Galaxy S III to Get Jelly Bean Update in October

    September 12, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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Owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S III may have the latest in smartphone hardware technology, but their device is still stuck running Androind 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This is nearly two months since Google’s Nexus 7 tablet debuted with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Finally, Samsung has stated that the Galaxy S III will soon be getting an upgrade to Jelly Bean. CNET’s U.K. website has “confirmed” that the smartphone will recieve the update sometime in October. The site states that the info comes straight from Samsung. CNET quotes a Samsung as saying that Jelly Bean “will be available on the Galaxy S III from October.”

After that, the burden of customer complaints shifts to mobile operators, who will have to implement their own restrictions and software into the update. While SIM-less Galaxy S III’s will be able to upgrade in October, those with heavy-handed carriers may have to wait weeks or longer for a chance to taste Jelly Bean on their smartphone.

Of course, Galaxy S III owners who are a bit more adventurous know that Jelly Bean-based roms have been available for the smartphone for a while now, assuming it is rooted of course. Just yesterday it was announced that CyanogenMod, one of the most popular roms for Android smartphones, will be releasing monthly stable versions for quite a few top-tier devices, including the Galaxy S III. That should make it easier than ever for Galaxy S III owners to keep their phones running the latest Android operating system with cutting-edge features without having to wait months (or forever) for their phone manufacturer or wireless carrier to push out an update.

  • James

    “the burden of customer complaints shits to mobile operators” major spell check bro.

    • Sean Patterson

      Hah, thanks guys. Corrected.

  • aaron

    FYI, you said shits instead of shifts.

  • Dave

    I moved from Blackberry to S3. Has the spell check functionality in these phones always been so F’ing bad!? Are you all just used to this joke?
    For one thing – not even the worst thing, but absolutely stupid – if I type a word, and spell it correctly, this phone should not change my word to something else that it thinks is the actual word I wanted but accidentally spelled wrong!!! Oh, but it does politely allow me to choose the word I actually typed in the list of other possibilities. Just in case I stupidly wanted what I’d typed. Ignorant human.

    The big one – and I cannot fathom the logic for this from a programmers standpoint, nor understand how thousands and thousands of users are not screaming their freaking heads off. If I backspace into a word to correct spelling and retype the back end of the word – why in the #$%@ does this ignorant machine spell check only the new letters typed and not the rest of the word that they are connected to? Even to the point of ridiculous.
    Type “fanatic ”
    Backspace leaving fan and type “tastic”
    Is fantastic not a word? Why is it correcting my good and correctly spelled word to fantactic?! A bad and non-existent word!
    Put a space after this stupid word and then
    Backspace again leaving fa and type “ntastic” again, making a good word right?, correctly spelled and what does this become?

  • Dave

    Please tell me Jelly Bean will fix the spell check!

    • Tom

      Yes – something I never thought to even ask about before leaving my Blackerry behind was something as important as a spell checked that was easy to use and actually worked. The one in Ice Cream is a joke and the seprate apps are even worse. iPhone here I come if they don’t fix what should never have been a problem.

  • Indra

    You should turn off the predictive text input by:
    – go to setting
    – Language & input
    – hold the setting on Samsung Keyboard
    – turn off the predictive text