Galaxy Nexus Release Date: Black Friday At The Earliest?

Leaked Verizon roadmap suggests late November launch

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Galaxy Nexus Release Date: Black Friday At The Earliest?
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A leaked Verizon marketing roadmap has given us a tentative time frame for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – the long awaited Google phone that will be the first to run the brand new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS.

According to the document, the initial marketing push for the Galaxy Nexus is set to begin on Black Friday, or perhaps a little after Black Friday (the giant shopping day that falls the day after Thanksgiving). This time frame has been confirmed to Droid Life by “multiple sources.”

It appears that Verizon is going to kick off the marketing campaigns for the Droid RAZR and the HTC Rezound before the Galaxy Nexus, pointing to possible Black Friday (or earlier) launches for those devices. Check out the screenshot below:

So the Galaxy Nexus could launch on Black Friday, or possibly a little after. This is a little later than many would have hoped. When the phone was unveiled at the Samsung/ Google event in Hong Kong, a non-specific “November” release date was given – but I’m sure thst few thought it would be the very end of November.

Some leaked documents had pegged the U.S. release for as early as November 10th.

Last week, Samsung mobile announced via tweet that the Galaxy Nexus would be arriving in the U.K. on November 17th.

Are you planning on buying the Galaxy Nexus? Are you having a hard time staying patient? Let us know in the comments.

Galaxy Nexus Release Date: Black Friday At The Earliest?
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  • Simon

    Does that mean the iPhone is being release on 11/14 at the earliest?

    • GrdLock

      Exactly. This paper obviously is no reflection on release dates… but more likely promotional material.

  • piratebot420

    fuck you verizon, moto and ifag. Just release the goddamn galaxy nexus. For once have some class and stop playing release date games. The phone is ready, the customers are ready, just sell the fucking phone. I’m so tired of this piece of shit d2 its literally making me hate you (verizon) by keeping me waiting.

  • alekzander

    What the hell. Why do they always mess with people like this? On every major release. Seriously this is crap. I’ve been waiting for this phone since it was rumored. I’m sick of it getting pushed back again and again. I just want my galaxy nexus.
    Had what do they mean, “no u.s. carrier has been announced?” We have seen pictures of the nexus with the Verizon logo on it.

    • Steven

      alekzander… You have some real issues. Get help.

  • Matt

    geeze, I waited all this time. I think i will go to buy the iphone 4s and hope SOMEONE really gets it right 18 months from now. I was so excited, but I cannot support this nonsense. don’t announce a product and then wait forever to release it. too bad. would have had my money

  • jayson

    So sick of VZ and the stupid marketing approach. Keeping things close to the vest is just pissing off the user base. Enough already.. give us a hard date.. release the phone

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