Gmail Gets New Business Features [Google Apps]

    January 17, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google announced some new management features for Gmail in Google Apps.

These include: improved email compliance footers, approved/blocked sender lists and file attachment policies.

“These capabilities help our customers address compliance requirements and effectively manage email traffic,” says Gmail Product Manager Adam Dawes. “Previously, Google Apps customers used Google Message Security, powered by Postini, to provide these capabilities.”

“With this new release, we’ve improved these features and designed them specifically to meet the needs of our Apps customers,” says Dawes. “Admins will manage the features natively in the Google Apps control panel (localized in 28 languages), leverage our granular policy framework to customize settings for different types of users, and join multiple rules together to address very targeted use cases.”

The features fare now available globally for Google Apps for Business, Google Apps for Government and Google Apps for Education editions.

Google will no longer offer Google Message Security (GMS) to Google Apps customers. Customers will need to migrate to the new features.

  • http://Gmail debra Mobley

    I hate this new set up I can’t even tell if I got mail or not put it back the way it was this is to confusing please fix this.

  • http://Gmail debra Mobley

    This is going to be a big mistake. How are going to find out if we got mail or not by this so called new set up before I had no problem getting my Gmail now you do this please put it back the way it was it was a lot Easter.