Fox News / Google Debate Available on YouTube, Asking For Your Feedback

Watch the entire debate as well as clips from the biggest moments

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Fox News / Google Debate Available on YouTube, Asking For Your Feedback
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Last night’s Fox News / Google Debate featured questions from YouTube users all over the country. The candidates were asked more than a dozen of the top-voted questions throughout the night, which saw Bachmann and Perry spar on the HPV vaccine, Ron Paul talk about abortion and Herman Cain talk about overcoming colon cancer.

All of those exchanges are now available on the Fox News YouTube Channel, as are dozens of other clips from last night’s debate. All in all, 39 clips are available to watch.

The official YouTube Blog has a post today talking about last night’s debate. In the post, they ask you to continue talking about the candidates’ performances on the Fox News YouTube channel. Post your comments and grade the candidates on their responses on certain topics.

In addition to giving the candidates a grade, when you visit the Fox News YouTube Channel you’ll find a “pulse” tab that shows data visualizations based on the debate.

Over on the Google Public Sector Blog, you’ll find some pretty interesting search trends from last night.

For instance, searches for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who was participating in his first debate, spiked all night – well over the frontrunners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. And every time Herman Cain mentioned his “9-9-9″ plan, searches concerning it skyrocketed.

Also, Mitt Romney’s book “No Apology” was searched more than Rick Perry’s book “Fed Up.”

In case you missed it, you can watch the entire debate below –

What did you think about the debate? Who had a good night? Whose performance hurt their chances? Let us know in the comments.

And remember to also submit your comments to the individual clips on the Fox News YouTube channel.

Fox News / Google Debate Available on YouTube, Asking For Your Feedback
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  • TONY

    The debate sucked. The audio was horrible. Sam ol,Sam ol..

    • Citizens First

      I pity you.

  • freelife4uandme

    #1 I thought the structure was good and included public Q & A

    #2 I really don’t like that FOX kept the fashion of a two man show between Perry and Romney, when Huntsman and Paul are the Fresher Air

    #3 The you you you by Perry and Romney is getting old and they are only pointing out each others lies. The average person really hasn’t or want read neither of their books, but the debates allow this teenage behavior in a Presidential Debate.

    #4 The fox POLL that was taken down shows Paul as the WINNER.

    Instead of a so called debate, why don’t they let each candidate come up to the bench for 30 Minutes, speak their views and be asked 5 questions while the others sit in a sound proof room. Maybe then it would seem even Steven for everyone.

    PS: Bacheman acks like she is talking to children….LOL

    • GGT


  • ron

    Perry is the man, if he was’nt why would everyone be so intense in trying to knock him down, M.B. you’ll make a great VP

    • Republican in Houston

      He is being knocked down because he has made a multitude of stupid, and self serving decisions while serving as Governor of Texas. You will hear about them at a later time from the Democrats, that is, if Perry makes it that far. You better hope he doesn’t.

    • Retta

      You think Perry made stupid mistakes in Texas….I don’t think you are a republican I think you were a supporter of Bill White that ran against Perry and you were brain wash listening to Bill White…and Bill lost….in one election maybe a couple of elections ago…his opponent spent approx $168 MILLIONS running against Perry and STILL LOST… it does not matter how much money you spend on elections the best one wins and Perry CAN BEAT OBAMA…People are moving to Texas by the groves we have the lowest un-employer rate..…pay less taxes….we have a surplus …… I could go on and on.. so peddle your lies somewhere else

  • Jerri

    Rick Perry, issues have depth and reality not so simple to fix immigration, I understand investing in residents who you can’t just pick up and throw back over the border. It’s not that easy I’m sure. Immunization to save a life is less $ spent in the long run too!

  • Everett

    I can’t believe the media is trying to push more RINO’s into our faces.

    Romney and Mitt are way too artificial. Their phony smiles, dopey facial expressions, constant flip-flopping, and scripted non-substantive arguments — everything about them just annoys the hell out of me.

    I don’t believe a single word that comes out of their mouths.

  • Jose Mora

    This is still a biased format and not an honest debate. In fact, it is a show that tells me more about one-liners than a candidate’s actual positions. It loses all credibility when questions are directed at only certain candidates, often in the form of “gotcha” questions. It really is getting tiring. NOTE TO FOX: Your continued disregard and disrespect for Dr. Ron Paul is still very evident and has been quite duly noted. It is YOUR credibility that suffers, not that of Dr. Paul.

    • GGT

      Another thumbs up!

  • Adrian

    I thought google was the best part of the debate. We all know who Fox wants us to vote for. They should be sued for false advertisement or something because it wasn’t a Presidential debate. It was the Romney vs Perry debate. They got more airtime then all the other candidates put together? I WANT TO HEAR SOMEONE ELSE!! Sorry had to get that out. Lol

  • Justin

    Wow….an entire 120 min debate…and Ron Paul was only given 4.5 min….I guess its more important for Fox to point out all the flipping that Romney and Perry have been doing in the past several years, as opposed to allowing Paul to lay out the only plan which will get our country out of this mess.
    Folks, heres the plain and simple truth. Without something RADICAL, our country is going to collapse. Already people with a basic understanding of math can tell you that we have MAYBE till 2015…then you can kiss your currency goodbye. For the love of yourselves and your family, don’t vote for the most polished appearance person on the stage, vote for the person who has a proven 30+ year record.

    • GGT

      Thumbs up!

    • Leo Kayser

      Agreed. Fox is not recognizing the degree of support for the conservitive/libertarian ideas espoused by Ron Paul.

  • Leo Kayser

    It truly is a shame that Fox’s Fair and Balanced reporting is so consciously subordinating Ron Paul repetitively established support to others who have not established nearly as much consistent support. It almost seems that Fox is afraid to give fair exposure and credibility to Ron Paul for fear that it would elevate his stature even more. After all, Ron Paul is polling third in the national polls after Perry and Romney, while Huntsman and Santorum consistently are mentioned by Fox, which disregards Ron Paul.

  • Drew

    Where did Fox’s online poll disappear to after the debate? At 2:30am Eastern Time Ron Paul had more votes than Perry or Romney combined and was continuing to move in Ron Pauls’ favor. I had a funny feeling it may be pulled offline by the time I got up because of Dr. Paul’s massive support. Sure enough, when I woke up later that morning I couldn’t find it anywhere on Fox’s website. Thanks Fox, now you’ve you just helped out his campaign by pissing me off to where I’m volunteering to help his campaign

  • Kathy Ellenberger

    I was bored with Perry and Romney dominating the time with their comments about each other. Fox did not ask questions of the candidates equally.
    I wanted to hear from Michelle Bauchman to see if she has anything other than I had 20+ children, and overturning Obamacare. I wanted to hear more from Rick Santorum. I like him and Cain the best!

  • http://my-gem.net John

    I try to leave politics out of my life. Same ole BS and same ole lies. So not really interested.

  • http://MSN Heather Meisch

    I watched the fox/Google debate and watched again sunday afternoon
    9-25-11. Romney, & Perry may be ahead in national poll, but the
    American people are looking to Herman Cain not only as a fresh new
    face to the national scene, but he has solutiuons that are clear, easy to understand and has a winning presence. Whether he or whomever the
    Republicans nominate it is apparent voting just for a mainstream can-
    idate won’t be enough for 2012 presidential election.

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