GoDaddy Elephant Slaughter Draws Massive Backlash

How Not To Do Online Reputation Management

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GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons may need a lesson in online reputation management. Lesson 1: Don’t kill elephants. Lesson 2: If you do kill an elephant, don’t post a video about it on the web. 3: If you do kill an elephant and post a video about it on the web, and then tweet it out to 33,000 followers. Really lesson 1 solves them all, but now he’s learning the hard way as the controversy has taken the web by storm.

Tell us what you think about the situation.

GoDaddy is no stranger to controversy. That’s for sure. This is a whole new kind of controversy though. The following video says it all (warning: it’s graphic):



The video begins with the text, “Of everything I do this is the most rewarding. This video shows one typical night and day.”

“Damage is extensive. Unless elephant are stopped entire crop may be lost,” the captions in the video say. “When crops are lost subsistence farmers risk starvation.”

“Bob Parsons fires first,” they later proclaim. “Bob Parsons fires again. Both shots hit home. “One bull is killed. The rest stampede out of the field unhurt.”

Then it goes to a series of still photos of Parsons posing proudly with the dead elephant. “Early the next morning hungry villagers butcher the elephant,” it then reads, before cutting to footage of the villagers butchering the animal while AC/DC plays over it. Some villagers wear GoDaddy hats.

He even tweeted it. Brilliant.

Just back from hunting problem elephant in Zimbabwe. Here’s my vacation video. Enjoy. http://x.co/TxZ5 20 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The video currently has over 20,000 views, with many more sure to come. You can wade through pages of comments here. Many people say they will be pulling their sites from GoDaddy. Even PETA was using GoDaddy, and is obviously putting a stop to that. PETA, points out that Parsons has also killed a leopard.


PETA added:

It has been well established that elephants are capable of experiencing emotions, including joy, anger, grief, and sympathy. They play with each other and can reason and use tools; they have exceptional memories and form enduring bonds with other elephants. They work together and comfort and protect each other. Elephant offspring stay with their mothers for many years—males for up to 15 years and females for their entire lives. Killing a single elephant can devastate a family, and their mourning ritual over the death of a family member rivals any that we humans have developed.

Parsons is hiding behind the lame claim that killing elephants helps farmers in Africa whose crops are damaged by the animals. In fact, there are ample effective and nonlethal methods to deter elephants from crops, including using chili-infused string and beehives on poles to create low-cost “fences.” Instead of coming up with flimsy excuses for killing these highly intelligent and social animals, Parsons should use his wealth to fund humane solutions to human/elephant conflicts.

Oh yeah, and lesson 4: don’t post videos of leopard killing to the web. And lesson 5: Issue a company press release following the uproar. So far there hasn’t been one posted to the GoDaddy news center since 03/23.

Just posted new video blog: Alligators nipping at your ass? How to hang in there & enjoy the ride. http://x.co/UCKi 7 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Is this guy the real Mr. Burns?

Update: Parsons has been talking since this article originally ran.

What do you think of Parsons’ actions? Comment here.

GoDaddy Elephant Slaughter Draws Massive Backlash
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  • Ralph du Plessis

    What people also fail to realize is that people like Bob Parsons are lining the pockets of the Mugabe regime. Zimbabwe’s wildlife has been devastated by the destruction of a once world class wildlife management infrastructure. The regime has opened the door to the slaughter of elephants, rhinos, leopards, lions you name it.


    • Jon

      Great post Ralph. Totally agree.

      I hope that “Parsons’ Elephant” will enter the English language as meaning that one stupid thing a CEO does that brings down a company.

      (Similar to the way “jumped the shark” is used in reference to TV shows)

  • http://www.saveanelephant.com Alex

    I completely agree!!! He hasn’t even made a point to apologize to anyone… If you want to help you can go to saveanelephant.com

  • Che

    Video wouldn’t have bother me if Parson would’ve been there in the crowd helping cut some meat for the villagers. He was probably cracking jokes at the needy villagers’ expense.

    I’m here thinking, is this guy this stupid to post this video online. But then that’s Godaddy. He cashes in on this controversial stuff. He loves the attention. Everybody is talking about him and his company. A week from now all this ordeal will be forgotten but the hundreds of thousands of backlinks will remain forever. Like “Troy” in the movie “Face-Off” would say, “I’m sleeping with his wife… doesn’t that break yar heart… [sick laughing here]”.

    • http://bloketoys.co.uk/ Mens Sex Toys

      I’m not sure that GoDaddy can survive this actually. From what I’ve seen this is far more divisive than anything they’ve done before, with the vast majority (VAST) condemning his behaviour.

      But, it does say something about business; even the most stupid of people with so little common sense can become a millionaire. The real task is becoming more intelligent along the way and keeping what you’ve gained! Obviously he failed in that regard.

      I fully expect to see a report in about six months announcing that GoDaddy is now bankrupt. Obviously they are morally bankrupt already, the finances will follow.

      • http://livingwilltemplate.com Denny

        I don’t think it will affect his business. People forget very quickly and the low priced domain and reliable servers will influence his future more than a elephant hunt.

  • Tom Aplin

    I’ve been on three African hunting safaris and understand and support the value of properly regulated hunting, mainly because it provides a viable economic basis to keep land wild and unpopulated, by people and domestic animals. Wildlife cannot compete with people and need wild land, and the encroachment of elephants on farms and villages is a problem. This is due primarily to unchecked human population growth in Africa. However, shooting elephants at night in Zimbabwe is wrong. First, sportsmen do not hunt at night. It’s unethical, if not illegal. Second, Zimbabwe is hardly a properly regulated country — it’s run by a ruthless dictator who has no regard for his people or the environment. Parsons is obviously an ego-maniac. Let’s hope his video launchs a debate that may in the end help Zimbabwe and its elephants.

    • vybixa

      If you have ethical objections to hunting, fair enough, and from the face of it, they look legitimate. However, just because Zimbabwe is headed by a “supposed” dictator does not mean that the dictator runs the national / wildlife parks. In fact, the argument is typical of western imperialism and “bubble” thinking. Zimbabwe has millions of citizens and blaming everything (that even Parsons does) on Mugabe is shallow and only akin to the west attacking Libya for no good reason other than testing out their military muscle.

      • Joe

        The Wests inability to understand and/or deal with international situations is no reason to justify what has happened in Zimbabwe or Libya. The fact is that an ineffectual government of any description anywhere creates a climate where corruption increases, and wildlife protection decreases because there’s no money in it. And yes, it is the governments job to protect, police and look after ‘national’ parks.

        And no one is bigging up the West – it’s our consumer system that leads to these bloated all-powerful CEOs that think they are gods walking among us.

        What an insecure man to have to kill a magnificent and beautiful eight tonne wild animal just to feel better about himself. Problem elephant? Try Problem human!!!

    • Fatherof3

      Tom, As a long-time dedicated hunter, I agree on the hunting issues. Not a good thing to be hunting at night, although I am ignorant as to customs in that area. Nonetheless, not very sportsman-like. As to the political issues, no comment, as I don’t have enough information. As to those people who fail to see the immense value of regulated hunting (and the fact this it is the hunters in the U.S. that pay for virtually all wildlife conservation efforts, of which which everyone – including PETA-like people benefit), please educate yourselves.

      • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

        And if we don’t like it, then vast social and economic reengineering will be entailed.

      • Brian

        PETA’s point is that there are more humane ways to control animals. Having wildlife conservation areas so that hunters can kill animals and feel good about conservation isn’t very valuable to me or to animals. I’m sure the animals don’t die instantaneously every time they’re shot. Also, do these “conservation areas” have any regulations about making sure that animals don’t suffer by getting shot in the leg and hopping away or, if you kill one of their family members and the others are left to mourn?

        • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

          Who will foot the bill?

  • PPC

    I’m sure Bob could have bought enough corn for all of Zimbabwe for a year and not blinked an eye.

    What a jerk.

    He is no real hunter. He is no real sportsman either.

    As a dedicated hunter this sickens me.

    • Ryan

      He is less than a hunter this is just legal poaching, as Tom said a true hunter would never shoot an animal at night. He gives legitimate hunters everywhere a bad name.

      • Mark

        Hunting at night? The only thing that sucks about it the chance of not getting a clean kill due to reduced visibility. Nothing is worse than having a wounded animal get away. Except for maybe rednecks shooting at unidentified objects/people.

        Get in close, shoot straight. People should not be pulling the trigger if they can not guarantee an instant or at least a fast bleed out kill. Not that I want to be standing in front of an killer elephant without an RPG.

        This guy who shot the elephant is a tool for being so proud of it. They truly are a beautiful creature. Shame they can be a pest. At least this one got eaten. Hate when people kill for the sport of it.

  • Stacey Cunningham

    what a complete a-hole!! elephants are majestic creatures and should not be killed for sport! i hope people think again before using his services from now on. i will never use godaddy again! Im sorry but I cant support this type of behavior. lets send a message loud and clear! if you have sites with godaddy move them to a different provider! I moved my sites today to ferngullygraphics for hosting take that bob parsons!

  • bj

    What a friggin idiot.

    I have more than a thousand domains with godaddy as registrar. I’m going shoppin’ for a new place. This guy is WAY outta touch. Sickening and stupid.


    Soon-to-be-ex-godaddy customer

    • Jason

      you’re full of crap. Over a thousand domains? You’d be far too busy to post here. Learn the truth about those elephants before you put your foot in your mouth again.

      • http://www.clintlenard.com Clint Lenard

        A thousand domains makes you too busy to comment on sites like this? Well, I guess I shouldn’t be posting here, then… like the above poster, I’m now taking my business elsewhere. I have nearly 500 domains at GoDaddy alone, with more spread out at Namecheap (far better than GoDaddy), Moniker, Name, etc.

        You’re obviously not an Internet Marketer if you think that owning 1,000+ domains makes you too busy to reply to something that is important to you.

        • http://www.ecnbc.com Ryan

          I agree with bj and clint, many people don’t realize that 500-1000 domains is common for many Internet Marketing professionals. And even if one owns 5000 domains that doesn’t (and shouldn’t) change a person’s views or passion to questions about life/death and ethical/unethical.

          • http://naturalremediesforlupus.com/ Laura Jean – Natural Remedies for Lupus

            Wished I had a 1000 or even 500 domains!

            Mr. Parsons is not to bright… but if he is bringing GoDaddy down why not just fire him?

    • http://livingwilltemplate.com Denny

      1000 domains transferred would cost you a pretty penny, just for the sake of proving a point….money would be better spent donating to a animal fund of your choice.

  • Kain

    Wow what an asshole.

    This is gonna cost him big.

    Now I gotta go and transfer my domains.

  • lynn mincher

    YOU ARE SICK!!!GET HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.stripinfo.be Surya

    Problem elephant? Say what? The problem is humans invading the natural habitat of those animals and eroding it more and more each day. The problem is NOT the animals, its humans… as in most cases.

    • http://samedice.com/ Same Dice

      I completely agree. There’s no such thing as a “problem elephant”.

      • Jason

        Go live in Zimbabwe, then tell me there are no problem elephants…. You’d starve to death

        • http://www.clintlenard.com Clint Lenard

          So you live there? If not, then go to Zimbabwe, then tell me if you’d starve to death because of problem elephants…. you won’t starve to death.

        • Never Liked Bob Parsons

          Elephants have noting to do with starvation in Zimbabwe. There has been published stories where “dreadlocked” mobs armed with sticks, stones and a shotguns raided diary farms and told the owners “This is the law, you must throw the milk on the ground.”

          Robert Mugabe made good on threats to “drive the country to starvation with a campaign not just to reclaim white-owned land but to destroy the farming system.”

          Mugabe told the world that Zimbabwe “needs no food assistance from outside.” In 2009, reports were that over 12,000 people died every month. Funny thing is, I never heard that elephants were the issue.

          Bob Parsons is an asshole. Its one thing to shamelessly demean women to make a few sleazy dollars selling hosting services, its another to kill an endangered species under the guise that they cause starvation in Zimbabwe.

          Elephant poaching is something that still happens too fool. As far as I am concerned, Bob Parsons is a poacher and the U.S. should consider bringing charges.

    • Jim

      Of course, all humans should just die, don’t want to crowd out the animals ya know, that would be inhumane. I suppose we need to find another word for that.

      • http://www.clintlenard.com Clint Lenard

        No, you’re right… what humans should do is over populate and take out all of Earth’s wildlife because other creatures are taking up space. All of those “yucky animals” and their friends. Get rid of them all.

        Or, we can do what was intended and live in harmony, with respect to the land that these creatures lived on before we arrived.

      • Never Liked Bob Parsons

        Keep in mind that when all the animals dies, we too die.

      • http://www.stripinfo.be Surya

        Well, call me whatever you like, but for me animals have just as much right to live as humans. But elephants are going extinct, not something you can say about humans…

    • Fatherof3

      Okay, Sura, the first thing we do, let’s kill all the people (as Shakespeare would say, taking a bit of artistic liberty). Really, now, these people already live there.

      • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

        Or we can help them bootstrap out from poverty.

      • http://www.stripinfo.be Surya

        So do the elephants, and they’ve probably been there longer than those farmers…

  • R

    After u kill an elephant, you and I are done.

  • http://spinbot.com spin doc

    The funny thing is that the Zimbabwe doesn’t want funds to “save the elephants” .. please namecheap get a clue

  • Ed

    I am shocked!!!! I used to respect this guy. Infact; I would view his video’s on business, and quote him often. I loved GoDaddy and doing with them.

    Well it’s over now, I will transfer every domain (a few hundred) and close my account.

    At the end, HE WILL BE PUNISHED, and I am willing to bet sooner then later.

  • http://www.searchengineoptimizationjournal.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    Let this be a warning to business everywhere! Just because his actions weren’t illegal, obviously there are the moral repercussions of angry customers to contend with. When you’re reputation ties directly with that of your company, you can’t afford to play with fire.

  • Tim

    This was the most disgusting video I have ever
    experienced. Bob Parsons should be condemned for his actions.

  • http://www.arcanasphere.com MrAndrewJ

    The villagers approached him to ask for help.

    He gave them the help they asked for and said it was rewarding to do so.

    I don’t see the issue.

    • Wuakitten

      Seriously? You think he was just wandering around Zimbabwe with a gun and villagers ran up to him asking for help? Or do you think a bunch of starving villagers in Africa called him up? Do YOU have his #, I have a mouse problem in my shed – perhaps he could give me a hand. Get a clue.

      • http://www.arcanasphere.com MrAndrewJ

        There are a lot more animals to hunt than simply Elephants. Any of those could have been the reason for his weapon(s).

        Also, this was the message being relayed before the mob got angry. There hasn’t been a message since that I am aware of.

        I have quite a clue. I am also thinking with my head first, before my feelings can take over. It is a habit, I’m learning, that helps a person make a lot of good decisions while attracting a lot of angry critics.

        I’m very secure in the facts at hand and my interpretation of them alike.

        • Good Dog

          The fact is that he shot an elephant. Doesn’t matter how or why – there are other options available. End of story!

          • Fatherof3

            Yes, there are other options available, such as, oh, say STARVING HUMANS!

          • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

            Whatever those other options, all surely easier said than done, would first need to be enacted, before the elephant hunting can cease. -treating the cause rather than merely the symptom.

        • Jimm Bankes

          You mean to say, “He was just wandering around the countryside WITH ELEPHANT RIFLES!

          What did it take? Two shots? Thankfully they edited the part where the animal lay bleeding to death all nite, and the horrific sounds that accompany that.

          He didn’t have just any weapons, those were elephant rifles, specifically made to shoot very large mammals.

          So, no he “happened” to be there looking for elephants to hunt. I would not doubt it if he has published that he went there looking for this “opportunity”.

          I bet he had to pay a small fortune to be able to hunt and kill his elephant in the middle of a farm late at night.

          What would have been “cool” would have been if he designed a better fence, or deterrent to keep out the elephants, and tested that.

    • http://www.clintlenard.com Clint Lenard

      Yep, he was just chillin’ like a villain, drinking some beer on the warm, sandy beaches of Zimbabwe when one of the locals said “Yo dawg, you help kill Elephant, K?”

      Give me a break, he made this trip to get his rocks off while killing an innocent creature, all in the name of egoism.

    • Never Liked Bob Parsons

      Can you say endangered species?

    • http://www.stripinfo.be Surya

      If I ask you to kill my neighbor, and you do it, does that make it OK?

  • Tango & Cash

    I seriously doubt any of you will transfer your domains out of Godaddy. In fact I can put my right hand on the chopping block that you checked this morning your email for more Godaddy discounts. This only benefits Godaddy and I seriously doubt their business will be hurting anytime soon. Probably he made millions out of this stunt.

    Look, Namecheap is outraged at this video and sent an email yesterday to all its members asking to transfer domains out of Godaddy for only $4.something. Take advantage of that. Namecheap is the most trusted, reliable domain registrar that has ever existed. There must be only a few hours left for this deal. Check their website.

    • Josh M.

      I transferred 10 of my domains and will transfer the rest off soon. No more GoDaddy for me – I can’t support elephant murder for any cost.

    • Jack

      I just transferred all my domains.. lots of work.. had opther things to do today.. but sometimes you have to do, what you have to do.. Elephants have a soul.. how can anyone hurt them like that?? by the way thats 73 domains!! I might not cost this bastard much but all of us will have a voice….

    • Jason

      namecheap is not reliable at all. I used to use them before I transfered to GoDaddy. Namecheap’s servers crash multiple times a week which means people can’t get to your web site.

    • GoDaddy!

      I’m transferring all my domains to GoDaddy right now. Anyone that would sacrifice one Elephant to feed hundreds of villagers is a humanitarian. If you disagree than you are saying one Elephants life is more importantant that hundreds of Africans, and that makes you a racist!

    • Fatherof3

      I am transferring ALL of my 50,000 domains to GoDaddy right now as my support for Bob Parsons. Go, Bob, Go!

  • Bob

    It’s just an elephant guys. There are more serious things to worry about in this world than a darn elephant which are a dime a dozen over there and people are dying of hunger because of them. This is a non-issue over there. It’s like my ex-wife, the only darn thing she cared about was her darn dog. Only thing that damned dog did was jump on my lap and ruin a pair of good Khakis. Do I want him dead? Of course.

    I think you guys have too much time on your hands. When was the last time you donated some money to this cause? When was the last time you donated to feed the kids in the Third World who die of hunger everyday? When was the last time you donated anything other than to the local burger hut when you were hungry? Those are questions we need to ask ourselves before criticizing Parson. This is a non-issue really. Farmers will die of hunger over there if this is not done.

    • Wuakitten

      What have you ever done other than criticize everything and everyone? People have an opinion and disagree with his actions. I hope someone bigger than you encroaches on your home and tries to drive YOU away. See how fair you think THAT is.

      • Never Liked Bob Parsons

        “Bob” and “GoDaddy” are apparently ignorant. Elephants are not “A dime a dozen over there,” and sacrificing “one Elephant to feed hundreds of villagers” makes Bob Parsons a poacher.

        Elephant numbers have dropped from 1.4 million to an estimated 200,000 to 300,000. In 2009, the population of Zimbabwe was 12,522,784.

        • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

          This makes the human problem therefore also the more urgent. Pverty is always an environmental threat.

          • Stacie

            Those folks over there need to help themselves and get over it, move one, leave zimbabwe. Sorry you’re starving, folks do that here too but if you kill an animal out of season to feed your family, you’re going to jail, so those folks who think it’s ok to poach over there, must think it’s ok to do it here so don’t be b****in if someone kills your dog, cat, sheep, pig, or whatever, those ppl are hungry

          • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

            Stacie, do you really think the sunsistance farmers of Zimbabwe have anywhere else to go?

          • http://fluidmediums.blogspot.com/ Go daddy Orphan

            very smart thing to say! Poverty the worst form of violence.

            The ups and downs of switching servers.
            I have about 20 domains on the murderers site.

            Every time one comes up for renewal I transfer it to 1 and 1

            then point it.

            When the hosting account comes up, I will move all of it.

            Have you seen the painting elephants on you tube?

            Astonishing how smart they are, but I imagine they had to endure a lot of hell to be forced to paint.


      • Fatherof3

        Hey, Wuakitten, I think Bob (commenter, not Parsons) has a right to an opinion, too. Do you agree? Or has everyone here who disagrees with Bob Parsons’ actions achieved such high spirtual, intellectual, emotional and moral perfection? Humans First, Animals Second.

        • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

          Of course, we must reject zero sum.

        • Delboy

          Humans are the biggest virus on this planet, being the only creatures that are at odds with nature. Animals are far more important and the sooner the human race has destroyed itself, which won’t take very much longer, the better. The planet can then commence the process of recovery from the damage inflicted by us.

          • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

            You, first!

    • Josh M.

      Your first paragraph is extremely ignorant – I hope you get that. “It’s just an elephant.” I could say the same thing about you – you’re “just a human.” Elephants are very intelligent and emotional animals. Get a clue.

      • Jeremie

        That damn dog and elephant I would save over you Bob.

      • Fatherof3

        Josh, the clue is that elephants and humans are NOT the same. C’mon, even a two-year old KNOWS that.

        • Stacie

          And yet they feel, hurt, love, have rituals, families. I saw a documentary not too long ago stating how similar our brains are in certain respects. If someone shoots you, will there be anyone to care or even be sad? I guarantee the herd that elephant was taken from is sad and mourning

  • http://www.ecoselectwindows.com Windows Seattle

    I don’t get it. Why can’t they chase the Elephant off, instead of kill it. I lost alot of respect for Go Daddy and to think I used them for domain names. I will be switching and others should as well. Some people are cavemen.

    • Josh M.

      Yep – there are other ways to keep an elephant away from your crops. But using those methods you don’t get a nice trophy for your wall. I hope Bob loses a ton of business for this.

  • Peter D Chaffey

    That a person of this ilk who enjoy killing animals and bragging about it can be lucky enough to be wealthy are competely base and henoius as peta has inserted. To kill for entertainment is nothing short of blood lust and to travel to Africa to kill an elephant, a species we humans have already horribly abused, is morally bankrupt. One hopes we as a species are evoling towards not killing things needlessly but sometimes one wonders. There was a time in history when rich people raped and killed people for fun and we have seen fit to no longer to do this. I hope the bad karma that Bob Parsons has generated here comes back on him and his sexist company. Disgusting! Thank You

    • Josh M.

      “Morally bankrupt” is a great way to describe his actions.

  • http://www.arcanasphere.com MrAndrewJ

    Where to start?

    It’s spelled “Loser.” You are now promoting homophobia and murder as an answer to game being hunted for food. “Hate” is being used as a desirable emotion to feel. Along the way, you described the man using a very racist term.

    At what point have you chosen to set the moral example for others to follow? At least Bob feed some villagers.

    • Josh M.

      FYI, “redneck” is not a racist term – it does not describe a race. E.g. all white people aren’t rednecks and all rednecks aren’t necessarily white. Also you say you think without emotion first. That makes you a robot! Cool!

      • http://www.arcanasphere.com MrAndrewJ

        From wikipedia: “Redneck is a historically derogatory slang term used in reference to poor white farmers in the Southern United States.[1] [2] It is similar in meaning to cracker (especially regarding Georgia and Florida), hillbilly (especially regarding Appalachia and the Ozarks),[3] and white trash”

        See the entry on “redneck.” Yes, the term is racist. It is very racist in its roots and has just as little business being used as any other racist slur.

        Co-workers have been known to call me “Android,” if somewhat affectionately, by the way.

        • Jack

          Ok.. Jack is Back and I am in the mood to attack!! First of all.. Josh is a smart man.. the only racist person is you MrAndrewJ for attaching a slang word such as redneck to white people automatically… and thanks for refernecing a useless website for definition… Next.. you think rich people hunt for free.. no.. he paid for that elephant to be shot in permit and rights.. his whole trip perhaps cost in the ragne of $50,000 to %80,000.. including air fare and those guys around him helping him find the poor animal.. If this “redneck” cared he has enough money to create a sancutary for these animals and help the hungary people eat by providing food and teach them ways for them to farm and get water to them.. but no that would be too dificult, lets just kill the poor animal.. anyone who thinks this is the way to go, there is a word for you in wikepdia and its called “redneck!!” ..

        • http://www.clintlenard.com Clint Lenard

          Rednecks got their name due to the color of their skin while working in the sun. I’m sure you’re OK with the NFL having a team called the Redskins and MLB with the name Cleveland Indians, while using a derogatory image, though…good luck with that, “Android.”

        • Never Liked Bob Parsons

          Last I checked, wikipedia was not an authority on race.

          Redneck is NOT similar in meaning to cracker. Cracker is a word slaves used to describe their white owners because of the sound a whip makes. Slave owners were not “poor white farmers” who only lived in Georgia and Florida. If you knew anything about history, you’d know that it was South Carolina that pushed for secession because it did not want to give up its slaves.

          I am a white Yankee transplant living in SC, would I be considered a redneck, hillbilly cracker?

          Does AndrewJ stand for Andrew Jackson, rich slave owner and seventh President of the United States?

    • Fatherof3

      Andrew, I feel for you. You are using logic against an emotional mob mentality that puts animals before humans. They don’t understand, and never will, as they flip their filets, Delmonicos, and babyback ribs on the barby, with leather sandals (of which they paid $400 for the pair), while holding Coach leather bags. No, those weren’t “innocent animals,” those products were bought in a store. Of course, now we see name-calling (e.g., “redneck,” etc.), which is a testament to the mentality behind the comments. You and I (and others here) know that we are both on solid, logical ground, with no hypocrisy. I can sleep very, very well tonight. And, I have three children – all under the age of ten – and they cannot wait until they are old enough to hunt, daughter included.

      • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

        I confess that I am glad enough to be shielded from where my sausages and shoe leather come from. Indeed, I am an advocate of tissue culture research, that will enable the production of meat (or: “shmeat”) without suffering animals. And in the meantime, miserable animals kept immobile lifelong in battery farming, might as well be born into a permanent vegetative state on life support and cauterized. This could also vastly improve sanitation and Improve public health.

        • http://www.google-directions.com Rick

          Bob parson is a really smart guy, who knows why he is doing this, but remember that it must be for a reason

          • jorge

            Bob parson is a lucky guy. Nothing more. And a killer.

      • Brian

        No, we don’t all buy leather or eat animals. Hopefully your kids will learn to think for themselves at some point.

  • Frank

    If it’s about meat, then why does Bob Parsons of Godaddy leave the carcasses of the leopards that he shoots and kills to rot on the ground? Yes, he kills cats too. And he’s proud of it. Check out his videos.

    • Never Liked Bob Parsons

      If he gave a damn, he would use his business and wealth to help the starving people of Zimbabwe, while protecting elephants at the same time.

  • Scott Atkinson

    What a douchebag.

  • Michelle P. L.

    Bob makes out like he was doing them a big favor. If he really wanted to help the people in Zimbabwe he would help start something sustainable like COMACO has done in Zambia. They’ve figured out the best way to save Elephants and wildlife while helping people learn skills to earn money and feed themselves – check out http://www.itswild.org and this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjFfRAtZ83c – pass this on to help focus attention towards an organization that deserves it rather than giving Bob more of the attention he craves.

    • http://www.lindastacy.com Linda Stacy

      Love those links. Thank you. I’m going to take your suggestion and do my best to help focus positive attention towards organizations such as COMACO. They are doing great things (as are many others) and deserve our support and attention.

  • Larry Bolar


    Good God man, what were you thinking? Money..who needs it! You went out to kill an endangered species. Nice shot (s). Wow, you are so brave, we could use you in Ahganstan. Karma will get you.


  • http://samedice.com/ Same Dice

    I’ll be moving all my GoDaddy domains asap.

  • http://I'mchangingcompanies Leana Lovejoy

    I’ll gladly pay more to a truly heartful and loving company. Elephants are one of the most amazing animals on our planet. We need to nurture them and allow them to flourish. Thumbs down to Bob Parson.

  • http://gamedaydog.com GameDayDog

    Wow, I heard him on Piers Morgan tonight and he said – If he didn’t kill the elephant, crops would be destroyed and the people would be on welfare.


  • Paul

    Trying to help the farmers. Yeah, right!

    Some people just like to kill things. At least they could be honest about it.

    Go to hell daddy!

  • Greg

    Today, 63 domains moved to a new registrar. He has received the last penny from me.

  • Ronald

    You killed an ELEPHANT! It was living a few days ago (one of the few left on this planet) trying to simply live with the other two, but you killed it AT NIGHT!

  • pat

    egotistical bastard

  • Ian Jones

    If the poor elephant needed to be shot then it should have been
    left to the Zimbabwean game professionals. I am sure GoDaddy.com
    would not allow Zimbabwean game professionals to start interfering
    in GoDaddy.com data centers – so why should the GoDaddy.com CEO go
    hunting a Zimbabwean elephant.

    If the answer to that was to put money into the Zimbabwean economy, rest assured some of that will have gone to help the Mugabe regime.

    • Jason

      Have you ever met a Zimbabwe game official? Didn’t think so. Why don’t you look it up and see if they even exist?

  • http://medigro.org john parsons

    Found out about this creep the day I was registering the above site. Thank goodness because I was going to use Go daddy. I won’t be paying for any of his bullets.

  • http://www.categorycomputers.com Dieter

    Elephants are giving up the hope to live in Africa. They are taking revenge for the slaughter, and stupid GoDaddy CEO plays God in a county full of dictators. Go hide in the bushes and see children getting raped and murdered you idot

  • ernst

    absolutely disgusting, our company will pull off all our sites (over 50) from GoDaddy

    • Jason

      Get the facts before you waste your money and time making the move.

  • Nathan Martyn

    Sick! I could pull apart every word said and published by this animal man, but won’t waste the readers time. Take your business elsewhere if you can, and post a email to GoDaddy letting them know.
    Good luck.

  • Pete

    Having lived and worked in Africa, the statement from PETA is correct they also have left something out. I have witnessed elephant coming together and deliberately being destructive, they will also find a way into a hut and kill who is ever in there. Elephants are highly intelligent and they have been known to single out individuals. Elephants follow a trail, a trail that has been there for 100’s if not 1000’s of years to water or feed. Man has come along and built houses, farms even cities and the elephants will crush what ever in its way.
    In the wild like in human society you will get a rouge male who will stop at nothing, they will kill anything that gets in their way, they even been known to take on hippos. I do not agree what Bob Parsons has done but rouge bull have to be culled or they will kill and destroy what ever stand in their way. Last thing for villages to eat elephant meet the must be hungry as I have tasted elephant meat and it disgusting.

    • CSB

      Well I would go “ROGUE” too if someone came along killed and ate my family, and continued to do so. You would see me morph into a bull elephant and stop at nothing until I had revenge. Funny how only humans are allowed justice.

  • Lucy

    It is heartbreaking. I couldn’t even watch the video. Killing any animal for sport and claiming a good reason for it, is monstrous. Just goes to show you, any idiot can make money regardless of his lack of class.

  • KJ

    Well, he can do what he likes. I don’t agree with him. At all. However I would pull my cash ouut of Go Daddy as its being run by a moran who thinks he can plainly lie about the reasons. Be honest, Bob, and you will get more respect. You did it to be a ‘man’. I will pull Go Daddy as you are a liar…

  • glen

    He would have been better shooting Mugabe rather than the Elephant – that would have done far more good for Zimbabwe.

  • Good Dog

    I find his behaviour reprehensible. He hides behind the “helping the community” but the reality is that he wants to hunt! Otherwise he could have used other methods to move the elephants, using well known conservation organisations.

    Makes me sick, and I will never use GoDaddy again.

  • Stefan Tita

    GoDaddy is owned by Bob Parsons but GoDaddy is about hosting, not about killing elephants. I like GoDaddy because is a good service. I even don’t discuss the private life of Bob Parsons. In other words, I hat some people’s hypocrisy.

    • Good Dog

      And it’s the money that you pay for those domains that fund his ability to actually go on his killing spree! I refuse to be a party to that behaviour and so no money will flow from my pockets or my clients into his coffers!

    • Carla

      @Stephan Tita I will excuse your ignorance. Apparently you have not understood the magnitude of what has been discussed.Perhaps you suffer from ‘Parsons Syndrome” an ailments that afflicts persons who see the world through their eyes only. Shame on you!

  • cv

    He is a PUKE

  • jerry

    Elephants, Guns, Shoot, Africa, Parsons, video, —Really who cares why is this news…I don’t get it!! We have to solve a few more pressing problems than some damn animals in that goofy continent! Let it go, get a life!!

  • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

    Without being any less concerned regarding conservation, the endangered elephant and animal suffering, I am thankful to get the other side of the story for a more complete situation analysis and problem statement integrating the desperate human drama of the subsistence farmers continually encroaching and eroding the Elephant’s habitat, replete with the shocking climactic scene of a frenzied starving crowd swarming for meat over the elephant carcass. PETA sentimentality a Ad Hominem be damned! In such intractable interspecies conflict, no solution for the elephant can ignore human poverty and desperation. -it’s not just that of the elephants.

    • Fatherof3

      Ah, finally, a refreshing wind of logic . . . thanks Aaron.

  • Frank Ryu

    If he cares so much about the starving villagers, he can always give them some of his precious money!

  • Gurdip

    Incredibly stupid move, Bob. Look at the backlash and the number of people moving away from your service. Godady will not go out of business as a result, but this news will be all over the web for many years to come.

    Do some damage control now. Donate a million or so to support a good animal welfare organisation, go vegetarian and get your head checked; something’s just not right in there.

    I was just beginning to move over from another registrar as I felt Godaddy’s user interface was better although it is a little costlier than my existing one. I have put a halt to the move and will look into getting another registrar for my company’s needs.

  • http://bloketoys.co.uk/ Mens Sex Toys

    The guy is an idiot of the highest order.
    Have Elephant only just arrived there? Have they not been dealing with this problem for thousands of years already?
    Why do they need a wealthy, white, American CEO to come and hunt for them?
    The fact is, they don’t, this guy is a typical egotistical American Idiot thinking he’s some sort of hero while managing to find a niche where he gets to murder and try to look like a nice guy too.

    I know plenty who are hosted with GoDaddy, or were. They are now pulling all their business with them, and I would urge all other’s to do the same. Even if you don’t find a problem with a company associating itself with this, you have to consider how safe your business is with them when their customers are leaving in droves. As their numbers fall, their systems become ever more limited through cost and scaling back, you’ll find yourself paying more and getting far less as they try to rescue their failing company.

    Even if I didn’t find the man utterly disgusting, I’d be moving my business from them simply based on the public perception of using them, and the likelihood that they’ll be going bankrupt within a year.

    Stay with GoDaddy if you want people, but does it make any kind of sense to do so, even if your moral opinion is somewhat lacking?

    Good luck if you stay with them, you’ll see your numbers dropping as word spreads about the companies who still do business with them. I can see a list being created as we speak, naming and shaming all those who use this foul company.

  • http://aussiecigars.com mark thompson

    What a disgrace, perhaps we should sneak up on him in the middle of the night and shoot him twice make a video tweet about our victory post the video on the blog. What no why ? ohhhhhh because its wrong bob seems to think its ok !

    • Fatherof3

      You can’t be serious. Killing a human equates with killing an elephant?

      • http://www.FoolQuest.com Aaron Agassi

        Indeed, only the elephant could be forgiven for thinking that way.

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