Galaxy Nexus Release Date: Signs Point To December 15th

Costco leaks, source rumors, and Best Buy mishaps

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: Signs Point To December 15th
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For those of you who have been waiting for what seems like ages to get your hands on the Ice Cream Sandwich-loaded Samsung Galaxy Nexus, two more days shouldn’t really seem like that much longer. If a couple of recent indications are correct, folks in the U.S. might just be able to get their hands on the coveted device by Thursday, December 15th.

First up, Engadget has obtained some internal pricing documents from Costco that list the Galaxy Nexus as available beginning 12/15/11. The price of the device is listed at $289.99 with a new 2-year agreement. Of course, if this proves accurate, it still doesn’t guarantee that Verizon stores would have the device on that date. But it’s a hint that it might pop up somewhere on the 15th.

This date lines up with one reported over the weekend over at Droid Life. Their sources said that Verizon was “telling all employees, stores, managers, and indirects that December 15th is the new target just like they did with December 9th.”

Their reference to December 9th concerns the previous rumored release date. Verizon sources said that the 9th was the date that everyone expected the phone to drop, but it was delayed at the last minute by the higher-ups.

Many feel that the supposed Verizon delay could have been due to a giant LTE outage. If the December 9th release target was a real one, then Verizon could have delayed it to make sure everything was up and running perfectly for the big launch.

At this point, we have plenty of indication that the devices are sitting on the shelves of at least some retailers. Earlier this week, excited Android fans were reporting that Best Buy and Verizon retail stores had sold them the Galaxy Nexus, but were asking for its speedy return.

Of course, rumors are still just rumors. But that time is fast approaching where any more delay would just be devastating – I mean, it’s less than two weeks until Christmas.

If you’re unbearably impatient, Business Insider found that Newegg has the unlocked version of the device available for a cool 700 bucks.

Have you been able to hold out? If it does in fact launch on the 15th, will you be one of the first in line? Let us know in the comments.

Galaxy Nexus Release Date: Signs Point To December 15th
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  • regbs

    And the talking out of your ass award for Tues Dec 13 2011 goes to: Josh Wolford. Great journalism, Clown. Your lot has predicted and missed more than 10 dates already. That doesn’t stop you from wording headlines to get high placement in searches.

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford

      Just straightening out some recent rumors, my friend.

    • J

      You’re right, Reg, Verizon has not made a single comment about a release date. All the BLOGGERS have tried to get ahead by proclaiming dates without any confirmation.

      They have about as much credibility as Barack Hussein Obama = 0%

  • Anthony

    If this phone doesn’t come out on the 15th I will lose all faith in humanity

    • impatient


  • Ton ton

    wonder what retail price tag will be…..649 or 749…heard both….I will be one of those buying off contract

    • Anthony

      I heard 749

  • john

    They sold the Razr and Rezound during the past week right? So what does the 4G outage really have to do with the GNex? How bout the Google wallet rumors, have you read them? Obviously not. regbs is right in calling you a clown, why not go have some beers with Richi Jennings since you both suck.

    • Wolford Jennings Fail

      HAHAHHAHA! Amen, brother!

  • vvDuke

    Verizon or Samsung or Google or Whomever really amazingly screwed up this launch. We are all right to be very angry over the delays. Unfortunately, we’ll still go out and snatch it up the first chance we get! What’s an early adopter geek like me to do?

    • J

      Verizon hasn’t been teasing us with release dates…the freaking BLOGGERS are the ones trying to out-do one another that have been jerking our chains over this phone since August.
      I have seen ONE comment from Verizon telling us to expect the phone on ANY date.

      • J

        Actually, I meant to say…I have not seen ONE comment from Verizon about a release date.

        They haven’t been misleading us – the BLOGGERS have!

  • Brian Smistek

    Radio Shack in Buffalo has them in store, but aren’t allowed to sell them yet.

  • Oops Too Late!

    Newegg has it on sale unlocked…but it sold out….


  • GotOuttaDodge

    I was in a Verizon store yesterday in Irvine, CA and the sales rep told me they have them in the store all ready go to, but haven’t been given the OK to put them on the shelves. So it must be anyday now.

  • Jake

    I know 100% its going to be around thursday or Friday. I just walked into Verizon wireless an hr ago going to buy the razr , an the guy told me We just got 50 nexus phones in today an we will be selling them within a few days from now! I also played with the phone itself an OMG its awsome!

    • CeeDubya

      Stopped by my local Verizon store yesterday to reserve one. I was told that “this is your lucky day” and he presented a flyer stating that the GN’s go on sale today (12/13/11) and I will be the first to purchase one. The price was 279.00 with upgrade. When he tried to scan, it wouldnt except the sku. He told me he call me when he could get it to scan. Needless to say, when he called, he informed me that verizon wont let them sell the product until 12/15. I’m not sold on 12/15, so I called to get the straight scoop from “Big Red”. The said they “know nothing” about any release date for the GN, but would be happy to upgrade me to a Razar or a iphone 4S.

  • bschaar

    Verizon rep just called and confirmed Nexus Galaxy will be released Thursday, 12/15.

  • Angel

    Went to my local Verizon store yesterday here in teh Rio Grande Valley in Texas and the manager told me to come in on Thursday the 15th to get my Nexus.

  • In My Hands

    The local Costco had one on display on Sunday morning and it felt pretty good in the hand, much better than the Razr. They said they couldn’t sell it yet, tho. Came back a couple of hours later with a friend and they had pulled it off display. Price was listed $289.99.

  • svfd757

    I said the hell with it and got the Razr. Way to drop the ball verizon

    • Henry

      Wait, you bought a different/more expensive 4g smartphone from the same company you’re telling off for dropping the ball?

  • cormac

    I bought one here in Ireland yesterday. Very impressive phone. Very smooth UX. Only criticism so far is it only allows 5 homescreens.

  • J

    Blah, blah, blah…

    you guys are all the same…

    All the “signs” have been pointing to a release “sometime soon” since late August.

    Why don’t you just WAIT until the GN is on the shelf before announcing its release.

  • lance

    screw it. got the htc rezound instead. was tired of dealing with this crap. the way i see it, the rezound has the better hardware (better camera, better resolution, faster proc, removable SD card slot, usb diskdrive mode) and will get ICS early 2012 anyway

    • CeeDubya

      Better resolution? I was under the impression they were the same…

  • Don Omar

    My guy at the Verizon store here in The Bronx called me at around 12pm to tell me that the Nexus WILL BE RELEASED TOMORROW THE 15TH. and will hold one for me. This is the same guy that called me two says before the Bionic was released and held one for me, so I’m confident. Tomorrow will be the say ladies and gents.

  • Karen

    Yea! It is here!You should know that this company Goba is giving away an Galaxy Nexus to someone that tries their app this December: http://goba.co/win-a-phone

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