GoDaddy CEO Defends Elephant Killing

Bob Parsons Slams PETA

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Previously, we reported on the backlash GoDaddy has been facing, following the posting of a video by CEO Bob Parsons of Parsons killing an elephant.

PETA has been very vocal about it, naturally, but so have many others who aren’t necessarily part of any animal rights groups. Lots of people have been talking about pulling their sites from GoDaddy.

Parsons defended himself in a Mashable interview, and is apparently making the rounds.

Over 10 nat’l interviews today. Will be on news tonight. Love explaining why it’s a good thing to help starving people. 3 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Here’s an exerpt from the interview:

“In Zimbabwe, the people there are incredibly impoverished,” said Parsons. “They treasure an empty plastic water bottle. It’s heart-wrenching to watch … These people are all subsistence farmers, and if they don’t have a good harvest, they starve. That’s it — there’s no support, there’s no welfare, and if they starve, they will die.”

To keep elephants from trampling crops, villagers try building fires, banging drums, cracking whips and even building fences. But the light and noise are ignored, and the fences, Parson says, just get trampled. Electric fences, this deep into the African bush, aren’t a realistic solution. Parsons says he hoped to solve the crop-trampling problem for these villagers in a different way.

While some have pointed to the diminishing population of elephants, Parsons said, “Taking a bull has little or no impact on the social structure or herd size.”

Here is what PETA had previously said about it:

It has been well established that elephants are capable of experiencing emotions, including joy, anger, grief, and sympathy. They play with each other and can reason and use tools; they have exceptional memories and form enduring bonds with other elephants. They work together and comfort and protect each other. Elephant offspring stay with their mothers for many years—males for up to 15 years and females for their entire lives. Killing a single elephant can devastate a family, and their mourning ritual over the death of a family member rivals any that we humans have developed.

Parsons is hiding behind the lame claim that killing elephants helps farmers in Africa whose crops are damaged by the animals. In fact, there are ample effective and nonlethal methods to deter elephants from crops, including using chili-infused string and beehives on poles to create low-cost “fences.” Instead of coming up with flimsy excuses for killing these highly intelligent and social animals, Parsons should use his wealth to fund humane solutions to human/elephant conflicts.

Parsons’ latest tweets have just been slams at PETA:

PETA awards me “The Scummiest CEO of the Year Award!” Here’s why that doesn’t bother me at all http://x.co/UIN7 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

If you were a dog or a cat, where is the last place you’d want to be? Answer: a PETA shelter. http://x.co/UINF 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Parsons must have known the video, and the manner in which the whole incident was portrayed (accompanied by an AC/DC soundtrack) would grab people’s attention, and for many, not in a positive way. GoDaddy is no stranger to controversy – see Super Bowl commercials – but this is in a whole other ballpark.

Parsons did get everybody talking about GoDaddy. That’s for sure. Many are talking about the GoDaddy hats the villagers are wearing in the video as they slaughter the elephant.

Still no actual news relsease from the company.

GoDaddy CEO Defends Elephant Killing
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  • http://www.arcanasphere.com MrAndrewJ

    Bob Parsons just made me smile.

    I was hoping for a brave press release. This one was all out courageous.

    As an aside, I wonder how many African villagers the critics have personally helped to feed. Good job all around, Bob.

  • Taylor

    Umm, killing one elephant and feeding people for one day doesn’t do much overall good. How about putting your money where your mouth is and doing something that would help solve the problem long-term. Stop trying to spin straw into gold…this was nothing but an ego-stroking, selfish trophy hunt. This godaddy customer will be taking her business elsewhere.

    • Craig Barmore

      Get a life!!!!!

  • http://www.krishp.com Krish Purnawarman

    “Many are talking about the GoDaddy hats the villagers are wearing in the video as they slaughter the elephant”….great viral topic!

  • canoo

    How ignorant, arrogant, basiclly stupid and inhumane can you get? There is forgivable stupid due to unfortunate circumstances like getting dropped on your head as a baby but such willful hateful desecration of intelligent life defies any sane consideration. This is true and concious EVIL. This person will pay in his next incarnation and that, also , makes me sad.

  • Quizzie

    The white farmers who knew what they were doing were all driven out of Zimbabwe. The farms were given to black people who know nothing about farming. These elephants should not be slaughtered for this idiotic decision made by the dictator. I don’t care how much they are suffering and how many empty plastic bottles they treasure. It is their own fault and they should die instead of the animals. I don’t even know who this Bob person is, but he needs to know a bit of background first before trying to be so sympathetic towards the people of Zimbabwe.

  • http://www.monkeyfriendly.com Anne

    Everyone can easily switch their godaddy domain names over to other hosting companies. They are making it easy to transfer given what has happened. Sign the petition re: Bob Parsons!http://www.change.org/petitions/tell-go-daddys-ceo-real-men-dont-kill-elephants#?opt_new=f&opt_fb=f

  • http://www.gnaija.net Oluwatosin Omoniyi

    PETA should face whatever job they are into and leave Godaddy’s CEO alone. This man is just trying to help, all them PETA and their kinds don’t know what this poor people face in Africa, the number of farmers that have been killed while trying to chase of an Elephant the normal way, some chased off group of Elephant once made a come back on a farm and destroyed both hunts and crops. In Africa, wild animals are wide, you don’t pamper them, you fight them off. Those planning to tranfer their domain or site from Godaddy are just small gamers in the web business. Well, they cn transfer to www.petadaddy.com (April Fool)

  • http://www.morefrompayday.com David

    I don’t really care which way it’s framed — the guy is an idiot. It’s like he’s gone on a one man mission to rid Zimbabwe of the poverty it endures. What’s next? BobParsons.commando?

  • Craig Barmore

    Hooray for Bob Parsons!!!!! You are doing the right thing and you know it.. Stick by your guns… We all love you and what you stand for. The “Tree huggers” should get a life… Bravo Bravo for Bod!!!! :))

  • Caroline

    It’s funny how we keep referring to elephants as being the problem. We encroach upon their grazing lands and migratory routes and they’re the problem? We took away their forests and ruined their environment and they’re the problem? When they have the audacity to try to eat and feed themselves, despite often fatal attacks by humans, they’re the problem?

    We are the ones destroying the environment, drinking water, wildlife, air. All the elephants are doing is just being themselves and they’re the problem?

    Humans’ rationalizations for their wrongdoings make me want to be a hermit at times.

  • http://livehealthy191.webs.com Life Plus

    You nor the prosecution has no concrete proof Vick did anything in regards to killing or giving order to kill. The state was told those things by 2 people who had other charges against them besides dog fighting and one was a crake head(go figure). Therefore to cut those charges they would say anything. And if you think for one second the cops didnt tell them listen we dont want you, we want Vick, so tell us he did it and we will help you out. If you think that didnt happen in some way shape or form then i would assume you dont know many people who have or who maybe in jail or you have never been involved with the police while being black. You would be amazed what they say to us to get us to give something up.

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