GoDaddy Elephant Killing Sparks “NoDaddy” Promotion From Venovix

Venovix Follows NameCheap's Lead, Aims to Wrangle GoDaddy Customers

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GoDaddy Elephant Killing Sparks “NoDaddy” Promotion From Venovix
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GoDaddy’s PR misstep, otherwise known as CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant, has led to its competitors stepping up to scoop up the angry customers who are leaving the domain registrar behind. NameCheap was able to get some great PR and a substantial amount of new business, while raising over $20,000 for the Save the Elephants foundation.

Now, Venovix is following NameCheap’s lead as it has announced its “NoDaddy” promotion, offering GoDaddy users free domain migration and web hosting for donating to the International Elephant Foundation.

The offer extends from now until the end of April, and requires users to donate $2 per domain migration to the International Elephant Foundation. In addition, GoDaddy users who switch who switch will get six months of free hosting (with a one-year commitment).

“Upon learning of the disheartening story of Bob Parsons killing an African elephant, we decided to cease our involvement with GoDaddy,” said Michelle Sciuto, marketing director and co-founder of Venovix. “Recognizing the technical challenges others face when switching domain registrars and web hosting providers, we’re helping those who feel compelled to make the transition with us. Venovix will take care of the technical details for free and give you six months of annual web hosting for free. All we ask is for your support of the conservation of elephants with a donation to the International Elephant Foundation.”

The GoDaddy Elephant incident continues to draw massive backlash from people, as well as press coverage, with many pointing to it as an example of simply what not to do as a business.

We talked about it from the reputation management standpoint from the get go. Even Reuters is talking about how small businesses can avoid becoming the next GoDaddy. I’d say not killing elephants is a good start.

GoDaddy Elephant Killing Sparks “NoDaddy” Promotion From Venovix
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  • http://www.ecoselectwindows.com Eco Select Windows

    awesome stuff. I’m glad people are standing up and leaving Go Daddy. The killing is wrong and no I’m Sorry, I was wrong, something. I’m going to have to switch now as well. Thanks for the update a i don’t watch the news

  • Shamu

    This is ridiculous and hilarious. A bunch of hot air. How about donating the money to black kids with big bellies dying by the thousands in Third World countries because lack of food, ha? I seriously doubt 99% of Godaddy’s customers know about this silly issue or care about it. Yeah, all this rant from people saying they are moving their domains because an elephant is a bunch of hot air and just that, rant. None of them will spend money to move their domains because a darn elephant. Business is business. If Godaddy gives me a cheaper deal for domain names, they’ll stay with them. You can’t let emotions drive your business. It cost money to move domains and for some it is a lot of work. I bet Godaddy made millions off this stunt as everybody is talking about them. There is no such a thing as bad publicity.

    • Richard

      Dude, there are still some people out there with integrity and ethics. The only rant I see here comes from you.

    • http://tntkirk.com dxh

      You are the hot air blower. I moved my domains, it was actually a good deal.

      As if the poor service at godaddy was not enough to make me move…

      So the 20000+ who left already are lying?

      • Sarah

        ‘Shamu’ is probably originally from an underdeveloped country- most of them don’t care about animals like Westerners do, seeing them more as competitors for their food. We will never get through to people like Shamu.

  • http://www.zahrawy.net/forum/member.php?u=54841 Lindsey Whitheld

    Way over my head on this. Damn ill have to stare at the net all day now.

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