Google Accused Of Subtle Racism Over “Black Guy Running On A Watermelon” Doodle

    August 7, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Since the start of the London Olympics, Google has displayed a brand new Doodle every day highlighting different Olympic events. We’ve seen Doodles celebrating the sports of shot put, javelin, tables tennis, field hockey, and more. Today’s Doodle pays tribute to all the athletes participating in various track events involving hurdles – but some are seeing something buried a bit deeper in the artwork. Something more sinister…

Today’s interactive Doodle lets users play a QWOP-like game where the avatar runs and jumps hurdles. And it’s all fun and games until someone accuses the search giant of subtle racism.

First, let’s see if you spot anything racist about the Doodle:

Do you see it? Apparently, the runner looks African American and the track looks a little too much like a slice of watermelon.

Scott Schopman

Just me or is Google's Doodle today a tad bit racist??

Donald Napier

Nice subtle racism making the track in your doodle look like watermelon, +Google.

Now, it’s hard to argue that the runner doesn’t look black and the track doesn’t look like a watermelon, but do you honestly think Google had this in mind when the Doodle design came across the table?

Last week, NBC was accused of the same kind of subtle racism when they aired a promo of a monkey doing gymnastics right after USA’s Gabby Douglas won the gold medal at the women’s all-around competition. Are these actual instances of racism, or, like the hurdler, are people simply making some incredible leaps?

  • Bill

    No one should be offended by it. The artist is trying to let the world know his current thoughts, that he is stuck in the past. It is his point of view and his problem.

  • Shane

    What a rediculous post and accusation. Get real and quit trying to stir uneeded controversy.

    Anyone buying into this needs to wake up to reality – rediculous.

  • tom g

    Most of the runners are black and the track in photo will only look like watermelon to someone who is looking to call something racist where there is none! I am no big fan of Google but if no one mentioned the issue I would not see any racism in the photo.

    • Canyon

      Because there is not racism… there never was.

      The racism is all in the racist heads.

      • Todd

        Trash Bags…..Hefty hefty Hefty

      • allycat

        so wierd that you are such a total douchebag eh?? everytime Canyon says anything you have a little shitfit…. get a life maybe?

        • Todd

          The fact that your name is Allycat says it all!

  • Lisa

    Perhaps they need to create a special diversity division at these companies who evaluate things that are viewed by the public.

  • Chrissy

    The track is obviously watermelon, with green rind, red pulp and dark seeds. Upon closer examination, there also appears to be marijuana plants lining the outside of the track every few feet. Although they do not include an actual Olympic logo, it’s obvious that the image is timed to correspond to the 2012 Olympic games, currently taking place in London.

    • YaddaYadda

      REALLY? THE OLYMPICS? Ya think? How in the world did I miss THAT connection? geeezzzz! BTW marujuana? You must be high.

  • Dee

    Its racist as a muthaf***r!!!!! As soon as I saw it ‘Watermelon’, ‘black man in red’, came clearly to my mind. Google should be ashamed of itself & take it down.. Its a case of old people still clinging to their nasty past, not accepting that the world is evolving. U.S has a black president & he won’t be the last….Step into 2012 as the old ways continue to die never to come back!

  • YaddaYadda

    I played the hurdle doodle and I did notice that the runner is black and that he appears to be running on a watermelon track…I made the correlation and then began to ponder…If I see THIS and think about THAT… hmmmmm,hmmmmm…I have been infected by repeated stereotypes over my lifetime.It made me a little sad really.

    • Canyon

      Don’t deny your innocence…

      Don’t think that because you didn’t connect the dots at first and some racist told you this Google doodle was “racist” that it SHOULD be racist.

      Because it is not.

      It is the racist’s who have started this petty fight, and if they had just stayed humble you wouldn’t be asking yourself “is this racist”

      Because it is not.

      Live life based on your own judgements, fuck everything else.

      • Todd

        Canyon please make sure the trash gets back to the trailer. I smell an odor.

  • Karen

    Unlike the previous commentors have stated, I was not looking for racial statements when I pulled up my google page this morning. However, it was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it, so maybe your artist needs to evaluate his work a little harder prior to posting it so that this kind of mis understanding could be avoided why not leave the dark spots off the red track or place lane lines on the track that might have solved it.

    • Canyon

      Okay, your the reason we have racists.

      You may not think your racist, but your idea that we should “change” things so they’re more racial friendly is exactly the reason Jim Crow Laws were passed. Those subtle comments…

      Let’s take your vision to the modern world, where all the textbooks have re-written slavery and black history so that no struggle ever happened, and we all got along…

      Take out all our wars, our revolutions, our bloody history. Bury the truth so deep that no one can find it, so that we’re all the same person, with the same history, with the same knowledge, using political friendly speech… and looking behind our backs every second for big brother.

      You want the artist to change his original design so it’s “racial friendly”? THAT’s racist.

      Why not change the Mona Lisa, oh wait, she’s White… so I suppose that’s “racial friendly”.

      Would it be “racial friendly” if we changed the black guy in the Google doodle white? Then if he was running on a watermelon rind, it WOULDN’T be racist? WHERE IS YOUR LOGIC?!

      Please, before you continue to surf the waves of the informative internet and pollute yourself further, create your own boat of ideals, moral standings, and fact.

      Set sail when you’re safe,
      my son.

      • Todd

        Canyon, Reading through your responses Its obvious you are really determined to be heard. If you don’t feel like this doodle was racist move around. More than one person from different parts of the world can see this is subtle racism.

        Either you are fat and blind, or fat and stupid!

  • Barb

    This was sad. SMH, the world that we live in :(

  • Steve G

    Anybody who saw a black man and a watermelon is racist themselves. If that is the first thing that comes to your mind then you are a racist. It’s like if Google were to do a doodle that has a man driving a Prius and the first thing that comes to your mind is Google is trying to represent a homosexual person in some fashion. People see what they want to see is what I’m trying to say here.

    • Canyon

      Exactly. This whole Google is racist thing is just being spit onto websites so they have a “story” to print. Those writers, those first posters, that Google is racist are the real racists.

      Not once did I ever think the ground was watermelon, and that Google had intended to go out of there way to hurt anyone.

      Remember what they did when SOPA was being passed?
      You all forget so fast…

      • Todd


        • Tim

          Why are you picking on Canyon?

        • Tim

          Hey Todd, go screw yourself!

          • Tim


    • OSB


      It’s just some guy running. Why does it have to be white? There are good athletes from many ethnicities. If the person depicted is always white, then people say that is also racist. Or are the people calling it racist trying to say the Olympics is a whites-only club? Someone obviously forgot to tell the entrants!

      All that I can see is a cool drawing and respect to the artist for their talent.

      As for the track looking like a watermelon – what a leap. Does anyone remember the tracks that colour at school? And the bits of gravel all over, but there would end up indentations and see the dirt. Oh geez, the author made it look like that, adding things people are familiar with. What a surprise that is done (!). It’s like no one did it before (!).

      Personally, I don’t care what ethnicity is depicted. Get on with watching the Olympics (or whatever else you’re doing) and stop getting hung-up on stupid things like that. There’s more to life than looking for a meaning that isn’t there.

  • John

    Wow, I was playing that game on Google today and this never crossed my mind – didn’t notice it. What does that say about the people who DID notice it and recognized it as ‘racist’ ???!!!

  • Raquel

    The problem at the heart of the matter is that White America and the like do not for the life of them want to openly discuss slavery, racism and all of its by-products. Then, when we “black people” get offended and pull your coat tail,you claim that you didn’t know it would be perceived as “offensive”. I for one have had ENOUGH of that bullshit!!!! If you’d teach the world, especially Americans the truth about slavery, colonialism and how black people in the Americas (Not just North America) were treated then maybe these ignorant asses wouldn’t be given a pass regarding shit like this.

  • Bill

    Don’t blame the artist. It is a statement about Google.

  • Canyon

    It’s not that Google made this Google doodle racist, you Racist’s have made this Google doodle racist!

    Don’t make your hate, my hate.

    Grow up and have a good day.

    • Todd

      You have way too many response on here Canyon. Move your free loading azz around. It’s people like you that shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Go sit your maggot azz down!

      • John

        Hey Todd, how about you sit you maggot azz down, you welfare faggot!

  • Collins

    I am angry and offended. Take it down ASAP and public apology.
    White girl from Seattle

    • Ray

      anyone who is considering this racist is an obvious pinhead! whats at a track? grass which is green, and track turf which is often either black or an off red just like what was used. people need to be more clever in ways to get off of the internet and worry less about what you can bitch about today

    • Canyon

      Such ignorance…

      Do you kids have your own opinions?

      or is that not cool anymore, :'(

  • sarah

    I am not african american and the first thing i saw was this watermellon and a black guy running over it. google knew this would draw a response SAME ON YOU GOOGLE

    • Canyon



      I believe the word you don’t know how to spell, or even USE, is spelled…


      • Todd

        A simple spelling error. Fuk off. This isnt english class this is a blog. You understood what she meant so move the fuk around maggot.

  • Myles

    I’m black and don’t see how this is racist at all. It’s just a guy running on a track; doesn’t look anything like a watermelon to me. If this was an attempt at ‘subtle racism’ it is REALLY subtle…

  • Joe

    Come on ya bunch of race baiters… I mean what track *doesn’t* feature random patterns of seed-like shapes?

    • James

      I am a Negro America Attorney and CPA. Not African, not Black, not Cracker; American! I love the track and the runner. Fun, lighthearted and “Googleish.” Get over it people. Take banter and diversion for what they are. Enjoy….

  • Rogue Veggie

    When I saw today’s Google doodle I thought it looked like a watermelon. I did a quick search “running on watermelon?” and was surprised to see I’m no where near the first person to think so. But at the same time I never noticed the guy running on the track had dark skin…

  • Emjay01

    This Trully is subtle racism. Jealousy and hatred for the talented melanated Olympians, so sad. That is clearly watermelon. The choice of color for the track and the black runner says it all. Google fail. Boycott!

  • http://googleimage-runneronwatermelon marilyn

    Wow, I was shocked! Nothing subtle about a black athlete sprinting over a watermelon rind track. Google is blatently Racist! Is intentional image for rating boost? Unfortunately it’s my search engine at workplace. Google, please stop unlawful racism. I strongly object.





  • Solution

    Fine, I won’t cancel my services but part of the job requirement should be “culture sensitivity” classes when servicing millions from various demographics. Scold whoever approved it and fire the doodler. Peace.

    • person

      Really? It looks like a track. The people who see it as a watermelon see it as such only because they are told to. Do you really think that black people are so weak and petty that one doodle that some random people baselessly accused of racism will cause so much damage that the only reasonable solution is to fire the person who made it? Grow up and learn to not hop on bandwagons so easily.

  • Jade

    It’s crazy how doing a little research for school led me here. It’s clear as day! A black man you can control, running on watermelon rinds with a fro, big nose, weed plants, and monkey arms. LOL seriously everyone can see it, it’s just the close minded ignorant people who can’t (although we know you do).

  • Luke

    When did watermelon become racist? Same with fried chicken. Its food people. Who doesn’t like fried chicken and watermelon?? lol.


    At first I thought that people were over reacting and playing the race card, but after I actually played the game I realized that this is not even subtle racism. This is flat out Racist! If you haven’t played the game I dont think you should comment. Why does the man’s arms have to be that damn long? Why does he have to have an Afro? Why does he have to have a big nose? Why do the plants on the track have to have 5 leaves similiar to a weed plant? Why couldnt they choose different colors? Just too many Why’s! FUK GOOGLE IM USING BING!

  • MD

    We must appreciate the historical component. Our ages, backgrounds, and experiences all play a factor. If you know, then you know what it is. If you don’t; study history. It’s not a matter of looking for racism but the subtle digs are there so often.

    By the way, no one had a comment on how the watermelon is related to black people. Maybe we are familiar with the sterotype after all.

  • Dennis

    Wow, I thought it was just me today Tues 8/7/2012 seeing this RACISM. I just emailed Google about this. I did a web search and found this blog. YES this is a RACIST depiction of a black man running on a watermelon patch/track.

  • Tasha

    Let’s say the artist and /or administrator innocently served this image up, or was oblivious to the about 150-year-old Americana iconography of “negro with watermelon”. Certainly SOME OTHER BODY viewing the image saw what we see. As with the NBC commercial,it is an immediate recognition for MOST folk, white and black. I found it interesting that the watermelon was so distinct that someone noticed that before they noticed the track guy was brown.

    And no, tracks are not red-pink. The are distinctively red-brown.

  • lollollol

    While I was originally disappointed at the sight of my Google homepage using a black guy depicted doing the hurdles… I now understand the complicated mechanics behind the the joke, and it pleases me greatly. I do not find it offensive in any way, and even if I was differently coloured I would still see it as a Joke, much like religion. This is something Blacks cannot grasp and I pity them.

    • Ann

      Good. And you darn well put your racist foot in your mouth. But you are not to be pitied. Rather, the day should come that you are mocked and laughed at with as much hilarity as the joke you feign beyond the grasp of your conscience. . . .

    • Jessie Thymes

      Dear lollollol,
      Your answer, though attempting to be broad-minded, is shallow in courtesy and respect for others. I pity you for not knowing any better.

  • MKD

    At work today, popped open Google (no knowledge of the issue) and was instantly torqued. Tired of the crap. This is the 21st century and yet we continue to carry baggage from the past. It is offensive to those who are tired of the portion of the human family that just won’t stop playing this ulgy game. If blacks are willing to allow all the ish from history to continue to be downplayed, suck it up, grow thick skin, carry on, and do all that we can until it does not hurt anymore, then why do some people always seem to want to pick a fight. We are kicking azz in the Olympics and should be very proud of all of our athletes..GO USA! Screw Google and screw anyone that has an inferiorty complex!

    • Stephen

      Are you retarded? Running tracks are red, and that is clearly grass. The most racist people in the world, are the ones who sit there looking for everything to be racist.

      • Ann

        The most racist people are always those who are insensitive to racist behavior. You’re quite correct the track is red. However, there are no “seeds” on a track. You clearly haven’t experienced racism, so your remark is forgivable.

  • B.Wilson

    As a black male living in Mississippi (arguably the most racist state of all 50), I really think that we as a nation should be focusing on more important things than a video game…national test scores are still low, hospitals are losing money, the election is nearing, but we’re talking about a black video game character running on a watermelon?? HUGE reach….

    • Nick

      B. Wilson,

      Excellent point!!!AMEN!!

      • Carm

        I couldn’t agree more. This is a huge stretch! What are we doing about the blatant disrespectful songs that air all day long on the radio?

      • Dude what?

        You idiot, your part of the problem. We have to adress all the above issues and that includes holding conglomerates responsible for their bad apples that have the power to reach so many people. This clearly was the work of one or two dumb asses. You are what they call an Uncle Tom and your from Mississippi. Thanks a lot weirdo. I’m outta’ here. Fire the doodler and let’s keep it pushing people., we’re all human.

        • Brandon

          Alright, dude, for simply calling him an Uncle Tom you are a total racist hipocrite. THIS DOODLE IS NOT RACIST. Its your idiot politcally correct secret racists that make it racist! Unless you yourself have underlying racist issues, you shouldnt think this is racist. I am white and when I got on google today I saw that track and you know what I thought? “Wow, thats cool, google has a little track doodle” WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SERIOUSLY THINK GOOGLE PURPOSEFULLY CREATED A RACIST DOODLE? You have to be insane to even think thats plausible! A multi-million dollar corporation is purposefully going to put their reputation on the line because they are “racist”? You sir are a moron of the lowest degree and have absolutely no logical grasp on society or the world.

    • sylvester

      Ok I’m black…its funny, who cares really?

    • Ann

      Sadly, in some respect, you’re absolutely right. But more sadly, your obviously dismissive response reflects, in a very conventional manner, the insensitivity of your racist community/state of which you’re not even aware. All the more reason this picture is outrageous.

      • sylvester

        You have no idea where I live. I live in Kansas city its really not that bad. I mean the whole watermelon stereotype is stupid to begin with.

  • no

    what’s wrong with liking watermelon?

    • Ric


  • Gloria Dean

    PEOPLE EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT HISTORY: The Coon Obsession with Chicken & Watermelon
    Although the coon caricature can be identified by his appearance alone, creators of pop culture imagery often amplified the negative reaction to the coon by depicting him engaging in one or more disreputable behaviors. As discussed in the History of the Coon section, the coon is often portrayed as a lazy, easily frightened, inarticulate, good-for-nothing buffoon. One of the most prevalent methods of achieving this effect was to depict the coon as obsessed with stealing and eating chicken and watermelon. Of all the stereotypes of African Americans, this is the one that modern youth have the most trouble understanding. “It’s just food,” they say. “What’s wrong with watermelon?” The answer is, that there is nothing wrong with chicken or watermelon. What is troubling is the way in which these foods have been used to portray Black Americans as less than human for the purpose of justifying systematic discrimination.

    Postcard: To the Victors Belong the Spoils

    Origins of the Stereotypes
    It’s unclear where the chicken and watermelon themes originated. They may have begun as Southern stereotypes and then evolved into anti-Black stereotypes during the antebellum period. Numerous primary sources chronicle Black resistance to slavery through “silent sabotage,” or, day-to-day acts of resistance. Stealing from the master was one example. It seems logical that food would be among the most desirable of pilferable items, and chickens and watermelons would have been commonly available. For example, In his autobiographical account of being kidnapped and sold into slavery, Solomon Northup tells of being put in charge of punishing slaves who got into the master’s watermelon patch. Rather than carry out the punishment, Northup had the slaves show him the way to the patch. Whatever the history, by the Jim Crow era chicken and watermelon obsession was firmly entrenched in the imagery of Black Americans being produced by White America.

    The connecting of Blacks to chicken and watermelon was done with the intention of dehumanizing Blacks, to subject them to ridicule, and to justify and solidify the discriminatory practices of Jim Crow. Although the odd item existed during the Reconstruction period, an explosion of Coon chicken and watermelon imagery occurred at the turn-of-the-century, just as a whole new generation of Black Americans was achieving adulthood who had never known the trauma of slavery firsthand, and who resisted the second-class citizen status imposed on them by Jim Crow. As these “New Negroes” pushed against segregation, they were met with a more violent pushback by White reactionaries. The Ku Klux Klan was reborn, and membership soared, as did White-on-Black vigilante violence, including the lynching of Blacks.

    1911 Lynching
    Concurrently, mainstream White America did their part to maintain the status quo by producing and consuming an endless river of anti-Black imagery, including items depicting coons as obsessed with chicken and watermelon. Nowhere is this more evident than in the imagery found on a postcards, which, after 1901, were able to be legally produced by businesses and not exclusively by the U.S. Post Office. There are literally dozens of such postcards, produced by Whites, marketed by Whites, sold by Whites, purchased by Whites, and sent through the official mail to other Whites, allowing the “in” group to share in the mocking and dehumanizing of the “other” over long distances.

    Anti-Black imagery often shows Blacks living in poverty. They are dressed poorly and speak in highly stereotypical dialect. Part of the message of the imagery is that Blacks are content with this standard of living. Their ambition does not extend to education, wealth, social and political power. Rather, they are such a lower life form, so animalistic, so lazy, that chicken and watermelon are all it takes to satisfy their ambitions. One postcard, for example, depicts a Black male with facial features so caricatured as to make him look like a circus clown, poised at the bottom of a chicken coop ladder while a row of chickens marches down the ladder toward his sub-human gigantic open mouth. The caption reads, “A Dream of Paradise”.

    c.1900s Postcard: A dream of Paradise

    And the imagery was not restricted to Black adults. The Pickaninny caricature (child coons), are also painted in animalistic terms by chicken and watermelon imagery. One early 1900s postcards shows a black child, on the ground like and animal, with a slice of watermelon in his lap. The image is accompanied by the following poem:

    George Washington Watermelon Columbus Brown
    I’se black as any little coon in town
    At eating melon I can put a pig to shame
    For Watermelon am my middle name

    In just four lines, the writer is able to mock the notion that Black children are worthy of being named after White founding fathers, to emphasize the child’s “otherness” through his skin tone, and to use watermelon as a method of dehumanizing the child as being beneath a pig.

  • http://lyndonbjohnson.org Delvin Berg

    The image is subtle, but offensive. I recognized it as racist and searched the internet to see if I was the only one who believes it to be racist.

  • Dude what?

    Long arms? Short legs? Track and grass that look like watermelon….And marijuana leaves on the grass. GTFOH. Doodler threw a curve ball and we caught it. This is messed up, shame on google for keeping it up, goes to show how far up the ladder and how far up their asses Google is with this, it’s been up all day, shame on anybody in denial about this. I forgive the dude who did this and those of you in denial but fire him please. Peace & Love is the only way.

  • DM

    I am not a racist and I practically use Google everyday for work. I purposely view the images that are displayed by Google because they always depict some image that coincides with a major social issue of each day. Because these images appear to be crafted carefully each day with a specific theme in mind I cannot agree that this image was a mistake in its content and purpose.

    When I turned Google on this morning and looked at the image, my first thought was wow this looks like a black man running on an watermelon. I thought I was the only one who noticed. Since then others have viewed the image and agree with this interpretation.

    While Google provides a good service, the company must be careful in the images displayed. This does reflect the heart and intent of the individual who constructed the image and perhaps the company for allowing the image to be displayed. Remember racism is a sickness.

  • Antwan

    The guy, girl and/or ppl that say this is racist are frreaking retards. For one to find this racist first there must be prejustice/bias within the heart so they should have a look in the mirror themselves. I going to take a guest and say that it had to have been an uneducated, a self-centered, still in 50’s/60’s or just plain ignorant black male that believe that this is racist. I think the guy/girl/team that designed this doodle is a genius reminds me of the basketball one. So please stop exploiting this doodel just to think your standinds up for ALL the “african-americans” and shut the hell up!!!! GO TEAM U.S.A!!!!!!!! SCOUTS OUT!!!! BTW I am a proud African American!!!

    • ogkush

      I Feel that the person/people responsible for the combination of picture animation should be confronted on the concept of the doodle, it to me is subliminial to say: “black men are so damn fast -it’s like they are running on watermelon… hahahahaha, you know what let’s make that a doodle”.

      • Olin Ross

        You know why it isn’t racist in tone to some because they are lamebrain morons or they are just racist……

    • Lisa

      I’m not even African American and I can CLEARLY see the prejudice/racial stereotype ignorant, bias, and uneducated people place on black people. I can sit back and say black people are wrong for feeling the way they do BUT this is proof in the pudding as to why, racism is very well still alive. I pray for the future of our children! hopefully one day we can live in a world where ignorace will only be practiced by the ones who have the right to… our children.

  • GINA


    • Ann

      Watermelon is commonly associated with African Americans in as derogatory a manner as the Swastika is associated with Jews. If it were a Jewish Runner with some subtle form of the Swastika, I KNOW it would have been a firestorm, hands down.

      • Oliver

        The watermelon is to black as the Swastika is to Jews argument is completely invalid. Hitler committed genocide against the Jewish people, and killed 6 million of them. He used the Swastika turned 45 degrees as a symbol of this genocide. The watermelon to black people association isn’t even close to the severity of the Jew/Swastika association.

        In my opinion, this doodle wasn’t “subtly racist” at all. There was a black guy running on a track. The track in real life is that color. What’s the big deal?

        The funny thing is, if there was a white guy long-jumping and the sand happened to look like a cracker, nobody would even think about it in a racist way. People forget that racism can go two ways. You can be racist to black people just as you can be racist to white people.

    • Benny

      I see what you mean. In itself it means nothing, but in a historical context it is of great significance. Should we care about that? I honestly don’t know myself. I hate racism, but maybe we should just ignore stuff like this.

    • Jessie Thymes

      You are either unlearned in U.S. History or incredibly naive.

  • Jan

    I am always amused by naive comments regarding racism, especially when people think it is so far fetched and ridiculous. I am the most open minded person and when I saw the google game, I immediately thought it was subtle racism. I genuinely felt like the creator did it intentionally and that he or she is somewhere sitting back laughing because we will never know that this was the intent. What track has black seeds/spots and what track have we seen that resembles a watermelon. Don’t worry, I’ll wait!

    • Lauren Migliore

      I took a second look at Google today and that’s the first thing I thought. Who is this cartoonist? What are they racist? It clearly is a watermelon he’s running on and he is dark skinned.
      What other message could it be intending? What was Google thinking today? Ridiculous!

  • http://fuck.com RadChad32298

    Blacks eat watermelons, who cares. Stop pulling the Nigger card, you got one in the office what more do you want?

    • MD

      You’re the reason it will never go away.

      • LOVE

        You are an ASSHOLE!

    • Angy

      Wow!! This person is VERY racist. This is why African American’s feel the way that they do because you have ignorant prejudice people like you still saying the “N” word. Research this country’s history to know the deep rooted reason why they have to pull the “N Card”. And the first reason would be because they are surrounded by prejudice pigs like yourself. This picture has a clear meaning and for you to sit back and ignore that just to take a stab at the black community is sad and pathetic. Children have the right to be ignorant, not adults, so act like one.

  • http://www.successful-retirement.com Patrick

    The obsession with racism in countries all over the world is quite pathetic. Who really cares about it? Some of the more pragmatic comments by black people puts it into context.

  • Arnis

    Who said it’s African American? It might just be a black guy from Africa and they do not share any prejudice against watermelons. The world does not end at the borders of USA and not everything evolves around US.

  • Benny

    Today there is an asian guy standing by a basketball “conveyor belt” struggling to keep the pace of balls automatically rolling in. Far fetched, but still kind of interesting having the conspicuous hurdle track in mind.

  • nay star

    Giving the cartoonist the benefit of doubt; if he didn’t mean anything by the doodle then he should say so. I say this solely based on the high numbers of people who are offended. If the offensiveness is towards Black people, then White people have no right to say they shouldn’t be affected or offended. The White plight in America haa been much different.

  • http://AQUASKILLS.COM adrian ginju


    • Really??

      Dummy! All ignorant ppl PLEASE leave your comments to yourself. I cant stand reading comments that seem like they have came from a 4 year old.

  • http://AQUASKILLS.COM adrian ginju


  • http://AQUASKILLS.COM adrian ginju


  • dee

    racist!? really?! ok a couple of lessons:
    1) grass is green
    2) tracks are red
    3) stop trying to read between the lines and think that theres some crazy conspiracy against black people here….i’m SICK of it…

    There is NOTHING racist about the Google Doodle, and if you think otherwise, you probably also think that:
    1) The government is hiding aliens in their basements as a conspiracy and will release them when they see fit (not true)
    2) Mitt Romney is a cyborg robot ready to attack at the push of a button (again, not true)
    3) If somebody of a different race thinks your an idiot, it makes them racist (DEFINITELY not true, they probably just don’t like you because your an idiot)

    • g

      Brainwashed fool.

      • lol

        lol u mad?

  • http://webpronews.com troy

    what we need to be talking about more is pedophilia growing at an alarming rate in the white community i live in a area that is 90% white and i am absolutely terrified to allow my young children to play in the front yard you leave them unattended for a split second and some sicko has scooped them up raped strangled and thrown in the dumpster

    • Todd

      Totally agree. For some reason these issues are swept under the rug and only released when Law & Order makes an episode based on real events.

  • MrBigDrawz505

    Upon first glance, I immediately thought the image depicted a watermelon track. I studied the picture to confirm or deny the first impression. I could not necessarily dispel my first notion. I asked myself, “Why would Google post such a thing? Clearly they would have a lot to lose and very little to gain by posting a racist stereotype,” (whether it is done in sarcasm or with malice is very difficult to judge, but whatever it is… It is what it is). I further considered, “What other possible explanations could lurk at the root of this occurrence? Could it be that maybe the artist considers himself to be a comedian, racist or satirist. and Google’s visual editor did not look closely at the image before approving its use as Google’s public facade for the following 24 hours?” This COULD partially excuse Google, were they to explain the error and accept responsibility for part of the offense. Could the watermelon and the alleged pot leaves represent hurdles that African-Americans have had to jump on their way to cultural victory? Maybe, there was such an outcry that they were afraid to admit they were trying to make any sort of statement at all. I would like to hear Google’s official statement concerning the image. I hope, for their sake, that they neither deny it nor try to ignore it. This is clearly not a non-issue.

    • Mark

      This is so much of a non-issue it isn’t even worth discussing. But those with their own agenda and bias will see what they want to see, even if it isn’t there. Including you.

  • http://MSN Danny

    I can’t believe that today we seem to be more focused on color than the artist. What would happen if the hurdle guy was asian or white instead of colored person. Somebody would probably say Hey how come a white guy are they better than us. Watermelon? yikes that is so stupid a track and field marker has always been is red what the hell.
    I guess people have nothing to do but try bull around.

  • Cynthia

    Whether it’s rascist or not, I just don’t like the doodle. :(

  • Tony

    Really? that is bull.. Today we can sue for anything, put the guy in yellow, Oh no wait maybe chinese get piss off. put the guy in white OK maybe no one get piss. Colored in blue, OH no wait. The BLue color guys will get piss. Come people !!

  • Todd

    Say what you want about black people but we’re not the ones shooting up movie theaters or raping little boys. We need to be more concerned with all the pedofiles running around as CEO’s of major Fortune 500 companies. These are the real perverts. Lets talk about how the Catholic church keeps using little boys for glory holes. Lets talk about how white teenagers killing their parents and living in the house with the dead corpse. So what our hair is nappy and our skin is dark. White people have always wanted to be the most respected race when in actually reality you are the most disgusting race known to man.

    • Qusai Mousa

      I mean if you want to be that ignorant then there would be much more to say about African Ameriacans dummy. lol dont even take it that far and im not even white

    • YaddaYadda

      Todd you are saying that black men (African American men) do not rape and are not pedo’s.That is not true and it is also racist and ignorant Todd.Please shut up Todd.I’m not clever or anything like you Todd but I can tell from your blurt’s that you are a Nob.Todd the Nob.. Nob…You…Todd… are a Nob.That is all…Nob

      • Todd

        The simple fact your user name is YaddaYadda says it all. Fuk off tramp. Blacks have always been picked on since you bigots illegally stole us from our land. Having slaves wasnt good enough, you pig bitchez want the world. Stop going in debt at the tanning booths in attempt to darken your skin. Racism will never end because people have stop being racist they just got better at hiding it..

        • YaddaYadda

          August 8, 2012 at 2:19 pm

          The fact that your name is Allycat says it all!

          I suppose it is not easy for Nobs to think up new things to say Todd. BTW you are a Nob and a racist nob at that.

          • Todd

            You again? Lick up my vomit. Street walker.

  • MrMister

    Maybe Google was just proving that just about everything is offensive to black people. Every word and picture somehow and someway seems to be related to being racist to black people. Black people should listen to black rappers, hip-hop artists and comedians. They are the most racist of them all towards their own culture. But if someone puts something that looks like watermelon next to a black guy then it’s racist. Give me a break.
    By the way, many track fields do have a reddish colored, rubberized, surface. So maybe it is black people’s own racist and easily offended minds that made it into a watermelon.

    • Briann G

      you must be racist your self right..
      Black people this and Black people that get a life.
      I’m black myself and when I heard about, I thought Blacks were over reacting but seeing the photo I don’t think so. So just because “rappers and hip-hop artist” lol, you think its ok for others to do it, why would you want to be a follower and not leaders.People always want to judge a black person by the color of their skin but 39% white 11,661,000 are on welfare and government assistance which is higher than blacks…check the facts

    • tyler

      i agree bro

  • Cassy Brown

    I am white and my first thought upon seeing this was that it was intentional– I’m also an artist and have seen the other Olympic doodles– simply adding more lines and removing the dark spots that look like watermelon seeds or making the red more brown would have made it look more like a track. It was definitely done on purpose by somebody who doesn’t even have the nerve to admit it and stand behind it.

  • mel


  • Karamos

    When I first saw it, I thought “why is there green grass on both sides?” And then it hit me. Especially with the added afro hairstyle. I posted it on my facebook page and everyone agreed. I attempted to contact google to no avail. What sells the image of racism is the afrocentric look combined with the green “boarders”.

  • andrew

    oh yes, why would our God Google do such a thing?

    are you really that asleep still?

    your government is corrupt. fact.

    the big corporations, corrupt. fact.

    government is in bed with corporations. fact.

    wake up. connect the dots. stop relying on mainstream media and govt blindly like Gods.

    cnn lowest viewer ratings in 20 years. alt media is picking up.

    why? Truth. please. wake up for your children’s sake.

    no, i’m not being dramatic.

    once you know the Truth and how deep the rabbit hole goes, this is tame.

  • tyler

    No it is not racist at all. Now a days i see so many BLACK people being racist towards white people. Black people walk around as if they own the world, as if they are better than anyone else. Not ALL black people but most. They walk around acting like we OWE them something when in fact we dont. You get some idiot, over sensitive black person complaining about this picture.

    • ohmally

      It is racist. The US would’nt have that many medals if it was’nt for some of these black athletes in the first place. So stop being in denial.

    • ohmally

      Some black people act like they owe them something, but on the other hand there’s a lot of black folks such as myself don’t expect a dime from anyone. So then how about I have a white athlete run on a track made out of saltine crackers?? lol

      • Nathaniel Lee Lewis

        Now that’s a good one

    • ohmally

      @Tyler don’t all black people in the same category. You don’t speak for them. You must live in a rural town where there is 5% blacks. If we acted like you OWE us something you would get your a$$ kicked everyday. And I’m sure you don’t. You’re just saying this behind a computer screen. Say it to someone’s face.

  • Louis

    Hey, c’mon. IMHO, maybe Google should have thought twice about the image’s color scheme but I don’t think that they meant anything. My experience has been that the average man-on-the-street is not racist – any more than I am. After all, “average man-on-the-street” includes me. :)

  • Dan

    How is this racist? Ok granted the track looks like watermelon but unfortunately grass is naturally green and most tracks in the world are that red colour with white dividing lines so please tell me what is racist about a happy looking black athlete running on a track that loosely resembles that of any Olympics I remember watching?! Oh and what has the world come to where having a black athlete in a game is racist would it not have been more racist to use a white athlete in the first place? Especially since Aries Merritt (YES HE’S BLACK!!!) won the gold medal so congrats to him!

  • http://www.jdanny.com J. Danny

    I’m just wondering why the character is black. Is it such a crime to just draw a white dude? I mean, do we have to throw in an Asian guy and maybe a Mexican so that it looks like a canned stocked photo? We’re so fucking sensitive nowadays.

    • Todd

      You saw the doodle but you didnt look at it. His arms a longer than his legs. Which is why they created the doodle with him in mid air so this wouldnt be notice. Every track I saw on the olympics had white lines. The plantation field in the background doesnt make it any better. This is racism at its best. I’m not mad at what Google did, I’m mad because they thought no one would recognize it. Maggots, born in sh*t!

    • doris castillo

      I feel sorry for people that have the complex that everything is around the black people stop that and enjoy life, that day it was the watermelon day too, its a cartoon very cute and well done don’t spoil the genius with the racist crap, you are the ones who descriminated and the ones you descriminated your own race if I black guy moved to a white neighborhood thet black get upset they only love to be in the getto and walk like getto, learng from The Williams Sister they are black too and they show the people that black people do everyting that withe man do. They show us that it doesn’t matter who you are we are equals in be smart, be rich, go whatever you want to go if you have money
      I can’t go to the places of the williams go do I get ungry ? No they are there becouse they earned.

    • whinny

      you stop being senstive

  • redbones29

    It’s racist! I didn’t even know that there was hype about this. I just clicked on it and noticed it on my own. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me so I googled to see if anyone else detected what I saw. Yes…other detected it too! These bastards are racists! Now, why don’t we stop using google search and start using other search engines!

  • TrystansDad

    no, its not racist. it would have been racist however if Google had not made the character appear black. Google would have been hit for being “unequal”. grow up people. the only way to stop racism is “to quit talking about it” guess who said that? a black guy. MORGAN FREEMAN. now, go learn something.

    • NegroDominicana

      Yes..makes so much sense. Because, we all know the only way to solve something is to not speak about it!! People of colour should say whatever they want..I’m sorry that bringing up the past of your ancestors deeds..makes you uncomfortable(a k a could really give two fucks). You have so much privilege..that you don’t even see it. You never have to wake up in the morning thinking about your race. Never have to go into a grocery store and think about your race. Finding a job is easier, finding a mate is easier, getting a loan is easier, getting a home is easier…come on! Don’t have to worry about being stopped by the police…though studies have shown whites are 4 times more likely to have drugs in their cars. While Blacks and Latinos are searched 2, 3 times more. So NOOOO! We will not stop talking about something that still affects us hundreds of years later..while you and your people don’t suffer one bit for what you have put us through/putting us through.

  • Garreth

    Common guys, the track look like a slice of watermelon, granted the DOODLE designer may not have noticed it, and yes! he/she may have noticed it, But the fact remains, it’s a low key racist jab. And you know what!!!!! White folks owe the world, especially those in America – you guys had a 400 year head start, no wonder you guys are the way you are, you always say AMERICAN BLACKS drop ther ” race card ” but look at yourself – most of you dont even have black frinds outside of your workplace.’ Majority of you are hypocrites ” YOU DONT LIKE BLACK PEOPLE. and this doodle is just another way to show it ….. EVERYDAY RACISM…..

    • Todd

      Straight up Garreth. The truth all the way through!

      • doris castillo

        Todd the black people here in America it’s the most racial people in the world , the rest of the world the black people is very proud to be black, Here they used the excuso so they don’t have to go to school, to pay child support, and love to live in the getto, no because they can’t afford it’s becouse they like. I know a lot drug dealers they can move from the getto but not like to move.
        I remember riding a bus in South Central LA I’m a petite lady and Spanish they so upset becouse I was crusing and ride their bus they told me bad words and they always said
        that I have to go back to Mexico. I have to ride close to the driver and he treat to call the police. Only because I was riding the bus that I need becouse I was working in that Area and that bus make connection with the other bus who is going to Hollywood and was the right bus. You don’t call that racist!
        If you are 60 years Old I understand why you feel that way! because you live and you was treat bad because of the Ignorancy of the people in that Era. But Now we have 45 years that we try to be equals and the blacks want use the raze for everything. Why a Mexican, Ilegal and not language have a House,Car and not is welfare?

        • whinny

          duh u illegal bitch cause the illegals don’t pay taxes. u live in my country for free off every american backs go back to mexico. and news flash ur people are in the ghetto not paying child support and cleaning my toliet. and go back to school and stop speaking mexican ebonics

  • http://www.marketsharewebdesign.com Kathy

    That was the first thing I thought when I saw it…. OMG HOW RACIST
    Made me laugh out loud. I thought it was funny they would do something like that!

    • NegroDominicana

      see insensitive..wow.

  • googli


  • nick

    hahaha this is hilarious. the guy who designed this game either is a genius and did it for the lulz(and deserves a medal- make that a gold medal) or he didn’t even notice and now he’s gonna get fired because america is a bunch of over-sensitive faggots. i love how now ‘google is racist’. it’s kind of hidden in my opinion so most people at google probably didn’t even notice

    • Nathaniel Lee Lewis

      I could not agree more

    • Shawn W

      i second this. EVERYONE IS TOOOOO SENSITIVE! see what happens when DADT gets approved? #americaississified

      • whinny

        sensitive is a klans man on a horse which is your grandfather

    • whinny

      yeah but if it was gays getting offended your white trash ass would rather see that then blacks come up. we are doctors, presidents, lawyers, we built america

      • NegroDominicana

        No..if it were dogs getting thrown outside of windows..then oh my goodness..y’all call PETA! But because we are deemed worthless by whites…our feelings don’t really matter. This is nothing..I once saw a poster of a white man standing in the middle of a room and Black men in a sorta worshipping position were circled all around him. It was for Dell computers or something, I forgot. Yah didn’t buy that shit lol Won’t support a company that puts down my people. It’s crazy how they are the most racist and insensitive of people…and have put us through so much..but continue to ridicule us..excuse me..but who enslaved YOUR ancestors…who took away YOUR culture..who raped YOUR people..who hung YOUR ancestors from trees? Oh my god, I could go on for days..but it’s too damn late.

  • James Crow

    If the spook was carrying a TV with the cops behind it that would be racist. Nah! That would just be a typical pavement ape doing what they do.

    • anonymous


    • ohmally

      @James cracker. They would only put what’s not too obvious. You wouldn’t say what you just said to a black persons face. Continue to hide and talk behind your computer screen. I understand your frustration lol

    • doris castillo

      It’s on your mind if google didn’t post a guy is racist? I the jump place it colored always by red and the watermelon is red you see that day was the watermelon day?
      Do you think the watermelon is going to yeld Discrimination!!!!!!!!!!

    • whinny

      your mom is a so call spook, if a cracker was raping their sisters and brothers and every race plus being a serial killer u should be offended. And look at the census the only race declining is ya’ll white dog smelly asses. ya’ll love us cause ya’ll mixing with every race but your own.

  • Nathaniel Lee Lewis

    So what are they trying to say that only black people eat watermelon?

    • sky

      I think it was a racist stereotyping move on the racist who thought it would be swept under the rug. Not so!


  • Sky

    It looks racist! I was offended when I saw the black guy walk out as a presentation. Also, why does the grass or turf have to be “red” with “black” dots that look like seeds?

    Stop Promoting Racism Google!

  • lol

    seriously people?

    • doris castillo

      That is true also the track is always red for jumping events it has to be red!. watermelon is red also. if google didn’t put a black guy is going to be discrimination too.

  • Ron M.

    Holy crap the black folks need to stop trying to cash in on the racist issues. National Watermelon Day was the same day the Doodle came out so the artist simply tried to combine the two events. Does that make it racist? I don’t see color in the olympics except red, white and blue. It’s a shame racism will never go away because of these kinds of attacks. I’ll bet Al Sharpton is all over this issue trying to make a big deal once again. Stop whining and let people have their free speech.

    • whinny

      oh please i want them to have a serial killer up there running the race and see if u think it is racist or a sterotype.

  • Jones

    I am black and I honestly cant see what wrong with this picture?? All I see is a normal red track, outlined in the while track lines as always and some grass….now if the track had black/white seeds on it, then I would question the photo but I see nothing, I mean nothing wrong with this picture!!

  • James “Swampman” Williams

    It does’nt look like a watermellon to me. Even if it is, that does’nt bother me one bit. I don’t see for the life of me, why some of us Blacks get so upset with this bull about race. This game is about money.Some of us feel like we are’nt nothing unless we are respected by the MASTER. What is wrong with ya’ll.

    • NegroDominicana

      The track that the real athletes were running on were like an orangey/red color…so why is the track red and green..with little spots and shit. Come on man…use your brain! You actually believe that Whites all of sudden love us “niggers” just because we did well a the Olympics…seriously…open your eyes. You will get stumped on, if you continue to see the world as you wish it were, and not how it really is.

  • Linda

    I live in the south and work at a major state university. When I showed the Google doodle to 3 white co-workers who had not heard anything about the incident, within the first two minutes of viewing the doodle, they ALL told me it looked like a watermelon. So, for you ‘black’ people who think that racism does not exist, take another look. There is no need to make a mountain out of a molehill about the incident, but don’t be stupid and close your mind, either.

    • Turpin

      it’s nice to know that all whites in the south are racist…….

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  • Paris

    It’s racist as much as you guys wanna sweep it under the rug it’s rightin your face I know it was national watermelon day but thats they excuse the person that drawers this very smart he know what he was doing but who cares as much as we black ppl complian about it it’s going be racist to the day we die don’t matter who the president that’s just how the world is and I don’t see change in the near future racist runs a long way wit blacks, whites Spanish asian Etc, so it’s nothing to make a fuss about because even if they fire this guy it’s someone in this world going do something racist ignorant ppl can’t help thereself so im going to pray for pol like that and still continue to use google and if there racist or whatever that’s on them ppl stop fussing wit each other and trying to respect everyone opinion it’s only a opinion doesn’t mean there right

  • David

    Ok…Im a Liberal but I am SO sick of this already. Seriously…GET OVER IT.

  • Turpin

    Wouldn’t it be more racist if every guy on the doodles were white? adding in color and race seems like it is more of a good thing then only selecting certain groups of people. Plus, the track that they run on is red with white lines, that’s what it looks like. Also, glad to know watermellon rinds have trees and stuff growing off them…..

  • Lul

    Oh boi, look at all this mad and butthurt. You self-righteous, uptight black power D-bags need to lighten up and stop being such bitches. Google might have just been being racist with the watermelon track, but seriously, don’t be such a baby when someone makes fun of you. The segregation days are over, no african americans are being lynched in public anymore, and none of that shit goes on today. A lot of people think that they can hold this fact above other peoples’ heads forever, but the truth is, whites are already paying their debt. They pay their debt by making it socially acceptable to be treated like shit themselves, while calling someone a “nigger” or a “chink” will get that whitey shit on. Don’t try to justify your own racism towards whites with their mistakes, all you’re doing is bringing yourself down to their level. If you truly hate racism, you won’t hate on other races, doing so anyway makes you a hypocrite.
    (BTW I’m asian, so don’t go saying I’m white trash, you’re basically retarded if you do)

    • Miss. Ha ha

      Dear Lui,
      You me must either be very young, very stupid or simply do not care about the feelings of African-Americans or the racism we face on a daily basis. Part of the racism we face has to do with ongoing stereotypes. Personally, I don’t know how the watermelon thing came about but it has been used against us in very ugly ways. Also, in the south I don’t believe that Black people were the only people eating that very delightful fruit. We are not “acting like babies.” We are tired of being “made of fun” for no reason other than that they we are Black.

      Whites have been in the majority since they overtook this country by force from the indigenous people and ravaged African countries to enslave people. So, if you think that white people allow themselves to be treated like shit, look around you and see which group of people remains in power. We did not initiate racism in this country, we react to it.

  • smurf

    they’re right everyone. We need to stop singling out black people. We need to avoid using people with dark skin color in advertising or public works or they will assume it is racist. The only time it is acceptable to use a black person is if they are seen with white, asian, hispanic, and indian people.

  • Kamron

    Your article is more racist than the doodle, not all blacks are “African American,” That one shows you up badly. As a matter of fact the Americans are yesterday’s news in Track and Field the Jamaicans are kicking ass as we speak. It would have made more sense if you had said the runner looks plain “black.” What’s it with you white people?

  • donna

    if watermelon= black people isn't in your consiousness then you won't see it. Therefore the racism is in the minds of those that make that connection, and in the mind of the creator of the doodle if it was done intentionally.

    • D. Walker

      Blacks have been made to feel like there is something to be embarrassed for concerning foods that we were and are known to enjoy even though, our diets were not much different than White people within the Southern states. Foods such as, fried chicken, ham hocks, watermelon, chitterlings, etc. Gee, haven't White's always eaten these same foods in the South? So why is it used to try to humiliate Blacks for eating these same foods? It is
      pathetic the mind games superior minded White people have played to keep Black away from developing pride associated with our culture. Call these foods Country Cooking, its great in this country, but call it Soul Food, its something o be cursed by these same White people types.

      It's time for all Blacks and good White people to wake up and recognize and acknowledge what wen on and what is still going on with so many Whites who still hold tight to and carry on the Willie Lynch mentality towards Black people in the U.S. such as the individual who designed this doodle for Google. Blacks, please embrace the foods we enjoy that
      have become part of our culture, there’s no shame to be found in it.
      May those one’s such as the one who designed this doodle burn in Hell if he/she does not have a change of heart and mind.

  • phil a buster

    watermelon???i dont see it at all.if its true then google is fucked up.

    • Sharon

      I was just brought here after watching the Wendy Williams Show. I am so disgusted by this. When I saw the Harriet Tubman "google art work" I was appalled. I searched for the Black man running on the watermelon and couldn't believe when it. How can you not see a watermelon? Give me a break!!!!

      • Gurble

        WHy don't worry about the real problems in the black community instead of trying to find some subtle racist innuendo that only exists in your mind to start an argument
        and be a parent to young black children so they can succeed in America like MANY Black people do!

        • Deidre

          (Deep breath, silent prayer) Okay… Look Gurble, there are many problems in the Black community and also in many communities across this planet. No question. Subtle racism is a major problem. No matter what you think or how you flunked History 101, my ancestors were unwillingly brought to work for free to America. White ideas and black sweat built this country. The Black community has made many strides and are still jumping over obstacles. I vote, I pay taxes, and so do all my black friends. But sir you know that was racist, I can sense it from your words. It is in your attitude! You wish we were still in Africa, guess what? We live in your neighborhood, we teach your kids, we are your doctors, we are in your life and WE are the President of the United States of America!!! You know what you are, A KEYBOARD GANGSTER, hardcore words nothing but fluff.

      • Mazda

        Me too! I came from Wendy!
        I'm a Brit we don't have the watermelon sensitive thing here
        I didn't know watermelon was a "thing"

        • Laty

          Same here! Another black Brit wondering why watermelons are being used in a "racist" sense

  • The New Bing User

    Well, for now on I'm using Bing.

  • Jane Peters

    Hard to believe. What’s wrong with Google?

  • steves0912

    blacks love watermellons tho