GoDadddy Hits 50 Million Domain Milestone

Elephant controversy just a distant memory?

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GoDadddy Hits 50 Million Domain Milestone
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Remember all of that controversy this year around GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons killing an elephant? There was a lot of talk about sites jumping ship and moving over to GoDaddy competitors. In fact, competitors were capitalizing on the controversy, offering sites that switched domain providers from GoDaddy special deals.

It appears that this all didn’t put too much of a hurting on GoDaddy. The company announced that it has surpassed the 50 million domain names milestone (The 50 millionth domain name is DBAkit.com, registered by Kranthi Kumar Kukkala of India.)

The company shared some other stats with us in an email:

  • Go Daddy registers more than 1 domain name every second of every day.
  • Right around the “dot-COM Bubble Burst,” there were only 17MM domain names registered worldwide.
  • While there are more than 2 billion people online, there are only 210MM domain names registered worldwide.
  • Go Daddy has more than 9.6MM active customers.

“Sometimes you hear people say all the good domain names are gone, but they are dead wrong,” Parsons said. “An almost unlimited supply of great names is available … right now. In fact, Go Daddy is registering two-and-a-half times more domains a month now, than we were five years ago. Why? Domain names are like 21stcentury real estate. They allow you to own your own place on the Internet.”

“For all the marketing we do … it’s the word-of-mouth, a customer’s personal endorsement … that works as Go Daddy’s most effective advertisement,” he said.

GoDadddy Hits 50 Million Domain Milestone
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  • http://www.LAokay.com Steven

    I think the whole elephant thing was taken the wrong way. If Bob Parsons didn’t kill the elephant, somebody else would. In that area of the world, you don’t have a lot of money to build a wall that could keep an elephant out of your food supply. It’s not like they were tracking an elephant just to shoot it. They were going to shoot it if it kept on eating all their food. Imagine starving and dying because you couldn’t shoot an elephant from eating all your food? I’m sure they didn’t waste the elephant either and used it for food. I know they’re just hungry animals looking for food, but when it takes you an entire season to grow the crops and only a few hours for an elephant to eat it all, you have to shoot first and ask questions later. Especially in that part of the world where it’s “kill or be killed.” Just because some rich guy wants to pay to partake in daily life to be able to experience what it’s like, doesn’t mean that elephant wouldn’t have been killed anyways.

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