Freddie Mercury Doodle Now Available On U.S. Version of Google

Google brings the belated celebration to the shores of the United States

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Freddie Mercury Doodle Now Available On U.S. Version of Google
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And on the 6th of September, 2011, Queen conquered America. At least in regards to Google Doodles. As we reported yesterday, Google celebrated the posthumous birthday of Freddie Mercury, the world famous lead singer of Queen. For holiday reasons, the latest Google Doodle was available worldwide, but not in the United States.

Now, a day after Mercury’s birthday has passed, much like the United States’ celebration of the Labor Day holiday, the Queen Google Doodle is now viewable for visitors to the Google.com address, the default version of Google for United States users. While the delay for the United States is understandable, some were disappointed Google didn’t do a separate logo to commemorate the Labor Day celebration.

From yesterday’s initial Freddie Mercury doodle article, courtesy of WebProNews reader, Steve:

I realize that Google is under no obligation to produce ANY holiday doodles, but I still expected one for Labor Day. I was disappointed when I went to the Google site for just that purpose and there was not one to be found. Too bad they did not take the time to create one.

While Google is indeed multinational and global in its reach, it’s still an “American” company. It was founded here and their primary headquarters/campus is still in Mountain View. With that in mind, it is kind of surprising there wasn’t a Labor Day logo for American Google users.

Nevertheless, the Freddie Mercury HTML5-driven Google logo is active for Google’s American audience, and here’s what it looks like when activated:

Because of the nifty doodle, Mercury has also become a bit of a trending topic this week, and that, of course, includes Twitter. The reaction to the Google Doodle was quite positive:

Our Freddie Mercury doodle has finally arrived in the US for a belated birthday celebration. http://t.co/Z8Y1plP 7 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

UGHHHH this Freddie Mercury Google video is incredible. http://t.co/8Tqg3Fm 5 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

The Freddie Mercury Google Doodle is now live in the US and it is GLORIOUS. /o/ #havinagoodtime #knowyourlegends 6 hours ago via Echofon · powered by @socialditto

What other doodles would you like to see Google tackle? Are you a fan of these more elaborate logos or would you prefer the standard image alteration instead of the animated video? Was Google’s decision to delay the U.S. release of the Freddie Mercury logo the correct one? Let us know what you think.

Freddie Mercury Doodle Now Available On U.S. Version of Google
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  • Debbie

    Whenever I see an arrow on the Google Doodles, I can’t wait to see the product. As always, another fantastic doodle tribute!!

    • http://al3ab.co al3ab

      That made me remember the hero of the song!

  • http://manicmeanderings.blogspot.com/ Donna Leonard

    They DID have something for Labor Day –it was an American Flag under the Google symbol. Granted, it wasn’t interactive, but traditionally, on Labor Day, don’t people tend to be “outer-active?” with vacations, BBQ’s, getting together with family and probably not as much time on the computer?

    I loved the Freddie Mercury tribute, BTW. I still have a lump in my throat.

    • PurpleGirl

      What I saw was a small flag UNDER the search box buttons. It was anemic. They would have done better to ignore the day… and given us the Freddie Mercury tribute along with the rest of the world.

  • Joy

    As a big fan I love the Freddie Mercury Doodle. It should have been put up yesterday, on his actual birthday. But still, I guess late is better than never. So glad the US is finally giving Freddie some respect! :)

  • Mario Castro

    Absolutely Awesome!!! my hat goes out to the Google developers that put this together. Excellent and keep them coming!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I loved it… I was born 1/77 and I can remember my parents playing Queen’s Records…. I grew up loving this group!!!! Glad that their other’s out there that still want to remember F. Mercury….Ty

    • http://bob3905@gmail.com Bob3905

      Wow! Born in 77? That’s crazy. I’m happy you enjoy the music. I hope your folks had seen Queen live as I did. That was a dynamic band to say the least. Freddie and Brian, mere words cannot describe them, especially Freddie.

  • TintinMilou

    I miss Freddy. What an incredible talent, what a wonderful voice.
    He is and will always be missed.

  • Sandra

    I love this cartoon of Freddy,Queen rocks and alway will.

  • mom2amanda

    LOVE IT!!! Love Freddie…this is a favorite song that my daughter and nieces would blast and sing to on the way to school. I am introducing a new generation of Freddie fans. LOVE IT!!! Thank you for all of the hard work and creativity that goes into this Google Doodle…BRILLIANT!!!

  • sharyly

    i LOVE this!! i wasn’t on the computer at all yesterday to see what google did/did not do for one of our national holidays, but i agree they should have done something more elaborate than a little flag. maybe some research into the history of labor day would have inspired them. it means more than that school is starting soon.

    as far as freddie mercury – I am a child of the 70s and queen was one of my bands (saw them perform a few times!) i love this tribute and wish i could save it!

  • http://www.jacoblivestronger.blogspot.com Elizabeth

    I think the Doodles are great. I’ll admit that I have gone to the google search page just to see what the google of the day is. This month I was looking for something to raise awareness for children’s Cancer. September is Children’s cancer awareness month and I’d love to see a couple of gold ribbons where the O’s go.(Gold is the color for kids cancer…did you know that? -probably not, because we don’t get enough publicity)
    Google… PLEASE make a doodle for our kids – maybe even keep it up all month!!! You could make such an impact!

    I will be so dissapointed if there’s pink ribbons on google in October but nothing happens in September for our kids. Those pink ribbons have worked miracles in the battle against breast cancer and that is amazing and wonderful! …our children deserve the same miracles.

  • Emily

    Why not have both? The Freddie tribute as it is today and something for Labor Day underneath. The holiday itself isn’t too much of a big deal, at least from what we tend to make of it. It’s a day off work, to relax, and to signify that summer is coming to an end so get your last BBQ in. As a Queen fan, I ADORED the doodle. I thought it was magnificently camp and over-the-top…just as Queen was and is. I was disappointed it wasn’t there on the 5th. I just assumed the US went on to ignore Queen like it usually does, but I’m glad it’s here today. Back to Labor Day, though, was there one in the previous years? Or is there just a big “to-do” about it because a huge doodle preceded it the next day?

  • http://www.myspace.com/Kirkworld Gina Kirk

    Wut A Fabulous Idea 1St Of All! Den Wut An Awesome Job Done On A Doodle! Freddie Mercury N Queen R My Favorite Band Of Dat Genre N He Lives On Tru Dis N All We Do Az Musicians, 2 Show Freddie How Much We Love N Miss Em! Music World Has Not Been Da Same Since He Died! But Now It’s Not Like “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” Because things Like Dis Bein Done @ Show Wut A Monumental Person Freddie WUZ! Thank U Fo Dis N I Wuz So Taken Wit It D_ I Wus Hopin It Wud B Shareable Right From Here! But Hopefully I Can Get It Tru Youtube!Love U Whomeva Is Responsible!()^*},,GINA N MORIAH KIRK OF ATL! Ma Gina=53/Daughter Moriah =20, N We Both Grew Up Wit QUEEN! Love U Freddie!!!I^*L,,

  • WWLL

    I don’t understand this obsession with posting/not posting a Labor Day googledoodle. Overlooking Labor Day for Freddie would have been weird, but not having a special doodle? Who cares? It’s a non-issue. They put a flag on the US page, a clear sign of a national holiday. An article about why people are vacationing on Labor Day would be about as newsworthy. THE POINT IS FREDDIE MERCURY AND THIS AMAZING DOODLE. All other angles matter not.

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