SOPA: GoDaddy Kind of Blacks Out

    January 18, 2012
    Zach Walton
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GoDaddy used to be in support of SOPA, now they’re not. You wouldn’t think that if you went to their site today.

GoDaddy, on and off again supporter of SOPA, joined the other sites participating in the blackout today. The only issue is, where is it?


Can you see the blackout? I couldn’t see it at first. Then you can see at the very bottom left, in a cute little corner, a black box that says, “Go Daddy & many other Internet leaders oppose SOPA & PIPA.

Clicking on the link takes you to a support page with a brief explanation of their opposition that apparently only started when everybody else complained about it.

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was with the U.S. House Judiciary Committee when an uproar erupted on the Internet. An overwhelming majority of the Internet community voiced strong opposition to SOPA legislation. Go Daddy joined to oppose SOPA.

On Jan. 16, U.S. Representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) stopped action on SOPA.

Companion legislation, known as PIPA, is still up for debate in the U.S. Senate. Go Daddy opposes current PIPA legislation, as do many other major technology companies and users.

Do you think Go Daddy has done enough to voice their opposition to SOPA? Or is it just the “me too” mentality to avoid losing more domains?

  • reality


    Anything that can be copied ENDLESSLY….. at NO COST………is WORTHLESS. (literally)
    Why is gold valuable ?
    There should be no laws to protect…… corporations bad business models.
    Selling worthless copies is a bad business model…..evolve or die.

    Anti-Pirates hate people who share WORTHLESS data….
    Anti-Pirates want to throw people in jail….
    Anti-Pirates want to financially ruin people….
    Anti-Pirates will happily remove all personal freedoms to share copywrong content….
    All for profit…

    Who’s worse….. Pirates or Anti-Pirates ?

    Anti-Pirates are the intolerant to reality side … who will destroy a person

    Pirates just share worthless copies

  • Reece N

    Go Daddy has no backbone at all; I say live by the sword die by the sword.

    Go Daddy were to be part of creating the proposed bill and outright supported it!
    They can’t just turn around and say they don’t because they blatantly would still support it if it wasn’t for the fact that loads of THEIR customers were transferring (including myself) away from them.
    What does this say about the CEO and the rest of it’s management, it’s pathetic.

    I’ve lost all the respect for Go Daddy I had left.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    I’m going to buy a few more godaddy domains today. Unlike other people, i don’t care if they support them or not, they a good domain register. Have fun if you move elsewhere and don’t come back when you new register can’t handle the overload of people flocking to them. lol

    You really think people and large companies moving there domains off godaddy will shut them down? Will it stop them from buying superbowl commercials or sponsoring race cars? Godaddy knows how to put themselves in the media spotlight and it sure helps for business. In fact, i’m going to run a adwords campaign and make money off there affiliate program like it did a few months ago. lol

    • daniel

      No “Big Company” host with GoDaddy. In fact GoDaddy is so limited in options, the only people I know who use GoDaddy are people who want to put up useless informational websites. Or small sole-proprietorship 1 person companies(think nascar fans) that don’t know how to develop and want to “do it themselves”. There are much better more reliable options out there, and most include the domain name registration for free.

      GoDaddy doesn’t know marketing. They know that there are some very stupid people out there that will go to their website just because some hot girl was in the commercial. Nothing really smart about it.

  • http://extremeseophilippines.com Jomer Gregorio

    Its unfortunate that its too late for GoDaddy now.

    If they have made this opposition right from the start, people will be happy on them just like what Google, Facebook and other big co did..

  • Ryan M

    @reality: While I strongly oppose SOPA/PIPA I feel that your statements are very narrow sighted. Worth should never be strictly based on physical value. Ideas have value, knowledge is power and time is money. A book’s value is determined based on it’s content, not based on what type of material it was printed on. If I spend a year writing a computer program, that time is worth money and a value for the end product is determined based on the effort that went in to it. You obviously wouldn’t care that someone put blood, sweat, and tears in to developing the software. I would imagine that you could distribute it to all of your friends without a second thought. If someone puts effort in to developing something, physical or not, it should be THEIR decision whether or not they want to offer the end product for free. Some people do make that choice (i.e Open Source software), but many rely on sales of their creations to make a decent living. Copyright laws are important for protecting the rights of content creators. SOPA and PIPA are badly designed and would have negative impacts not only on pirates, but on legitimate internet companies and end users as well.

  • phil petty

    Thanks for getting the screen shot.

    As of 9:56PM CST 1.18.12 the “support for SOPA PIPA” link is not on godaddy.com’s website.

  • http://www.mightyfleissradio.com Glenn Richards

    Godaddy.com are a yellow feather banana bunch of shameful spineless wimps

    Their pitiful policy of appeasement 2 public opinion shows lack of moral conviction when the heat is on

    As an observer, my personal experience with this lame excuse 4 A company Leeds me 2 the conclusion that they single out small business 2 exploit, pick on (whom they believe are) the weak, & trip up disabled customers for a few quick bucks

    Illegal 2 be sure

    It’s the worst case of breach of fiduciary duty & gross negligence I’ve ever seen. Worse than Enron


  • Steve Bergman

    I’m not sure what you mean by “losing more domains”. It’s well known that more domains transferred *to* godaddy than away on Dump GoDaddy day. By a factor of 2 to 1.

  • http://petermoss.com Peter Moss

    GoDaddy cannot be trusted. I’ve stopped giving them my money and moved on. I suggest others do the same.