Galaxy Nexus Release Date: December, Says Samsung

Actual date still unspecified

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: December, Says Samsung
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It looks like the hopes of a stateside November release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus are fading fast.

Samsung has confirmed to Business Insider that the Galaxy Nexus will not launch until December on the Verizon network. The specific day in December as well as the exact pricing were not revealed during that confirmation.

When the Galaxy Nexus was announced back in October, initial statements indicated that the plan was a November launch for the first Google phone to come installed with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The unlocked GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus just launched in the UK on November 17th.

The Samsung and Google Nexus Twitter feeds, which have been actively discussing the Galaxy Nexus, are both quiet on the topic of the U.S. release date.

Since Samsung has confirmed December as the release date, the rumor we reported on Monday still has legs. Leaked images reportedly coming from marketing spreadsheets indicated that the Galaxy Nexus would be launching on December 8th in the States.

Many potential customers have expressed frustration with the U.S. launch situation, and to some this feels like a “push back” of the date, even though an official release date has never actually been set.

Samsung has just released an advertisement for the Galaxy S II that slams Apple fanboys by showing a group waiting in line for hours to buy the newest iPhone. Ironically, it seems, they are promoting this ad on Twitter using the hashtag #stopwaiting. Check it out below – maybe it will give you a chuckle.

Galaxy Nexus Release Date: December, Says Samsung
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  • David

    Great, two more weeks’ time to allow Verizon to add their crapware to the phone.

    • Paul

      They cannot. It is a Nexus phone. There is a reason people don’t mind waiting for this phone, and that is because it will not contain that non-sense, be incredibly easy to unlock and customize, and will be technologically safe from being ‘passed’ by newer phones; for at least a while.

  • Disappointed

    Oh hec. I have been without a phone for two months now waiting on this phone. I was moving over from Blackberry and after comparing between apple and droid I decided to go with droid and wanted this to be my first droid phone. Given it makes all other droids obsolete now, I think I will have to go with the iphone now. Sorry Samsung! I was really hoping to do business with you but I have to travel this week and cannot go without a phone! Sorry!

  • AC

    “Many potential customers have expressed frustration with the U.S. launch situation, and to some this feels like a “push back” of the date, even though an official release date has never actually been set.”

    If they would stop stringing us along by “leaking” photos, information, and “potential” release dates, we wouldn’t feel like they keep pushing it back every time they, well, push it back.

    I, for one, am glad for this, however. I have been waiting for this since the end of August, and as I hear about problems with the Galaxy Nexus, and people’s experiences with other phones, I realize there are one or two others I may prefer to the Nexus! Never thought I’d say that =o)

    So not because of disgust, but with gratitude I say I most likely will not be choosing my “Door #1.” But wish you the best of luck with whomever does choose you =o)

  • Raja

    Google and Samsung need to be aggressive in order to lead the market. They should not allow Verizon to hold the peace. I have seen so many people frustrated with galexy releases. First with s2 now prime. If google and samsung follow the path like this, people will have negative view regarding the marketing strategy of google and samsung. I have seen that so many people bought alternative phones instead of waiting so much hyped phone… if the release date which is leaked as Dec 8th, pushed further i will start looking for alternative devices and never look back to purchase those too much hyped phones….. Too much is toooooooooo much

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