George Takei’s Facebook Adventure Now Includes An Apologizing Ghostwriter

    June 12, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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George Takei has had a successful post-Star Trek career, keeping himself in the public eye with appearances on Howard Stern’s XM/Sirius show, and many other places. Lately, however, the man who made Sulu famous has been really taken with social media, especially Facebook, where he’s become quite the popular follow. To wit, Takei’s Facebook page has over 4 million fans, and his frequent updates command tens of thousands of likes and shares.

Last week, however, it was revealed that a ghostwriter had been posting jokes on the actor’s page, for $10 a pop. The person in question, journalist Rick Polito, was outed over at Jim Romenesko’s blog, and the story about Takei’s Facebook writer grew its “part of the trend cycle” legs. So much so, Takei responded about the validity of his Facebook feed:

“What is this hoo-ha about my FB posts? I have Brad, my husband, to help me and interns to assist. What is important is the reliability of my posts being there to greet my fans with a smile or a giggle every morning. That’s how we keep on growing.”

The disappointment of Takei’s audience has apparently caused Polito to reconsider his admission and issue an apology, which also appeared on Romenesko’s blog:

I wrote an apology to George and Brad and their guy said he’d pass it on. I just said that I’d been looking for any mention of my book I could get and that I hadn’t meant to expose anything.

Polito’s response, however, creates another question: If he didn’t mean to expose anything, why did he include that particular detail in his correspondence with Romenesko? It is easy to understand wanting to attract as large of an audience as you can, and that probably explains why the information about Takei’s Facebook page was included to begin with.

If a potential buyer sees the book and makes the connection–“Hey, this is the dude who wrote for Takei’s Facebook feed, and he’s pretty funny. I’ll give his book a shot.”–it could prove to be a shrewd move in the world of self-promotion. If it backfires, however, does Polito get to go back to the easy money that is Takei’s Facebook feed, or did he burn that particular bridge?

Considering Takei had to publicly address the matter, I know which way I am leaning.

Sources: here and here.

  • AES

    “I have Brad, my husband…” HAAAA HAHAHAHAAA! That’s funnier than anything on Facebook! What a sissy.

    • jimilee71772

      How about you call him a”sissy” to his face? Or better yet, call any one of his FB followers that.

      • gj

        he is a sissy. hey george, your a sissy, all you people that are aflicted with georges illness/disorder, are sissy’s too.. what now? im waiting. sissies, i thought so.

        • JR

          Ain’t nuttin wrong with being a sissy…….Sissies are everywhere get used to it :) not going anywhere xoxoxoxo

        • Hope Annoys Me

          >all you people that are aflicted
          >people that are aflicted
          >are aflicted


        • brian

          I would like you to walk through the West Village in NYC and start calling people sissies. They’re built like brick shithouses and in phenomenal shape – they’ll knock you into next week.

          • Lucifer

            What would happen is that the gays would all start crying they are being persecuted and stand there with thir hands out waiting for magic handouts of cash and services.

        • phil

          You are very ignorant,George does not have a illness/disorder What he does have is a brain that works-unlike yours.

          • Marcus


        • Rick

          Pretty easy to call someone out when you are anonymous. How about saying the same thing and publishing your name, address and phone number? What? Still waiting. I thought so…

        • Bent Ears Audio Laboratories

          And you, GJ, are an idiot. You do not use an apostrophe when denoting a plural so the word should be spelled, “sissies”, not “sissy’s”. You make an idiotic grammatical error like that and you just blast out your lack of education to the whole world. And did you know that homosexuality is found in 450 different species but homophobia is only found in humans. Who is the weird one now, fool?

        • b

          Being gay doesn’t mean your a sissy. I am neither but I know the difference. Google it and educate yourself.

    • phil

      Your comment is digusting.

    • Philip N

      Jealous and hateful much, sound like a 12 year old bully, who wants and needs attention.

    • Lena Grove

      I have a husband, and I’m not a sissy. I think “sissies” may more aptly describe cowards who externalize their own sexual doubts and insecurities, trying to elevate (and “masculinize”) themselves by deriding (and “feminizing”) others. The Beavis and Butthead comments are offensive not only to gay people, but to women. (Presumably, Pablo, AES, and spelling/grammatically challenged gj realize that the word “sissy” derives from “sister.”) As a person with a pair of X chromosones, I have no need to mock others. That habit seems to originate in grave uncertainties about one’s own “pair.” Hey, when we get tired of making fun of his sexual preference, could we laugh ourselves silly over his Asian heritage? Ha, ha, ha. Peepul that aint us is aflicted. . . right, bros?

      • Marcus

        You are my freaking hero right now, Lena. :)

  • KCAT

    Just as an FYI I posted on George’s Facebook Page about this, and he’s denying it’s true. Go see for yourselves.

  • Pablo

    If he said that George Takei was a GAYBLADE, THAT WAS NO “JOKE!” It’s 100% TRUE! Yes? YES!! Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nate

    If he really was ghostwriting some material, then it was very unethical of him to reveal this to the public. It’s called ghost writing for a reason.

  • huston spence

    Whats the big deal ?i remember when george first started on the stern show, if i emailed him i usually got a personel reply from brad i thought that was pretty cool. of course i never get a personel reply any more, but with so many new things george is involved in and all the new fans im sure those days are gone until george is gone also .

  • 69myWoody

    You say Ta-Kay, I say Ta-Kie
    You say he’s a Gay, I say he’s a Guy
    Ta-Kay Ta-Kie Gay Guy
    Let’s call the damn thing off.

  • b

    Did anyone really think he had time for everything he does on facebook? And whoever his ghost writer is he’s doing a great job so I hope he keeps it up. No apology needed.

  • Rich

    I know that people’s assistant’s/staff handle things like their Facebook pages whether they are in show business or politics. George’s page always seemed so personal so this is disappointing. Does he ever read what is posted? Approve what is posted? Read any of the comments?