Galaxy Nexus Release Date: December 8th, According To Leaks

Leaked marketing screenshots mark the hard date of 12/8

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: December 8th, According To Leaks
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UPDATE: Samsung has confirmed a December release.

For Android-happy folks in the United States, it probably feels like their Ice Cream Sandwich is melting. Last Thursday, the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched in the UK (exclusively at retailer Phones4u), and patient customers stateside have let to even receive official word on when they will be able to get their hands on the device.

In lieu of any official declarations on the U.S. release date, we have some leaked screenshots courtesy of Droid Life that suggest folks might have to wait until December 8th to buy the new Google phone.

The first image states that the “Samsung Nexus is now scheduled to launch in all locations on Thursday, 12/8.” From this, we also learn that accessories for the device have begun to ship to stores.

Another screencap also shows the national launch date for the Galaxy Nexus as being set for December 8th.

As no word has yet to come from Samsung or Verizon regarding the U.S. release, the hopes of a Black Friday launch like previously suggested are looking a bit slim. A December 8th release would at least put the device in the middle of holiday shopping season, if not the biggest shopping weekend known to man.

If the date does in fact wind up being December 8th, that’s probably going to annoy at least some people who have been waiting for the Galaxy Nexus since it was announced back in October.

Apparently, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for the folks across the pond. Apparently, the Galaxy Nexus has fallen victim the the launch jitters. Users are reporting a sort of “phantom volume” bug that is turning the phone’s volume up and down on its own. According to the reports, the bug has caused the Euro carrier Vodafone to delay its launch of the smartphone.

Are you still holding out for a Galaxy Nexus? Has any other recent smartphone release caught your eye? Let us know how you feel in the comments.

Galaxy Nexus Release Date: December 8th, According To Leaks
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  • Tired of Waiting

    I am so tired of waiting on this phone and the continuous delays on the release date by Verizon. I am going to go with the iphone with another carrier today. Peace out Verion!

    • DayO’

      There hasn’t been a single release delay on this phone, as a release date has NEVER been stated to begin with.

      • Delays

        You can defend Verizon all you want. The UK and Canada both have solid dates and we (U.S.) have nothing. You can’t blame Samsung for it, you can’t blame Google either. Why? because they were able to deliver their phones in Nov as promised. So now we are sitting here in the U.S. and we don’t have the phone. Who is left to blame? Yep that’s right, it can be narrowed down to Verizon!

  • dan

    I’m done waiting iPhone for me also f u c k Verizon

  • John

    agreed! Verizon just lost my business forever!

  • Brandon

    Liars. Giving up unlimited data on the fastest network to get a 3G phone?

    • Ron

      ^Winner^ You guys go get your Iphone and 2gb data plan with AT&T’s brilliant “4G”. I will wait for the Galaxy Nexus and keep my unlimited data on a true 4G network. Let us know how 2gb of data, 1/10th the speed, and less coverage work out for you. Enjoy.

  • Jon

    I swear, I will never purchase a phone from Verizon again. They are crap to me right now. Here I come ATT and Iphone4s.

    • Rob

      This has nothing to do with Verizon, but I’m sure they wont miss you. Good luck with ATT. They will solve all your problems. Hope you enjoy that lame iPhone4S on that crappy network. Meanwhile, I’ll be enjoying my Nexus in 2 weeks. Cheers!

  • Garrett

    I got tired of waiting also. I got the motorola razr and I’ve been loving it. I have until january 2012 to return the razr. however the more I use it the more I really like it! been thinking about getting the lapdock 100 to go along with it. I wish they would just released the phone.

  • Ed

    I need Verizon 4g. Not lame coverage HSD/UPA “4G” from AT&T. And, though I don’t want a droid phone, RIM left the planet. And, re: iPhone4S… see aforementioned note re: lame-ass AT&T “4G” and STILL CDMA Rev A on VzW…Duh! (So let me know how you like that new iPhone in a year or two when 4G is deployed further and your iphone’s still only talking 3G.)

    Sooooo….the “old” droid phones all seem to have something less than desirable about them and the new Moto Razr, tho slim, lacks in ways as well. So what’s left? Hurry up and wait apparently – with trepidation about hinks and buggies that may be in the late but apparently great Nexus?!

    Fingers drumming on the table now… Dec 8th! Really?

  • ypcx

    I’m in the EU and I still can’t order the phone (if I don’t want someone sit on my cash without sending me any phone). Quit whining, or whine with me.

  • Rob

    There has never been an officoal launch date announced. The Galaxy Nexus will be 10X more phone than that sorry iPhone4S. Anyone that is going to buy an iPhone because they can’t the Nexus right now, doesn’t understand why they would buy a Nexus in the first place.

  • Soup

    Man these leaked documents are such crap. Gimme a break.

  • David

    Too much waiting, I just left Verizon.

  • Guest

    If you (Verizon) are going to pass on the Samsung Galaxy S II and upset your customers after they have been waiting for it for months, you would think you probably shouldn’t drop the ball on releasing this phone too. Its not about rumored release dates anymore but if Canada and the UK have solid dates, why can’t you?! You definitely dropped the ball.

    • SoCoolCurt

      this is exactly how I feel. My SGS broke back at the end of August and I thought, no big deal, I’ll just get the SGSII. VZW screwed me on that so I figured I’d get the Rezound in October, its rumored launch window. That ended up not dropping until last week at which point i was fully aware of the imminent Galaxy Nexus launch. If you want to release it on the 8th, fine, but waiting this long to still have no confirmation on a device we all know is coming is extremely frustrating. Like you said, you would think that after they disappointed everyone by not getting the SGSII they would want to get this device into peoples hands ASAP.

  • Max

    I just got the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket from At&t. I get great coverage where I am so that isnt a problem. But I love the skyrocket except for the still kinda laggy feel with it. It pisses me off that its carrying the 1.5gb ram and still looks laggy compared to my iphone 3gs. I hated the touchwiz overlay so i got launcher pro, it was alright but seemed to slow more things down, got zeam launcher, very light, but still get that half of a milli second lag everytime i touch the screen and it bugs the hell out of me. Im most likely going to be switching to the nexus. I also hope the camera is an improvement as the colors dont look very natural on the S2. Oh, And battery life. please!

  • james

    The delay is not verizon ppl. they are trying to fix some software bugs on the phone…i got that from an inside source…isn’t possible that something is actually wrong with the phone and no one is trying to delay it intentionally!

    • Matt

      It’s more likely that Verizon is holding the phone back until after the double data rates promo runs out. The Razor isn’t selling as much as hoped and need a way to intice yopu in.

  • Zak

    Here is an idea that Apple does fantastic with. Don’t hold a public release event until you have a definitive RELEASE DATE for the device. The time gap between the release event and the still unknown release date is ridiculous.

  • danny

    I think it only happens with Verizon, but that’s why they have the two year contracts so we can’t say see ya.

  • http://www.lipu-china.com jaw crusher and ball mill

    You can defend Verizon all you want. The UK and Canada both have solid dates and we (U.S.) have nothing

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