GoDaddy Could Be Down From One Hour To One Month, Anonymous Own3r Says

    September 10, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Update: GoDaddy says service is completely restored, and that the outage was not the result of a hack. Full statement here.

As previously reported, GoDaddy is experiencing some downtime, and a member of Anonymous is taking credit (though only on behalf of himself).

More on this developing story here.

When asked on Twitter how long he plans for this to go on, Anonymous Own3r indicated that it could last for one hour or for one month. Here’s the exchange:


GoDaddy has tweeted that it is aware of the situation, and is working on it. It will be interesting to see how long it actually does go on. Meanwhile, people just want their sites to work so they can get on with business as usual.

  • craig

    I hope this bloody idiot is quickly nabbed by the FBI and sued through the teeth then jailed.

  • Rod

    I hope they catch this inbred waste of DNA and shove his system up his backside….

  • Kevin

    This wasn’t the first attack. This person was responsible for bringing facebook down too. http://www.hiperfree.com/blog/2012/urgente-facebook-passa-por-problemas/

  • Will

    I’m glad GoDaddy is down. I do not support ANY company that supports censorship of the internet, especially when it doesn’t effect them! Forget GoDaddy!