google to keep an eye on.

Have you noticed anything else interesting happening with Google search within the last week or so? Are you seeing things that are impacting your rankings? Let us know.

Google Activity That May Have an Impact on Rankings
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  • http://www.homesteadusers.com Jordy

    There’s not any stability with Google anymore.

    Perhaps there never has been.

    Recently we’ve seen major changes in:

    Brand name websites ranking high
    Local Search dominating the top of the pages
    Real time getting a portion at the top
    Long tail keyword were plundered during Mayday

    Keeping ahead of them is an impossible job unless
    you have someone on the inside of Google who
    is your personal informant.

    • http://www.mkb-im.nl MKB-im

      Since the Mayday “update” my longtail keywords droped as a rock and now since about one week they’re doing better then ever!

      There has never been really stability, but latelly it’s hard to keep up…

      So if you have an informant in Google please hook me up ; )

  • Guest

    Iadmire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!
    and I hope you can provide more tips to get it fast.

    • Chris Crum

      Thank you. To get it fast? You can subscribe to our RSS fees or follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Buzz (see the header above the article).

  • dave

    Over the past 3 month google gives me ranking for all keywords 2 weeks out of 4 (roughly) and the other 2 weeks i disappear.

    I am use to the pattern of how gogle works having this website for over 5 years and this pattern is different i cant understand whats happening..

  • http://www.myonlinebusinessstrategy.co mobsguy

    This is really true about google, and we should watch it closely.

  • http://www.quick-plr.com William

    Thanks for a great article.

    The changes that will force the results to show multiple pages from the same site are quite worrying in my view.

    The thing is in organic SEO you want to have your page appear on the first page meaning that now its been made doubly difficult if half the page will be taken by one site. Also, it limits the other competing sites’ exposure if almost all the results are from a site the searcher knows.

    It leaves little room for competing sites to get any publicity through organic search or at least its greatly limited.

    Let’s hope that they at least scale down the number of pages shown from the same site to at most 3

    We’ll wait and see


    • http://www.chambresdhotes-gite.fr Stephen


      My search results didn’t change.
      I’m still ranking well

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    Why else would any company make changes to anything. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever but one has to think why if a website has great inbound links, worked on SEO to the max to be #1 for organic keywords would be mixed up and results lower.. well, they call it AdWords and that’s the bottom line that comes to mind 1st thing.

    Thus causing the organic resulting website to consider or have to purchase ads to remain at the top at whatever cost. Anyone else see this possibility?

    Have a great day!

    • theShadow

      yep, MONEY, it

  • http://www.verticalmeasures.com/ AZArdie

    Sit back and get comfortable when you do business on the web? Never. We have seen some negative results of the update on some sites. Will have to keep a close eye on the experimental autosuggest as that will certainly be a reason to carefully format longtail keywords.

  • http://www.bobdavis321.blogspot.com Bob

    I saw this happening last week, long standing web sites came back from the dead. I even have a picture of the changes on my blog. We went from appearing in 720 searches per day to 1300 per day!

    But back in May they dropped Google image results from over 1000 per month to 17, are they going to fix that too?

  • http://www.BeneWords.com Carol Frome

    William makes a good point. But if end users will find only one or two choices, rather than ten, wouldn’t that make search results less useful? If so, I wonder: will Google come up with a display work-around?

    Or maybe the first page won’t always be as relevant as it has been. That would be a radical shift, I know. But I can see why, in many cases, users will naturally want to see more than one choice, so they’ll scroll on, rather than accept only one or two choices.

    Also, maybe it won’t always matter–if someone wants to find pizza in Manhattan, it’s unlikely that a given pizzeria’s website will have seven pages of results. On the other hand, if someone searches for a topic, rather than a product, it may well matter. Also, I wonder if this will cause webmasters to start gaming the tweak–adding fluff pages–pepperoni, veggie, etc.

  • http://www.fireflycreatives.com Cheri Stringer

    Might be off subject here and could easily have been addressed in another article here, but what’s with sites that have restaurant reviews ranking higher than the restaurant’s website in Google??? Granted the website is a new domain from the previous site, but it’s been optimized and indexed by all the spiders. As of today, a search for the name of the restaurant in Google returned the site as #10, while all the sites that offer reviews and aggregate listings/directories of restaurants are ranked above the actual restaurant’s site. In Yahoo search today, the restaurant was #1 for the same search (name of the restaurant) ….. no mystery why Google is losing market share…..

  • http://www.sanjose.org Michael G. Hurston

    From reading this: “For queries that indicate a strong user interest in a particular domain, like [exhibitions at amnh], we’ll now show more results from the relevant site”

    My initial reaction is that this could devalue my sites in Google, so that a site like TripAdvisior.com would show up more than my city’s website SanJose.org if for nothing else than the fact that my site gets only 50k visitors a month and as a whole TripAdvisor has far more visitors, but it’s not focused as ours is.

    But my concern could be for nothing, although with our recent revamped site (went from a custom PHP site to a Drupal based site) I already have to deal with the site being “new” and have seen my Google traffic drop almost 20%.

  • http://www.thedownthestreetbeadshow.com Rick

    Hello all

    one of the most messed up rearrangements I have seen Google do in a while
    forcing me to add some more pay per click ads just to keep on top while it happens.
    So yes Google makes out with more change in their pockets as always.

    It has been going on for around 3 or 4 weeks.

    I promote a bead show in the South East United States and I have been at it long enough that I have always had first page results on Google for the basic searches bead show and bead shows

    Now all my listings are gone and pages down in a Google search
    I am even in off first page for home state search of
    Florida Bead Shows where we promote 15 shows a year
    then there is the search of

    Atlanta Bead Shows where we promote 4 shows a year

    I have seen this happen before with this site and others I own. But this change seems to be a big mess at this time as they tweek it in. I can’t tell if it is good, bad, or even better.

    I have even had my bead store www.flamingobeads.com show up on top for the

    florida bead shows

    I guess we will have to wait as the all to important Google messes around again. At this point most of the results I am seeing are not very relevant and they seem to chage by the hour


    • http://GrowMap.com Gail

      Hi Rick,

      Believe me, this is BAD and it is only going to get WORSE. Every business needs to encourage every person they know and every person that comes to their business or show to STOP USING GOOGLE. How bad does it have to get before we realize that they have a monopoly on search and hold your business in their hands and are squeezing the life out of it.

      Their goals are NOT what they say they are. They do NOT want to show us the best results. And as far as PPC goes they are guilty of distribution fraud – intermittently intentionally selling advertisers worthless traffic that will not convert. Buying more ads will really have them laughing all the way to the bank.

      MayDay cost many small businesses 20-30% of their traffic and sales. This is even worse. Nothing converts like search traffic in any kind of volume. There is one possible solution: find sites where the people who attend your shows are likely to hang out and get content related to your shows on those sites with ads for your show next to that content. THAT will convert better than search – and it is the ONLY thing that will besides personal recommendations.

      Speaking of that – be sure to give your show visitors something to encourage them to come back and bring or send their friends. Have a contest and give the people who send the most visitors prizes. Do what you have to because traffic from Google IS going away.

  • http://GrowMap.com Gail

    This is really bad news – MORE bad news – for small businesses because it is an easy way to justify featuring only a few domains on the first page of the serps. In a way though MAYBE there will be a silver lining because it COULD encourage at least some Internet users to either look at more than one page OR finally use other search engines.

    The hand writing has been on the wall for some time now – multi-national Corporations want to take back the control they had when they had the media sewn up and controlled everything we saw. That is the reason Google and Verizon were talking about their pay-to-be-included vision of the Internet of the future and why Google is favoring big brands (which has been obvious since the famous CEO cesspool comment post on SEOBook – I’d leave the link but I don’t know that it would be approved).

    If we want to preserve choice we need to use INDEPENDENT alternatives whenever and wherever possible. That does NOT mean switching from Google to Yahoo! or Bing – it means switching to a search engine they do not control.

    Just as Wal-Mart can come into a small community and drive every other business OUT of business, Google is working to drive every non-Big-Brand choice off the radar. This behavior is what is destroying the worldwide economy and it is about time more of us started working to reverse the damage while we still can.

    If you “get it” please contact me because collaborating is far more powerful than working alone. If you have a small business don’t give up – get pro-active – there are a growing number of bloggers who WILL help.

  • ACFinLA

    I was searching for one of my company’s primary keywords yesterday, and our site was ranked #3 on in my browser. It had been ranking on the fourth or fifth page of SERPs prior to this. A few co-workers ran the same search, and they saw it in its usual position. I wasn’t logged into my Google account and had cleared my cache/cookies, so it was very odd to see these results. It’s back to its normal position today. Has anyone else seen this type of behavior?

  • http://www.bakerpianolessons.com JBaker

    My site got kicked back two or three pages, depending how I entered the
    search words / phrases. But this has happened before. It is a roller-coaster
    ride without warning. I do not know if Google’s periodic shuffling of the
    search-deck is a result of technological tweaking, or device of keeping
    us from becoming complacent about their service.

  • http://www.ecommerceinnovators.com Sol@eCI

    Re: the search results appearing and changing as you type, it seems like searchers in Google are going to be seriously sidetracked. Imagine needing an accountant in New York and typing in New York Accountant. Before you type in the A, you will be presented with New York Post, Times, Yankees, Mets, etc. If you type in the A (for accountant) you will be presented with Aquarium, Attractions, etc.
    For people easily distracted, searching in Google will be a new adventure.

    • Chris Crum

      Such a scenario would be positive for the aquarium, and possibly not negative for the accountant. If they set out to find an accountant, they’re not likely to dismiss that entirely, even if they get sidetracked.

  • Guest

    Look at their stock. It’s going south: http://www.google.com/finance?q=google

  • Mack

    Google is destroying itself. When the search engine regulation by the government comes down on them, they have nobody but themselves to blame. They are not only playing with the mean dog, they are trying to beat the crap out of it and that’s not good. I’d say the government needs to be on Google like dried gum on a park bench. The abuse has to stop. Thousands of business are suffering due to their monopolistic and abusive behavior. Support www.insidegoogle.com Leave your complaints there.

  • A Murphy

    My website www.scotsguards.info got to Page 3 and was slowling moving up then BANG! 38 page drop!! Pointless!, Yahoo Search it’s on Page 1 on the key word search!

    Well done Google! :(

  • Alimac

    I’ve had a couple of strange results with my site from Google recently
    (1) For about a week in Google Places my business appears / disappears intermittently and shows different content / different rankings across google platforms (eg .com, .co.uk, etc) which has never happened before
    (2) For less competetive keywords my site dropped four or five pages yet held it’s position for more competitive keywords.

    Unfortunately the only guarantee with Google is there are no guarantees. They (rightly) serve their interest and not webmaster’s interests. Undoubtedly Google has become so powerful, probably too powerful, that when it sneezes a lot of us catch a cold.

    At times like these I think “What the f*ck next ?” but until someone puts utopia on line, or at least a product better than Google, the only useful response is to keep working at it !

  • http://www.makemoneyonlinefreenoww.com TriNi @ Make Money Online

    Very interesting. I hope it doesn’t change too much because I’ve recently been doing really well with my blog when it comes to Google. I hope this change doesn’t take effect and make me lose my rankings, because unfortunately, that will also make me lose money. :(

  • http://www.ukcampsitefinder.co.uk Nina

    Yes, I noticed this today on my website, I am so pleased you sent this email to me as it is great news for multiple page websites like myself. This is excellent news. My website has many searches not just one or two keywords so this is essential for aquiring new visitors to the website.

  • http://edatingservices.blogspot.com/ Nicole

    I have subscribed to webpronews.com some time ago and I am thankful for the info you share. It is important to recieve different kinds of news and to be aware of al those changes that happen on the Net.
    I hope Google recent changes will not affect us too much.


  • Guest

    Thank heaven for the recent Google changes. My site was number one in my niche for five years – It is very content-rich, authoritative, useful, lovingly maintained and not heavy on sales. Then about 3 years ago it got overtaken by some dreadful ‘content farms’ and I ended up on page 2 despite huge efforts at link-building. The content farms had one short, fairly uninformative page on my niche topic, written by a hack, yet were in all the top positions. Now thankfully I am number one again since a couple of weeks ago.

    • http://www.e-service-expert.com Guest

      Although I have some concerns about one site (big company) domination of the SERP, I tend to agree that as always and as it should be content rich sites will win out and rise to the top of the pile hopefully leaving the scam content farms out of it altogether. As for changes..yes good rises for my site http://www.e-service-expert.com and increased link recognition too so Google gets my vote… at least at the moment.

  • http://telecomnew-s.blogspot.com/ mas.wati.ab

    wasn’t it this was called the Google caffeine? i think I’ve read it some weeks ago…
    I think Google was just changing the weighting on ranking factors…
    but what are the factors remain the same…

  • http://marketsecrets.biz Caleb

    This can only mean more traffic for specialized niche sites so we as webmasters have to adapt and overcome :)

  • http://www.Buy-Rash-Guards.com Rash Guards Shirts

    Have they announced exactly when this will take place?

    We’ve gone from #2 to #11 then back and forth again several times over the last 7 years with really no apparent rhyme or reason, so we’re bracing ourselves and hoping for a positive move this time!

  • Frank

    The “Do No Evil” Google is back at its Evil ways, the largest single destruction to small business on the internet to date. If you are using any branding in your keywords, watch out, you have just been kicked in the groin, oh sorry, they got you before you could move out of the way. Those who have not lost yet, just wait, its coming. Takes Google a while to get all the corporations setup to dominate and put all us pee-ons out of business.
    Thanks once again Google, for taking 50% of my traffic away. If you think i will switch to using PPC to get traffic, think again. I will now promote Bing and others to the end of time.

  • http://dreamtraining.blogspot.com Man from Modesto

    My blog has existed for over 18 months. After 3 months, I had PR 1. After 3 more months, PR 3. Then I went to PR 4, where it remains. Also, I have had 4 back links for about a year. Very recently, the back links jumped to 9.

    All are from my own blog. But, they suddenly appeared, which made me wonder. Your recent email “Google Activity That May Have an Impact on Rankings” offers the most likely explanation: a change in Google strategy.

    I also noticed that several individual posts now have PR. A few are zero. Many are PR 1.


  • http://www.hairproductsforsale.com Hair Stylist Sherri

    This latest news doesn’t change how I do things. don’t get me wrong – I am thankful for Webpronews.com keeping me up to date on the latest goings on of Google – it just won’t change the way I do things. I learned a long time ago NOT to put all my internet marketing “eggs” in one basket!

  • http://passionateaboutblogging.com/ Passionate Blogger

    To date I don’t see any changes when I enter a single keyword to the search engine. But, when I enter a clause such as my blog title “passionate about blogging”, there are about 7 pages linking back to my blog at the first page. Previously, there was only 2 or 3.

  • http://www.truth-unveiled.com/ Guest

    I think google got better.. with images too.. before my images did not appear, only on the last page.. now it can be found easy..

  • Guest

    What is the reason of drastic fall in SERP for my website? rank position is moved 101 to 0
    I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES
    My site’s URL (web address) is:http://www.proxiesfree.net/
    Description (including timeline of any changes made):For “buy vpn” keyword — rank position is moved 101 to 0

    I can’t understand why my site’s SERP is falling and what’s the possible reasons.

    I am waiting for your help.

    • Roy

      I’ve gave them a call. One of Google Forums’ Top Contributors will drop by and answer your question. Grab a sandwich and sit tight.

  • http://internetbusinesswriters.com/seo_women Barb

    Now that you mention it, my sister complained to me today about a decline in site traffic to her online store. She couldn’t understand why until I told her Google was doing another algorithm change and many sites are affected by it, good and bad. I have noticed changes in my sites positions as well as clients.

    Is it possible people will eventually get fed up with Google and go elsewhere? Reading through this thread it appears some are doing just that. I’ve read the same thing on other sites where people are threatening to leave Google in the wind to use Bing, Yahoo or some other engine instead.

    I remember when Google first came out and submitted my site to this fresh new search engine. My first thought was “Google?, what kind of a stupid name is THAT?” Those were the days. Now its a household name.

    • http://www.wishing-well.com.au Wishing Well Hire

      I wish there was a better alternative myself. The search engine usage is very unbalanced in favour of Google. If you have an online business you are held to ransom by Google and their algorithm and updates etc.

      The problem is that unless internet users switch to other search engines en masse – website owners will be stuck with dealing with Google – thats where the traffic is. So if you want website traffic you don’t have much of a choice by to contend with Google.

      It will be difficult boycott Google because you will need backlinks for your website – so even if you don’t submit to Google – the crawler will pick you up via the backlinks.

      I suppose you could use no index robot.txt files – maybe website owners should form a bloc and collectively stop Google from indexing them – this will result in superior content for other search engines linke Bing, Yahoo etc.

  • http://www.evirtualservices.com/ inexpensive websites

    Any kind of blogging technique, the essence is ongoing promo, even if you write quality stuff still needs promo and promo and promo..good article

  • http://www.selectyourfranchise.com Joe C

    OK have I got this right? If they are looking at domain name relevance and show more results for a domain how does this work if you have a generic domain… surely a page full of results from business.com is not going to be helpful if someone is simply search for ‘business’ as they want a selection of results.

    There must have to be some allowance for this or else G will completely shoot itself in the foot.


  • andy

    hi, thanks for the google update

    in the last 3 to 4 days i have indeed noticed something worrying – i had two sites ranking on page 1 for specilalised keywords.. and for 3 of the keywords i was at number 1, and have been for about 2 months now. Then a few days back i noticed that both of those domains now have been completely removed from the listings (COMPLETELY!)….and literally overnight!
    I had made a new post to one of those domains, and thought that that may have been something to do with it, and had also just done a bit of backlinking, but having received your newsletter article about what’s happening, i am guessing that this is the reason.

    I also had a 3rd domain which had appeared on page 2 wihin 48 hours of the domain being registered – then i checked again 2 days back and again, same story, it has been completely removed from the listings!

    Up until just before i read your news story i was puzzled and trying to workout what on earth was going on. I though maybe google suddenly had “tied all my domains in together and decided to ban them all from their listings or something!”

    Anyway, hope that helps , and thanks again for the news!

    • http://webtechads.com Webtechads

      Google Caffeine is learning new tricks of backlink placement. Make sure you get some legit backlinks, it can spot more complex linking now and can smell faulty or manipulated content.

  • http://allofmyinterest.com/ AllofMyInterest.com

    With every other change google makes, its keep blogger more busy in thinking,working about google ranking then simply blogging

    At times I get so tired of working hard for ranking, that I stop looking and it even worsens my ranking..lol

    Also has anyone noticed
    “spam blog” detection has been increased by google. And once google marks it spam for xyz reason its unrecoverable.

    One of my blog had a ranking 6 from past 2.5yrs,google marked it spam. Many a times that blog was first in search result for few keywords. Google deleted by blog from blogger, with no source of recovery of blog or articles.

  • http://www.mybahawalpur.com Bahawalpur

    Google keeps changing its algorithm time to time. Google is giving more visibility and importance to famous brands, companies. Although I have read it on many blogs that its not the case. But what i have observed so far is that as Google is changing the importance of .gov, .edu like websites is getting higher.

  • http://www.carrentalsavers.com Guest

    I have yet seen any major changes to my rankings or traffic due to algorithm changes. Changes seem to happen really slowly for me in Google, especially compared to the other search engines.

  • http://webtechads.com Webtechads

    I think as people constantly try to game Google for keywording and SERPs, they run new technologies to make sure they have relevant information. With Caffeine in almost full-force, they can make sure the content is more relevant, more local if need be, and more up-to-date.

    These changes are supplemental to their end-game. It gives people who have legitimate hefts of content about a specific niche, so this can hurt those sites that try to long-tail the hell of their content.

  • http://BloggingByElizabeth.blogspot.com Elizabeth Kelly

    I have a blog site http://BloggingByElizabeth.blogspot.com and I have been waiting almost a month to get ranked by Google, or to even have them crawl my site. The funny thing is, is that my blog is through their company Blogger.com. I can’t get any web search results because Google has yet to crawl, give me keywords, meta tags, etc. Thank God I don’t have a company because if so, I would be at the mercy of Google. I had sites in the past, and Google was quick to respond. I can definitely tell that changes are happening at Google right now, and it sucks! I think they have gotten too big and forgotten about the little guy.

  • Jason

    I’ve been working in the adult space for quite some time now and After the latest Google update, Spammers have taken over the search results for the largest keywords like porn and sex (even noticed them working in the insurance and mortgage space).
    I’ve done extensive research and some of these sites with absolutely no authority, domain age and lack of relevant back links out rank legit domains that have been abiding by the search engines rules for years. They are using spam tools and simply injecting links on non-relevant sites in extremely large volumes. Google has to go back to the drawing board. It makes no sense how one site that is not in the SERPs at all out ranks sites that have sustained ranks for years by injecting thousands of links in a few days time span.
    This makes an SEOs Job hard to justify when all we have to do is spam back links.

  • http://www.wishing-well.com.au Wishing Well For Hire Sydney

    I know that adwords shouldn’t have an affect on rankings. However, I found it curious that my site experienced a slight improvement in rankings after I ran a google adwords campaign. I haven’t done any SEO work or site changes for about 1 month or more. So it seems like an interesting coincidence.

  • http://yo27.com Machbio

    Google is doing things helter skelter

  • http://www.moversmovingtoronto.com/ Movers Moving Toronto

    It just goes to show that you can’t depend on their algorithm, it’s a never ending battle that you have to maintain.

  • http://www.zone4kids.com Flower Girl

    I don’t like the new changes at all. Our site http://www.zone4kids.com has gone from a ranking of about 30 to 80. We continue to work at content, linking, social media, etc. and this was a devastating move. There are several top sites now showing more pages and pushing everyone else down. Several large corporations are also now showing.

  • http://www.londonphotographer.co.uk/ Dan Burman

    I’ve also seen my site disappear from the results. I was only on page 3 for one of my main target keywords but moving up. Then a few days ago, bam! I’m completely gone. Even searching for my completely unique page title, my site isn’t coming up in the search results. I do come up as result 200 or something for some keywords but that’s it. I have a completely legitimate site for a london photography studio, and now chances of me getting any business through the net are massively limited. It seems pretty outrageous that a company that is a virtual monopoly can effectively ban a business. If they are an online business, google can effectively destroy it without any explanation.

    Added to that, results are getting worse and worse if you want to do proper research (adwords are far more relevant in many cases). Seems that google is getting too big and too clever and I really hope that another search engine starts to get more market share.

    At least yahoo doesn’t seem out to discriminate against the small sites.

    Sorry for the long post but seeing how it affects my livelihood so much I feel very depressed!!

    • http://paintforce1.com PainterPaul

      I’m having the same experience and Greed is the evil Factor in this .they sought me for some free money of my one man paint bussiness something to the tune of $600.00 a month and then later on $90.00 a month to be up in rank I said F- no I cannot even come up with rent at this slow time and bamm I am from page 1 to page 15. Its legal time ……I earned my place in page rank and they manipulated it .
      Google is out !
      We need to teach the audience what Google is doing to slide the only hope some of us have to destruction. .Yep! Damages are in full swing and they are collecting all they can on the backs of survival of the richest. who ever will pay them .
      Its not what you can offer to the public anymore its how much you wish to spend to offer.

  • http://briarpatchgiftshop.com Joe H

    Here we go again as if caffeine was not enough it hit my server just before holiday sales last year. “Going from page one to page six overnight” this just killed us. So I started watching every interview I could find with Google

  • http://www.b-seenontop.com Donna

    This again puts the balance in favor of large businesses. Our poor economy and no sign of improvement is a disheartening factor for most small businesses. The continuous change to google algorithms in favor of large business is another. I get a lot of “why even bother” looks when I explain the need for continuous monitoring and upkeep of SEO efforts for small businesses. Now more than ever. Can’t they tailor their results to favor small businesses when an individual wants to support their local economy? How about it Google? All things are not equal in the field of search…

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