George Zimmerman’s Acquittal Sparked 4 Times As Many Angry Tweets As Supportive Ones

    July 18, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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If you were on Twitter during the aftermath of the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict, you probably noticed that the majority of tweets referencing the trial did not support the decision. Hashtags like #justicefortrayvon and #nojustice spread quickly, as many users expressed shock, outrage, and sadness.

Pew Research has crunched the numbers and used statistical patterns to identify the breakdown of Twitter sentiment following the trial’s conclusion – and it looks like your eyes did not deceive you. There were many more tweets expressing anger over the verdict than tweets expressing support.

It wasn’t even close, really. Pew says that 31% of the nearly 5 million tweets sent out in the 26 hours following the verdict expressed “anger.” Only 7% expressed support for it. So, by a more the 4:1 margin, Twitter did not agree with the six-woman jury’s decision.

That means that you likely saw more of this:

And less of this:

According to Pew, the majority of tweets (39%) were simply broadcasting the decision – with no bias. 11% of the tweets discussed, in some way, the media’s coverage of the trial.

Also, the verdict sparked a massive surge in tweets that equaled the number of tweets made during the entire duration of the trial:

“The level of Twitter engagement in the case spiked dramatically after the verdict. The nearly 5 million tweets (4.9 million) in the first 26 hours after the verdict virtually equaled the total volume of tweets (5.1 million) about the case posted during the entirety of the 33-day trial. By way of comparison, there were 4.7 million tweets alone on July 14 in contrast with an average of about 151,000 tweets each day during the trial,” says Pew.

It’s clear that if Twitter sentiment decided the case, Zimmerman would not be a free man today.

  • Hell in a Hand Basket

    All that proves is we have 4 times as many ill logical, ignorant, emotional, herd mentality driven drones that would rather judge based on their personal assumptions and feelings, rather than obvious, plain-as-day evidence that proves beyond a shadow of doubt he was innocent and only acting in self-defense.

    I say all that and I am not even an advocate of Zimmerman or against Trayvon…I am merely stating the objective and obvious truth based upon actual evidence. I would love for anyone to give me 1 piece of actual evidence that proves anything against Zimmerman? …

  • Apollo Dogg

    George Zimmerman’s Black Ancestry is Revealed

    George Zimmerman: the black, Hispanic, Peruvian, kind-hearted non-white, not-racist poster boy

    George Zimmerman Has ‘Black Roots’

  • Name

    Yes, Zimmerman is a nut. Neighborhood watch people in general are simply nosey nutcases. Holier-than-thou people really cause many problems.

    However, I firmly believe it takes two to tango.

    Unfortunately, I have seen more than my fair share of violent encounters and I can attest to the fact that in a majority of those cases, both parties had some fault in the matter. Very few crimes really involve a person that is totally innocent.

  • http://backlinksonsteroids.com Jwardz

    If 31% were unhappy that means that 69% were happy with the verdict.

    • I Read

      If you at least have read the article, you would not sound as ignorant…

    • Tyler

      Excluding the fact that a large percentage of people are neutral and/or just don’t care.

  • Mara

    The truth is that this article is a lie, I have read all over the Internet that the majority are in favor of the veridic. The ones who not agree is the majority of blacks, cus they like to distortion everything. Sick and tire of libertarians and blacks.

    • http://Facebook.com Don Eason

      I .am tired of all the marches,the rioting of blacks every time a white person is involved.The jury voted to aquit him according to evidence of Stand Your Ground/self defence. The Media likes to stir it up and keep some people in a frenzie and allways play the race card. There was 3 children killed/black kids mind ya during the trial and it was black on black crime.the media hasn’t said a word about that,where was Al Sharpten and Ol Jessie Jackson when this occured.What about OJ Simpson getting a not guilty verdic in his white wife’s murder and her friend.All blacks were cheering the verdic and then it was found out that he was guilty and wrote a book about it tilted “What if I done it or something to that effect.He finally got his time on another crime after getting away with that.