Ford Mustang’s New Design Turning Heads

    May 9, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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Courtesy of Edmonds Inside Line

Is this the 2015 Ford Mustang? According to some Ford insiders it is pretty dang close. The near complete redesign is probably going to be released during the Ford Mustang’s 50 year anniversary party in 2014. Some commenters from blogs.insideline.com are angry with the “European redesign” saying things like:

lt1boy said: “Looks like an Aston Martin front end. Good looking car, but I’m not a fan of it, to be honest. A Mustang should look like a Mustang. American cars should be bold and American – they shouldn’t try to appeal to Europeans. We already have enough German cars to do that.” and carpaul1 added: “This is NOT a Mustang. It can be a Honda Accord Coupe, or Hyundai Genesis coupe, even a Ford Proble. It doesn’t have the classic beauty of a Mustang, or the size. Sell this next to current Mustang, and it will have the same fate as the Probe. A Mustang needs to be a bit more upright with ease of entry and American style. Damn the Euro chic, this is NOT a Mustang

Other commenters seem to be very happy with the redesign:

“Looks pretty good. Finally let the retro thing die.” is what gtrguy2012 had to say. cygnus_x1 added: “Wow, that’s a nice looking car. I hope they build it exactly like that.”

Courtesy of Edmonds Inside Line

The biggest change that they are bringing to the new Mustang is that for the first time they will be ditching the solid rear axle for an independent rear suspension. This is also anther obvious play to make the Mustang more desirable to Europeans. The weight that they will lose from the deletion of the axle will result in better gas mileage and better performance.

Ford has a huge presence in Europe right now but with the number of vehicles sold falling 7.3 percent from January through March, to 325,400. Ford needs to find a way to attract more customers to an otherwise ignored car. They must also figure that Ford has enough brand loyalty in the United States with the Mustang that they can get away with such a dramatic redesign.

  • Benoît


  • Duke

    I love the look! This Mustang still has the signature Mustang look, but brought up to date. the Euro flair doesn’t distract from its identity or history, and it won’t be mistaken for another car, like so many other homogenized recent cars – yes, even including the new BMW’s and Jaguars.

  • Gerry

    It looks good, but for a Mustang replacement, I don’t think so. The reason why the Mustang is ignored outside of North America is because it isn’t officially sold there.
    You see Mustangs in Europe, but you have to grey market import them.

  • Justang

    This IS a mustang . From its aggressive stance to its classic hockey sticks even the grill. Its just an evolved look it will have optional side and hood scoops I’m sure throw some grille inserted fog lights and a (V8) : not something many Euro cars offer ; and you’ve got a true thoroughbred. How does a fox box or any pre-retro stangs look any more mustang than this ?

  • John

    I’ve loved Ford all my life (and still do), but why all of a sudden are they catering to the European’s needs? How about designing a car for the AMERICAN public again? That’s what they used to do, anyhow. Although I do like the styling of the new revealed Fusion (which this design resembles), this is a prime example of what NOT to do with the Mustang….bad move, Ford. This reminds me of their destruction of the Escape (2013 model), which is now Euro-inspired and only offers 4-cylinder engines as well. Unfortunately, the Explorer also suffered the same fate, as it was stripped of its truck-like frame, towing capacity, and V8 engine, and replaced with a chintzy Taurus frame, a four-cylinder and V6 engine option only, and a towing capacity limited to just 5,000 lbs. Ford still promises that both “SUVs” can tow boats and trailers, but medium to light duty only. Surprisingly, when compared to the outgoing 2012 model, the 2013 model actually matches the towing capacity of the 2012 (3,500 lbs.), even with the 2012’s V6. However, the Explorer’s towing capacity suffers the most when compared to older models. The current Explorer can only tow 5,000 lbs. while outgoing models of the past i.e. 2010 and lower have the ability to tow up to 7,115 lbs., if properly equipped for both…shame.

    As for the Mustang, simply put, the car is an AMERICAN icon, and by allowing such a horrific European inspired design to represent the 2014 model, those words are put to shame. I thought Ford learned their lesson after the unpopular “Mustang II” of the 70s. After seeing this mess, apparently not. Hey Ford, have fun selling this with your proposed 4 cylinder engines, because that’s really the first thing that someone would want when buying a Mustang…..not!

  • AndrewDickson

    Looks a little ricey to me.. kinda like alot of Japanese stuff coming out, and also adding a bit of an Aston Martin into the mix.. not a total fail, but not exactly a real Mustang. The big question is, what’s the powertrain going to be? If it’s going to be 4-bangers, and as much as I like turbo 4’s done right, it’s just not the same as a screaming small block V8 like the current Boss has.. and there’s nothing that sounds like the new Shelby’s! Pure car sex. If they ditch the good stuff, I’ll buy a 2013 before the end of this year and keep it for as long as I can keep her running.. modded of course 😉

  • hadi

    Fouck design

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ford-mustangs-new-design-turning-heads-2012-05 simperskie

    holy shit!!!!what the hell is that? did dodge pay ford off?