GoDaddy Washes Hands Of Domain Names In China

Registrar takes after Google, protests government policies

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A company that has over 40 million domain names under its management – and is perhaps better known for controversial ads featuring busty women – has effectively followed Google’s lead in China.  GoDaddy will stop registering domain names in the country.

Ellen Nakashima reported this afternoon that GoDaddy’s taken this step "in response to intrusive new government rules that require applicants to provide extensive personal data, including photographs of themselves. . . .  The rules, the company believes, are an effort by China to increase monitoring and surveillance of Web site content."

GoDaddy may, like Google, lose a bit of revenue due to its decision.  And that missed revenue stream will grow quite a bit larger as more and more Chinese citizens access the Web.

Still, GoDaddy’s decision here is liable to result in a big PR win for the company.  Paying a few women to partially strip on camera doesn’t seem like much compared to supporting free speech in defiance of the Chinese government, after all.

Nakashima wrote that Representative Christopher H. Smith has even stated, "Google fired a shot heard ’round the world, and now a second American company has answered the call to defend the rights of the Chinese people."

GoDaddy Washes Hands Of Domain Names In China
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  • http://www.proactiveinfotech.com/websiteoffers.swf Arvind Kumar Das

    China stands for


    Nature of Chinese people are like that. I heartly express my thanks for taking such steps by the Google. Just keep it up.

  • Guest

    I fully agree with Google & GoDaddy’s moves in supporting the right of the Chinese citizens and boycotting Chinese government. Please realize that this is only in defiance of the government’s tight grip on the Chinese people, so categorizing an entire nation’s “nature” with those five words seem unjustified. There are many Chinese people who aren’t those things, please don’t generalize. Thanks.

  • Really?

    Really Arvind? I hate the Chinese government too, but for you to extend that blatant generalization to all its citizens is very ignorant and stupid of you. Believe it or not, there are millions of Chinese people who, aside from their language, religion, skin color, and location in the world, are pretty much just like you and me as far as basic values and principles. Ever heard of Tienanmen Square?

  • http://www.aboutcivil.com/ Civil Engineer

    China is the emerging super power, no matter how jealous we are. Its government is doing the right thing by making rules and regulations for the use of internet and monitoring it for their National Interest. No one has the right to speak of internal matters of China.

  • http://www.easytourchina.com china tours

    I think it is the business of Google and Godaddy if they decided to quit, please don’t relate the issue to Chinese citizens. Most westerners don’t understand what has happened to China, and what Chinese people think about the government and social system.

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